26 September 2012

Marissa Mayer's plan for Yahoo

Marissa Mayer's plan for Yahoo
Washington Post
Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer spoke Tuesday with employees to discuss her vision for the company. While Mayer had been expected to release specific details about products and strategies, reports say that she stuck to broader plans that outlined ...

Barnes & Noble launches new Nook HD
Fox News
NEW YORK – Barnes & Noble is rolling out two new versions of its Nook tablet with sleek new hardware and a sharper high-definition screen. The bookseller's move heightens the already intense tablet wars heading into the holiday season.

Google pays bug hunters for finding Windows flaw
Identification of a problem with Microsoft's OS merits an award from Google's Chrome security effort. Also, Chrome 22 improves Web-based games, and Chrome for iOS supports the iPhone 5. by Stephen Shankland You might think Microsoft would be the one ...

Nintendo: 23 games launching with Wii U console
The next chapter of the New Super Mario Bros. series as well as high-profile names such as Call of Duty will debut alongside the upcoming successor to the Nintendo Wii. The Japanese-based company revealed 23 games will be available when its Wii U ...

Vampire squid are sea's garbage disposals
Fox News
Despite their name, vampire squid are not deep-sea bloodsuckers. In fact, new research finds these mysterious creatures are garbage disposals of the ocean. Using long, skinny tendrils called filaments, vampire squid capture marine detritus hovering in ...

They said it wasn't right for biz - but Samsung unveils TLC SSD
By Chris Mellor • Get more from this author Samsung's South Korean headquarters has announced two new 840 SSDs, one of which uses three-level cell (TLC) technology , a first for the industry, and the other a more normal two bits per cell, the 840 Pro.

Apple's iPhone 5 Maps app criticisms continue -- but users don't mind too much
Computerworld (blog)
By Jonny Evans That's one way of looking at the news inside the latest user satisfaction results from research firm, On Device, which reveals that users are ever so slightly less satisfied with iOS 6 than they found them to be when using iOS 5.

Computerworld (blog)

Samsung Sees Stronger Start for Note 2, Unfazed by iPhone
By Jun Yang on September 26, 2012 Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) expects sales of its new Galaxy Note 2 smartphone to get off to a stronger start than its predecessor even after Apple Inc. (AAPL) sold a record number of the latest iPhone in its debut ...

On Future Cars, Will the Steering Wheel Be Optional?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Jonathan Welsh Driverless cars are not coming. They are here. Indeed, they have been around for awhile, though mainly in the shadows on the edge of legality. But regulatory changes in California and other states are giving cars that drive themselves...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Never lose a sock again with RFID-chipped socks
Digital Trends
Definitely helpful when attempting to locate the sock the dryer supposedly ate, socks with RFID chips brings a digital spin to laundry. Detailed on the Blacksocks site, the clothing company has added a radio ID tag to a line of socks that allows ...

Digital Trends

NFC pundit downplays iPhone 5
TG Daily
At least one player in the NFC world doesn't see the iPhone 5's lack of support as a huge deal. There was speculation that Apple would include contactless NFC technology before the iPhone 4S was even released, and when that phone didn't incorporate it, ...

TG Daily

Hubble Space Telescope reveals extreme view (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
Piecing together 10 years of Hubble Space Telescope images, astronomers on Tuesday unveiled the deepest view yet of a small sliver of the night sky, revealing a kaleidoscope of galaxies and other celestial objects. The Hubble eXtreme Deep Field, ...

Amazing image as Space Shuttle Endeavour passes the Hollywood sign – How LA ...
Dallas Morning News (blog)
By Chris Wilkins / Deputy Director of Photography The Space Shuttle Endeavour atop a modified 747 passes the Hollywood Sign Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, in Los Angeles, on a tour of California, the last aerial hurrah before retiring to a Los Angeles museum.

Dallas Morning News (blog)

Did a Distant Solar System Send Life to Earth?
By Jeffrey Kluger | September 26, 2012 | + Time was, the solar system was raining rocks. You only need to look at the cratered face of airless bodies like Mercury and the moon to get a sense of the cosmic crossfire that took place back when the local ...


Internet Explorer safe to use again after zero-day patch, Germany decides
Summary: The German Federal Office for Information Security is reversing its stance on Internet Explorer, after Microsoft released an update that plugs the recently discovered security hole. By Moritz Jaeger for The German View | September 26, ...

