15 September 2012

iPhone 5 Costs Apple $167.50 To Make

iPhone 5 Costs Apple $167.50 To Make
By EE Times Staff The bill of materials for Apple's new iPhone 5 comes in at an estimated $167.50 for the 16-GB version, or about $35 higher than a comparable version of the iPhone 4S, according to a preliminary estimate by the teardown specialists at ...

Ears-On: Apple's New EarPods Are Worth Listening To
By Nathan Olivarez-Giles Apple's EarPod headphones sound and look fantastic, pushing the iconic white iPhone freebie forward. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired The EarPods, Apple's new headphones announced alongside the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, rectify nearly ...


senate judiciary committee
After more than 25 years since the passage of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), Sen. Patrick Leahy is hoping to get the out-of-date privacy law up to speed by introducing a new bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee today, according to ...

How to Buy a Used iPhone
PC Magazine
Not ready for an iPhone 5? Adopt an abandoned iPhone 4S at any of these eight sites. By Chandra Steele The latest isn't necessarily the greatest. The iPhone 5 is out, and while we got some hands-on time with it, there's no telling yet whether it will ...

China Unicom to have iPhone 5 by end of 2012
The carrier says that it'll have the device within the next three months, joining China Telecom, which also be carrying the handset. by Don Reisinger Apple's iPhone 5 will come to China by the end of the year, a carrier in that country has confirmed.

Newest Skype betas for Windows and Mac include Live Messenger integration
Summary: Slowly, but surely, Skype is becoming more integrated with other Microsoft properties, like Live Messenger, Hotmail, Xbox and Outlook.com. Integration between Skype and the rest of Microsoft's properties is slowly trickling down.

App Smart Extra
New York Times (blog)
By KIT EATON This week's App Smart column took you into the wonderful world of retro apps — apps that give you a bit of a blast from your past by emulating things from yesteryear. Many apps in this class try to recreate past technologies pretty closely ...

Apple's Initial iPhone 5 Supplies Sell Out in an Hour
SAN FRANCISCO--Apple Inc. (AAPL) appeared to have sold out of its initial inventory of the iPhone 5 just an hour after it began accepting preorders Friday, suggesting strong consumer interest in the new device. The Cupertino, Calif. company's website ...

Women Prefer Pinterest, Young Adults Choose Instagram [STUDY]
If you're someone who likes to post original photos and videos online, there's a name for you. You're a creator, according to research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. “Creators,” who post photos and videos online that they made, ...

Apple's iPhone 5 puts Europe in 4G slow lane
* Apple prioritises 4G in US, Asia - analyst * iPhone 5 compatible with few European 4G services * Deutsche Telekom, Everything Everywhere gain advantage * Vodafone, Telefonica without 4G on iPhone in UK, Germany By Paul Sandle and Leila Abboud ...

PSA: Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 7, new Fire and Reader now stocked
By Steve Dent posted Sep 14th 2012 9:00AM If you had your heart set on a Kindle Fire, Fire HD 7 or Reader, you can now plunk down your plastic and receive one as fast as your shipper can wheel it over. The 1280 x 800 Fire HD 7-inch model, ...

Google faces Motorola recall in latest patent victory for Apple
Munich Judge Peter Guntz said Motorola had infringed Apple's "overscroll bounce" technology, which enables users to move documents over the screen of their device and let them bounce back to the centre after releasing their fingers.


the World's Most Biologically Diverse Place
Fox News
If the Garden of Eden is real, one good place to start looking for it might be a national park in Bolivia. With 11 percent of the world's birds, more than 200 species of mammals, almost 300 types of fish, and 12000 plant varieties, the Madidi National ...

Space shuttle runway pocked with historical markers
For years, the massive runway at Kennedy Space Center was where the space shuttle fleet landed after they completed their missions into space. Black granite plaques are now present on the runway that mark the spots where the shuttles stopped on their ...


iPhone 5 shows that Apple still considers NFC as Not For Commerce
The Guardian
As Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller ran through the specifications of the new iPhone 5 on Wednesday, talking of A6 processors and IPS displays, there were three letters that some people were eagerly waiting to drop from his lips: NFC.

