07 July 2012

DARPA Wants More Efficient Robots

DARPA Officials Aiming for More Efficient Robots
The Defense Department is looking for help in creating robots that have are up to 2000 more efficient than the ones being developed now. The Department of Defense is asking for help in building more energy-efficient robots.

Twitter Tweaks Tweet Search
By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek Having decided last summer not to renew its search deal with Google, Twitter has been paying more attention to its own search capabilities. In May, Twitter added spelling corrections and related queries alongside its ...

Cisco Rethinks 'Cloud' Service After Customer Outcry
Wired News
By Caleb Garling Cisco has adjusted its approach to a “cloud service” that ties into its home routers, responding to an outcry from customers. With a blog post, the company now says that it will change the settings on two of its home wireless routers ...

Wired News

Apple Sued for Siri Patent Infringement
A Chinese company claims Apple's Siri technology infringes on a patent for software providing a similar service. It's been a litigious week in the technology world, with Nokia telling Google and Asus to pay up for patents, Toshiba receiving an $87 ...

Swirling currents fuel huge blooms in North Atlantic
The North Atlantic is currently bursting with color as blooms of microscopic plants erupt on the surface of the chilly sea. But these expanses of plankton, which provide the basis for the area's food chain and help take in enormous quantities of the ...


DNS Changer Malware Could Lock Unwary Users Out of the Internet on July 9
NEWS ANALYSIS: While the chances of any of your computers having an active DNS Changer malware infection are remote, you should still check to make sure your system is clean and confirm that somewhere along the line your DNS settings didn't get changed ...

Google Delivers $4M Legal Bill to Oracle Over Java Patent Dispute
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter Do you think Oracle CEO Larry Ellison may be fuming over the $4 million legal expenses bill Google wants paid in full following the headline-grabbing court battle between the two tech giants over Google's use of Oracle's Java ...

US to begin new phase of hypersonic flight program
Fox News
LOS ANGELES – The Defense Department's research arm will seek proposals next month for solutions to technology hurdles in super high-speed flight with a goal of testing a full-scale hypersonic X-plane in four years. The Defense Advanced Research ...

Tesla's new Model S: I am silent, hear me roar
By Dan Neil This Tesla Model S thing you've heard so much about? You know, all-electric sedan, Silicon Valley, that guy from SpaceX? This is one amazing car. I mean, hard-core amazing. But first and foremost, gentle reader, it goes like the very stink ...


Robotic legs move just like yours
TG Daily
US researchers have built what they say is the first set of robotic legs that walk just like a human being. They've based their design on the neural architecture, musculoskeletal architecture and sensory feedback pathways in humans, making the legs ...

TG Daily

Can Apple Find Enough Value In A 7 inch iPad?
Once more, it's time to discuss Apple, so once more I'll invoke Taniyama-Shimura and look at the world of the seven inch tablet and the iPad. When it was Steve Jobs running Apple it was easy. Jobs would say that something was silly, impossible, ...

AT&T customers can start blocking stolen devices on July 10
Ideally making a mobile device completely unusable after a theft, AT&T is launching a new service for customers that will help protect their voice or data plan from being used. According to an internal AT&T memo published on The Verge earlier today, ...


British Airways will Google passengers ahead of flights
By Wayne Williams British Airways faces criticism after unveiling plans to look up frequent fliers on Google as part of a customer service programme called "Know Me". Two-thousand iPad wielding airline staff will be given access to the data, ...


NASA releases stunning photo of Mars panorama [photo]
The Bunsen Burner
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is giving scientists a new view of where the space agency's rover hunkered down for the recent Martian winter. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory reports that the rover's panoramic camera (Pancam) has spotted ...

The Bunsen Burner

Does size suggest function when it comes to tablets?
When the TouchPad by HP went on its fire sale last year, I told my dad about this tablet that normally sold for around $400, but had been knocked down to a ridiculously low $100. He didn't really have any idea what a tablet was used for, ...

