06 September 2012

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD and new e-reader Paperwhite

Amazon announces new Kindle Fire HD; new e-reader Paperwhite: " . . . Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a new Kindle called Kindle Paperwhite. It has a brighter, sharper front-lit screen. It will compete against the read-in-the-dark Barnes & Noble Nook with Glow Light. Amazon also has upgraded the original Kindle Fire and dropped the price to $159. And it announced a brand new Kindle Fire HD that will come in two sizes starting at $199. . . ."

Can Amazon re-Kindle its device sales?
MarketWatch (blog)
Both are still far below Apple, which shipped 28.8 million iPad units in that period, but Samsung's rapid ascent and Google's newer threat pose a challenge for Amazon, which sees its devices as key sales channels for a media business that is rapidly ...

Amazon's Bezos: Possibly the most second-guessed genius in tech
But in straying from its roots, Amazon also was moving into a big -- and highly contested -- competition with the likes of other big technology companies like Google and Microsoft offering similar services. In the beginning, all this predictably caused ... 

Apple Fans Would Swoon for Nokia's Lumia 920 -- If it Were an iPhone
Under normal circumstances, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Android enthusiasts would be overjoyed by the device's Smart Shoot feature, which allows users to eliminate unwanted moving objects (such as people) before taking a picture. (Did Motorola bomb its ...

Microsoft to hire 1000 in China over next year: executive
BEIJING (Reuters) - Microsoft will hire 1,000 staff in China over the coming year, adding to the 4,500 the company already employs in the country, a senior executive said on Thursday. The move is aimed at strengthening the company's position in a ...

Apple TV No IPhone as Talks Bog Down With Media Companies
Apple is vying with the likes of Google Inc. (GOOG), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) andAmazon.com Inc. (AMZN) to make TVs the digital hub of people's lives in an industry projected to reach $200 billion worldwide by 2017. Whoever wins must first strike deals ...


Microsoft, VMware and Amazon jockey for pole position in race to manage the ...
Microsoft's update is just one of the moves underway as tech companies look to consolidate their positions in the vitally important cloud computing space. Three of the largest players, Microsoft, VMware and Amazon, are trying to strengthen their ...


South Korea Regulator Looks Into Apple Complaint
Wall Street Journal
SEOUL—South Korea's antitrust regulator said Thursday it is looking into a complaint fromApple Inc. that Samsung Electronics Co. allegedly abused its position as a market leader in third-generation wireless technology. An official at the Fair Trade ...

Google Maps unveils new features in India, New Zealand and 150 ...
By Daniel Cooper
At the same time, it's giving Google Map Maker and Biking Directions to users in New Zealand -- and college students at over 150 universities worldwide will now be able to find themselves thanks to Street View maps on campus. Of course, that does mean you can no longer useGoogle as an excuse as .... Samsung Sells 20M+ Galaxy S IIIs In 100 Days: A Benchmark Or A Red Herring For Apple, Nokia, Amazon? HuffPost Tech · YE BE WARNED · Is Nokia The World's Most Innovative ...

Are You Finally Ready to Buy a Windows Phone?
The Nokia Lumia 920 is the new flagship phone for Windows Phone 8. It makes Microsoft's strongest case for buying into its mobile platform. But is it enough? Nokia made what I think is its best case for you buying a Windows Phone.

Tablet wars! New Kindle fire coming, iPad Mini waiting in wings
Fox News
Amazon is kindling a new Fire, Apple is cooking up a mini iPad, and the tablet wars are set to blaze. So which one is right for you? Amazon.com is expected to unveil a new Kindle Fire on Thursday as it seeks to take a bigger bite of the tablet computer ...

New DNA encyclopedia shows complex inner workings
CTV News
NEW YORK -- A colossal international effort has yielded the first comprehensive look at how our DNA works, an encyclopedia of information that will rewrite the textbooks and offer new insights into the biology of disease. For one thing, it may help ...

Droids And Windows Phones Take The Stage
MediaPost Communications
by Thom Forbes, 53 minutes ago Motorola emphasized the speed of its new Droids, which will run on Verizon's 4G LTE network, and Nokia focused on the superior picture and video capabilities of its new Lumias running Windows Phone 8 in their bids to join ...

Samsung Sells 20M Galaxy S III Smartphones
Sales of Samsung's 2012 flagship smartphone surpassed 20 million in 100 days, making it Samsung's most successful device. By Eric Zeman InformationWeek Apple iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: What We Know Samsung predicted the Galaxy S III would be a ...

Ford Reveals 2014 Transit, Transit Connect for US
TruckTrend Magazine
By Edward A. Sanchez Although most North American enthusiasts were most excited about the 'One Ford' initiative from the standpoint of the Blue Oval's excellent European compact and midsize car models, the commercial segment will also be the ...

