27 July 2012

Apple to buy fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec for $356 million

Apple to buy fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec for $356 million
(Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has agreed to buy fingerprint sensor technology developer AuthenTec Inc (AUTH.O) for about $356 million, in a deal that could put its iPhone at the center of the emerging mobile payments market.

Facebook stock drops 11% in midday trading
NEW YORK – Facebook stock plunged Friday after the company reported slowing revenue growth. In midday trading, the stock had rebounded a bit from being down nearly 15%. It was trading down 11% to $23.84. It closed Thursday at $26.85.


Tech City CEO to Join Canary Wharf Group
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Eric Van Der Kleij, the outgoing chief executive of the U.K.'s Tech City Investment Organization, will join the Canary Wharf Group as a special adviser charged with attracting technology companies to the area, dominated by the financial services industry.

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Tech Buzz gets Google-y eyed
It's not available in our part of the world yet, but we managed to get our hands on the developer's version of the Nexus 7 tablet that was given out at the Google I/O event last month. Find out what are some of the sweet Jelly Bean features lying in the ...


Far from Silicon Valley, tech industry finds an oracle
At age 30, Shimpi is courted by technology executives and followed by Wall Street analysts keen to hear his well-informed product views. He briefs Intel executives, dines with Asian PC executives and commands a loyal following of techenthusiasts, with ...


Biz Break: Tech's depressing earnings week continues with Facebook's stock ...
San Jose Mercury News
Facebook also seemed to anger investors and analysts by refusing to provide forecasts for future revenues, a common offering from companies but a tactic not employed by Google (GOOG) and some other big Silicon Valley tech companies. "Growth is clearly ...

The 10 coolest tech stories of the 2012 London Olympics
As the Australian Broadcast Corporation notes in a video package about the technology, the cyclists watch a screen that looks like a video game but actually is a "mile for mile, hill for hill recreation of the London Olympic road cycling course." NASA treadmill: ...

A look at tech companies with recent IPOs
Here's a look at earnings reports from some tech companies that had IPOs since last year. The companies are all loosely Internet-related, though their businesses vary widely. — Wednesday: Zynga ... Your article has been sent. More articles in Technology ...

Raytheon's Space Fence technology ready to track space debris
MarketWatch (press release)
During this PDR program, the Air Force evaluated cost, schedule, the maturity of technology and design in support of transitioning the Space Fence system into production. Space Fence is a multiphase acquisition program, leading to the delivery of up to two, ...

Tech 21 Special Ops Submariner
The good: The Tech21 Submariner case has an extremely durable and completely waterproof design that will protect your iPhone from the elements while letting you use the touch screen at the same time. The bad: The Submariner case won't let you access ...

What Congress' cybersecurity bills mean for you
The Strengthening and Enhancing Cybersecurity by Using Research, Education, Information andTechnology (SECURE IT) Act: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and others have introduced a measure that encourages voluntary sharing of cyberthreat information ...

Tech high-fliers make a crash landing
New York Post
While they run the technology gamut from gaming to gadgets, the companies all fell short after reporting slowing growth instead of skyrocketing trajectories. Facebook met already lowered expectations yesterday, but Wall Street still punished the stock, ...

Google Move Buoys Chicago Tech Hub
Wall Street Journal
Google Inc. is shifting 3,000 jobs from its newly acquired Motorola Mobility unit to downtown Chicago in a move Mayor Rahm Emanuel hopes will anchor a burgeoning tech sector in the nation’s third largest city.  . . Mr. Emanuel said he hoped Google's presence would attract start-up technology companies and stem the Midwestern brain drain. “I think this offers Chicago an opportunity to be a game changer, to be a digital Mecca for the Midwest,” Mr. Emanuel said.

UK: Google appears to have broken Street View deal
By By Cassandra Vinogradraphael Satter on July 27, 2012 LONDON (AP) — Britain's information watchdog said Friday that Google appears to have broken an agreement to delete data collected by its Street View vehicles. Google angered regulators in several ...

IDC: Samsung extends lead in smartphones
By Anick Jesdanun on July 27, 2012 NEW YORK (AP) — Samsung has extended its lead over Apple in smartphones, in part because its new Galaxy phones came out before Apple updated its iPhone, research group IDC said Friday. Samsung's Galaxy S3 phones got ...

AT&T Dropping Price of HTC One X to $99.99
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Looking to get a top of the line Android smartphone at AT&T on the cheap? You're in luck! AT&T is gearing up to slash the price of HTC's One X on Sunday. The flasgship HTC handset will be dropping from $199.99 on a two-year ...

ISPs Poised to Battle Google's 'Fiberhoods'
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Google on Thursday unveiled plans for its Google Fiber service, which is scheduled to hit the Kansas City region by mid-2013. But how do existing ISPs and cable providers in the region feel about Google moving in on their turf?

Do we need a new National Broadband Plan?
Ars Technica
by Matthew Lasar - Jul 27, 2012 4:04 pm UTC Google may be rolling out 1Gbps Internet access to Kansas City, but there are about 19 million American households and businesses that still lack any access to broadband, according to the Federal ...

Samsung, Nokia Devices Hacked Through NFC Security Flaw
Samsung and Nokia smartphones were hacked through an NFC vulnerability at the BlackHat security conference. Google is a big backer of NFC, which analysts expect to be behind $180 billion of consumer purchases in 2017. Just as Near-Field Communications ...

Top secret iPad, iPhone prototypes revealed in court documents
Fox News
Early concepts of Apple's market-leading iProducts revealed as a result of a sprawling legal battle with arch-rival Samsung show wacky ideas -- including octagonal shapes, handles and kickstands. Images revealed by tech news site The Verge, ...

