10 September 2012

Apple faces uphill challenge invalidating HTC LTE patents

Apple faces uphill challenge invalidating HTC LTE patents
Apple may have a tougher than expected challenge persuading a US court to invalidate HTC LTE patents, with the trade judge presiding over the trial already agreeing with HTC on key issues of ownership. Justice Thomas Pender said he would likely dismiss...


Google Fiber casts wide net in Kansas City
According to the search company, at least 180 out of 202 "fiberhoods" have already qualified for its service, and it's still processing requests. by Don Reisinger Google "Fiberhoods" are taking root in Kansas City. In just six weeks, nearly 90 percent ...

The week in IT: egg on Nokia's face, fed govt's ambiguous plan
Voice and Data
Welcome back to the week in IT, in which we take a look at some of the more interesting stories from the last week. First up we have a story that left a lot of egg on Nokia's face. At the launch of its new Lumia 920 smartphone, the company played a ...

Spotify will launch browser-based version
Spotify is a music service that offers streaming of selected music from a range of major and independent record labels. The service has, up to now, been delivered through a desktop application but reports suggest the company is preparing to launch a ...


HP Intros New All-in-One PCs for Windows 8
PC Magazine
By Joel Santo Domingo HP today unveiled a group of updated and new all-in-one desktop PCs, many with touch screens to take advantage of Windows 8's new tablet-like user interface. Announcements range from the HP Pavilion 20, a value-oriented all-in-one ...

European Commissioner says Microsoft will work on addressing antitrust browser ...
The Seattle Times
Microsoft will be complying with the European Union to address concerns that the software giant isn't allowing users browser choice, as it had promised to do, according to Joaquin Almunia, vice president of the European Commission and commissioner in ...

Amazon Kindle Mac app update adds gesture features and visually richer Kindle ...
By Mat Smith posted Sep 10th 2012 6:56AM Amazon has refreshed its Kindle app to include support for swiping and other gesture navigation features for Macs running Lion OS X or higher. It will now display Kindle's new Format 8 books, allowing for more ...

The latest player in tablet wars: Toys "R" Us
Summary: Toy manufacturer Toys "R" Us may not be the first firm you'd think of to break into the tablet market - but a new child-focused tablet is on the cards. By Charlie Osborne for iGeneration | September 10, 2012 -- 12:19 GMT (05:19 PDT) The ...


Sea otters help fight global warming
TG Daily
Sea otters are an up-to-now unsuspected ally in the fight against global warming, say scientists from UC Santa Cruz. By munching on sea urchins, they allow kelp forests to prosper and absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere - as much as 12 ...

TG Daily

Mars Might Not Have Been as Moist as We Thought
There's plenty of science suggesting Mars was once home to water. But new research suggests that much of the evidence, in the form of clay, could have come from lava and not lakes—and that would decrease the chance of life having existed on the red ...

Cambodia set to expel Pirate Bay co-founder
Sacramento Bee
By SOPHENG CHEANG AP PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- A Cambodian official says a Swedish founder of the popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay who is wanted in his homeland for copyright violations will soon be deported. Interior Ministry spokesman Gen.

Apple plans iMac, 13" MacBook Pro upgrades to prove there's life beyond iPhone
Computerworld (blog)
By Jonny Evans Here comes the iPhone 5, but will October also see the introduction of a reinvented iMac? That's what Apple [AAPL] watchers are hoping for as the company steams into a Christmas during which it hopes to set the bar for consumer ...

Santorini Volcano Fills With Most Magma Since Last Eruption
By Alex Morales on September 10, 2012 Santorini volcano, whose eruption 3600 years ago wiped out Minoan settlements on the Greek island and in Crete, has begun to fill with molten rock and expand the most since its last eruption from 1939 to 1941.

Scientists creating remote-controlled cockroaches
Geeky gadgets
This would be a great April Fool's Day prank, but it is serious science and could be used in all kinds of military applications. Cockroaches can get into all kinds of small places and they are amazing survivors. That makes them ideal to remote control ...