The Guardian

US Seeks $1B Fine On AU Optronics For LCD Price Fixing
The Justice Department has asked a federal cout to fine AU Optronics $1 billion for its role in a price-fixing case focused on LCD panels, Reuters reports, citing court documents. The government also is seeking 10 year prison terms and $1 million fines ...

Apple store robbery: Not-so-smart phone smash and grab
BBC News
A California man has pleaded not guilty to vandalism and burglary, after security cameras caught a dramatic raid on an Apple store. Police authorities say Equonne Howard, 22, crashed his car into the shop in Temecula, before stealing a number of iPads ...

BBC News

Light Show: McLaren Teases Paris Motor Show Supercar in Video
MotorTrend Magazine
The rumored McLaren F1 successor may debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month, and the British automaker wants to make sure we don't forget about it. In a new video called “McLaren vs Aerodynamics – The Next Chapter,” we're entertained with a...

MotorTrend Magazine

Secret US spy satellite launches on classified mission
Fox News
A secret US spy satellite launched into space atop a 19-story rocket Thursday (Sept. 13), ending a six-week delay for the latest clandestine space mission by the National Reconnaissance Office. An Atlas 5 rocket launched the new NROL-36 satellite and ...

Everything you need know about the Wii U
Ars Technica
by Kyle Orland - Sep 14, 2012 12:00 pm UTC From the system's first unveiling at E3 2011 to Thursday's final announcement of launch details, Nintendo has been releasing information about its next home console, the Wii U, in bits and pieces for about 15 ...

Uncover iOS 6's Hidden Walking Directions
When Apple dropped Google Maps for turn-by-turn driving directions, we thought walking and public transit directions were gone too. Thankfully, reader Ryan dropped us a line to let us know that walking directions are still available, and there's a ...

Mars 'Blueberries': Iron Baubles Spotted By NASA Opportunity Rover, Suggests ...
Huffington Post
This Aug. 9, 2011 image provided by NASA shows a view from the Mars Rover Opportunity from the Western rim of the Endeavour Crater. This crater -- with a diameter of about 14 miles -- is more than 25 times wider than any that Opportunity has previously ...

The Salton Sea Solution
Desert Independent
By Marion Ashley SALTON SEA, Calif – Foul odors emanating from the Salton Sea across the Inland Empire and Los Angeles area early this week serve as a pungent reminder of the State's dereliction of duty toward this troubled ecosystem.

Microsoft finds new computers in China preinstalled with malware
By Jeremy Kirk | IDG News Service Brand-new laptop and desktop computers sold in China contain preinstalled malicious software, which has infected millions of computers around the world, according to an investigation by Microsoft revealed on Thursday.

Intel workers have Android Jelly Bean on Atom phones
(Phys.org)—Intel watchers by now understand the quick version of Intel's to-do list: Join and grow up in smartphone market universe, fire up Ultrabooks and, by both means, show better profit outlook. Intel needs to become a more credible brand behind ...

Anonymous spokesman arrested during online chat
TG Daily
Self-styled Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown has been arrested at his apartment and taken into FBI custody. He was in the middle of an online video chat - see below - on Wednesday evening when Dallas law enforcement authorities stormed in.

TG Daily

180 Kansas City “Fiberhoods” Getting Google Fiber, Construction to Begin ...
Hot Hardware
There's never been a better time to live in the Hanover Heights area of Kansas City. That's the lucky “fiberhood” that will be the first to receive Google Fiber, which will deliver one gigabit Internet speeds. Google says that construction will begin ...

Hot Hardware

Delays In Sharp's Display Could Cause Major iPhone 5 Shortage
Hot Hardware
On the fence over whether to preorder Apple's new iPhone 5? It's a big decision, considering you're either locking yourself into a two-year service agreement or paying a hefty price for an unsubsidized model, but do yourself a favor and make it quickly ...

