24 July 2012

China takeover as tech innovation center inevitable

China takeover as tech innovation center inevitable
ZDNet (blog)
Technology innovation is starting to shift toward China due to the market opportunities, strong capital availability and government incentives around certain IT areas, industry watchers say. However, they note the shift will take some time and it will not entirely ... 

Nexus 7 Sold Out; Uniloc Sues Minecraft; Power Strip Hacking Tool
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Topping tech headlines this weekend, Google "seriously underestimated" the demand for its 16GB Nexus 7 tablet, leaving digital shelves empty after the search company's stock ran out. While the $199 8GB device is available on the...

EA settles lawsuit over alleged price fixing
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Electronic Arts has settled a lawsuit alleging the publisher overcharged for sports titles including Madden NFL, says attorneys representing video game consumers. In a statement, law firm Hagens Berman says EA will create a ...


Canon EOS M Hands On Via Tech Radar « Canon Rumors
By Canon Rumors
More Canon EOS M Coverage The folks at Tech Radar have posted a video and article hands-on of the new Canon EOS M System. It doesn't appear that Canon has allowed any journalist to save and examine images taken by the Canon ...
Canon Rumors

Astonishing New Adobe Technology Enables Knowledge Sharing ...
There's an astonishing new technology in the newly released Adobe Presenter 8. Now anyone ...

Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]
By Charlie White
The more the sidewalks sizzle this summer, the hotter the technological landscape gets, and we have a group of the top 10 tech innovations from the past week to prove it.

Amazon Just Put A Rocket Under London's Biggest Tech Startup Cluster
We are talking software engineers, user-interface experts, graphic designers, the works. Those people will be within walking distance of some of London's hottest techcompanies, and that can only be a good thing. So, it's exciting to see some realtechnology ...

What Are You Going to Believe, the Technology or Your Lying Eyes?
New York Times
The man was the philosopher RenĂ© Descartes, and in addition to being one of the fathers of modern thought, he was also — perhaps unintentionally — the first significant advocate for using technologyin sports. (He probably did fewer interviews on that ...

IBM Is No Longer a Tech Bellwether
New York Times (blog)
I.B.M., after all, is the leading supplier of information technology — hardware, software and services — to corporations and governments. So the company's results are routinely viewed as a significant snapshot of the broader tech economy — a glimpse into ...
Groovy 1973 Archival Film Celebrates Landsat Satellite Launch
Wired News
By Adam Mann In honor of its 40 th anniversary, take a look back at the launch of the first Landsat satellite in this archival NASA video from 1973. Everything about the film – the music, the art direction, even the typeface choice — appears a perfect ...

NASA says test flight of new heat shield a success
ATLANTIC, Va. (AP) – An experimental heat shield for future spacecraft landings successfully survived a test launch Monday that brought it through the earth's atmosphere at speeds of up to 7600 mph, NASA said. The demonstration launch from Wallops ...


Staples president reportedly expects as many as six new Kindles
Los Angeles Times
Staples President Demos Parneros said he expects Amazon will launch five or six new Kindle devices, according to a report. Parneros also said that among those six, he expects one of them to have a 10-inch screen to match up with Apple's iPad.

Australian Court Irked by 'Ridiculous' Apple, Samsung Patent Fight
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Apple and Samsung have made their way down under once again to continue waging their global patent battle. Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett is apparently not amused. According to Bloomberg, she said the dispute was ...

Canon Gives DSLRs a True Challenger With Mirrorless EOS M
The Canon EOS M is a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses -- giving it the advantages of a DSLR in a much more compact design. The camera body will be released in both black and white. The switches on top allow photographers to easily navigate ...

Samsung ships 10 million Galaxy S III units
Washington Post
The smartphone race is on. Just two months after launching the Galaxy S III, Samsung announced that it appears to have shipped 10 million Galaxy S III units. In an interview with Korea's Yonhap News, Samsung's president of information technology and ...

US Defends E-Book Antitrust Case Against Apple, Others
Wall Street Journal
By Kristin Jones The US Department of Justice defended its case against Apple Inc. (AAPL) and five major publishers, alleging that they conspired to raise the prices of electronic books. Antitrust authorities said a lengthy investigation into a steep ...

Game Over for Russian iPhone hacker until iOS 6
This week the Russian fellow known for his hacking of the in-app purchase function for Apple's mobile operating system has declared that “it's all over.” He added “…for now” to his chat on the subject, saying that he'll still be keeping his exploit up ...

