19 September 2012

Malware 'was not from factories'

Malware 'was not from factories'
BBC News
Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit has said that malware was not being installed in factories, contrary to earlier media reports. Several outlets, including the BBC, reported that harmful software was being pre-installed on PCs at the manufacturing stage.

BBC News

Space shuttle Endeavour heads west on new mission as museum piece, leaves NASA ...
Washington Post
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Space shuttle Endeavour embarked on its new life as a museum piece Wednesday, leaving behind its NASA home and heading west on the last ferry flight of its kind. Bolted to the top of a jumbo jet, NASA's youngest shuttle departed ...

Apple's iPhone 5 launch weekend: 8 million units or bust?
Summary: The reviews for Apple's iPhone 5 are glowing and now it's time for those launch weekend guesstimates. Anywhere from 6 million to 10 million units will move between Friday's launch and Monday, one analyst says. By Larry Dignan | September 19, ...


Virgin Mobile accounts vulnerable to attacks
Fox News
"If you are one of the six million Virgin subscribers, you are at the whim of anyone who doesn't like you." That's according to independent developer Kevin Burke, who warned Virgin Mobile USA customers about a glaring security hole in the phone ...

Rackspace Hands Over Keys To Open Source Cloud
By Klint Finley When Rackspace and NASA started OpenStack — a collection of open source tools for building Amazon-style clouds in any data center — Rackspace shouldered the responsibility for organizing the community. But as that community grew, ...


Northeast ocean temperatures reach record high
Wall Street Journal
AP The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday that the average sea surface temperature for the Northeast continental shelf ecosystem, from North Carolina to Maine, was a little over 50.5 degrees for the first half of 2012.

Apple wants $3B in damages from Samsung, says report
The iPhone maker is looking to triple the $1 billion in damages awarded to it in the recent patent infringement case against Samsung, says the Korea Times. by Lance Whitney Apple will reportedly request $3 billion in damages from Samsung for patent ...

Gigantic Roman bathtime-fun mosaic found under Turkish field
By Brid-Aine Parnell • Get more from this author Bone-bothering boffins have uncovered a massive Roman mosaic in southern Turkey, proving that the ancient Empire's influence reached far into the area. The humungous mosaic, uncovered by a farmer in his ...

Google Updates Android Maps App as Apple Moves On
New York Times (blog)
By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER Google plans to add new features to its Google Maps app for Android phones on Wednesday. Conveniently, it is the same day that Apple's latest mobile operating system is due to be released, the one that kicks Google's maps off the ...

New York Times (blog)

The verdict on the Apple iPhone 5
Fox News
It doesn't go on sale until Friday but it already has a new nickname and more than 2 million committed users. The iPhone 5, comically dubbed The Longphone, is the revamped Apple smartphone users have longed for since the iPhone 4 started to show its ...

Heroku Heats Up Its Java Service
By Klint Finley Heroku is what's known a platform cloud, and some people see platform clouds as little more than online service where developers tinker with software code. But Salesforce.com — the company than now runs Heroku — hopes to change that ...


New PlayStation 3 console slims down for the holidays
By PCWorld Staff Sony is releasing a slimmer, smaller, and lighter PlayStation 3 console in time for the holidays featuring either 250GB or 500GB of hard disk drive storage, a boost from the current 160GB and 320GB models. The new PS3 console will be ...

Vimeo debuts paywall options & 'tip jar' to reward video creators
Popular video-sharing service Vimeo has introduced new ways to reward the creators of videos posted on the site, with the ability to put videos behind a paywall and a new “tip jar” so people can contribute to video artists. Vimeo has made a lot of big ...


Report: Microsoft Surface Tablet Costs at Least $300 to Make
Tom's Hardware Guide
If Digitimes' information is correct, it is rather unlikely that Microsoft will be selling its highly anticipated Surface tablet for less than $200. The Surface RT hardware is estimated to cost somewhere between $300 and $400. The sources suggest that ...

Dar Al Gani 1058 moon rock heads to auction
The chances of you having ever heard of the Dar al Gani 1058 moon rock, which is a lunar meteorite, is slim. However, this moon rock is notable because it's the largest ever put up for auction. Auction house Heritage Auctions believes that the chunk of ...