Hot Hardware

Dark energy: The mysterious force causing the universe to expand
The Week Magazine
Physicists believe that only 4 percent of the universe is made up of ordinary matter like stars and planets, with the remaining 96 percent composed of dark matter and dark energy. Photo: ThinkStock/Hemera SEE ALL 124 PHOTOS Physicists have long ...

LIVE from the web: asteroid to fly by Earth tonight
Current TV
This evening, an asteroid the length of three football fields will buzz by Earth at a rate of 7 miles per second. The asteroid called 2012 QG42 is about to get its close-up. A month ago, scientists weren't even aware it existed.

Surface Boils Liquid Sans Bubbles
Laboratory Equipment
Theoretical physicist Prof. Derek Chan from Swinburne Univ.'s Faculty of Life and Social Sciences and colleagues from Saudia Arabia and the USA have discovered a specially engineered surface that allows liquids to boil without bubbling.

Laboratory Equipment

Arctic sea ice melt 'may bring harsh winter to Europe'
The Guardian
The record loss of Arctic sea ice this summer may mean a cold winter for the UK and northern Europe. The region has been prone to bad winters after summers with very low sea ice, such as 2011 and 2007, said Jennifer Francis, a researcher at Rutgers ...

ALICE scientists enter primeval plasma wonderland
* First-ever lead-on-lead particle collisions at CERN * New breakthrough as Higgs findings endorsed * Post-Big Bang plasma recreated in LHC By Robert Evans GENEVA, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Scientists at CERN have smashed together various particles for the ...

Scientists identify new, owl-faced monkey species living in the DR Congo
National Post
More from AP KAMPALA — Scientists have identified a new species of monkey in central Africa known to locals simply as lesula, a medium-sized, slender animal that looks similar to an owl-faced monkey that was already known to scientists.

National Post

Computer Software Learning How to Identify Your Drawings
Tom's Hardware Guide
Software has come a long way from the idea of identifying letters and numbers that are drawn on a touchscreen, but it is helpless when confronted with sketches. Researchers from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, however have found ...

Study: Ice sheets can change quickly with climate shift
Arctic glaciers grew rapidly in response to sudden climate change 8200 years ago, a new study finds. Only on NBCNews.com Bush administration received many pre-9/11 warnings Birdwatcher, 73, says she was raped in Central Park NBC News Despite dark past, ...

Microsoft Reveal Projector Plans For Upcoming Xbox
World Internet TV on PC (blog)
Set to become the latest addition to the 'Xbox 720 feature rumours' list, Microsoft have revealed their patent plans for a 'gaming projector' designed to bring immersive virtual reality features to the surroundings of the player.

World Internet TV on PC (blog)

Apple tops JD Power rankings for tablet customer satisfaction
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff The latest JD Power and Associates survey of tablet owners found that Apple leads the market in customer satisfaction. The results of the survey, detailed on Thursday by the consumer advocacy group, gave Apple a score of 848 based ...

Apple Insider

Guatemalan eruption sparks massive evacation order
Houston Chronicle
ESCUINTLA, Guatemala (AP) — Villagers and farmers living at the foot of a Guatemalan volcano say they were awoken by a massive roar when the long-simmering Volcan del Fuego exploded with a series of eruptions that darkened the skies and covered the ...

Houston Chronicle

Nissan TeRRA SUV a fuel cell future ride
TG Daily
With the 2012 Paris Motor Show coming up at the end of September, automakers have begun to tease the new vehicles and concepts they'll be showcasing at the event. Nissan is one such company, unveiling a rather fascinating fuel cell SUV concept that ...

Why 'Fly Me to The Moon' was sung at Neil Armstrong memorial
Christian Science Monitor
Americans are bidding farewell to Neil Armstrong, the first man to take a giant leap on to the moon. The powerful of Washington, the pioneers of space, and the everyday public crowded into the Washington National Cathedral on Thursday for a public ...

