11 September 2012

iPhone 5 Preview and YouTube's new app for iPhone and iPad

Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Preview!
The Portland Mercury (blog)
I've watched every iPhone announcement to date, so I think I've got a pretty good handle on them. I'm going to save you time now by running through the iPhone 5 announcement coming up on September 12th as if I'd already seen it, because I pretty much ...

The Portland Mercury (blog) 

YouTube offers new app for iPhone and iPad
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - YouTube is being reprogrammed for the iPhone and iPad amid the latest fallout from the growing hostility between Google and Apple. The changes are being made because Google and Apple didn't renew a five-year licensing agreement ...

What we expect from Apple's iPhone 5 event on Wednesday
Based on the most reliable reports, this tablet should be close to eight inches diagonally (rather than the current model's 9.7 inches), offer a plain (non-Retina) display, and be priced in the $250 range (to compete with Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's ... 

Intergalactic A to Z: Volunteers find galaxies shaped like alphabet
Fox News
Our cosmos is a veritable alphabet soup, featuring galaxies that resemble every letter from A to Z, volunteers participating in the online Galaxy Zoo project have found. Since 2007, Galaxy Zoo has been asking regular folks around the world to classify ...

New York Times (blog)
By NICK WINGFIELD T-Mobile USA is the one major carrier in the United States that has not had a deal with Apple to sell iPhones to its customers. That will not change when Apple introduces a new iPhone this week. But T-Mobile is still aiming to take ...

Apple, iOS 6 & Mobile Payments - One More Thing for the iPhone 5?
A few weeks ago I talked about mobile payments and shared my view that Apple (AAPL) will likely not offer its own near-field communication (NFC) mobile payment solution when it unveils the iPhone 5 later this week. There are simply too many players ...


iPad Mini pictures leak
The alleged pictures are from the same French blog that brought allegedly leaked photos of the next iPhone. by Roger Cheng Alleged photos of Apple's iPad Mini emerged today, courtesy of French Web site Nowhereelse.fr. The photos show the iPad Mini, ...

Google adds The Pirate Bay to search blacklist
By Dave Neal INTERNET SEARCH LEADER Google will not suggest that visitors head to The Pirate Bay and has removed the website's name from its autocomplete suggestions. The removal was first noticed by Torrentfreak, and there we learn that the full range ...

Apple ID code leak 'sourced to US firm BlueToad'
BBC News
A digital publishing firm has said it believed it was the source of Apple device ID codes posted to the internet. Hackers who identified themselves as being part of the Antisec movement published more than one million unique device identifiers (UDID) ...

BBC News

Robot 'pack mule' follows soldiers' orders
TG Daily
DARPA's been showing off two robotic 'pack mule' prototypes developed as part of its Legged Squad Support System (LS3) program. Since its first outdoor test earlier this year, the design has been steadily improved, to the point that two functioning ...

TG Daily

Arctic Sea Ice Vanishes — and the Oil Rigs Move In
As Arctic sea ice melts to its lowest level on record, oil companies move in to begin drilling the far north. By Bryan Walsh | @bryanrwalsh | September 11, 2012 | + This visualization shows the extent of Arctic sea ice on Aug.


The Cries of Pandora: Would Apple Buy It? (Probably Not)
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By David Benoit The tech giant is only looking at creating its own online music radio, but Pandora shareholders have responded, following the WSJ report, by sending the stock down 22% in two sessions. Pandora analysts have largely stuck by the company, ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Wi-fi the new kick at Gillette
Boston Herald
By Marie Szaniszlo The Andover company tapped by the New England Patriots [team stats] to deliver Wi-Fi throughout Gillette Stadium starting with Sunday's home opener did the same for a stadium in Poland and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Everything Everywhere to deliver 4G in 16 UK cities by Christmas
Summary: British customers will get 4G LTE services for the first time, as Everything Everywhere turns on its next-generation mobile network and promises 98 percent coverage within two years. By Karen Friar | September 11, 2012 -- 10:06 GMT (03:06 PDT) ...


Pentax launches Q10 interchangeble lens camera, K-5 II and K-5 IIs flagship DSLRs
By Steve Dent posted Sep 11th 2012 8:40AM It's not every day that a camera company launches two major models the same day, but Pentax has done just that with the Q10 mirrorless interchangeable and the K-5 II / IIs cameras. The Q10 joins its equally ...

Alaska sea otters: Cute, cuddly climate change combatants?
Alaska Dispatch
A new study conducted by California, Washington and Alaska researchers finds that the Alaska sea otter -- perhaps best known for its soft fur and ridiculous cuteness -- may have surprising implications for global climate change.

