07 June 2013

Microsoft, FBI Cripple Half Billion Dollar Citadel Botnet

Good to see this--kudos to Microsoft and FBI--

Microsoft, FBI Join Forces; Cripple Half Billion Dollar Citadel Botnet
PC Magazine
Rejoice! The Citadel botnet has fallen! The computers it once enslaved are free, and the world will be set right. Well, not quite, but Microsoft announced yesterday that they'd partnered with the FBI and other organizations to take 1,462 known, independent ...

The Daily Startup: Kleiner Perkins Backs N3twork to Personalize the Web
Wall Street Journal
Gaming veterans Neil Young and Bob Stevenson have raised $12 million for their next big idea–creating a personalized online experience centered around users' interests that would carry over to any device. The company is called N3twork, and the round ...

Amazon Expands Grocery Business
Wall Street Journal
Indeed, in Seattle, where the service has expanded over time to more suburbs, Amazon customers can combine their apple and butter orders with 100,000 disparate Amazon items including video games, toilet paper and motor oil. Amazon charges Seattle ...

Microsoft Tips More Xbox One Controller Details
PC Magazine
Microsoft today provided some more details on the revamped controller that will come with the new Xbox One console, which execs said will be more precise, immersive, and comfortable. Larry Hyrb, director of programming for the Xbox Live network, teased ...

Box $Rev Wants to Help Enterprise App Developers Make Money
PC Magazine
Cloud services firm Box on Thursday launched a new program, dubbed Box $rev, that's intended to help enterprise-focused app developers make money from their apps. "Box $rev is a program for developers to monetize their applications on the Box platform ...

Entire Android Line-Up Can Now Download Google Keyboard
The highly regarded Google keyboard, gesture typing and all, is finally coming to the entire Android line-up by way of the Google Play store. Previously only available on the Nexus line, Google's keyboard was sorely missed by consumers that opted to ...

Snapchat for iOS Gets Swipe Navigation, In-App Profiles
PC Magazine
Snapchat on Wednesday released a new version of its popular self-destructing message app for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, complete with new in-app profiles, swipe navigation, and more. The new swipe navigation feature should help you more ...

Amazon cloud database graduates into general availability
Amazon's cloudy database service has donned its cap and graduated into general availability, after three and a half years of dealing with data workloads. The graduation of the Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service (AWS RDS) was announced ...

Amazon Brings Super-Sized Kindle DX Back From the Dead
PC Magazine
The large, 9.7-inch e-reader is once again available for purchase on Amazon.com for $299, down from almost $400. This comes after Amazon supposedly discontinued the super-sized e-reader in October. At the time, the retail giant scrubbed all information ...

Tango Opens Platform, Embraces Social Gaming
PC Magazine
Tango is breaking out of its video-chat shackles in an effort to reach a new audience — social gamers. The mobile messaging app is opening its platform to third parties, allowing developers to integrate the newly launched Tango software development kit ...

Twitter for Windows Phone gets photo filters, more
With today's big update, the official Twitter app for Windows Phone gets a handful of new features. The official Twitter app for Windows Phone got a ...

Cal, the Any.do Calendar, in Beta
PC Magazine
Productivity app maker Any.do, which has a task-management app of the same name for iPhone, Android, and Chrome, has a new app in beta called Cal. Set to be released in the next few weeks, Cal will be an integrated calendar app for Any.do users.

E3: Metal Gear Solid 5: Kiefer Sutherland announced as the voice of Snake
Hideo Kojima has revealed Hollywood actor and star of 24 Keifer Sutherland will be the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Screenshot · Zoom. Speaking during a pre-E3 press conference, Kojima ...

Amazon promotes the little guys with Indie Game Store
The dedicated storefront on Amazon's Digital Video Games Store is designed to highlight games that can get lost in the din dominated by developer powerhouses....

How to bring back the trash button in Gmail for Android
CNET (blog)
The new Gmail for Android no longer displays the trash button by default. If you still like to delete certain e-mails, rather than archiving everything, we'll show you how to get the trash button back....

Take That, NSA - Scientists Hide Communications Using A Hole In Time
With the revelation that the NSA has been collecting phone call data about Verizon users, it's a good time to think about new ways to secure data communications. And researchers at Purdue have developed a fascinating type of security that has the potential ...

