12 September 2012

iPhone 5 -- the thrill is gone

Apple's big "iPhone 5 announcement" was Wednesday--no surprises--and no "wows!" The thrill is gone.
More about it here and here.

Apple's big 'iPhone 5' announcement: What to expect
Washington Post
Apple's holding a big news event Wednesday, which is widely expected to be the launch of the iPhone 5. While it's not always easy to guess what, exactly, Apple's up to, here's what to expect from Wednesday's announcement. The event is expected to begin ...

Google: 500 Million Android Devices Activated Globally
By Stan Schroeder
Ahead of today's iPhone 5 event, all eyes are on Apple, but Google thought it would be a good time to remind everyone that Android, on the whole, is still bigger than iOS. According to Google's Director of Product Management for Android ...
Mashable » Tech

Intel's new Itanium chip, Poulson, to launch later this year
By Agam Shah IDG News Service - Intel on Tuesday said it was on track to launch the next-generation Itanium processor later this year, brushing away any speculation that the processor would reach its end of life in the near future.

Zuckerberg disappointed in Facebook's stock price, eyes search opportunity
By James Niccolai, IDG News Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave his first interview Tuesday since the company's troubled initial public offering earlier this year. He said the performance of the stock has "obviously been disappointing" but said Facebook ...

Microsoft readies Office 2010 to Office 2013 upgrade program
Just like it does with Windows, Microsoft typically offers its Office customers an upgrade guarantee program, allowing them to buy the current version of a product with a free or discounted upgrade to the next one being part of the package. newoffice ... 

Have UK archaeologists found Richard III's skeleton?
By Michael Holden | LONDON (Reuters) - Archaeologists searching for the body of England's King Richard III under a city centre parking lot said on Wednesday they had found remains which could be those of the monarch depicted by Shakespeare as an evil, ...

The Patent Clues to the Apple iPhone Beyond '5'
New York Times (blog)
By STEVE LOHR Bigger screen, longer battery life, clever new features. It's another version of the iPhone, waiting in the wings to be announced on Wednesday, as everyone expects. But for a look at Apple's longer-term ambitions for the iPhone, ...

Why I Unlocked My iPhone And Switched From AT&T To T-Mobile
With the hotly anticipated iPhone 5 due out any day, this is an array of previous iPhone models. Photo: Wikipedia Today is the day Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5, and an army of loyal Apple-heads will not be able to wait to buy one.


Evidence for dark energy stacks up, says team
TG Daily
Dark energy is real, say scientists who claim they've validated the disputed 2003 research that was seen as the first clear evidence for its existence. The astronomers, from the University of Portsmouth and LMU University Munich, say there's a 99.996 ...

TG Daily

JFK's 'Moon Speech' Still Resonates 50 Years Later
by Mike Wall, SPACE.com Senior Writer Fifty years ago today (Sept. 12), President John F. Kennedy whipped up support for NASA's fledgling Apollo program in a speech that contains perhaps the most famous words he ever uttered about space exploration.

Google drops Pirate Bay from Autocomplete results
TG Daily
Google's added The Pirate Bay to its Instant and Autocomplete search blacklist, meaning that users need to type the words out in full before the search engine lists the site. Until recently, the site was so popular that users only needed to type the ...

TG Daily

Massive impact on Jupiter seen from Earth
Sometimes interesting discoveries in space are made by amateur astronomers rather than scientists at NASA and other organizations around the world. This is exactly what happened this week when amateur astronomer George Hall captured image of what ...


Tesla teases 2016 compact crossover & Roadster replacement
Tesla's fourth and fifth cars will include a crossover SUV and a Roadster replacement, founder Elon Musk has teased, though drivers will need to wait until 2016 at the earliest to get behind the wheel. Although first on the electric car company's ...


Motorola Droid RAZR M review: a very good ICS handset in a small, Kevlar ...
By Joseph Volpe posted Sep 12th 2012 9:00AM Family trees are monstrous wonders of genetic distillation, alternately yielding grotesque and delightful offspring. And, as is nature's wont, it's within the strongest of these "carriers" that dominant ...

How To Get The Most For Your Old iPhone
With Apple expected to release the iPhone 5. in September, fans are wondering what they can get for their current iPhones. Here's a guide. Of course those with an iPhone 4S, which debuted last October, will reap far more for their devices than older ...


Apple's iPhone manufacturer faces labor complaints over status of student workers
Washington Post
BEIJING — The company that manufactures Apple's iPhones has responded to an accusation that vocational students are forced to work in its Chinese factories by saying its agreement with their schools allows them to leave. China Labor Watch, a Hong Kong ...

From a PC Lover to PC Makers: Have Some Pride, Don't Rip Off Apple
By Jared Newman | @OneJaredNewman | September 12, 2012 | + If you can't see the resemblance between the HP all-in-one PC and the iMac pictured above, please head directly to the comments and begin screaming. There's nothing I could say that would sway ...


