02 June 2013

Google ordered to hand private customer data over to FBI

Obama's Big Brother Government--"Google could appeal the decision. The company declined comment. Kurt Opsah, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said: "We are disappointed that the same judge who declared these letters unconstitutional is now requiring compliance with them." The letters, along with the recent seizure of reporters' phone records by the Obama administration, have prompted complaints of government overreach in regards to privacy violations in the name of national security. Last year the FBI sent out more than 16,000 NSLs to companies relating to the private data – mainly financial, internet or phone records – of more than 7,000 Americans." (source infra)

Google ordered to hand private customer data over to FBI investigators
The Guardian
Public records show that on that day, the federal government filed a "petition to enforce National Security Letter" against Google after the company declined to cooperate with government demands. It was unclear from the judge's ruling what type of ...

Google Looks to Motor Over Android Profits
Wall Street Journal
Talk like that should have executives at Samsung, whose devices primarily run Google's Android mobile-operating system, shaking in their boots. Folks at Apple should also be sweating. Later this year, Motorola is releasing a new high-end smartphone ...

Why Google's Moto X Better Be a Winner
PC Magazine
Google, which owns Motorola Mobility, must be behind it. Unlike almost every other American manufacturer, Google is leery of China. After all, China has hacked Google, threatened Google, and undermined Google by forcing it to rejigger search results.

Google interns meet their Hollywood counterparts
Times of India
SAN FRANCISCO: Google interns got an early look at a Hollywood take on their world and chatted with celebrities who play them on screen in 'The Internship' film set for release next week. Actors Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson along with director Shawn ...

Google push for faster zero day fixes hits a wall: Other companies
Google has undertaken what some might call a Sisyphean effort: to get technology companies to patch publicly unknown security vulnerabilities, referred to as "zero day" exploits, more quickly. In a blog post published Wednesday, two Google security ...

For people in Ireland, Apple is more than just a tax ghost
Washington Post
At the same time, U.S. companies from Apple to Google employ more than 100,000 people in the country, whose main rate of corporation tax, at 12.5 percent, is already the lowest in western Europe. Needing Apple. The spotlight turned on Cork, a port ...

Microsoft defends Xbox One's maligned design
NBCNews.com (blog)
When Microsoft first unveiled its next-generation Xbox One console earlier this month, the gaming press met the new device with trepidation, if not outright ridicule. The tech giant might have given itself a leg up on its close rival Sony by actually ...

EU demands Google do more to settle antitrust case
Philippine Star
The period to examine Google's proposals has been extended by one month and his office will askGoogle with "almost 100 percent" certainty in June to do yet more, Joaquin Almunia told the European Parliament. Google's search engine, which is the world ...

Google donates just 90 seconds' profit to charity policing child abuse
The Guardian
Google donated little more than £20,000 last year to the charity responsible for policing child abuse images online – the equivalent of 90 seconds' profit for the internet firm. The search giant was one of a number of firms, including Facebook and ...

Amazon Updates Route 53 DNS Service To Make Hosting High ...
By Frederic Lardinois
Thanks to an update to its Route 53 DNS web service, Amazon now makes it a bit easier to host sites that need high availability in multiple AWS regions. Route..

Judge orders Google to comply with warrantless spy requests — RT ...
A legal battle between Google and the United States Department of Justice is heating up as the Internet behemoth challenges the Obama administration's warrantless requests for personal user data.
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Google Disallows Facial Recognition in Glass Apps - Liz Gannes ...
By Liz Gannes
... "Glassholes" automatically identifying people's faces around them? Google says it doesn't want that to happen, either. ... device Google Glass that explicitly disallows facial recognition apps. It explained in a Google+ update, “As Google has said for several years, we won't add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in place. ... How Apple Gets All the Good Apps. Walt Mossberg in Personal Technology. View all reviews ». The center of ...

Would You Want an iPhone Without Apple? - Lifehacker
By Adam Dachis
iOS frustrates many users due to its many restrictions on app developers. In the beginning, Applemade the best apps for the iPhone and this didn't matter. Now third-party developers create amazing software that can't reach its full potential ...

Apple Rumored to Be Considering Launching an Ad Exchange ...
By Jordan Golson
Apple is planning to launch an ad exchange, according to an anonymous advertising executive who spoke to Business Insider. The site says it heard... ... Facebook and Twitter have recently announced plans to develop ad exchanges, and companies like Google and Yahoo already have their own. Bloomberg reported last October that advertising was to be part of a .... and Mobile With Redesigned Inbox (18). • Amazon Introduces New 'Login With Amazon' API for iOS and Android ( 21)...
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Fallout From Failure of Battery Swap Plan
New York Times
When Better Place, the global electric-car charging company with a home base in Israel, announced last month that it had reached the end of the road, it left behind both bold dreams and valuable assets. The company, which took in about $850 million from ...

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