Why we keep going back to Mars
Christian Science Monitor
The Mars Curiosity Rover scheduled to touch down on Aug. 5 represents mankind's 40th attempt to explore the Red Planet over the past 50 years. What is it about the Mars that keeps calling us back? By Mike Wall, Space.com / July 27, 2012 This artist ...

Christian Science Monitor

Japanese cargo spacecraft docks at space station
The third in a series of robotic Japanese spaceships safely arrived at the International Space Station on Friday, bearing a delivery of food, equipment and student science experiments for the orbital outpost. The unmanned, school bus-size H-2 Transfer ...


Google Mobile Search Adds Handwriting for Easy Text Input
PCWorld (blog)
By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld Jul 27, 2012 9:25 AM Google now lets you input a Google search query on your smartphone or tablet by writing it out with your finger, instead of making you tap it out on a keyboard or via voice command.

Twitter Confirms Removing Follow Graph From Instagram's 'Find Friends'
Twitter has confirmed the removal of its follow graph data from Instagram, disabling the “Find Twitter Friends” feature in the photo app. Users can still find people from their phone's contact list and Facebook friends list. “We understand that there's ...

Facebook hammered as earnings fuel doubts
By Charlotte Raab (AFP) – 1 hour ago NEW YORK — Facebook shares took a beating Friday after uninspiring earnings in the first results since the much-hyped public offering of the world's biggest social network. In morning trade, Facebook shares plunged ...


Facebook announces new social plug-in Recommendations Bar
By Lee Bell SOCIAL NETWORK Facebook has launched a plug-in called the Recommendations Bar, which shows you articles from around the web based on what your friends are reading. On Facebook's developer blog, engineer Jeffrey Spehar explained how the ...

Microsoft Admits Surface Tablet Might Alienate Partners
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Microsoft this week admitted that its upcoming Surface tablet might hurt its relationships with PC maker partners. As first noted by the New York Times, Redmond said in a Thursday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission...

Forget the conspiracy theories: Skype's supernodes belong in the cloud
Forget the conspiracy rumours about wiretapping: putting Skype's supernodes in the Microsoft datacentres is about improving performance and not appropriating bandwidth. There's been a lot of speculation about whether Skype made changes to its ...

Does Windows 8 succeed as a true tablet operating system?
Ars Technica
by Peter Bright - Jul 27, 2012 12:00 pm UTC Among desktop users, Windows 8's user interface has been met with a lukewarm reception, inspiring a recurring refrain: "Why have they put a tablet interface on my desktop system?" That Windows 8 is actually ...

New Survey Analyzes Twitter Accounts Of World Leaders
By iDigitalTimes Staff Reporter on July 27, 2012 12:42 PM EDT A recent survey analyzed the heads of state and their Twitter accounts said that only 30 of the 264 political leaders on Twitter do their own tweeting. The 264 countries whose leaders are on ...


Apple Mistakenly Releases Replacement Codes for OS X Server
By Maricris After it was reported that Mac users were having a problem updating their notebook's operating system to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, it turns out that Apple have made yet another mistake. Yesterday, it was reported that customers who bought ...

Apple offers s rare glimpse of its IOS security
By Shaun Nichols in Las Vegas GADGET DESIGNER Apple gave atendees at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas a peek at its security practices, just hours before it acquired security firm Authentec. Speaking to a near-capacity crowd, Apple platform ...

Exploding Blue Termites Spew Poison When Grabbed, Scientists Say
Huffington Post
The picture shows a soldier, two white workers and two blue workers of the termite species Neocapritermes taracua. The two bluish spots high on the back of the abdomen of the two blue workers contain crystals. By Wynne Parry, LiveScience Senior Writer: ...

Blizzard Exec Echoes Valve's Concerns about Windows 8
Game Politics
Valve Software's Gabe Newell isn't the only one that thinks Windows 8 is a "cotastrophe" for game makers, apparently. Responding to Newell's speech made earlier this week at the Casual Connect game conference where he made some disparaging remarks ...

Storms Threaten Ozone Layer Over US, Study Says
New York Times
Strong summer thunderstorms that pump water high into the upper atmosphere pose a threat to the protective ozone layer over the United States, researchers said on Thursday, drawing one of the first links between climate change and ozone loss over ...

Pictures and Details of Verizon's Pantech Star Q 4G LTE Slider Phone Leaked
The Droid Guy
The summer break is almost over and Verizon is eyeing the new school year with a momentous launch of a new slider phone – the Pantech Star Q. Leaked pictures and details show that the main attraction that Verizon looks to capitalize on in this Android...

Big horned rhinoceros beetles are healthiest
BBC News
By Ella Davies Reporter, BBC Nature The size of a male rhinoceros beetle's horn is a genuine indicator of its health, according to researchers. The horns vary in size from small bumps to two-thirds of the insect's body length and are used in fights.

BBC News

Twitter Apologizes for Outage Ahead of Olympics
Computer Weekly: On Thursday, Twitter went down for about two hours. According to company officials, the outage was caused by infrastructure failures at its main data center and its backup site at the same time. "I wish I could say that today's outage ...

NASA Mars mission menu seeks healthy food options
Related topics NASA Mars menu Food NASA is working on a menu for astronauts to take on a mission to Mars in the 2030's. After a six month trip to get there, the first humans on the red planet will stay for a year and a half, then return home.


Google Talk, Twitter, Azure Outages: Bad Cloud Day
Google's video chat service had plenty of company on the disabled list on tough day for cloud computing. By Paul McDougall InformationWeek When it comes to the cloud, it never rains. It pours. Google reported Thursday that its Google Talk IM and video ...

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