TruckTrend Magazine

Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad app now supports Retina Display
The latest flavor of the Adobe's mobile verson of Photoshop gets a tune-up with support for Retina Display and other enhancements. by Lance Whitney Owners of the latest iPad who use Photoshop Touch can now view their images in all their Retina Display ...

Pogoplug debuts first consumer cloud service to utilize Amazon Glacier
By Tim Conneally Consumer and enterprise cloud storage company Pogoplug on Thursday announced it has integrated Amazon Glacier long-term archival storage into the Pogoplug service. In its usual fashion, Pogoplug mirrors content from your local drives ...


India lauded for its commitment to tiger conservation
Business Standard
PTI / New York September 06, 2012, 18:05 India has been hailed for its "unprecedented commitment" to save the endangered tiger by a prominent US-based wildlife body. The New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) also warned Asian governments ...

Like plows on land, fishing fleets are altering the seafloor
Fishing fleets are altering the seafloor much like farmer's plows have altered the landscape, indicates a study of the effects of so-called bottom trawling on the continental slope off the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Bottom trawlers drag nets and gear ...


Apple's iPhone 5 Will Go Live September 12
Business Insider
Apple yesterday sent members of the media invites to an event in San Francisco next week, and something tells me they are about to present the iPhone. So next Wednesday the company is widely expected to debut its brand new and much anticipated iPhone 5 ...

Apple TV No IPhone as Media Company Talks Bog Down
By Adam Satariano and Alex Sherman on September 06, 2012 Apple Inc. (AAPL) engineers have been working since 2005 to reinvent TV viewing. Designing the gadget may prove easy compared with convincing media and cable companies to loosen their grip on the ...

Letters: Trees or a space shuttle?
Los Angeles Times
Re "A shuttle trip's ground control," Sept. 4 As I read the article detailing the destruction of 400 beautiful shade trees in South Los Angeles so that the space shuttle Endeavour will be able to make its way from LAX to the California Science Center, ...

NASA Dawn probe leaves Vesta asteroid
It's been a while since we talked about NASA's Dawn probe that has been in orbit around the massive asteroid called Vesta for the last 13 months. The last time we talked about Dawn was last November when the probe sent back some of the best photographs ...


WD My Passport offers slick storage for Macs and PCs
Western Digital has launched a new range of compact external storage, the My Passport Edge, for PC and Mac users, promising high-speed connectivity and up to 500GB of capacity. The new, pocket-scale drives rely on USB 3.0 for their hook-up,...


Windows 8 'doesn't move the needle' on security, says Symantec
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Symantec said Windows 8 "doesn't move the needle much" on security as it rolled out new versions of its antivirus software and promised to provide users with several so-called "Modern" apps for the new operating system.

Daily Cuppa: Samsung "inhumane" to workers, iPhone 5 to tempt Android users
Summary: Apple denies giving unique iPhone and iPad identifiers to FBI, and BitTorrent pirates need to watch their backs. By Spandas Lui for Technolatte | September 5, 2012 -- 23:46 GMT (16:46 PDT) The week is almost over. We hope this cup of tech news ...

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G to hit T-Mobile in coming weeks
by Lance Whitney The Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G smartphone now has an official US launch date, or rather a launch timeframe. The Korean handset maker said today that the phone will appear on T-Mobile's network sometime in the coming weeks

Consumer Watchdog Says FCC Plan To Measure Mobile Data Speeds Falls Short ...
Sacramento Bee
By Consumer Watchdog WASHINGTON, Sept. 5, 2012 -- /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Federal Communications Commission's plan to launch a program to measure mobile broadband service performance in the United States falls short of providing adequate ...

Apple and Orangutans: Apes Found to be Enamored with iPads
By Kharunya Paramaguru | September 6, 2012 | + Baby orangutan Boo, a 9-month-old orphan, plays with a blanket during a presentation at the Madrid Zoo & Aquarium April 14, 2011. The comparisons between orangutans and humans are undeniable and ...


Spotify for Android gets NFC music exchange: We go hands-on
Spotify has updated its Android app to support NFC, using the short-range wireless technology to share music between handsets running Ice Cream Sandwich. The new app also introduces a fresh range of Audio Effects for Android 4.x phones, and the offline ...


Dead Fish, Birds Wash Up On Lake Erie Shores In Latest Mystery
Huffington Post
The Niagara River empties Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. This water has just passed over Niagara Falls. Tens of thousands of dead fish, along with dead seagulls, washed up on the shores of Lake Erie on Wednesday afternoon in yet another mysterious mass ...

'Quantum Teleportation' Beams Information Farther Than Ever Before
Physicists have "teleported" quantum information farther than ever in a new study reported Wednesday (Sept. 5). This kind of teleportation isn't quite what Scotty was "beaming up" on television's Star Trek, but it does represent a kind of magic of its ...