Redback Spider-Hunting Wasp Poses Challenge To Lethal Creature
Huffington Post
A redback spider-hunting wasp (Agenioideus nigricornis) dragging its paralyzed prey back to its nest. By OurAmazingPlanet Staff: Throughout Australia, a tiny wasp stings and paralyzes redback spiders before laying an egg that develops into a larva and ...

Invisible QR codes to combat counterfeit goods
BBC News
Invisible codes designed to tackle the issue of fake goods have been created by US researchers. The Quick Response (QR) codes are more often used in the advertising industry to allow customers access to product information. The invisible version can be...

BBC News

Dazzling African fruit is the natural world's shiniest object
New York Daily News
An African fruit is giving diamonds a run for their money. Tiny glittering berries belonging to the plant Pollia condensata have been labeled the shiniest living things in the world, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of ...

New York Daily News

The Kindle Fire HD tablet is the Kindle Fire as it should have been. Video
To play this video, you need Javascript enabled and the latest version of Flash installed. Install Flash now Video description: We get all up inside the Kindle Fire HD and explore some of its new features. The Kindle Fire HD tablet is the Kindle Fire ...

Swirling Fluid-like Behavior Observed In Sliding Metals
By Gary Thomas A team of researchers at the Purdue University has found that when solid metals were slid one over another, a swirling fluid-like behavior occurred. This discovery provides new clues to the property of wear in materials and may help ...


Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff targets teen-girl market?
Computerworld (blog)
By Richi Jennings Is Salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) CEO Marc Benioff aiming at a new market: teenage girls? One might think so, given his Hunger Games soundbite yesterday. In fact what he pre-announced were new features that ape those offered by startups.

Computerworld (blog)

Coral reefs in Caribbean on life support
Only 8 percent of the Caribbean's reefs today retain coral, according to a new report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With input and data from 36 scientists, the report paints a bleak picture of coral decline across the ...


Video: Take a Spin Through the Pencil Nebula
Popular Science
Eleven-thousand years ago a star exploded, sending a wispy witch's broomstick flying across the southern sky. By Clay Dillow Posted 09.12.2012 at 9:00 am 0 Comments The Pencil Nebula Otherwise known as NGC 2736. ESO When it comes to enduring legacies, ...

Popular Science

FTC and Myspace settle privacy dispute
By Dave Neal UNITED STATES TRADE WATCHDOG the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has reached a settlement with social networking service Myspace that will see it submit to regular, independent privacy assessments. The FTC said that Myspace must allow ...

Curiosity tests new camera, has nowhere to spend its penny [Photos]
Los Angeles Times
When Curiosity went to Mars, it took a penny along with it. The coin -- a 1909 Lincoln penny -- was a nod to geologists' habit of using a penny in photos of rocks to provide an idea of the object's size. That penny, embedded in the rover, is now coated ...

Apple iPhone 5: Love it or leave it?
On the eve of what *may* finally be Apple's iPhone 5 announcement, we thought we'd check in with our consumers to see how they are handling their possible-new-smartphone-related anxiety. In our August survey of more than 9000 consumers, ...


Save on Apple at eBay
Boing Boing
This post is sponsored by eBay. From the new to the hard to find, when it's on your mind, it's on eBay. No, that isn't the brand new iPhone in the center there. It's the iPhone 4S. And while the new phone grabs the spotlight, the 4S is hardly obsolete.

Samsung Galaxy S III rumor points to Jelly Bean update in October
If you're the owner of Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone and have been counting the days until you can get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you may have a few more days to wait. Reports are circulating that Samsung won't be delivering Android 4.1 for S III owners ...


Anonymous stands its ground - claims it definitely did hack the FBI
TechRadar UK
By Marc Chacksfield September 12th 2012 Hacking collective Anonymous has responded to claims that the Apple UDIDs it leaked earlier this month didn't actually belong to the FBI, insisting its data purge did originate from the feds.

Apple Passbook may let you kiss wallet goodbye
David Reeves works in advertising in Atlanta, helping clients such as Baskin-Robbins, the Publix grocery chain and Dunkin' Donuts navigate the digital waters. Right now, he's extremely excited about a new feature that will soon be available for the ...


Sea otters 'helping combat ocean acidification'
Otter-protected kelp beds absorb about 12 times as much carbon dioxide during photosynthesis as thinned-out kelp beds, according to a study published in the September issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.


The FBI's Next Generation Identification program could spot faces in a crowded ...
PCWorld (blog)
By Kevin Lee, PCWorld The FBI is getting ready to roll out a new nationwide program to better identify criminals called the Next Generation Identification (NGI) project. The new program is expected to add biometric data to Bureau's toolkit with iris ...

Got a Nexus 7? Get your free $10 from Google before it's too late
Computerworld (blog)
By JR Raphael Do you own one of Google's Nexus 7 tablets? If so, Google's got 10 bucks with your name on it -- but only if you claim it within the next five days. Sound too good to be true? Don't worry: It isn't. The whole thing revolves around ...