India unable to make impact in science globally: PM
New York Daily News
New Delhi, Sep 26 — Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday said India has not been able to make an impact in science on a world scale commensurate with its large scientific manpower pool. Addressing the 70th Foundation Day celebrations here of the ...

Specialized Bicycle Components Recalls Bicycles Due to Fall and Injury Hazards
Sacramento Bee
By US Consumer Product Safety Commission WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2012 -- /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product.

Will NASA really build a 'gateway' L-2 Moon base?
In this artist's concept, the Orion MPCV is docked to a habitat; an astronaut exits the spacecraft to conduct an EVA. Credit: NASA Over the weekend, The Orlando Sentinel reported that NASA is considering building a hovering outpost beyond the Moon at ...

Compelling evidence that brain parts evolve independently
An evolutionary biologist at the University of Manchester, working with scientists in the US, has found compelling evidence that parts of the brain can evolve independently from each other. It's hoped the findings will significantly advance our ...

FCC Chairman Announces Actions To Promote Wireless Health Technology
Bloomberg BNA
The Federal Communications Commission will act on several key recommendations from a report by an industry task force promoting the growing field of mobile health, or mHealth, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced Sept. 24.

iPad's domination of tablet traffic grows, but does Amazon care?
The Verge
By Ben Popper on September 26, 2012 09:15 am 0Comments During his keynote speech for the release of the iPhone 5, Apple CEO Tim Cook poked fun of competitors in the tablet space with a few pie charts. While the iPad's market share in the tablet space ...

Chrysler Plug-In Hybrid Tests Sidelined Due To Battery Overheating
Chrysler group LLC has temporarily stalled 109 trucks and 23 minivans in plug-in hybrid test fleets due to an issue of overheating batteries in some of the pickup trucks. Chrysler said that three of the Ram Truck 1500 pickup trucks in a fleet of 109 ...


RIM: We've Totally Got A Shot At Number Three
I kind of hate to keep dogpiling on Research In Motion at this point because the company is on the brink of a truly ugly implosion. Something you can witness in this video, which is real and RIM actually thought was a good use of money.


Company behind Nabi children's tablet sues Toys R Us over Tabeo slate
by Stephanie Mlot, 26 September, 2012 Fuhu, the Los Angeles-based creator of the children's Nabi tablet, is accusing the toy store chain of copying its design, use experience, and online services with its own Tabeo tablet.


Intel's (NASDAQ:INTC) former MD, Rajiv Goel, released by a US court without ...
Statesman Sentinel
Former MD at Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), Rajiv Goel, was released in a court ruling without any jail term mainly because of the reason that he assisted the government to catch the disgraced founder of Galleon in one of the largest insider trading ...

Statesman Sentinel

'Zombie'? More Like "Alien" For Bees
Science 2.0 (blog)
A parasite that caused bees to lurch around like, well, zombies, and fly at night until they die has been found in Washington State. Colony Collapse Disorder, in which all the adult honey bees in a colony suddenly die, has already been causing bee ...

Nigeria renews quest for robust broadband regime
The Guardian Nigeria
WITH intensified global campaign by the United Nations that countries should strive to ensure even and rapid penetration of broadband by 2015 through the implementation of national broadband policies, Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan last week ...

Google Adds Six Gorgeous Underwater Locations to Street View, Taunts Apple by ...
by Rollin Bishop | 8:35 am, September 26th, 2012 No longer satisfied with including things like Inuit villages and space centers, Google Street View has finally reached its logical conclusion. Where they're going, they don't need roads.

Navy to name research ship after Neil Armstrong
The US Navy said it will name a research ship after former astronaut Neil Armstrong. The 238-foot ship is currently being built and will be capable of mapping some of the deepest areas of the ocean and include onboard laboratories for other marine ...

North vs South: Polar Sea Ice At The Extremes
Discovery News
In the wake of last week's announcement that Arctic summer sea ice extent had reached its lowest level in the satellite record - and possibly the lowest for the last several thousand years - a few 'skeptic' blogs were keen to trumpet what they ...

New space-time 4-D clock will be accurate forever
Washington: Scientists have proposed to build the first ever 4D space-time crystal clock that they claim will keep accurate time forever, even after the heat-death of the universe. This is the “wow” factor behind a device known as a “space-time crystal ...