Facebook to Target Ads Based on App Usage
Wall Street Journal
By SHAYNDI RAICE Facebook Inc. is launching a new type of mobile advertising that targets consumers based on the apps they use, pushing the limits of how companies track what people do on their phones. The social network is tracking the apps that ...

Microsoft Resolves Mysterious Xbox Live Issue, Keeps Culprit a Secret
Hot Hardware
Summertime is a perfect opportunity for school age kids to take their backsides outside and enjoy the sun, running through the neighborhood to do all the they things they can't when stuck in a classroom. But who are we kidding -- today's generation ...

Hot Hardware

Dead Reefs Can Come Back To Life, Study Says
by Richard Harris Coral polyps feed in the plankton-rich waters by Santa Catalina, Panama. A new study of coral reefs off the Pacific coast of Panama shows that dead coral reefs may be able to recover from rising ocean temperatures and other ...

GreenTech to Take First US MyCar Order From Domino's
GreenTech Automotive Inc., a startup maker of battery-powered vehicles led by former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, said Domino's Pizza Inc. (DPZ) is the first US customer for its low-speed cars. GreenTech initially expects at ...

Sun Fires Off Fourth of July Solar Flares
by Tariq Malik, SPACE.com Managing Editor The sun is unleashing some powerful solar flares today (July 4) in an impressive celestial fireworks display just in time for the US Independence Day holiday. The latest solar flare erupted at 5:47 am EDT (0947 ...

HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE review
Mobile Burn
Compared to the giant Android devices that manufacturers have been keen to produce recently, the HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE is quite small. Strikingly small, in fact. Its footprint measures only 122mm x 61mm (4.82in x 2.4in), making it easy to handle ...

Mobile Burn

Apple Responds To And Fixes App Crashing Issues, DRM Software To Blame
Just a quick update on the issues plaguing Apple's iOS and Mac App Stores: Apple has now informed developers that it's aware of the problem and is working on a resolution. For background, a serious problem has been discovered in the iOS and Mac App ...


Samsung: Galaxy 'S3' burns not caused by smartphone
By Karen Friar | July 7, 2012 -- Updated 11:23 GMT (04:23 PDT) Samsung has doused worries that its flagship Galaxy SIII could spontaneously burst into flames, after investigators found they could only reproduce the burns on a damaged phone by putting ...

Macs Gaining Significant Ground Against PCs
Narrow is the gap 'twixt Mac and Windows machines. The narrowest since the 90s, in fact, when the Windows platform completely dominated the Mac platform. As such, the Mac has always been seen, in one way or another, as an alternative platform, ...

Worms In Space Live Longer Than Their Earthly Counterparts
Scientists have reported in the journal Scientific Reports that spaceflight could help a microscopic worm live longer. The international group of scientists were studying the loss of bone and muscle mass experienced by astronauts when they found that ...


Facebook, Yahoo! settled patent suits
SAN FRANCISCO, July 7 (UPI) -- Two Silicon Valley giants, Yahoo! Inc., and Facebook said they had turned a patent duel into a business deal, settling their differences out of court. Yahoo! filed first, accusing Facebook of abusing 10 patents.

Some Thoughts On SimCity Social
By Alex Rubens, PCWorld Jul 6, 2012 1:00 PM It's not often that I play social games on Facebook, mainly because I don't like to spam my friends with constant notifications. No one likes to get those, especially every single time that someone does ...

How to Be Sure You've Found a Higgs Boson
Wall Street Journal
By CARL BIALIK The physicists who announced the likely discovery of the long-sought Higgs boson particle this week were operating according to an extremely high standard of certainty. As was widely reported, in order to achieve discovery status their ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple pulls products from government-backed 'green electronics' list
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Apple in June asked government-backed electronics standard-setting group EPEAT to remove 39 desktops, laptops and monitors from the body's list of environmentally friendly devices including legacy models that already hold the...

Climate Change Concern Slipping as Scientists Ponder Link between Recent Events
National Geographic
A new poll says climate change is no longer first on Americans' list of the most critical environmental problems. About three in 10 people, or 29 percent, believe water and air pollution to be the top issue. Meanwhile, 19 percent saw climate change as ...

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