Geeky gadgets

FBI launches $1B ID search program
Summary: A next-generation identification program is moving toward biometrics, and stepping away from traditional fingerprint searches. By Charlie Osborne for Between the Lines | September 10, 2012 -- 11:03 GMT (04:03 PDT) The Federal Bureau of ...

Nasa's Curiosity rover 'sniffs' Martian air
BBC News
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News The robot sucked the air into its big Sample Analysis at Mars (Sam) instrument to reveal the concentration of different gases. The Sam analysis is ongoing but no major surprises are expected at this ...

BBC News

Review: Kindle Fire HD screen is a big improvement
by AP SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) -- Buying movies and TV shows to watch on the Kindle Fire will be a lot more appealing now that Amazon's tablet computer sports a much more vibrant screen. The screen in the Fire's new HD models is such a major ...

Caribbean Coral Reefs Are On The Verge Of Collapse
Business Insider
Caribbean coral reefs – which make up one of the world's most colourful, vivid and productive ecosystems – are on the verge of collapse, with less than 10% of the reef area showing live coral cover. With so little growth left, the reefs are in danger ...

Business Insider

Why Google bought VirusTotal
Computerworld (blog)
By Richi Jennings Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) bought VirusTotal last week. But why? What could the search/ads/mobile/cloud company want with this Spanish malware-scan aggregator? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers search for the truth. By Richi Jennings: Your humble ...

Apple 'to unveil new 4-inch iPod Touch alongside iPhone 5 on September 12'
Apple will reportedly unveil a range of new iPods, including a 4-inch Touch, alongside the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 on September 12. Multiple versions of Apple's best-selling music device are expected to be announced, including a tweaked iPod ...


Nvidia resuscitates Mac Pro with Quadro K5000 for 4K editing
Digital Trends
At the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam, graphics card developer Nvidia announced the Quadro K5000 for Mac. Besides offering powerful performance for color editing, 3D rendering, and gaming, the card could also help reassure nervous ...

Digital Trends

Electric car charging: Good luck with that
By Peter Valdes-Dapena @PeterDrives September 10, 2012: 6:53 AM ET Thank goodness the Karma runs on gasoline because finding a place to charge it in the city brought on a migraine. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- I sometimes get to borrow plug-in cars but, ...

Apple's Krall Leads Samsung Win in Jobs' Global Smartphone War
By Susan Decker and Adam Satariano on September 10, 2012 If Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s patent litigation is the “thermonuclear war” over smartphone technology and design that co-founder Steve Jobs pledged to his biographer, Noreen Krall is its field marshal.

Planetside 2 arriving in 2012, instant paid-for beta access available
By Edwin Kee on 09/10/2012 04:45 PDT We first took a look at the Planetside 2 trailer in July this year, and while the release date for the game has yet to be revealed, here we are with official word that Planetside 2 will be rolling out to the masses ...


Deaf, sunburned dolphin rescued in US
New Zealand Herald
A deaf dolphin found stranded in March off the Louisiana coast is being taken to live among other dolphins at a facility in Mississippi. Suzanne Smith is the rescue coordinator at the Audubon Nature Institute. She says the 2 -year-old dolphin will be ...

Amazon's New Kindle Could be Google's Biggest Threat
In a slightly shocking move, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has decided to outfit its new line of Kindle Fire products with Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Bing search engine. Although Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) was previously thought to be the frontrunner in this ...

Samsung admits Apple's multitouch software is better than Android's
By Carly Page KOREAN PHONE GIANT Samsung has admitted that Apple's multitouch software is much better than Google's, in a bid to avoid a sales ban in the Netherlands. In the latest patent squabble between the two companies, Apple is claiming that ...


Taliban pose as 'attractive women' on Facebook for spying
Melbourne: Taliban insurgents are posing as "attractive women" on Facebook to befriend coalition soldiers for gathering sensitive intelligence about operations in Afghanistan, an Australian government report has warned. The dangers of social media have ...


