08 July 2012

Ron Paul and Rand Paul's 'Technology Revolution'

Ron Paul and Rand Paul's 'Technology Revolution' Isn't Revolutionary. Neither ...
To be sure, the drafters of “The Technology Revolution” complicate things with their rhetoric. Techgeniuses may have created “new markets in ways never before imagined in human history,” but the internet is not “the single greatest catalyst in history ...

Tech company Ixia expands Conejo Valley headquarters
Los Angeles Times
Calabasas technology company Ixia will expand its headquarters after signing a new lease worth about $26 million.

Click it: Remember to check computer for malware today
Detroit Free Press
Food · Travel · Health · Shopping · Crossword puzzle · Comics · Technology · Relationships · Books · Brain Games · Georgea Kovanis · Ellen Creager · Susan M. Selasky. LATEST HEADLINES. Amanda Gordon, 23, holds Maggie in the yard outside her father's ...

Goal-line technology will factor in major international tourneys
Soccer's rule-making body voted this week to permit the use of goal-line technology to assist referees after high-profile mistakes over scoring deci...

Jacques Ellul, technology doomsdayer before his time
Boston Globe
Imagine for a moment that pretty much everything you think about technology is wrong. That the devices you believed are your friends are in fact your enemies. That they are involved in a vast conspiracy to colonize your mind and steal your soul. That...

Boston Globe

Goal-line technology gets green light
Sky News Australia
The use of goal-line technology to confirm whether or not a goal has been scored has been approved by football's rulemakers. Two systems, Hawk-Eye and GoalRef, were backed by the International Football Association Board (Ifab) at a meeting in Zurich ...

Sky News Australia

FIFA OKs goal-line technology
China Daily
Soccer's rulemakers and its governing body FIFA bowed to pressure on Thursday when they finally approved the use of goal-line technology and agreed to allow Muslim women players to wear a headscarf. The first decision followed widespread calls from...

China Daily

Hostels for high-tech hopefuls
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
From the outside it is just a beige three-story building in a quiet residential neighborhood. But inside, in a third-floor apartment, there are enough Ikea bunk beds to sleep 10 people, crammed into two bedrooms.

Navistar Introduces New Pollution-Reducing Truck Tech
Navistar has introduced new technology for trucks to meet 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions regulations.


Tech-savvy students: Dickinson recognized at national TSA competition
Dickinson Press
Members of Dickinson's junior high and high school Technology Student Association chapters recently stood on stage to receive the accolades from 5000 participants in the National TSA competition.

Tech Feature Spotlight: Toyota Prius V Pandora Problems
MSN Autos (blog)
The Entune system in new Toyota models uses applications to provide connected features and services to drivers, including Bing for Web-enabled local search, the ability to book a restaurant through OpenTable and to see what's playing at the local ...

Digital fashion: Wear the tech
Business Standard
From belt-clipped pedometers to GPS-enabled tracking solutions on devices in our pockets, or even shoes, we are already living in the era of wearable technology. Wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, Near Field Communications (NFC) and ad-hoc WiFi ...

New lighting technology offers myriad benefits for cities
Boston Globe
New lighting choices are far superior to older lights, writes Doreen LeMay Madden.

JOHN DAVIES: Purdue Tech Center evolving with spirit of discovery
Mitch Daniels will be the next president of Purdue, I had an opportunity to visit the PurdueTechnology Center. I learned the center is evolving. It's a launching pad for discoveries, not just from a tech business, but from all companies whatever the ...

Apple Hit by Siri-Related Patent Infringement Lawsuit in China
Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co. has reported that Apple Inc. has infringed its virtual assistant technology.


Samsung wins bid to sell Nexus in Apple court battle
The decisions are the latest in a long-running battle between Samsung and Apple in U.S. courts but are unlikely to severely depress the Asian tech-power's bottom line since it is rolling out new tablet and smartphone models. On Friday, Samsung ...


Tech-savvy teens actually prefer face-to-face talk
Meriden Record-Journal
But even with so much technology at their fingertips, many teens still prefer to interact with one another in the flesh. A recent study by Common Sense Media indicates that a majority of young people would rather see friends and talk with them face-to ...

DARPA Hypersonics - The New US Stealth Supremecy
Brevard Times
DARPA's research and development in stealth technology during the 1970s and 1980s led to the world's most advanced radar-evading aircraft, providing strategic national security advantage to the United States. Today, DARPA says that strategic advantage...

Brevard Times

About 9000 Canadian computers face infection threat Monday
Globe and Mail
Malware could disconnect your computer from Internet Monday · Technology Spammers turn their gaze to social media ... ISPs may have to bring in tech support if they're inundated with calls, he said. Bell said it has been contacting customers by phone ...

Does Apple Really Need a 7-inch iPad?
By Ashleigh Allsopp, Macworld-UK Everybody's talking about the rumored 7-inch iPad. Some are certain that Apple will introduce one this year in order to compete with Google's new Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, while others are not so sure.

Should you switch to Windows 8?
Whenever a new Windows operating system (OS) comes out, we inevitably find ourselves wondering if it's worth the hassle of upgrading. What will it cost to upgrade? Will you lose all your favorite features? So now that Windows 8 is imminent, ...