Elop running out of time to turn Nokia around
* Flagship launch problems build pressure on Elop * Holiday phone sales crucial for success * Market dominated by Apple and Samsung By Tarmo Virki and Harro Ten Wolde HELSINKI/FRANKFURT, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Stephen Elop only has a few months to show he ...

eBay sellers: iPhone 5 is yours for a mere $1600
People are selling the iPhone 5 at a premium on eBay in yet another sign that demand for the smartphone is high. by Greg Sandoval Those trying to cash in on the iPhone 5 craze have taken to eBay to sell off iPhone 5 devices even before they've gone on ...

NASA Actually Working on Faster-than-Light Warp Drive
By Matt Peckham | @mattpeckham | September 19, 2012 | + You know that scene in the film Contact where the “Machine” is spooling up, its three spinning rings kicking out crazy light and an electromagnetic field powerful enough to pitch nearby Navy ...


Americans reportedly spent $6B on broken iPhones
by Kelly Hodgkins Sep 19th 2012 at 9:00AM Warranty provider SquareTrade queried 2000 iPhone owners and discovered that they have dumped an estimated US$5.9 billion into repairing their iPhones over the past five years. This price includes repair costs, ...

A New Fitness Tool and Easy Citations for Students
Fox Business
By Ann Hynek The makers of the Fitbit Ultra have two new ways to help you keep your fitness goals on track. A new offer for Time Warner Cable Internet customers means free TV. This big toy store has a great deal for kids who love to listen to music ...

Germany urges public to stop using Internet Explorer
By Harro Ten Wolde and Jim Finkle | FRANKFURT/BOSTON (Reuters) - The German government urged the public on Tuesday to temporarily stop using Microsoft Corp's Internet Explorer following discovery of a yet-to-be repaired bug in the Web browser that the ...

Kindle Fire 2 HD review: With (AAPL) Apple's iPad on top of market, can the ...
Even as Google's new Nexus 7 challenges the Kindle Fire for dominance in the small-tablet category, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Thursday introduced a new, 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. Copyright 2012 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved.


Teens learn the real distractions of texting while driving
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - Students at West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School got a real taste of what it is like to text while driving. It wasn't on the open road, it was in the safety of their school. Students were able to get behind the wheel of a ...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 5 Sales to Soar Through March Q: Barclays
By Jacob Wolinsky Apple Inc. rolled out the iPhone 5 last week, and despite some initial hesitation, it seems the sell side really likes the phone. Analysts think the phone will give a big boost to Apple's earnings, along with many other suppliers.


More images of HTC 8X leaked again ahead of press event, shows Kid's Corner ...
Following yesterday's image leak of an actual HTC 8X device, today more images of the device has leaked to the internet, just a few hours ahead of the HTC press event scheduled to begin at 11am EST. The images came from PhoneArena again, and appears to ...

Quantum teleportation tipped for Nobel Prize: Thomson Reuters
By Chris Wickham | LONDON (Reuters) - Researchers who wrote the rule book for quantum teleportation, described as "spooky" by an exasperated Einstein, are among the 2012 Thomson Reuters tips to win Nobel prizes for science. Nobel prediction expert David ...

ZTE Hoping to Launch Mozilla Phone Early 2013
Rumors have been circulating about the imminent arrival of a Mozilla phone for some time. Now the Wall Street Journal and Reuters are reporting that ZTE is planning to launch a Mozilla-powered phone in the first quarter of 2013.

Astronaut Sunita Williams completes triathlon in space for kicks
Way to make us feel like lazy wastes of boring old Earth space, Sunita Williams. The US astronaut and commander of the International Space Station just finished a triathlon in space. The overachieving space dweller completed it as people took part in ...

Talk Like a Pirate Day: The 5 best buccaneers to mimic
ChicagoNow (blog)
By Joe Grace, today at 7:46 am After a long year's wait, International Talk Like a Pirate Day once again is here. And while – since I just finally watched The Dark Knight Rises last night – I'd probably prefer International Talk Like Bane Day, ...

