20 June 2013

DOJ vs Apple: A confused case based on unsent emails

The "thought police" DOJ theory of the case is apparently based on unsent emails!--

Apple's Eddy Cue: Steve Jobs was confused in his e-mails | Apple - CNET News: " . . . She also asked Cue if it was possible that Jobs and Apple felt it couldn't be competitive in the e-books market unless Amazon adopted deal terms similar to Apple's. Cue rebuffed that theory. "There's just zero chance of that," Cue said. "It's what I did for a living. I lived it night and day. ... He's confused about it because it's not clear if it's a wholesale, retail agency, non-agency. That's why he never sent the e-mails to me.". . . "

Apple ebooks pricing case: Steve Jobs' unsent emails seen as key evidence
The government contends that Apple forced publishers to change their pricing system with Amazon, resulting in higher ebook prices across the industry and costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars. Steve Jobs at the iPad launch in 2010. AFP.

Google challenges US gag order, citing First Amendment
Washington Post
Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo in recent days have won federal government permission to include requests from the court as part of the overall number of data requests they receive from federal, state and local officials. Google has rejected that ...

Apple's unreleased iOS 7 usage already on the rise
Computerworld (blog)
When it comes to iOS upgrades, Apple [AAPL] runs a slick operation -- so slick in fact that developers are already experiencing more traffic from users of the as yet unreleased iOS 7 than they do the two year-old iOS 5. [ABOVE: The pre-release pictures ...

Apple TV adds HBO Go and WatchESPN
Both apps had been previously been available for the iPhone and iPad -- and are two of the most popular apps on the platform, Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) said Wednesday. They were also both available on Microsoft's (MSFT, Fortune 500) Xbox 360, and ...

Apple pours OS X Snow Leopard another Java fix
Java 7 for OS X, which was also patched Tuesday, can be downloaded from Oracle's website. Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld. Follow Gregg on Twitter at Twitter ...

Google says Internet balloons will benefit small business
Karim Temsamani, Google's head of Asia Pacific, said in a speech at the Communicasia conference in Singapore, that the Internet balloons might also facilitate communication during disasters. Googlelast week revealed top secret plans to launch ...

Apple Is Awarded iPad Contract for Los Angeles Schools
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Even Microsoft has joined the fray with its Surface tablets. Apple has often touted the educational benefits of its tablet, noting the strong suite of software such as a mathematics app that can interpret equations drawn with a finger on the screen, or ...

2013 Apple MacBook Air: Great battery, but pricey and limited
Computerworld (blog)
Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) new MacBook Air is a hit with reviewers. Although some are disappointed that the 2013 model didn't get a Retina display, they're psyched with the battery life and improved performance. Mind you, they're still expensive and ...

Microsoft says it freed at least 2 million computers from criminal botnet
Microsoft Corp said that an assault it led earlier this month on one of the world's biggest cyber crime rings has freed at least 2 million PCs infected with a virus believed to have been used to steal more than $500 million from bank accounts worldwide.

Microsoft partners with Samsung, HP to help stop Windows piracy in China
Hewlett-Packard and Samsung Electronics will now ensure that their PCs in China are installed with licensed Windows and Office software as part of new agreements signed with Microsoft meant to fight piracy. Microsoft announced the agreements ...

Google Updates Local Search Results On Desktop With Carousel ...
By Frederic Lardinois
At the end of last year, Google introduced a new design for some local search results on tablets that put a carousel with the top results at the top of the pa..

Privacy Officials Worldwide Press Google About Glass - NYTimes.com
Ten privacy officials from seven countries asked Google questions about privacy issues related to Glass, after Google's chief executive, Larry Page, made his first public comments about the issue. Read more…
NYT Bits

Apple amends Siri's response to suicide with more direct approach ...
By Lauren Hockenson
Google has kept a list of “trigger search” keywords to indicate a user searching for suicide since 2010, and will also send back a suggestion to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. LikeGoogle, Apple is hoping that its approach will ...

Apple TV Just Got HBO Go and WatchESPN - Gizmodo
By Kyle Wagner
Apple TV has always been a very nice streaming box to use, but lately, it had fallen well behind the Xbox 360 and Roku for streaming capabilities. Last year, brought in Hulu Plus, and for a while it looked like it might get Amazon Prime Instant ...

Google Drive now stores your stuff in 18 more languages - Engadget
By Jon Fingas
Although Google Drive has spread far and wide, its localization hasn't always kept pace. The service just took a few needed strides forward, however, with the addition of 18 new languages. Asia gets the most recognition with support for Hong ...
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Apple TV partners with HBO, ESPN to bring apps to set-top box
Washington Post
Apple announced Wednesday that it will be bringing videos content from HBO and ESPN through their video apps to its Apple TV set-top box. The HBO Go and Watch ESPN video apps will be available directly through Apple TV to customers with a ...

Xcom: Enemy Unknown iOS app is priced at premium
BBC News
A US games publisher is attempting to sell a smart-device video game at a significantly higher price than consumers have become accustomed to. 2K Games is putting Xcom: Enemy Unknown on sale for £13.99 ($20; 17.99 euros) for the iPad and iPhone on ...

BBC News

HTC unveils new Butterfly s phone that packs more battery life
Taiwan's HTC has unveiled an updated version of its 5-inch Butterfly smartphone that comes equipped with a bigger battery, more powerful processor and the company's BlinkFeed homescreen. The Butterfly s, introduced Wednesday, appears to have the ...

Game readies pop-up Xbox shop
HIGH STREET gaming store Game is opening up a small pop-up shop in which it will let UK punters get a close look at the new slimline Microsoft Xbox 360 console. Before, if you wanted to see the slimmer console you had to attend the E3 gaming tradeshow ...


Google 'not in cahoots with NSA' - chief legal officer answers your questions
The Guardian
I have to go now. Thanks for all the questions and sorry I didn't get to them all. David. 5.52pm BST. Question: User avatar for Katagami · Katagami · 19 June 2013 4:25pm. David,. Why do many of us now get the strong impression Google has abandoned its ...

NASA: Tell Us How to Stop Asteroids From Destroying Earth
PC Magazine
The notion that a giant asteroid might one day enter Earth's orbit and destroy us all has been fodder for countless science fiction movies. But now, as we enter a new era in space exploration, NASA is moving forward with an initiative designed to give humanity ...

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