Nokia Again Apologizes Over Ads for Phone
Wall Street Journal
By JOHN D. STOLL And SVEN GRUNDBERG Nokia Corp. expanded its apology for using misleading marketing materials for a new line of phones. The company last week acknowledged that it didn't use the PureView camera of its forthcoming Lumia 920 to shoot a ...

Google Aurora hackers AT LARGE, launch 0-day bazookas
By John Leyden • Get more from this author Security researchers have traced a continuing run of zero-day attacks to the hackers who infamously hit Google and other hi-tech firms three years ago. Symantec has kept close tabs on the hackers behind the ...

Space Shuttle Endeavour's Farewell Tour To Begin Sept. 17
Image Caption: Endeavour lands after STS-127 at the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility. Credit: NASA/Kevin O'Connell Space Shuttle Endeavour will be given one final tour across the US as it travels from Florida to the California Science ...


Landmark Higgs boson announcement clears key hurdle
PARIS — The announcement two months ago that physicists have discovered a particle consistent with the famous Higgs boson cleared a formal hurdle on Monday with publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Two laboratories working at the European ...


SAP Unveils HANA-powered Performance Management Apps in the Cloud
By Chris Kanaracus, IDG News SAP on Monday is set to unveil a line of cloud-based EPM (enterprise performance management) applications that run on top of its HANA in-memory database platform. EPM software is a subset of the broader BI (business ...

Aston Martin Puts Upcoming Vanquish Model In Motion (Video)
By BallerStatus Staff ⋅ Published 09/10/12 British carmaker Aston Martin is gearing up for the release of their upcoming Vanquish model, which they call "A new breed of Super Grand Tourer." Here's the first official video footage of the stunning ...

Buried Antarctic Lake Target of British Expedition
Christian Post
All of God's children have faith. The question is are we willing to do what He ... By Myles Collier , Christian Post Contributor British researchers are preparing to embark on an expedition to a remote location of Antarctica in order take samples from ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets a price and UK release date
By Carly Page THE HONKING BIG Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone has had its price and UK release date revealed, following its unveiling at IFA last month. UK SIM free retailer Clove.co.uk has revealed that the 16GB Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will fetch £546.

The Lighter Future of Electric Cars
EV World
If you believe Bob Lutz, one of the auto industry's best-known executives, come midcentury we'll all be driving around in lightweight electric cars that can go hundreds of miles between charges. Electric-car technology is improving rapidly, he said, ...

EV World

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Can Earn More from Mobile Ad revenues
The Markets Are Open (blog)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has not been able to do anything so far about monetising its mobile subscriber base, the major reason why it is seeing slowing revenue growth. But all that may be about to change, according to Motley Fool.

Quanta leaps out in front with Centerton Atom microserver
By Timothy Prickett Morgan • Get more from this author Quanta QCT is revving up an Atom-based microserver using the future "Centerton" processor from Intel at this week's Intel Developer Forum, and the company hopes it can get some interest in the ...

Hidden message in Apple's Yerba Buena signage?
Comix 411
With a burst of imagination and a little deciphering, a MacRumors forum member uncovered that the Yerba Buena Gardens decor, being prepared for the big iPhone 5 reveal, are stretched out iOS app icons. Apple enthusiasts are theorizing that this is a...

Comix 411

Oracle is Right in Resuming Porting HP's Itanium
CIO India
Oracle did the right thing this week when it pledged to resume porting its software to Hewlett-Packard's Itanium-based servers, but it should never have pulled that support from a critical platform as it did in March 2011, according to users and ...

Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Dual-core Processor 1.5GHz; 8.9-inch display)
Amazon sold millions of Kindle Fires, but a year from its original launch, the tablet needed an upgrade to fend off newer competitors such as Google's Nexus 7. Last week, Amazon launched three new models, including a slightly larger 8.9-inch variant...


Microsoft's 'Bing it on' challenge beats Google's results 2:1
ZDNet (blog)
So a side by side comparison of Bing to Google gives Microsoft extra insight into what results searchers prefer when offered two sets of results. Side by side ... Amazon search, brings results based on user recommendations and preferences. Both could ...