NASA prepares Endeavour for big move
WKMG Orlando
Endeavour will be mounted on top of the jumbo jet as it prepares to leave KSC early next week. The shuttle will piggy-back on the jet that will carry the orbiter to Los Angeles. On the way to California, Endeavour will stop near the Johnson Space ...

Motorola's big gambit is extra large batteries … and it might just work
Having ragged on Motorola so much over the past few days, I felt compelled to take a step back and look for the good in the announcements from last week. Being so critical of everything all the time, most people believe I'm just a hater of all things.

EarthLink inks deal with Clearwire to use its 4G WiMAX network
By Jamie Rigg posted Sep 11th 2012 8:17AM EarthLink has been laying low since its Philly-wide WiFi project failed all those years ago, but now it's back in the limelight with Clearwire's 4G network under-arm. The companies have struck a deal for ...

Bring back dodo and dinosaur if you think all species have equal right to ...
The idea that all species have an equal right to exist makes as much sense as believing we should bring back dinosaurs and dodos, a scientist has suggested. A report on the 100 most critically endangered species in the world has been published by the ...


Caribbean coral reefs on verge of collapse
AMERICAblog (blog)
By Chris in Paris on 9/11/2012 12:30:00 AM This is definitely not good news. It's bad news for the environment and it's bad news for everyone who depends on the reefs for business. The culprit? It's the usual problem of over fishing, pollution and ...

EA Wanted to Buy Valve
Action Trip
NY Times reports that "Valve has been pursued over the years by Electronic Arts, which would very likely have valued Valve at well over $1 billion had the talks progressed that far," with the publication claiming that info came from "two people with ...

Apple's Jony Ive buys $17M Dream Home on San Francisco's 'Gold Coast'
Apple's Senior Vice President of Design, Sir Jonathan Ive, has just purchased a 7274-square-foot dream home on San Francisco's “Gold Coast”. He paid $17 million for the home on 2808 Broadway Street that is said to be located on “one of the city's most ...


Nielsen: Majority Of Mobile U.S. Teens Now Own Smartphones
Nielsen announced in May that more than half of US mobile owners now owned smartphones. Today that metric has grown again, going from 50.4% to 55.5%. But the more interesting figure in the firm's release of July 2012 data is not this incremental ..

Google Fiber confirms 180 'fiberhoods' are eligible for connection in Kansas
Google Fiber, the project to build an experimental 1Gbps fibre-optic broadband network in Kansas City, has confirmed that at least 180 of 202 would-be 'fiberhoods' in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri have qualified to receive connectivity ...

Trucking group want brakes put on new highway
A trucking group is protesting the Texas Transportation Committee's decision to set the speed limit on State Highway 130 at an unprecedented 85 mph. An Arlington-based trucking group is protesting the Texas Transportation Committee's decision to set ...

AT&T Expands 4G LTE in Northern NJ
NY Convergence
Northern New Jersey AT&T users got a boost recently. The telecom announced that it expanded its 4G LTE network. The 4G network is up to 10 times faster than 3G. Coverage includes parts of Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Union and Middlesex Counties ...

Sprint 4G LTE Available in More Than 100 Additional Cities in the Coming Months
OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep. 10, 2012-- Continuing its aggressive momentum in delivering a top-tier network experience for customers, Sprint (NYSE:S) announced today that the 4G LTE network build is under way in more than 100 additional ...

Did Higgs yield the most authors in a science study?
Two research papers on the hunt for the "God particle" pass muster with peers and yield an authors' list of Biblical proportions. by Tim Hornyak A view inside the ATLAS detector, part of the Large Hadron Collider. Scientists who announced two months ...

Steam's Big Picture aims to revitalize computer gaming on TV
One of the biggest players in gaming wants you to play computer video games on the boob tube. by Christopher MacManus Valve delivers a refined option for enjoying computer games on a TV through its Steam platform. Move over, Sony, Microsoft, ...

Leaked Pics Tip 8-Pin Dock Connector for iPhone 5
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot In two days, the bevy of next-generation iPhone rumors will be put to rest when Apple unveils its next-gen smartphone. But for now, speculation continues, with the newest image leak showing the device's final cable - with the rumored, ...

Rare spider halts multi-million dollar highway project
SAN ANTONIO -- A road project along Highway 151 at Loop 1604 was progressing on time, then along came a spider and shut the project down. A 15 millIon dollar road expansion plan to construct an underpass has been halted, indefinitely, as researching ...