New Android apps worth downloading: Quora, Via.me, Gojee - Food & Drink Recipes
Android Apps Appolicious
Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. The official Quora app finally emerged on Android yesterday and the developers did a great job, improving on its iOS predecessor significantly. Via.Me is a new social sharing app which helps you upload all ...

Alcatel-Lucent Launches Open Source Platform for API Management
PCWorld (blog)
By Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News In a bid to make it easier for operators to open up their networks to developers, Alcatel-Lucent has introduced an open source and cloud-based API (application programming interface) management platform called apiGrove.

Now Selling on Alibaba: iPhone 5 Cases
Wall Street Journal (India)
Chinese manufacturers are already selling protective cases on Alibaba for the iPhone 5. The WSJ's Juro Osawa reveals new clues on what to expect with the next version of the iPhone. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% ...

Polycom promotes video collaboration with new Adoption Services suite
Summary: Polycom works on promoting the video collaboration sector with four new services designed to accelerate user adoption. By Rachel King for Between the Lines | September 6, 2012 -- 12:30 GMT (05:30 PDT) Polycom has introduced its new Adoption ...

AT&T: 4G LTE coming to Albuquerque by end of 2012
Bizjournals.com (blog)
AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) says it plans to roll out its 4G LTE service in Albuquerque by the end of the year. LTE technology is capable of delivering mobile Internet speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G, according to the company.

RadioShack launches no-contract wireless service
By John P. Mello Jr., PCWorld Sep 5, 2012 12:44 PM Hauwei Mercury & PillarElectronics retailer RadioShack announced Wednesday that it will team up with Cricket Communications to launch a no-contract wireless service. Rates for "feature" phones using ...

Fuji X-Pro1 firmware upgrade improves autofocus
TechRadar UK
By Amy Davies September 6th 2012 Fuji has issued a firmware upgrade which improves the performance of the X-Pro1's autofocusing speed and distance. One of the most highly praised cameras of the past year, the Fuji X-Pro1's biggest criticism was the ...

Oracle to Continue Porting Its Software to HP's Itanium Servers
The decision comes weeks after a judge ordered Oracle to continue developing software for Itanium as long as HP continues to make Itanium-based servers. Oracle will continue developing database and other enterprise software for Intel's Itanium ...

Facebook's social apps 'tracking your whole life'
San Francisco Luxury News
LONDON: Facebook's shares maybe at an all-time low on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), but the social networking site's primary interest lies in increasing the number of friends and apps a user has on the website, as it draws most of its revenue ...

Mass extinction underway before dino-killer asteroid
TG Daily
The mass extinction that took out the dinosaurs was already well underway by the time a six-mile asteroid slammed into Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula 65 million years ago, it appears. New University of Washington research indicates that life on the sea ...

TG Daily

Is voicemail on the way out?
Christian Science Monitor
First there was texting. Then there was instant messaging. Now a phone company is confirming what many of us suspected: slowly but surely, the notion of leaving a voice message on someone else's phone has become, well, a little quaint.

Christian Science Monitor

Can Valve Innovate Gaming Hardware?
Technology Review
I'm delighted whenever I have an opportunity to write on this blog about Valve, a gaming company that has afforded me many hours of pleasure with the two games in its “Portal” series. On top of having produced a couple of the best video games of all ...

Ubisoft drops always-on Internet connection DRM from Assassin's Creed, other ...
Digital Trends
Ubisoft's stringent DRM policies are dead according to the company, at least for single player PC games. Assassin's Creed 3 director Alex Hutchinson described himself, his team, and his game as dinosaurs in a recent interview with Edge Magazine.

App of the Day: Inspiration Made Easier with Drafts
By Kat Ascharya It's surprisingly difficult to find a good word processing and note taking solution for iOS devices, but Drafts steps up to the plate, making it a valuable addition to any Apple mobile device user's app repertoire.


LG's Optimus Vu comes to Verizon as the LG Intuition, out this week for $199
Digital Trends
As expected, Verizon has announced that it will be releasing LG's tablet/smartphone hybrid the Optimus Vu this week, but under the new name of the LG Intuition. The Optimus Vu has been around since the beginning of the year, but only in LG's home ...

Digital Trends

20 million Galaxy S IIIs sold, next step is the Jelly Bean update
Summary: The Galaxy S III is an extremely successful phone and I enjoy mine on T-Mobile. I look forward to seeing Android Jelly Bean coming soon to the device and leaks indicate it won't be much longer. Zack already reported this morning on the news ...

Australia ranks 8th in first global web index
Brisbane Times
Australia places 8th in our use of the Internet, while Sweden comes first in a new global web index launched by the inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee. Sweden is the most effective at using the internet to improve people's lives, ahead of the United ...

iPhone 5 Pictures Show Off Thin Frame Next to Older iPhone 4S
By Brandon Russell on September 5, 2012 in iPhone By now, a week before Apple's iPhone 5 jubilee, we more or less know everything about the company's next big device. We've seen so much of it leaked over the past several months, that little has been ...


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