16 June 2013

Google Calls US Data Disclosures a Step Backward for Users

Google clearly the "good guy" in all this so far--in less than a week, Google has transformed a public relations nightmare into a crusade for Internet freedom--

Google Calls US Data Request Disclosures a Step Backward for Users
New York Times (blog)
Even as the government gave tech companies permission to publish some data on national security requests for user data, Google said it did not go far enough. Facebook and Microsoft on Fridaynight published data that for the first time included ...

Why Google is fighting back
Companies and their affiliates named in the program include Microsoft, which controls Skype; Yahoo; Google, owner of YouTube; Apple; Facebook; PalTalk and AOL. Apple still has the DNA of a hardware company, the person said. Facebook remains the new ...

Google Calls Facebook's Data Disclosure Deal With The Feds “A ...
By Mike Isaac
Facebook may have provided data disclosures to users. But Google says Facebook didn't push hard enough. ... Microsoft followed Facebook's lead on Friday evening, releasing its own aggregate numbers for information requests for the six month period ending December 31st, 2012. It too, however, agreed with the overall sentiment desiring greater transparency. “With more ... How AppleGets All the Good Apps. Walt Mossberg in Personal Technology. View all reviews ». I feel sorry ...

Microsoft brings Office to iPhone, but not iPad, Android as it seeks to boost ...
Washington Post
“Office is a bigger business for Microsoft than Windows, so we see more urgency to preserve and extend the Office franchise cross platform,” he said. Apple, for one, is refreshing its iWork package this fall, while Google bought Quickoffice last year ...

Apple Moves to Embrace Videogame Controllers
Wall Street Journal (blog)
They are a hallmark of traditional videogame consoles such as Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox or ... Apple'sstrategy also helps bolster its position against devices powered by Google Inc.'s Android, for which numerous game controllers have already been created.

Amazon, Web Sales Taxes Coming to Florida
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Amazon.com is bringing distribution centers to Florida, and with them online sales taxes to the fourth-largest U.S. state. The e-commerce giant reached an agreement to erect several warehouses in the Sunshine State and pledged to create as many as 3 ...

Apple leader: E-book prices went up
Eddy Cue, a senior vice president for many of Apple's internet products, did admit in federal court that he had discussed a possible bid with late founder Steve Jobs to carve up the internet books and music market with Amazon. Prosecutors produced ...

Google Glass could get a look at the enterprise
Computerworld - While the curious are looking to get their hands on a pair of Google's Glass, companies also may be looking to weave the computerized eyeglasses into their businesses. "We see wearables as the logical next step at work," said Kelly ...

Microsoft's new ad: Even Dell tablets are better than iPad
CNET (blog)
Microsoft is not going to stop until iPad sales go down to zero. It's not going to stop until there are no iPads ... Naturally, Microsoft would also like you to go to its comparison Web site in order to bathe in all the fine details. The Dell is 0.04 ...

E3: Sony, Microsoft and EA put on brave faces as video game industry hits skids
San Jose Mercury News
LOS ANGELES -- Few first-time participants at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this week would have realized that the $66 billion videogames industry is in steep decline. Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts (ERTS) and other industry giants ...

Google Announces Project Loon: Balloon-Powered Internet For ...
By Frederic Lardinois
Google X, the secretive lab behind projects like Google Glass and Google's self-driving cars, announced its latest project today: balloon-powered Interne..

Are Google, Facebook lying about the spying? - MarketWatch
Despite repeated denials, Google and Facebook are still wrestling with suspicions that they've been part of a secret government data-mining program. ... in social media, much attention has been focused on the two Silicon Valley powerhouses. They've led other Internet companies, including Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) , in rejecting allegations that they've worked directly with the NSA in the systematic and secret mining of user information. Click to Play ...
MarketWatch.com - Internet Industry News

Netflix builds a tool for jumping between Amazon clouds — Tech ...
By Jordan Novet
Amazon Web Services outages have prodded customer Netflix to write software that can keep the service alive amid infrastructure issues. Now comes a new tool addressing issues around the Christmas Eve outage.

Microsoft's U.S. law enforcement and national security requests for ...
Microsoft On the Issues is the Microsoft blog on technology policy and corporate ... On this blog,Microsoft shares thoughts on how the computing revolution can ...

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