ChicagoNow (blog)

Asus Transformer Pad 3G tablet debuts for Rs 43999
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Asus has announced the launch of Transformer Pad TF300TG tablet in India. Transformer Pad TF300TG is powered by quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 4-Plus-1 1.2GHz processor. The 3G tablet comes with a 10-inch 1280x800 IPS display, 1GB RAM and 32GB of ...

Krispy Kreme Celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day
WINSTON SALEM, NC - If you like doughnuts and can talk like a pirate Krispy Kreme has a sweet surprise in store for you. (more) WINSTON SALEM, NC - If you like doughnuts and can talk like a pirate Krispy Kreme has a sweet surprise in store for you.

Research In Motion lures app makers with Marmalade software
Economic Times
Research In Motion Ltd said software development kit (SDK) maker Marmalade will offer licenses to mobile applications developers. Research In Motion Ltd said software development kit (SDK) maker Marmalade will offer licenses to mobile applications ...

Light-Sensing Chip Captures Elusive Sperm Swimming Pattern
Scientific American
By Helen Shen A scanning electron micrograph of sperm on Earth. Sperm movements are notoriously hard to catch on camera. Image: University of Utah Andrology Microscopy Lab Showcasing more than fifty of the most provocative, original, and significant ...

Scientific American

Twitter tweaks profile pages for business customers
How will microblogging service Twitter make money? Co-founder Jack Dorsey says advertising is the way forward. Its new profile page headers boost curb appeal. by Andrew Nusca commentary Advertisers are an amusingly needy bunch. They want your attention ...

Google+ hits milestone -- 100M active monthly users
By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld - Answering critics who said Google+ was among the walking dead, Google this week announced that it has some 100 million active users among the 400 million that have signed up for the social network that turned a year-old ...

Intel 'Clover Trail' Atom Chips to Support Android, Linux
The chip maker angered the open-source community by saying that Clover Trail would not support Android or Linux, but Intel now says that support will come after Windows 8. Intel's upcoming low-power “Clover Trail” Atom chip platform will support Linux ...

Curiosity Spacecraft: Images of NASA's Rover on Mars
By Nathan Eddy on 2012-09-18 While NASA's Curiosity rover has certainly been beaming back some incredible photos of the Martian landscape, the spacecraft itself is an amazing sight to behold. Roughly the size of a small car, the craft has the ability ...


SkyDrive files get redundant protection from your stupid self
By Tim Conneally Microsoft on Tuesday announced it has added recycle bin functionality to its SkyDrive cloud storage and collaboration suite, adding yet another layer of redundancy to the service to make sure the unthinkable doesn't happen and you ...


Apple's EarPods built for durability, but audio quality is questionable
Ars Technica
by Jacqui Cheng - Sep 18, 2012 7:35 pm UTC The teardown experts at iFixit have given Apple's new $29 EarPods the typical autopsy treatment, declaring that "Apple had durability in mind" when designing the new headset. While the actual quality of the ...

Ars Technica

Baxter may not be Rosie the Robot, but he's getting close
By Barb Darrow Baxter the robot may not iron your clothes but he very well might assemble your furniture or pack the boxes it comes in. The brainchild of Rethink Robotics' founder Rodney Brooks, Baxter is really making some waves in the industrial...


Wi-Fi Alliance unveils Miracast certification to ease multimedia streaming
September 19, 2012, 3:08 AM — The Wi-Fi Alliance has launched a certification program for its Miracast video transmission specification, offering a seal of approval that should ensure many different phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other products can ...

Highest Ever Prices at Pump for September: When's the Gas-Price Plunge Coming?
By Brad Tuttle | @bradrtuttle | September 18, 2012 | + Gas prices rarely rise after Labor Day. But they did this year, hitting a national average of $3.88 recently. That's the highest ever average price for a gallon of regular in September, ...


Microsoft's Surface challenge: Proving it's a premium product worth a premium ...
ZDNet (blog)
I think those who are predicting Microsoft's coming Surface PC/tablet hybrids will fail if they don't beat the iPad on price are wrong. I think the Microsoft Surface will fail if Microsoft fails to prove the devices are premium products worth premium ...

Apple Ebooks Settlement Offer
Los Angeles Times
Apple Inc., the world's biggest technology company, and four publishers offered to overhaul pricing models for digital books to allay European Union concerns that they blocked competition. The publishers won't limit retailers' discounts for two years ...