Case makers bet iPad 5 will be announced next week
Los Angeles Times
Apple will kick off its annual developers conference next week with a keynote Monday, and the owners of two companies that make protective cases for portable devices believe the Cupertino, Calif., giant will unveil a new iPad. Tim Hickman and David Adam, ...

Cell phone ownership hits 91% of adults
Pew Research Center
For the first time, the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project has found that cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90%. Cell phones are now being used by 91% of adults, according ...

BlackBerry Messenger to reach iOS , Android on June 27
CNET (blog)
BBM won't launch for iOS or Android come June 27, says BlackBerry, despite a T-Mobile U.K. tweet early Thursday revealing that date. BlackBerry announced that BBM would ...

China fossils suggest tiny, hyperactive ancient primates
WASHINGTON (AP) — New fossil evidence of the earliest complete skeleton of an ancient primate suggests it was a hyperactive, wide-eyed creature so small you could hold a couple of them in your hand — if only they would stay still long enough.

Intel and ARM Face Off in Tablets and Phones at Computex
PC Magazine
This week we saw another salvo in the war between ARM architectures and x86 for smartphones and tablets as representatives from both camps squared off at Computex. In some ways, the current round of competition started a couple of weeks ago when ...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Update: New Firmware Increases Available Storage Space
Latinos Post
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still hot off the press, but Samsung is already addressing some of the initial criticisms the handset had received. The South Korean electronics manufacturer is now rolling out a Galaxy S4 firmware update, which, among its many ...

The Rising Cost of Carbon Pollution
Discovery News
Every ton of carbon dioxide we emit this year will cost the world $35 in health problems, wildfires, loss of agricultural productivity, and other disasters, according to the U.S. government. It had computed $21 a ton in 2010. The value, known as the social cost of ...

Firefighting robot paints 3-D thermal imaging picture for rescuers (w/ video)
FFR is a robotic scout for firefighters developed by the Coordinated Robotics Lab at UC San Diego. Credit: Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego. (Phys.org) —Engineers in the Coordinated Robotics Lab at the University of California, San Diego, have ...

Apple files 'iMoney' patent for virtual currency, digital wallet, and … free stuff
Apple has applied for a patent on a combined virtual currency and digital wallet technology that would allow you to store money in the cloud, make payments with your iPhone, and — just maybe — communicate with point-of-sale terminals via NFC. And, make ...

Garbage piling up beneath Monterey Bay, says MBARI
Monterey County Herald
When you think of ocean pollution, you may conjure images of seabirds covered in a glistening coat of oil or a great swirling mass of ...

Logitech buys Kickstarter-funded TT Design Labs
The two-person startup's team will now work for Logitech. The accessories maker will also start selling the TT Design Labs products under its own brand. The TidyTilt case for the iPhone 5 at left, ...

Evernote rolls out reminders support for Android devices
Summary: Evernote continues to improve its service and this latest update brings the reminder feature that was just added to iOS a couple weeks ago....

Young star suggests Sun's "feisty" infancy
WASHINGTON, June 5 (Xinhua) -- The Sun might be an active and " feisty" star in the early days of its evolution, U.S. researchers reported Wednesday. The researchers reached this conclusion by studying a young star in the galaxy that is similar to the Sun.

Q10 India: Another last-chance saloon guzzle for BlackBerry
BlackBerry's last, best hope has launched in India to cautious reviews which like the hardware - but echo concerns that it's too little too late. India is an important market for the company formerly known as RIM, and one where it has lost ground to home-grown ...

Great Alternatives To iPhoto
Cult of Mac
I'm not going to list all the problems with Apple's iPhotos for OS X. I'll just say that it's clunky, slow, the library bloats as fast as a mob informer that's been dumped in the Hudson, Photo Stream doesn't work reliably and – every frikkin time I switch back to the ...

Is NOAA plan the right move for endangered whales?
A proposal by the federal government to permanently require large vessels to slow down in areas where North Atlantic right whales congregate has somewhat pleased conservationists and left vessel owners with concerns. Today, the National Oceanic and ...

FCC to consider rules for protecting data on mobile devices
Washington Post
The Federal Communications Commission said Wednesday that it will consider new rules to protect information stored on mobile devices, extending the reach of the nation's telecom and cable cop to include some oversight of smartphones and tablets.