The dock is dead: Best wireless speakers for the iPhone
Apple's decision to move from the venerable 30-pin iPod/iPhone port to the new, smaller -- and incompatible -- Lightning connector is a good excuse to ditch charging docks altogether. It's time to go wireless. by John P. Falcone Bluetooth speakers, ...

Tesla Tumbles as Outlook Cut, Loan May Need to Be Amended
By Mark Clothier and Alan Ohnsman on September 25, 2012 Tesla Motors Inc., the electric-car maker led by Elon Musk, fell the most in eight months after cutting its revenue outlook for the third quarter because of supplier shortcomings and other delays ...

Microsoft Sets Record in Windows 8 Coding Marathon
By Darryl K. Taft | Posted 2012-09-25 Email Print Microsoft set a Guinness World Record for having the most participants in a coding marathon at its Windows 8 AppFest in Bangalore. Microsoft has set a world record for having the most developers in a ...


RPT-Razzle dazzle at Paris auto show can't hide the gloom
* Paris auto show opens to media Thursday, public Saturday * Carmakers facing market slump, price competition in Europe * Recovery may materialise in 2015 By Jennifer Clark Sept 25 (Reuters) - Europe's automakers will seek to dazzle at the Paris auto ...

Consumer Reports review details flaws in Fisker Karma sports car
Los Angeles Times
Consumer Reports panned the high-technology Fisker Karma after testing the $107850 luxury plug-in hybrid. The magazine said the sleek-looking, speedy car suffered from significant reliability problems and doesn't compare well to other luxury sports ...

Sony Brings Unlocked Xperia acro S to US
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo The phone was first introduced in May 2012, but now US customers can get their hands on it for $599.99 from select Sony stores and store.sony.com, as well as other online retailers like Newegg. At $600 upfront, the phone is on the ...

Streamweaver Is The First Social Mobile Video App With Split-Screen Synchronicity
Everybody wants to be the Instagram of video. The next big ($1 billion) thing. And sooner or later an app will emerge and do just that. There's Socialcam, Viddy and Klip, sure, but also ooVoo, Zoom.us, and more, it seems, each day.


655-Pound Sea Turtle Rescued
By Amir Khan | September 25, 2012 2:51 PM EDT A giant 655-pound sea turtle, described as "a swimming dinosaur," has been released back into the ocean this weekend after veterinarians saved its life, according to officials at the New England Aquarium.

Dreamforce and the Social Enterprise: An Interview With Terri Griffith
Huffington Post
The Salesforce.com annual pow-wow took place last week amid much fanfare. While I could not attend, I was able to get a first-hand account of it through Terri Griffith, a professor of Management at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business.

Q: What is FaceTime?
Royal Gazette
A: FaceTime is Apple's version of video calling and can be done using the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac (check the Apple site to ensure the version you own supports FaceTime). You have the ability to make these video calls by using an available Wi-Fi ...

WATCH: Dad Launches Son's Toy Train Into Space
By Terri Pous | @tepous | September 25, 2012 | + Ron Fugelseth's four-year-old son is a lot like Andy from Toy Story. The towheaded tot his and toy train named Stanley play together, sleep together and even make pizza together. Fugelseth, co-owner and ...

Officials: Asian carp DNA found in Lake Erie
Chicago Tribune
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Officials say Asian carp DNA has been found in three water samples collected from Lake Erie's Maumee Bay. The genetic material was from silver carp, one of two Asian species threatening to enter the Great Lakes, where scientists ...

First Hop For SpaceX Grasshopper
Aviation Week
By Guy Norris Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) successfully conducted the first “hop” of its Grasshopper vertical takeoff and landing test vehicle (VTVL) on Sept. 21 at the company's McGregor test site in Texas. The VTVL is a modified Falcon 9 ...

Aviation Week

Facebook to remove biometric facial recognition for European users
Biometric Update
By Stephen Mayhew Tweet The Irish privacy regulator said late last week that Facebook had agreed to remove biometric facial recognition data collected from its user base within the European Union. The social networking giant will delete all data ...

Forget Zipcar: Rent An Electric Scooter To Get There Faster
In many large US cities, it's easy to get around without a car. Still, there are times when you need to get out of town, and that's when services like Zipcar are useful. But what about when you need to quickly get across the city and don't have a bike ...


Life After the Big Divorce
When iOS first arrived in 2007, Apple's fledgling mobile operating system had a whole lot of Google in it. Several of the iPhone's key features — maps, web search and a native YouTube app — were born of this corporate partnership. It was the dawn of ...