Christian Science Monitor

Apple's First Ever Double-Row Genius Bar Coming Soon To New Jersey [Report]
Cult of Mac
This short move along the mall would triple the size of Apple's Garden State store. Apple is reportedly gearing up to bring the first double-row Genius Bar to its new Garden State Plaza store in New Jersey. The Cupertino company is planning to move the ...

Calif. crane operator pulls mammoth tooth
Sacramento Bee
AP SAN FRANCISCO -- A wooly mammoth tooth with its enamel still intact has been discovered during the excavation for a new transit center in downtown San Francisco. A crane operator came across the 10-inch-long brown, black and beige tooth on Monday ...

Could Russian woolly mammoth mummy lead to cloning of the ancient beast?
Alaska Dispatch
The discovery of a well-preserved mammoth in the Russian Arctic has stirred conversation about the possibility of cloning a woolly mammoth, the Pleistocene-era beast that vanished around the end of the last ice age. Russian news media reported that the ...

Urchin-Loving Otters Ward Off Global Warming
Laboratory Equipment
A new study by two UC Santa Cruz researchers suggest that a thriving sea otter population that keeps sea urchins in check will in turn allow kelp forests to prosper. The spreading kelp can absorb as much as 12 times the amount of CO 2 from the ...

Laboratory Equipment

Ducati May Squeeze Out Identical Quadruplets in 2013
by staff Ducati was cryptic when it revealed Wednesday the type of machinery Ben Spies and Andrea Iannone will ride in 2013 as members of its new "junior" team. Spies and Iannone will have a "direct link with the company" and "will be supplied with ...

The BGR Show - A look at Nokia's Lumia 920 and Motorola's new DROID RAZR phones
Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 5 surely takes top billing this week, but there are also a few other handsets slated to launch ahead of the holidays that are worth looking at. Last week both Motorola and Nokia (NOK) held events to announce new products, ...

China high-tech firms deny spying before Congress
The Seattle Times
Two major Chinese technology companies on Thursday denied allegations that some of their equipment is designed to facilitate spying, but struggled to convince U.S. lawmakers that they are independent from the dictates of Beijing's communist government.

Healthier, higher-tech cooking
"Technology will take over the kitchen," Cora says. "Even if you can't boil water, your personal avatar -- which will look like you -- will walk you through all of the steps." Restaurants will be fewer -- and splashier. Because cooking at home will be ...

Tech IPO market tries to put Facebook behind it
NBCNews.com (blog)
"In a sense, the tech IPOs are back," said Francis Gaskins, president of IPODesktop.com. Only seven tech or Internet companies have gone public since Facebook's IPO; by comparison, Gaskins said now there are 20 technology companies in the IPO pipeline.

UK looks to ease path to market for capital-hungry tech firms
LONDON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Aware that fast-growing technology companies often find it easier to raise capital in New York than London, the British government is looking again at lighter stock market listing rules or even a new market to foster growth ...

Your palm will be your next password
Passwords could become a thing of the past if technology giant Intel's new products makes its way to laptops and mobile devices, Reuters reports. The traditional security method, even when linked to different verification methods, remains an exploit ...

Apple, social shares shine on tech stocks
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Apple Inc. shares climbed to a new high on early signs of robust demand for the iPhone 5, as the tech sector also got a lift from gains in social media stocks, led by Facebook Inc. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was last trading up ...

U.S. tech education lacks spark
Boston Herald
A new poll by computer manufacturer Dell examining the impact of technology in three countries finds that the United States lags woefully behind China. Dell released the study yesterday to coincide with a Technology in the Classroom Town Hall event it ...

A Piece Of Technology That Makes Listening To Jazz Better
NPR (blog)
Maybe you remember when you first realized that the rabbit hole of jazz was far, far deeper than you'd possibly imagined. That the same tenor saxophone player on Kind of Blue also made Blue Train and Giant Steps and A Love Supreme and Interstellar ...

At Tech Conferences, All Eyes Are on the Celebrities - NYTimes.com
Eric Eldon, co-editor of TechCrunch, said that the interest in the high-profile attendees and speakers at the event, including Mr. Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, is a sign that technology is becoming more mainstream, and people want ...
NYT Bits

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