10 September 2012

FBI facial recognition technology a threat to liberty?

Blog: FBI facial recognition technology a threat to liberty?
Dubbed the Next Generation Identification (NGI) program, the high-tech endeavor ... Let's just say this facial technology isn't going to be used for lighthearted ...

Android developers: Go all-in with the Kindle Fire HD
Summary: The Android app landscape is so vast that individual apps have little chance to reach the proper audience. That could be changed with the proper approach to app development. Forget the dozens of Android tablets and target your app at the ...

Most valuable penny of universe helping Mars Curiosity rover
Economic Times
LONDON: A century-old coin which is currently helping NASA's Curiosity rover explore the surface of Mars has been hailed as the most valuable penny in the universe. The coin, one of the first batch of Lincoln pennies ever minted, is a tool to help ...

Amazon to allow ads opt-out on Kindle Fire HD for $15 upcharge
Amazon vs. AppleAmazon doesn't want to drive even more customers Apple's way, so it has done an about-face on its decision to include ads on the lock screen and main home screen of its new Kindle Fire tablets and is letting buyers opt out -- for a $15 ...

The Apple effect on your next 'PC'
Google and Amazon devices are in the market just to show they want to be relavent from a purely consumption device. .... "Apple co-founder Steve Jobs used his iPad 2 event as a platform to criticize not just other mobile tablet makers but Microsoft as ...

Apple Issues Java Security Update
Apple has released a security update for Java, but it does not address another security hole that has been at the center of recent attacks. Apple on Sept. 5 pushed out an update for Java 6 Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. The patches ...

Amazon joins gadget makers jockeying for edge on market
Your Houston News
Tuesday: Microsoft Corp. releases the first major update to its server operating system since 2009, a prelude to releasing Windows 8 to consumers in October. Microsoft says Windows Server 2012 adds features that make it easier to manage large ... a ...

Apple And Pandora: Why The California Fruit Company Should Take Control Of ...
Seeking Alpha
History has shown that when Apple (AAPL) enters a new market, on average, it is better to bet on the California fruit company than against it. This happened with the music industry (iTunes), the mobile phone industry (iPhone), and the tablet industry ...

FBI to roll out $1 billion public facial recognition system in 2014, will be ...
By Jason Hidalgo posted Sep 9th 2012 8:46AM They're watching you -- or at least will be in a couple of years. That's when the FBI is gearing up for a nationwide launch of a $1 billion project designed to identify people of interest, according to the ...

Best Gadgets of the Week: Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite, Nokia's ...
ABC News
By JOANNA STERN (@joannastern) In the gadget world, weeks just don't get busier than this. Some of the biggest tech companies in the world -- Nokia, Amazon, Motorola and Sony -- took to the stage this week to release their own gadgets, likely before ...

ABC News

Global warming: Otters, kelp and CO2
Summit County Citizens Voice
By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY —Maintaining healthy sea otter populations could put a dent in the seemingly unstoppable build-up of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, according to a pair of UC Santa Cruz researchers.

Molecular milestone: scientists unravel the human genome
Fox News
In a milestone for the understanding of human genetics, scientists just announced the results of five years of work in unraveling the secrets of how the genome operates. The ENCODE project, as it is known, dispensed with the idea that our DNA is ...

The AppAdvice Week In Review
Call it the drizzle before the storm. As Labor Day ended, Apple announced their own version of Christmas in September. As expected, Sept. 12 was scheduled for the day for Apple's fall event. Here are just a few of the stories we followed during the ...


Spacewalking Astronaut 'Touches' the Sun
Discovery News
Sept. 8, 2012 -- In legend, the bright sun was a dazzling temptation for Icarus and so, too, it is for NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, who appears to touch our closest star in a photo snapped during a spacewalk this week. But unlike Icarus, the boy who ...

Discovery News

Google buys browser-based malware scanner VirusTotal
By Jared Newman, PCWorld Sep 8, 2012 12:20 PM Google has acquired Web-based URL scanner VirusTotal in what may be an effort to improve browser security. In a blog post, VirusTotal says it will operate independently from Google and will keep its ...

NFL Network, a la carte NFL RedZone Channel are coming to Google Fiber subscribers
By Ben Drawbaugh posted Sep 8th 2012 11:12PM It isn't quite ESPN, but sports fans who also happen to love technology -- yes, they exist -- will be happy to know that choosing Google Fiber doesn't mean going without NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

Apple Inc (AAPL); iPhone 3G To Be Dropped After Launch Of iPhone 5
PT News
When Apple Inc (AAPL)'s iOS 6 was announced there were two surprises to the list of devices that it would run on; one that it would not run on the very first iPad ie the iPad 1 and two that it would be compatible on the iPhone 3G.