Computerworld (blog)

AMD Invests into Developer of Middleware for Cloud Gaming Solution.
X-bit Labs
by Anton Shilov Advanced Micro Devices this week announced an investment in CiiNow, a provider of cloud gaming technology that enables game publishers, retailers and carriers to tap into cloud video game market. AMD Ventures has invested in a ...

X-bit Labs

Tata Motors shares +5%, m-cap Rs 71K cr
Financial Express
Mumbai : Shares of Tata Motors today jumped more than five per cent on the bourses on hopes that the sales figure of the company would get a significant boost when the auto maker would release fourth-generation Range Rover. Shares of the company today ...

Apple's Jonathan Ive reportedly drops $17m on San Francisco home
Apple senior vice president of industrial design Jonathan Ive likes to lead a pretty private life, but thanks to a new report, we know that he's pretty well off thanks to his position at Apple. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Ive has spent ...


iPhone 5 could offer boost to US economy
(NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray) - If you are a techie, or just like to talk, text, and surf the web - then Wednesday's big announcement of the iPhone 5 release date could be a big day for you. Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone 5 - and this one is ...

Microsoft Will Deliver Flash Update For Windows 8 Shortly
Windows 8 Beta
A couple of days ago we reported aout the vulnerability in the flash version of Internet Explorer 10 not being the updated one due to the integration of the flash player in the browser instead of a third party plugin. Tough the other browsers were ale ...

Mizuho Raises Apple Price Target to $750 on iPhone 5 Sales Expectation
By Jacob Wolinsky Apple Inc.'s big announcement is tomorrow, but some analysts are already getting excited about the iPhone 5 announcement. In a report released tonight, Mizuho Securities announced that it is updating its price target on Apple from ...


Google Ramps Broadband In KC, But Missing Content
Investor's Business Daily
By REINHARDT KRAUSE, INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY Content, especially sports, looms as a game-changer as Google (GOOG) jumps into the pay-TV business. Google is ramping up high-speed Internet and TV service in Kansas City, where Time Warner Cable (TWC) is ...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Reportedly Working on Music Service Similar to Pandora
Touch Reviews
Pandora, the popular music recommendation service, may soon have a competing service from Apple Inc. (AAPL) new report claims. On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that AAPL is looking to introduce its own music streaming service, ...

This Morning: Unleash the Street iPhone Hyperbole, Glum PC news, PANW Defended
Barron's (blog)
By Tiernan Ray It must be a truth of physics the closer one gets to an iPhone introduction, the greater the activity on the sell side. Tomorrow is Apple's (AAPL) media event in San Francisco and the Street is preparing its point of view.

No precise date for Haswell
When asked when Haswell is coming, Dadi Perlmutter just said it's a 2013 part, and didn't go into any specifics. He mentioned that it will come in many form factors, including desktop and notebooks, but he didn't mention them in tablets.

This iPhone 5 Parody Video Is Crass, Offensive and Right On The Mark [NSFW]
We've reached the wee-night hours here at Phandroid and before I bid you adieu, I thought I'd share with you a video I came across during my internet travels. If you've been anywhere near an internet connected device today, you've no doubt seen ...

SingTel seeks more high-tech acquisitions in multimedia drive
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, the largest telecoms company in southeast Asia, plans to acquire more high-tech firms, including in Israel, as it transforms itself into a multimedia and information and communications technology ...

Problems dogging new high-tech air traffic system
Progress in moving from preparation to execution has been slow as the Federal Aviation Administration replaces its World War II-era radar technology with a GPS-based system, Transportation Department inspector general Calvin Scovel said in remarks ...

Media CEOs more bullish on technology driving growth, report says
Los Angeles Times
Until recently, top entertainment chief executives were trying to keep technology at bay as a strategy to protect their traditional businesses. Now, most top executives believe technology and new devices, primarily tablets and smartphones, represent ...

WSJ's Tech Café Opens for Coffee, Inspiration
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The day closes with Richard Allan of Facebook and DJ Collins of Google , who will talk about what Europe looks like from two of the most important technology companies of today. It's probably safe to say that privacy issues will come up. Thursday is ...

Wall Street Journal (blog) 

Amazon, Forced to Collect a Tax, Is Adding Roots
New York Times
At the moment, it is little more than dirt and gravel. But a sunbaked field at the edge of this farming town will play a significant role in one of the most ambitious retailing ventures of the era: the relentless quest by the online mall Amazon.com to ...

adCenter - Microsoft
Show ads on Bing. Display your product or service to as many as 78 million potential customers.

YouTube for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch ... - Apple
To download the free app YouTube by Google, Inc., get iTunes now. Already have iTunes? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. I Have iTunes Free Download ...

Daring Fireball: Amazon's Play
The video of Amazon's Kindle press event last week is well worth watching. Amazon is, to my eyes, the only company playing in the same league as Apple. .... It may not be all that helpful to Googleto have Android in those markets but as you ...

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