14 July 2012

Millions Will Flow to Privacy Groups Supporting Weak Facebook Settlement

Millions Will Flow to Privacy Groups Supporting Weak Facebook Settlement
Wired News
By David Kravets Shari Steele, EFF's executive director. The group supports the Facebook settlement solely for a $1 million payout. Photo: Scotte Beale/Flickr Privacy and consumer groups are urging a federal judge to sign off on a controversial ...

Wired News

Amazon Mum As Kindle Phone Rumors Swirl
Microsoft developers defect to cross-town rival, prompting speculation that Amazon is building its own smartphone. By Paul McDougall InformationWeek Amazon may be developing its own smartphone--with help from some former Microsoft employees.

Acer to offer free Windows 8 upgrades on some ultrabooks
By Agam Shah IDG News Service - Acer is offering a free upgrade to Windows 8 on some ultrabook models, saying it will refund the upgrade fee being charged by Microsoft on certain Windows 7 PC models purchased by buyers. Acer will refund consumers who...

Yahoo Patches Email Vulnerability
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Yahoo said today that it has fixed the vulnerability that led to the unauthorized release of more than 450000 email passwords from users of Yahoo Voices. "We have taken swift action and have now fixed this vulnerability, ...

Senator Demands Answers on Toyota Acceleration Issue
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Sen. Chuck Grassley this week penned a letter to the Transportation Department, calling into question the agency's review of a possible electronic flaw in Toyota vehicles. Grassley, an Iowa Republican, wrote to David Strickland, ...

How to protect your app from the Apple iOS in-app purchase hack
Summary: If you're an iOS app developer who uses Apple's In-App Purchase program, you may want to protect your work. A new hack that does not require first jailbreaking the device lets users circumvent the in-app payment process.

Intel OS X binary of latest multiplatform malware discovered
Slight changes to the mode of distribution and inclusion of an x86 binary for OS X show the malware developers are working on it. by Topher Kessler Earlier this week security company F-Secure uncovered a new Web-based malware attack that uses Java to ...

Android Tops US Smartphone Buys, Windows Phone Still Struggling
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot As of June, 54.9 percent of all US mobile subscribers own a smartphone, Nielsen reported. So, the next time you're standing on the street corner, it's more likely than not that the person next to you is carrying an Android, Apple, ...

Despite official US ban, Apple gear for sale and popular in Iran
Fox News
But does Siri speak Farsi? In spite of an official US policy preventing the export of the company's popular electronics to Iran, as many as 100 stores in the Middle Eastern country are selling Apple gear -- and doing a booming business.

Strange properties of corn flour mixture's unravelled
Zee News
London: Ever wondered why a thick mixture of water and corn flour pours like a liquid but hardens when struck? It's because the compression of the particles just below the strike area jam together when under a force, a new study has found.

Zee News

Verizon Unveils GameTanium Subscription Gaming Service
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Verizon Wireless today announced a subscription gaming service for Android devices that will provide unlimited access to a number of mobile games for $5.99 per month. Games for the program, dubbed GameTanium, will be provided by ...

Huge solar eruption could make for dazzling northern lights
Christian Science Monitor
A giant solar eruption may bring an exceptional weekend northern lights display for those as far south as California and Alabama, a NASA scientist says. By Mike Wall, Space.com / July 13, 2012 An X1.4 class flare erupted from the center of the sun, ...

Christian Science Monitor

Greenpeace: Apple Clean Energy Output Improving, Not There Yet
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Apple could set new precedents in coal-free cloud computing, Greenpeace said, but the company is still "mostly talk and not enough walk." A recent Greenpeace International report revealed that Cupertino "still lacks a plan that ...

Report: Ballmer to unveil Office 2013 Monday
By Gregg Keizer CareerJournal - Microsoft will introduce Office 2013, the likely official label for the next version of the company's money-making suite, on Monday, according to a report from USA Today. CEO Steve Ballmer will host a news conference ...

Google And Asus's Tidy Profit On Nexus 7 Necessitates An iPad Mini
When Amazon launched the Kindle Fire last year, most analysts assumed that it was taking a small loss on every unit of the Kindle Fire sold. When Google and Asus launched the Nexus 7 last month at around the same price range, the same assumption held ...

Betaworks to Buy Fallen Social Media Star Digg
New York technology development firm Betaworks has agreed to buy news-sharing website Digg, in an attempt to revive a company that was early to social media but outmaneuvered by rivals like Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. Under the deal, ...

