25 June 2013

Google Reader alternatives

The Google Reader shutdown is fast approaching--July 1, 2013--find an alternative (see story link below), download Reader data, etc.--

Google Reader alternatives: how will you survive the shutdown?
The Guardian
Google broke the news that its Google Reader RSS aggregation service was to close back in March, although the company at least gave users a decent amount of time to switch to an alternative. The deadline is approaching though: from 1 July Google ...

There Is No Google Reader Replacement, Only Alternatives
Google Reader is slowing down. Over the past few days, buttons have broken, marking feeds as read seemed to take a bit longer than usual, and the Android mobile website on some devices shifted over to the desktop view with no way to change things back.

PHOTOS: That was one big, bad supermoon
Los Angeles Times
Supermoon 2013 was no disappointment for fans. The brightest orb of the year spurred excitement on social media, as well as inspiring photographers everywhere to snap away. Above are a few of the pictures of supermoon 2013 that, to quote Dean Martin, ...

Google-Waze acquisition will be investigated by the FTC
The Guardian
Waze is a smartphone app with about 50 million active users worldwide, compared with a much higher figure for Google – and for rival mapping services from Finnish handset maker Nokia,Microsoft, and specialist satnav makers such as TomTom. The app ...

Microsoft signals school tablet war
The Australian
With iPads being rapidly deployed in schools, Microsoft is after a major slice of the action, but faces a mammoth battle with Apple and other manufacturers to get its tablets widely adopted both in Australia and the US educational institutions. Last ...

Google Ventures Stresses Science of Deal, Not Art of the Deal
New York Times (blog)
This is decidedly not how Google, that apotheosis of our data-driven economy, wants to approach the high-stakes business of investing in the next, well, Google. Unlike venture capitalists of old, the company's rising V.C. arm focuses not on the art of ...

Apple Win in Mirror Worlds Case Left Intact by High Court
The high court declined to hear a case in which closely held Mirror Worlds LLC said an appeals court erred in ruling that Apple didn't infringe a software patent for a way to index and file documents. Mirror Worlds was co-founded by Yale University ...

Apple, Zowie and now North West: ASHLEY PEARSON wonders WHY ...
Daily Mail
Whilst Gwyneth Paltrow takes a lot of flack for naming her baby girl Apple, most people don't know that it was actually husband Chris Martin who championed the idea. It seems that Chris' North American booking agent, has a daughter named Apple and he ...

Apple does not care about your living room
... has probably done more to kill off the idea of the living room than everyone else. This is of course great for Apple as Microsoft and Sony and some other chancers splash around trying to keep the living room relevant, despite the fact that no one's ...

Apple-Samsung, NCAA, IP Enforcement: Intellectual Property
Samsung and Apple, the world's two biggest smartphone makers, have each scored victories in patent disputes fought over four continents since the maker of the iPhone accused Asia's biggest electronics maker of “slavishly copying” its devices.

Microsoft Brings Its Developer Conference to Enemy Territory: Silicon Valley
All Things Digital
This year's Build conference, which officially kicks off on Wednesday, will take place at Moscone Center — a spot that has recently been home to events by Apple, Oracle and Google. “I think coming down here is a good thing to do,” developer unit VP ...

Apple ties CEO's stock rewards to Wall Street
Computerworld - Apple's board of directors on Friday tied a massive stock grant given to CEO Tim Cook in 2011 to the company's performance, a move that could cost the executive $135 million over the next nine years at the current share price. The new ...

Update: Microsoft Restructuring Nears, As Execs Fret Over Their ...
By Kara Swisher
According to sources close to the situation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is likely to unveil his plans to restructure the tech giant to a larger group of senior execs by July 1. That prospect has many top managers at the company worried, since ...

Google Lat Long: Experience stunning new heights with Street View ...
By Lat Long
Monday, June 24, 2013 at 4:00 AM. What does it feel like to stand on top of the tallest building in the world? To give you a better sense of how that may feel, we took Street View to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, our first-ever collection in the Arab ...
Google Lat Long

Apple I to hit Christie's auction block starting at $300,000 - Engadget
By Alexis Santos
If you weren't able to scrounge up enough coin to snap up the last few Apple I computers to be auctioned off, another chance to score one -- and empty.
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Why Microsoft's cloud matters: Hint the reason begins with “A” but it ...
By Barb Darrow
The thinking here is that Google is all about search, Amazon is all about e-commerce while Microsoftis all about everything. “You can be hijacked by running just one webscale app. Having a diversity of apps — some statefull, some stateless, ...

MPAA Kicks KickassTorrents Off Google With 'Precision' Takedown ...
By Ernesto
Instead the MPAA appears to be hand-picking torrent sites and streaming portals in an effort to have their homepages de-listed from Google. The new KickassTorrents domain Kickass.to is one of the first casualties of this strategy.

Apple - Press Info - HBO GO & WatchESPN Come to Apple TV
CUPERTINO, California—June 19, 2013—Apple® today announced that HBO GO and WatchESPN are now available directly on Apple TV® joining the great ...

Leap Motion Opens Software to Developers Ahead of July Launch
PC Magazine
Leap Motion's 3D motion controller is not scheduled to debut until July 22, but the company this week is rolling out the latest version of its software to the developer community so they can identify any last-minute problems. "Thousands of developers around ...
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Microsoft Offering Ad-Free, Filtered 'Bing for Schools'
PC Magazine
Microsoft's Bing is going back to school with a new initiative aimed at teaching digital literacy skills. Starting later this year, Bing For Schools will provide to educational institutions ad-free search results, enhanced privacy protections, and the filtering of adult ...
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HP's Slate 21 Android AIO Can Be Used as Tablet, Desktop
The vendor's new system, introduced at a show in China, is the latest device from vendors that are experimenting with new form factors. Hewlett-Packard is introducing an Android-based all-in-one that can be used as a desktop PC or a tablet. HP officials ...
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O3b satellite launch is postponed
BBC News
A Soyuz rocket was due to put four satellites in orbit for the O3b company, to provide communications to parts of the world that have poor fibre-optic infrastructure. But unfavourable winds at the Sinnamary spaceport in French Guiana have forced a 24-hour ...

Huawei's 7-Inch MediaPad 7 Vogue Tablet Makes Phone Calls
PC Magazine
Huawei today unveiled a new, 7-inch tablet that can be used to make phone calls. The Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue includes "a built-in receiver for direct calling capabilities that remove the need for headphones," according to the company - if you don't feel silly ...

Politics Could Pop Google's Project Loon
The balloon-powered network known as Loon may be one of Google's (GOOG) famed moonshots, but the biggest issues facing the project are grounded right here on earth. This won't just be a major technological feat for Google. It will be a huge political ...

Tune in: Microsoft to live stream BUILD keynote on Wednesday
Computerworld - Microsoft will webcast the opening keynote of its BUILD developers conference Wednesday starting at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET). The company has not yet revealed the keynote speakers, but with the conference's emphasis on Windows 8.1, it is ...

A Map of All the Plants on Earth [PHOTOS]
Discover Magazine (blog)
Most views of our planet from space draw attention to the water-covered majority of its surface, hence the nickname Big Blue Marble. In this visualization of the globe, though, the SUOMI satellite focused on the world's plant life, and shows just how much it can ...

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