Amazon and Apple's Giant Markups on Flash Storage
New York Times (blog)
Amazon and Apple's Giant Markups on Flash Storage. By BRIAN X. CHEN. Apart from the look and feel of their products, there's a key difference between Amazon's new tablets and Apple's iPads: the amount of money each company charges for storage.

Google Struggles to Unseat Amazon as the Web's Most Popular Mall
New York Times
Trying to stave off the competition from Amazon, Google has recently changed Google Shopping to require e-commerce companies to pay to be included in shopping results, so product listings are now ads. Inclusion used to be free. Google says the change ...

Microsoft to 'comply immediately' with browser complaints, says EU antitrust chief
Google has decided to move forward on a "Modern" Chrome app even with Microsoft's restrictions, perhaps thinking that regulators would eventually step in and force Microsoft's hand. Almunia's office has declined to identify the source of the complaints ...

What a sight: Google Glasses adorn models at NY fashion event
Google's smart eyeware was seen on the faces of several models at a Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) event yesterday that kicked off New York Fashion Week. The show marked a collaboration betweenGoogle and von Furstenberg that teamed up technology ...

Amazon Expanding In-App Purchases to Include the Sale and Delivery of ...
All Things Digital
By enabling developers to sell physical goods inside of games, it will not only open up a new way for them to monetize their applications, but it will also be a key point of differentiation for Amazon in going up against Apple and Google, which don't ...

All Things Digital

Court hands Amazon major e-book victory
In contrast to Amazon's pricing structure, the agency model allowed for publishers to set the prices and split the proceeds with the retailer, while Apple received a 30 percent commission on each sale. But the DOJ sued Apple and the five publishers in...


Big Week for Gadgets Ahead of New Apple iPhone(2)
Wireless Week
NEW YORK (AP) — It was a big week for gadget announcements as Amazon, Nokia and Motorola all tried to generate interest in their products before Apple's expected announcement of a new iPhone next Wednesday. Amazon ... Nokia and Microsoft, in ...

Google Fiber offers neighborhoods a second chance to qualify for service
Kansas City Star
As the Google Fiber project wrapped up its first rally to register neighborhoods for its ultra-fast Internet service by midnight Sunday, the company said it will give those neighborhoods that fell short of its goals a second chance to qualify. Google ...

Kansas City Star

Congratulations, Kansas City! - Google Fiber Blog
By G
On July 26, we kicked off a six-week rally to find out where you wanted us to build Google Fiber. Since then, we've been amazed and humbled by your excitement and commitment to the future of the Internet. Three fiberhoods reached their ...

Apple Gets Ready for iPhone 5 - John Paczkowski - Mobile ...
By John Paczkowski
One developing theory to come from their work: The vertical bands of color on the banner are actually stretched iPhone icons that suggest the device Apple plans to introduce will be a taller, stretched version of its predecessor. ... Add yours. Microsoft Will Recomply With EU Antitrust Mandate on Browser Ballot ... Google Glass Makes Surprise Appearance at New York Fashion Week ... Making Money While Keeping Prices Low: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Explains It All (Mostly) ...

Google Glass makes catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week ...
By Mat Smith
Google Glass' early luxury brand pricing appears to have put it in good stead, with the elite at New York's Fashion Week getting an early close-up look. ... 3 days ago. Amazon announces $499 Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, $50 a year for 250MB monthly. 3 days ago. Amazon announces Whispersync for Voice and ... Microsoft LifeCam Show and LifeCam VX-5500 make the scene. 16 comments. In the year 2007 · Apple iPhone hits the one million mark. 40 comments. Trending posts from ...

Amazon Doesn't Want To Be More Like Apple, It Wants To Be More ...
By Romain Dillet
Yet, contrarily to what many have said, Amazon is not trying to be yet another Apple wannabe. The Kindle announcements were not a signal to Apple. In reality, Amazon is trying ... But Amazon's lock-in is very different from Apple's or Google's.

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