Apple earnings: iPad boom likely. iPhone? Hmmm
Apple is expected to ring in another big quarter tomorrow, with record iPad sales. But will customers waiting for the iPhone 5 ding sales? by Josh Lowensohn Apple reports the results from its third fiscal quarter tomorrow, and the company is once again ...

To Model the Simplest Microbe in the World, You Need 128 Computers
The Atlantic
By Alexis Madrigal Mycoplasma genitalium has one of the smallest genomes of any free-living organism in the world, clocking in at a mere 525 genes. That's a fraction of the size of even another bacterium like E. coli, which has 4288 genes.

The Atlantic

Netgear WiFi Booster for Mobile blankets deadspots in delicious wireless
If you've ever found yourself waving your iPad around like a diminutive shield in an attempt to cling on to a WiFi connection, Netgear might have the answer. The new WiFi Booster for Mobile WN1000RP may look like your typical wall-wart, but plug it in ...


Ram pickups, Grand Cherokees investigated
Chrysler considers $198-million investment at Detroit plant NHTSA opens investigation into Ram, Jeep Grand Cherokee GM stock rebounds after earlier dive Loyal Volt owners share charging tips, challenge criticism Ford expects lower 2Q profit on growing ...

Windows and OS X Boot Camp: running Redmond at "Retina" resolution
Ars Technica
by Chris Foresman - Jul 23, 2012 6:35 pm UTC We already gave you our impressions of running OS X on Apple's Retina MacBook Pro, as well as how to maximize battery life by overriding the automatic GPU switching. Since we still had the hardware at our ...

Ars Technica

"Unbelievably High" Android Piracy Drives Dev to Free-To-Play
Escapist Magazine
When Mad Finger Games first released their new mobile game Dead Trigger, it hoped to reach as many people as possible. What it didn't expect was to achieve that goal through piracy. Despite the game's low price point of a single dollar, piracy figures ...

Apple briefly releases Mountain Lion Up-to-Date program, pulls it back
by Megan Lavey-Heaton Jul 23rd 2012 at 3:25PM For those folks who purchased Macs after June 11 (myself included), Apple said that OS X Mountain Lion would be available as a free download. Ahead of this week's expected launch, Apple briefly unveiled its ...

Neil Armstrong: Simulator Crash Almost Killed Apollo 11 Astronaut Year Before ...
Huffington Post
Lunar Landing Research Vehicle in flight in 1964. Neil Armstrong was forced to eject from similar craft four years later, when it veered out of control on a test flight. Fourteen months before taking that celebrated first step on the moon, ...

Another "Google Gets Mobile Engagement" Story, Featuring The Sparrow Email Client
By Ted Schadler Ted Schadler is a Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, servings CIOs. Following him on Twitter @TedSchadler. I saw this morning through Michael Hickins' succinct and savory CIO Journal Morning Download that Google ...


An amazing video of nighttime views from the space station
Christian Science Monitor
Photographs taken from the International Space Station and assembled in this video show nighttime views of our planet. By Jason Major, Universe Today / July 23, 2012 Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station.

Space smells like seared steak, hot metal, astronauts report
Christian Science Monitor
Astronauts returning from spacewalks frequently report a distinct odor clinging to their spacesuits and equipment. By Life's Little Mysteries Staff / July 23, 2012 Astronaut Bruce McCandless goes on a jet-pack powered spacewalk during a 1984 space ...

Christian Science Monitor

Nokia's Slump Deepens, But Maybe There's Hope
We shouldn't be too surprised by the earnings numbers coming out of Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) today. They've been on a downward trajectory for a while, and reports earlier in the week about steep US price cuts on its new flagship seemed to signal news of ...

Nexus 7 Ad Tries (And Fails) To Convince That It's Hip To Camp With A Tablet
Huffington Post
Would you ever take your tablet camping? The Great Outdoors can be an awfully wet and dirty for a sensitive, several-hundred-dollar gizmo, so we say "no." But Google, being Google, wants its products to follow you to the ends of the Earth, ...

HTC turns down the music, gives back half of Beats Audio shares
Android Community
HTC has turned down the music in what appears to be a scale back of their plans with the music company Beats Audio. I'd be lying if I said I was surprised, as I wasn't too sold on the idea to begin with. In what HTC is calling “a realignment of their ...

Android Community

New clues to the early Solar System from ancient meteorites
In order to understand Earth's earliest history--its formation from Solar System material into the present-day layering of metal core and mantle, and crust--scientists look to meteorites. New research from a team including Carnegie's Doug Rumble and ...

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