Kindle Fire HD hot but Google Nexus 7 grabs more Web traffic
... grabs more Web traffic. The new Fire is seeing strong demand, according to ad impressions from Chitika, but Google's Nexus 7 is at the top of the charts in Web traffic. ... Amazon's Kindle Fire HD on the left and Google's Nexus 7 on the right ...

Barnes & Noble takes aim at Amazon, Apple with HD Nook tablets
The top U.S. bookstore chain launched its first Nook device, a basic e-reader, in 2009 and has held its own with deep-pocketed rivals Amazon, Apple and Google Inc. That success has allowed it to garner as much as 30 percent of the U.S. electronic-books ...

Samsung, Google execs to meet amidst Apple patent wars
Apple Samsung ruling (Credit: CNET). Samsung's Shin Jong-kyun will meet with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt in Seoul tomorrow, and it's a safe bet the topic of Apple will come up. The Samsung mobile chief confirmed today that he will meet with ...

Google Play store hits 25 billion downloads, launches discounts
CNET (blog)
Google Play, which was known as the Android Market until March, hit the milestone in 1,435 days -- three years and 11 months. By contrast, Apple's App Store reached 25 billion downloads in 1,334 days -- just under three years and eight months. "We look ...

Google Unveils Underwater Street View for Maps
PC Magazine
Next to Google Search and YouTube, the search giant's maps product has become a resource on which millions of users have come to rely. This point was driven home recently when some users complained loudly about the omission of Google Maps as the ...

Autonomous cars, like those from Google, receive approval in California from ...
New York Daily News
"Autonomous vehicles are another example of how California's technological leadership is turning today's science fiction into tomorrow's reality," Brown said during a signing ceremony at the Google campus in Mountain View. "This law will allow ...

New York Daily News

Windows 8 Bugs Hurt Microsoft, Intel CEO Said to Tell Staff
San Francisco Chronicle
Microsoft is eager to get Windows 8, the first version of its flagship software designed for touch tablets, into computers next month to help it vie with Apple Inc.'s iPad during the holiday shopping season. Releasing the operating system before it's ...

Google would like to snag Yahoo search deal from Microsoft
As intense competitors, it's no wonder that Google would be interested in grabbing some ofMicrosoft's business, perhaps so much that it would be willing to take a financial hit on the deal.Microsoft's partnership with Yahoo has been rocky, and the ...

Apple Built Special Version of Maps For China
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The separated technologies Apple has built for the Chinese markets underscore the challenges it faces building its own maps technology rather than relying on Google'sofferings. Mapping experts say creating a comprehensive set of digital maps requires ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Dive into the Great Barrier Reef with the first underwater panoramas ...
By A Googler
Today we're adding the very first underwater panoramic images to Google Maps, the next step in our quest to provide people with the most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world. With these vibrant and stunning photos you ...
Official Google Blog

Google Play hits 25 billion downloads | Official Android Blog
By A Googler
And if you're using Android, it all starts with Google Play, home to 675,000 apps and games. That's a lot of choice. We've now crossed 25 billion downloads from Google Play, and to celebrate we're offering some great discounts for the next ...
Official Android Blog

Google Working on Maps for iPhone, iPad - NYTimes.com
People pining for a Google Maps app on their Apple devices will get one eventually, but likely not for another couple months or so. Google is developing a maps application for iPhone and iPad that it is seeking to finish by the end of the year, ...
NYT Bits

Google Maps Goes Diving, Provides “Seaview” Of Great Barrier ...
By Matt Burns
Thanks to a partnership with The Catlin Seaview Survey, Google Maps now displays Street View-ish images of the Great Barrier Reef and popular underwater spots around Hawaii and the Philippines. Clear your calendar. Forward your emails ...

Rumors about Google Maps app for iOS intensify, claim it's still ...
By Richard Lawler
If you're unsatisfied with Apple's current iOS 6 Maps experience and are hoping to jump back into Google's loving arms then take a. ... Microsoft deliberately wasted energy at data center to avoid fine, says NY Times · 278 · Permanent quartz glass data storage announced by Hitachi, could hit market by 2015 · 240 · Sharp unveils semi-transparent solar ... Barnes & Noble Unveils New Nooks, Aiming For Amazon, Apple · Judge Orders Arrest Of Google Exec. Tech. gdgt · Slashdot · MAKE ...

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