Cisco Rethinks 'Cloud' Service After Customer Outcry
Wired News
By Caleb Garling Cisco has adjusted its approach to a “cloud service” that ties into its home routers, responding to an outcry from customers. With a blog post, the company now says that it will change the settings on two of its home wireless routers ...

Wired News

Taking Google Glasses In Context
Sergey Brin sports a pair of Google goggles. (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife) By now, you've heard about Google: Project Glass. This video shows what they will do when they become available next year and will be put into the hands of ...

Amazon's Kindle Smartphone Will Disrupt the Carrier Model
A smartphone from Amazon is an intoxicating prospect for those of us who watch the mobile world. While Apple brought a huge amount of disruption into the space with the launch of the iPhone (arguably changing the definition of what a smartphone should ...

Thousands Could Lose Internet Monday After Malware Attack
Wall Street Journal
AP Internet users scanning their Twitter feeds or Facebook accounts Sunday might want to add one more quick click to check their computer for malware. Thousands of people around the country whose computers were infected with malicious software more ...

Google asks Oracle for $4 million in legal fees
When you sue someone and you lose, it's a pretty big disappointment. All that time and money you invested in going after someone, with the hopes that you'd end up reaping some sort of reward, goes down the drain. But that's just the beginning.


Cause of North Atlantic plankton bloom is finally revealed
The Bunsen Burner
According to a recent statement, oceanographers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (or WHOI) in Massachusetts recently published new data concerning the annual diatom bloom—a process that sustains the ocean's ecosystem and absorbs vast ...

Nexus 7 and the start of my Google life
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: I purchased a Nexus 7. With all of Google's latest offerings, we'll see if there's enough there to pull me away from my Apple world. Like my colleague, James Kendrick, I placed my order for the Nexus 7. As James stated in his post, ...

iPhone 5: The Good News And The Bad News
By Saqib Khan We have two news about the iPhone 5 – the good news and the bad news. Let's start with the good news first. We have earlier reported that Apple may launch the iPad Mini by this year's end. This smaller version of iPad will come with a...

Google launches global campaign for LGBT rights
Wisconsin Gazette
Dubbed “Legalize Love,” the campaign will focus on countries and regions that have laws criminalizing same-sex relationships or homophobic cultures. According to several media reports, the campaign is initially focusing on Poland and Singapore but will ...

Apple bows out of green tech certification programme
TechRadar UK
By Chris Smith July 8th 2012 Apple will no longer participate in a programme that grants environmentally-friendly certifications for technology. The US government-backed EPEAT rewards manufacturers for creating easily recyclable and energy-efficient ...

TechRadar UK

Facebook to Target Ads Based on App Usage
Wall Street Journal
By SHAYNDI RAICE Facebook Inc. is launching a new type of mobile advertising that targets consumers based on the apps they use, pushing the limits of how companies track what people do on their phones. The social network is tracking the apps that ...

Microsoft Resolves Mysterious Xbox Live Issue, Keeps Culprit a Secret
Hot Hardware
Summertime is a perfect opportunity for school age kids to take their backsides outside and enjoy the sun, running through the neighborhood to do all the they things they can't when stuck in a classroom. But who are we kidding -- today's generation ...

Hot Hardware

AT&T to launch new blocking service for stolen devices on July 10th
The Verge
By Louis Goddard on July 6, 2012 08:02 am 26Comments AT&T will launch a new service for reporting and blocking stolen devices on Tuesday, according to a trusted source. The service will allow customers to deny voice, data and SMS access to any...

Global warming no longer Americans' top environmental concern, poll finds
Washington Post
Climate change no longer ranks first on the list of what Americans see as the world's biggest environmental problem, according to a new Washington Post-Stanford University poll. Just 18 percent of those polled name it as their top environmental concern ...

Dark matter - a thing that goes bump in the light tunnel
Sydney Morning Herald
THEY may have only just found the elusive Higgs boson, but physicists behind the world's most expensive science experiment are already setting their sights on a new challenge: the mystery of dark matter. The Large Hadron Collider at the CERN laboratory ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Tech Test Drive: Dropcam, Izon let you keep tabs on your residence from afar
Pioneer Press
I love my inner-city neighborhood, but urban living has its disadvantages. Security is a bit more of an issue than in the 'burbs, for one thing. So, to beef up security, I have been experimenting with Internet-connected cameras that let me keep tabs on ...

The Oil Drum | Tech Talk - The "Best of the Rest" in Saudi Arabia
By Heading Out
Fom the viewpoint of those who suggest that there is no problem, the discussion that swirls over the future of global oil supplies often seems to focus on the large volumes of oil that still remain in place around the world. The critical point ...
The Oil Drum - Discussions about...

Tech Camps Aim to Cultivate Teen Entrepreneurs | Inc.com
COM - Several programs offer kids with an interest in tech an opportunity to begin developing start-up skills.Across the country right about now, many kids are ...

Tech Gadgets. These are some fun gadgets and unique tech products. Photo of GeekITDown GeekITDown · 54 followers, 13 pins. Repin Like Comment ...

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