Facebook, Google, Amazon join forces in DC lobby
Washington Post (blog)
Absent from the roster are Microsoft and Apple — rivals to Google, in particular, in mobile software and advertising. The trade association, the first for the Web industry, was created in response to last year's successful fight against anti-piracy ...

Magid on Tech: Amazon's Kindle Fire HD doesn't disappoint
San Jose Mercury News
As with the previous Kindle Fire, the HD is all about the consumption of media that you get fromAmazon. While its operating system is based on Google's Android, it's been customized byAmazon not only with a different user interface but to run ...

Microsoft raises Office 2013 prices to push new Office 365 sub plans
Computerworld - Microsoft this week raised prices of its Office suite by as much as 17% and eliminated multi-license packs, all part of a plan to push consumers and small businesses toward new subscription programs, analysts said. On Monday, Microsoft ...

China's ZTE: Apple losing edge with slow pace of iPhone releases
But in this year's fourth quarter, the Chinese handset maker plans on launching a handset running the Mozilla-developed Firefox OS, in order to reduce its reliance on Google's mobile operating system. The patent battles with Apple and Android handset ...

Google Spans Entire Planet With GPS-Powered Database
Three years ago, a top Google engineer named Vijay Gill was asked what he would do if someone gave him a magic wand. At the time, Gill helped run the massive network of data centers that underpins Google's online empire, and he was sitting on stage at ...

Apple's iPhone 5: Review Roundup
Washington Post (blog)
Citing a lack of information on public transit routes and an overall “emptier” map that doesn't haveGoogle's Street View feature, Mossberg said that overall, Apple's map program is a “step backward” from Google's. He still recommends the product and ...

Google Finally Starts Highlighting Its Indoor Imagery On Google ...
By Frederic Lardinois
Google officially launched its Google Business Photos (a.k.a. Indoor Streetview) initiative in April 2010, but this indoor imagery was often hard to find and only appeared on Google+ Local and in theGoogle Search sidebar. On Google Maps ...

Apple's iPhone 5: The reviews - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
They're in, and there is surprising unanimity across the board The Joy of Tech FORTUNE -- Apple(AAPL), as usual, chose carefully whom to seed with pre-release review copies of the new iPhone: The biggest. ... "Devices running iOS 6 will thus have Apple's new Maps app, which isn't as good as its Google-based predecessor. The new app is functional and includes transit stops, but these ....Today in Tech: Microsoft hires TV exec to boost original content. Current Issue. Is it still OK to ...
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

Apple's EarPods get the iFixit teardown treatment, found to basically ...
By Joe Pollicino
As we briefly mentioned in our EarPods review, iFixit was able to teardown Apple's latest generation of earbuds, which are currently shipping with the. ... Apple's EarPods get a the iFixit teardown treatment, found to be headphones ...

ITC Gives Google a Second Shot at Apple With Motorola Patents ...
By John Paczkowski
The ITC voted Tuesday to investigate a patent-infringement complaint brought against Apple byGoogle. ... Microsoft's Promise Doesn't Derail Second EU Browser Complaint. September 18, 2012 at 1:20 pm PT. Yahoo Returning $3.65 Billion ...

New Amazon Maps API Challenges Google | Webmonkey | Wired.com
By Scott Gilbertson
Like Apple's iOS 6, Foursquare and other high-profile Google Maps defectors, the Amazon Maps API seems to exist primarily as an option for those who'd like to avoid the Google Maps API. Amazon'sannouncement touts the API's “simple ...
Wired: Compiler

Microsoft To Launch Windows 8 On October 25
CBS 11
NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) - Microsoft sent out a “save the date” to members of the press on Monday for an event planned for October 25 in New York City. “You're invited to celebrate Windows 8,” in the invite reads. Featuring a more tablet-friendly design, ...

Document Management Roll-up: Microsoft Unveils Office Subscription Prices ...
By David Roe (@druadh20) Sep 18, 2012 This week, two months after unveiling the Preview of Office 2013, Microsoft has finally announced how much it will cost, KnowledgeTree takes a look at email as a collaboration tool, Alfresco releases a new syncing ...

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