When Heat Kills: Global Warming As Public Health Threat
A man stands in a fountain in Washington Square Park on July 18, in New York City. Temperatures were expected in the upper 90's during another heat wave in the city. (Getty Images) The current poster child for global warming is a polar bear, ...

It's official: AT&T will offer the LG Escape on Sept. 16
Wireless Week
By CNET Monday, September 10, 2012 Amid brief speculation this morning, AT&T announced that it will indeed carry the entry-level Android 4.0 smartphone known as the LG Escape. The Escape houses a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, a 4.3-inch qHD IPS touch-screen ...

The Shift: as tablets surge, PCs lose
By Om Malik Last week when Intel announced that it was going to miss its financial targets for rest of the year, it was another testament to the shift of computing from PCs to tablets. New research from JP Morgan only reaffirms the shift to tablets.


Researchers develop all-optical photonic nanowire switch
The Engineer
All-optical photonic switches made from cadmium sulphide nanowires have been combined to form a logic gate, an advance that could lead to the development of consumer photonics. The research was conducted by associate professor Ritesh Agarwal and ...

Stop Zombie Mouth!
Escapist Magazine
The American Dental Association is teaming up with PopCap Games to promote a healthy Halloween without all the sucktastic fruit. Every neighborhood has it: the house that hands out apples and toothbrushes on Halloween. And we know what happens next, ...

FCC planning to auction off additional UHF spectrum to mobile carriers
Android Authority
by J. Angelo Racoma on Sep 10, 2012 with 0 Comments Mobile broadband is on the rise, but with carriers trying to offer better and faster services, there is a resource that might go scarce soon: radio spectrum allocation. Most technologies today can ...

Android Authority

Crews begin tearing down Daytona Beach's Space Needle
Central Florida News 13
The fate of the Daytona Beach Space Needle was sealed Saturday after a piece of it fell off. By Natalie Tolomeo, Reporter The historic Space Needle in Daytona Beach is slowly starting to come down. Daytona Beach city officials said demolition crews ...

Central Florida News 13

Madison County is singled out: Sixth worst lawsuit climate in the country
Belleville News Democrat
By ELIZABETH DONALD — News-Democrat A national survey of corporate attorneys and executives has ranked Madison County as the sixth most "unfair" county for lawsuits in the country. The survey conducted by the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform ...

Belleville News Democrat

Speeders beware: Cameras coming to I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Smile, you've been caught speeding. That's if you're caught by the automatic speed-enforcement cameras the state Department of Transporation is placing in a construction zone on Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass. WSDOT is trying to get drivers to slow ...

Watch out Amazon, Apple: Toys R Us jumps into tablet market
Network World
By Brandon Butler, Network World Amazon has its new Kindles. Rumors have it that Apple may have a new iPad Mini. And now Toys R Us is getting into the tablet game, too. The company today released Tabeo, a 7-inch multi-touch screen 4GB, Wi-Fi-enabled ...

2.5-inch WD hybrid HDDs go slim enough to fit in the thinnest laptops
By News Editor - The rise of super slim notebooks have pushed manufacturers to do better in delivering compact storage options and the outcome from one particular company WD, is a hybrid HDD which aims to get integrated in thin laptops currently ...


Piece of New Mexico rock and a 1909 penny being used to calibrate instruments
Daily Mail
By Mark Prigg Nasa has revealed new pictures of Curiosity 'looking back' at one of its cameras on the martian surface. It comes as they confirmed the rover has now tested its robotic arm successfully, using a 1909 penny and a piece of rock from New ...

Daily Mail

Nielsen shows how people use TV differently
Long Island Press
By AP on September 11th, 2012 NEW YORK (AP) — The number of US homes that don't get traditional television service continues to increase, but that doesn't mean they don't have TVs. The Nielsen company said in a report issued on Tuesday that ...

Vivendi and Telecom Italia confirm Nokia Lumia 920 launches
Zacks Investment Research reports that Italian and French carriers Vivendi and Telecom Italia have both confirmed that they will be carrying the Nokia Lumia 920. Italy's largest carrier Telecom Italia SPA has confirmed they will be offering the device, ...


Cease Fire! Google Debuts YouTube App For Apple's iPhone--With Ads
When Apple removed its YouTube app from its App Store last month, a lot of folks assumed it was one more battleground in an escalating war between it and Google. That seemed like the wrong narrative at the time, and today, it appears there wasn't much ...