Lego Batman 2 Tops June Video Game Sales
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes was the best-selling video game title in June, selling 450000 units across all platforms during the month, according to new data from market research firm NPD Group. "Batman may be on consumer's ...

What Was It Like To Be At CERN On The Day Of The Discovery Of The Higgs Boson?
I'ma grad student based at CERN, and I've been there throughout the Higgs discovery process; Jay sent me a heads up about this thread. I'll start with Tobin's question and end with the July 4 announcement, which I was in the seminar room for.

Next Assassin's Creed game may go back in time
TG Daily
Perhaps a sign that publisher Ubisoft realizes the limitations of a franchise set in the era of the Crusades, it was suggested that the series may explore another point in world history. During a panel at Comic-Con, where we can always rely on new, ...

This game of Pong is played with your eyes, not your hands!
Not too long ago we saw Pong played with cars? You didn't think Pong could get more interesting than that right? Wrong. Now we bring you a research team that has invented a way to play it with just your eyes and some $30 glasses.

Fake Profiles make Facebook Adverts a Shaky Investment
By Tabinda Hussain If you want to have virtual, free and zero-calorie bagels, a brand new shop opened on Facebook that might have just the thing you have been craving for. BBC recently conducted a survey to check how authentic the number of likes on ...

Astronomers Spot Moon No. 5 Circling Un-Planet Pluto
By Katherine Noyes "Given that Pluto has been recently 'demoted' to the status of a dwarf planet, it is somewhat amusing that it now has no fewer than five moons!" said Mario Livio, senior astrophysicist with the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Snow Leopard Moms & Cubs Captured in First-Ever Video
Our Amazing Planet
The dens of two snow leopard mothers and their cubs have been located in Mongolia for the first time, with new, unprecedented video showing the mothers and their young inside the den, a conservation organization announced yesterday (July 12).

Uber's on-demand ice cream truck visits The Verge
The Verge
By Ellis Hamburger on July 13, 2012 01:06 pm 0Comments As a child, the ice cream truck never swings around the block right when you want it to. On-demand sedan service Uber wants to alleviate your frustration, if only for a day, and only if you're in ...

LG to pay $380M in settlement of LCD price-fixing case
LG is the latest company to jump on the settlement bandwagon as part of a class action case that involved accusations of conspiring to price fix LCD displays. The company has agreed to pay $380 million–the biggest sum amongst all companies involved in ...

Google CEO Page recovering, was in office this week
By Liana B. Baker and Lisa Richwine | SUN VALLEY, Idaho (Reuters) - Google Inc CEO Larry Page, absent from the Internet company's biggest public events for weeks, is recovering from an unspecified ailment that caused him to lose his voice and was in ...

Back-to-back La Niñas cooled globe and influenced extreme weather in 2011
The lead character of the 2011 climate story was a double dip La Niña, which chilled the Pacific at the start and end of the year. Many of the 2011 seasonal climate patterns around the world were consistent with common side effects of La Niña.


US Mac sales slump in Q2, says IDC
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Apple may finally be feeling the PC sales slump in the US, research firm IDC said Thursday. According to IDC, Apple sold fewer Macs in the US during the second quarter than it did in the same period a year earlier.

Feces Fossil, Stone Tools Found In Oregon Caves Dispel Theory About First ...
Huffington Post
By By JEFF BARNARD 07/12/12 04:13 PM ET GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- Stone tools and human DNA from ancient caves in Oregon offer new evidence of how some of the first Americans spread through the continent: Quite apart from the better-known Clovis culture, ...

'Amazing Alex,' new game from Angry Birds maker Rovio
Washington Post
Angry Birds maker Rovio has branched out from its tried and true formula of giving its irate avian stars new places to fight their pig enemies. In the company's new game, Amazing Alex, the game makers have taken the physics puzzle fun a little closer ...

Top 10 Tech Stories This Week: Apple ditches EPEAT, cool concept ...
This week, Apple's terrible move away from green certification, learn how to build some cool greentech projects, find out how DIY tech benefits the environment, ...

High-tech 'Spider-Man' book swings onto iPad
Technology Live: News and gadgets from our network of reporters · Home · Archives · Related topics · Forum · About · Digg dug its own hole; assets sold for $500000. High-tech 'Spider-Man' book swings onto iPad. Comments. E-mail; Print; Share. By Marc ...

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