Titanfall is the Microsoft-exclusive shooter from ex-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ...
Respawn Entertainment's first game is Titanfall. It is an exclusive first-person shooter for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC set in a mech-filled future, according to the July issue of Game Informer magazine. The Game Informer issues is available now in the Google ...

Mobile boom turns BYOD into unmanaged risk, Check Point finds
The challenge of securing mobile technology is starting to overwhelm some IT departments, with many BYOD smartphones and tablets left in an unmanaged state despite the risk of data loss, a global survey by Check Point has found. It would be easy to ...

Mars rover reaching turning point
BBC News
Nasa is finally thinking about getting its Curiosity rover on the road and heading towards the big mountain at its exploration site in Mars' Gale Crater. The robot has spent the past six months in a small depression, drilling its rocks and analysing their ...

Apple Plans on Growth, 7400 More Employees, Says Report
Apple, seeking city approval for its new campus, has released a report that suggests it's far from a stumbling market leader. Apple has posted a report on the expected impact of the second corporate campus it plans to build. For a notoriously secretive ...

Google Glass Devices Get Improved Photo-Taking Capabilities
The latest Google Glass software update improves photos taken by Glass and allows users to add captions to their images. Google Glass just got a big upgrade for its camera, with the release of new software that now better detects low-light situations and ...

Need A Million Bucks? Solve Beal's Conjecture
Looking for a way to make $1 million? All you need to do is solve a math equation that has been boggling the minds of the world's greatest mathematicians for over 20 years. Beal's Conjecture, represented by A^x + B^y = C^z, is named after Andrew Beal, the ...

Planetary science
The Economist
THE Kepler telescope was launched into space in 2009 to look for extrasolar planets, those that circle stars other than the sun. Since then it has spotted more than 2,700 potential alien worlds, including some that appear to be small, rocky and far enough from ...

Prosecutors push for 'kill switch' to prevent smartphone thefts
In a push to curb cellphone thefts, prosecutors for New York state and the city of San Francisco saidon Wednesday they plan to meet with industry ...

Lizard named for Jim Morrison; Hunter S. Thompson also considered
Los Angeles Times
An ancient plant eating lizard that looked like an iguana but was closer in size to a German shepherd has been named after Jim Morrison, the late troubled and charismatic lead singer of the Doors. It is called Barbaturex morissoni. The lizard's name was ...

Low Cost iPhone Launch Rumored Before iPhone 5S
Apple's product roadmap for 2013 is shrouded in a mystery, yet everyday we are treated to rumors and analysis of when the company might release a specific device. For quite some time now it has been rumored that a low cost iPhone is on the way.

Diablo III coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 September 3rd
The Droid Guy
Earlier today Activison Blizzard announced that they have set a release date for the fastest selling PC game of all time Diablo III to make its debut on Xbox and Playstation, the game will be available on September 3rd. The game has been modified so that the ...

Sturgeon are evolutionary speedsters, according to a study from University of ...
Practical Fishkeeping
A study by University of Michigan researchers and their colleagues has revealed that sturgeon have been the fastest evolving fish on the planet in terms of changes to body size. By many, the fish were thought to be 'living fossils' unchanged for millions of ...

Publishers Tell of Disputes With Apple on E-Book Prices
New York Times (blog)
In an e-mail to her boss, Leslie Moonves, Carolyn K. Reidy, the chief executive of Simon & Schuster, dismissed an Apple executive as a “minion.” Related. U.S. Cites Phone Calls in Apple Pricing Case (June 4, 2013). Trial on E-Book Price-Fixing Puts Apple in ...

Square Enix Announces Next Deus Ex Game, For Mobile
Tom's Guide
Earlier this week, Square Enix teased Deus Ex: The Fall, which fans had hoped would be a sequel to Human Revolution. Unfortunately, they're going to be a little let down by the truth. Square Enix has revealed today that The Fall will be a mobile first person ...

Wearable computing goes to the dogs
The Australian
THE wearable computing craze has gone to the dogs, with start-up Whistle introducing a smart pendant that tracks physical activity levels and sleep patterns in canines. "Whistle was inspired by my love of dogs," co-founder and chief executive Ben Jacobs ...

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