Microsoft Plans Windows 8 'Pop Up' Retail Stores
Apple and manufacturers who make gadgets that run Google's Android have come to dominate the segment in recent years. But it's a risky bet. With Windows 8, Microsoft is presenting a new face to the world. The operating system ditches the familiar ...

How Amazon really declared war on Apple
So while Amazon is putting itself right in line to compete with Apple, it's really being viewed by many investors as directly competing with the forthcoming Surface tablet from Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) and also Google Inc.'s (NASDAQ:GOOG) new 7 ...

Leaked Apple UDIDs were stolen from digital publishing firm
Macworld (blog)
“A little more than a week ago, BlueToad was the victim of a criminal cyber attack, which resulted in the theft of Apple UDIDs from our systems,” Paul DeHart, CEO and president of Bluetoad, said Monday in a blog post. “Shortly thereafter, an unknown ...

Microsoft to deliver Flash update to Windows 8 users 'shortly'
In light of Adobe's recently released security updates for its Flash Player, Microsoft is working closely with Adobe to release an update for Adobe Flash in IE10 to protect our mutual customers. This update will be available shortly. Ultimately, our ...

Apple's Krall, Latham, Gardere, Covington: Business of Law
Krall, 47, and her boss, General Counsel Bruce Sewell, have amassed a team of lawyers from insideApple and some of the top U.S. law firms to fight Samsung, HTC Corp. (2498) and Google'sMotorola Mobility unit over Google's Android mobile operating ...

Amazon Offers Advertising Opt-Out on Kindle Fire
Wall Street Journal
The prices are meant to differentiate Amazon in an increasingly crowded tablet market that includes a device from Google Inc. and a forthcoming tablet from Microsoft Corp. According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is also planning a smaller ...

Microsoft releases updated preview of its Windows Azure cloud backup service
Microsoft is pitching it as an alternative to on-premises backup solutions. It offers block-level incremental back ups (only changed blocks of information are backed up to reduce storage and bandwidth utilization); data compression, encryption and ...

Amazon to start collecting sales tax in California
Kansas City Star
"I get anywhere from two to four shipments a week," said Dugger, a new mom who shops Amazonexclusively for diapers, formula, sippy cups and other baby supplies. With shoppers craving overnight and even same-day delivery, Amazon plans to build a ...

Taking Stock Of Warning Flags In Tech And Apple - Forbes
As we approached yesterday's action, even those that have been bullish on the market were ...

Google Drive: Updates for iOS and Android | Official Google Blog
By noreply@blogger.com (A Googler)
Helping to make this experience as seamless as possible, Google Drive is one place where you can create, share and keep all your stuff. Drive is available on the web, as well as Mac, Windows and Android and iOS. Updates for iOS. Starting ...
Official Google Blog

That was fast: Amazon is already discounting settling publishers ...
By Laura Hazard Owen
Amazon Package photo: Flickr / William Christiansen. Just four days after a federal judge approved the Department of Justice's settlement with HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster for allegedly colluding with Apple to fix ebook prices, .... My guess going in was that if a publisher tried to bargain for this sort of program, Barnes and Noble and Kobo would probably be the only takers-Apple, Amazon, and Google want to use their cash stockpiles- and the publisher would need to ...

Google Offers Exec Eric Rosenblum Exits for Mobile Ad Start-Up ...
By Tricia Duryee
However, Google's offering is slightly different because it is designed to help Google close the loop, so that it can show how online behavior — including Web searches — is dictating offline purchasing behavior. ... Amazon Expanding In-App Purchases to Include the Sale and Delivery of Physical Goods ... Nokia and Microsoft Announce New Lumia Smartphones ... Apple-Samsung jury foreman Velvin Hogan, to Emily Chang of Bloomberg West, in an interview on Bloomberg TV ...

Google Wallet to phase out prepaid card, cut-off date set for October ...
By Sarah Silbert
Google Wallet's prepaid card concept has been plagued with its share of security concerns, and though Mountain View seems to have sorted out those. ... Amazon announces $499 Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, $50 a year for 250MB monthly. 4 days ago. Amazon announces Whispersync for Voice and Whispersync for Games, cloud syncing goes meta. 4 days ago. Amazon unveils ... Join TUAW for Apple's September 12 Event · TechCrunch · DataSift's March On Wall Street Continues ...

Google Launches Native YouTube App for iPhone - Mac Rumors
By Arnold Kim
We had previously reported that Apple will be removing the dedicated YouTube app from iOS 6 which is due to be released in the near future. At the time, Google promised that a native iOS app was in the works. YouTube had previously been ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

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