HTC may be able to seek import ban on LTE iPad and new iPhone
Summary: Apple won a major case against Samsung, but all may not be rosy for Apple as patents that HTC owns are holding strong at the moment. Apple screwed up HTC's EVO 4G LTE launch and now HTC may return the favor with the new iPhone.

Texas raises speed limit to 85 mph: Other states could, too
Texas' new highest-in-the-nation speed limit — 85 mph on a 41-mile stretch of toll road between Austin and San Antonio— could mean that other states will soon see higher speed limits, experts say. The Texas Transportation Commission approved the new ...


How Can Pandora Save Itself?
PC Magazine
By David Murphy The news hit like a one-two punch to Pandora's stock price: With rumors that Apple's considering jumping into the wide world of Internet radio, Pandora shares dropped just around 17 percent in a single day — not the best news for the ...

Sony's Wonderbook: Book of Spells Gets A Release Date
Just Push Start
Sony has announced the official release date for Wonderbook: Book of Spells for the PlayStation Move. Wonderbook: Book of Spells will be out in the US from November 13th. Wonderbook was first unveiled at E3 and was like an interactive storybook for ...

Pope, soon heading to Lebanon, says lasting Mideast peace would help entire world
Washington Post
CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy — Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday characterized his trip to Beirut later this week as a pilgrimage for peace for the entire Middle East region and its anguished people. Benedict told pilgrims at his summer residence in Castel ...

Apple's new iPhone plug shows up in photos, again
CNET (blog)
What is largely expected to be Apple's next sync and charging cable for the iPhone 5 and future iOS devices crops up in images again. by Josh Lowensohn What is purported to be Apple's new iPhone plug. More images of Apple's next iPhone dock connector ...

The Bing It On Challenge
Microsoft is inviting us to break the Google habit and try out its search engine Bing instead. The idea is to take a blind test and see whether you prefer Bing's results or Google's. Microsoft claims that in independent research Bing was preferred over ...

BMW Celebrates 25 Years Of V-12s With Special Edition 760Li
Washington Post
It was 25 years ago that BMW launched its first production V-12 engine, with the unit, code-named the M70, debuting in the E32 7-Series flagship sedan. BMW engineers joined two of the automaker's legendary straight-six units on a single crankshaft, ...

The 84 Inch 4K LG Set Comes in at $20000 – Comes to the US in October
A recent announcement regarding price and availability from LG means Sony's 4K set just isn't looking as exciting. While Sony is going to be asking $25000 this November, LG is selling its set for a chunk less and a month earlier.


Where Have All the Gamers Gone?
by Colin Campbell In a widely-publicized posting earlier this week, respected market-research firm NPD reported that there are an estimated 211 million people who play video games in the United States, down 5% from last year.

iPhone 5 specs updates & realase date
South Asian News Agency
iPhone 5 release date officially pegged for September 12. The shadow on the invite shows a 5, which almost definitely means Apple is to call its latest handset the iPhone 5. Based on the roadmap of mobile chip design specialist ARM (of which Apple is a ...

New Blackmagic Cinema Camera debuts at IBC
Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT (passive Micro Four Thirds lens mount) model plays nice with most lenses and takes third-party PL mount adapters. Amsterdam – At IBC, Blackmagic Design unveiled a second model of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera that features ...


DARPA's 'Cheetah' robot outpaces Olympic champion Usain Bolt
French Tribune
The four-legged 'Cheetah' robot – which Boston Dynamics developed on behalf of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – has set a new speed record, outpacing the world's fastest man --- six-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt.

French Tribune

India launches satellites in 100th space mission
NEW DELHI, India (AP) — India's national space organization has marked its 100th mission by launching French and Japanese satellites. The Indian Space Research Organization said Sunday's launch of a French observation satellite and a Japanese ...

NVIDIA Quadro K5000 is 'most powerful GPU ever for the Mac'
By Stephen McBride Published September 9, 2012 NVIDEA announced its new graphics accelerator for Mac Pros today, promising "the most powerful professional-class GPU ever for the Macintosh" that will bring "unprecedented visualisation and computation ...


Scientists start 'terrifying' search for life trapped under Antarctic ice
Yorkshire Post
British scientists are poised to begin a “terrifying” mission to search for extreme forms of life in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. They plan to probe an ancient lake that has been sealed off from the outside world for up to 500000 years ...

Google Maps Makes Live Traffic & Navigation Updates
Tech Gadgets Web (blog)
Search engine giant Google has added two new features to the Google Maps in India which are: live traffic updates and voice navigation. At the moment the traffic information through Google Maps is only available in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, ...

Tech Gadgets Web (blog)

Voyager 1 poised to leave solar system, enter interstellar space
Voyager 1 poised to leave solar system, enter interstellar space In 1977, Jimmy Carter moved into the White House, "Star Wars" and "Saturday Night Fever" premiered in theaters and the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft launched from Florida's Cape Canaveral to...


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