19 July 2012

Windows 8 delivery date is October 26

Windows 8's delivery date: October 26
Summary: Microsoft and partners will make Windows 8 available on new PCs and via various upgrade programs on October 26, officials are saying. Microsoft is continuing to eke out the Windows 8 news. Microsoft officials shared the exact date on July 18 ... 

Nokia Q2 darker than expected: Heavy losses, poor sales | ZDNet: "Nokia's second quarter results show the phone maker has reported a massive operating loss as the company continues to sink amid increasing pressure from rivals. The beleaguered phone maker Nokia reported a $1 billion operating loss on $9.23 billion in net sales in its financial results for the second quarter 2012."  

Nokia promises 'something amazing' on Sept. 7
A sign spotted on the company's flagship store in Helsinki points to something in the works following Nokia World in early September. by Lance Whitney Photos snapped outside Nokia's currently-closed Helsinki store proclaim that "something amazing" will ...

SpaceX presents epic Dragon mission highlight reel
When SpaceX's Dragon capsule successfully splashed down into the warm embrace of the Pacific ocean a few months ago, it meant that commercial spaceflight had finally arrived and was here to stay. We covered the mission from start to finish, ...


Apple must publish notice Samsung didn't copy iPad in UK
Washington Post
July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. was ordered by a judge to publish a notice on its UK website and in British newspapers alerting people to a ruling that Samsung Electronics Co. didn't copy designs for the iPad. The notice should outline the July 9 ...

NASA spies bright-blue daytime lightning on Saturn
Fox News
A NASA spacecraft orbiting Saturn has captured an amazing view of lightning in broad daylight on the ringed planet. The Cassini orbiter captured the daytime lightning on Saturn as bright blue spots inside a giant storm that raged on the planet last ...

US FCC: Internet Providers Improve Download Speeds During Peak Periods
Wall Street Journal
By Andrew Seidman WASHINGTON--Consumers are accessing the Internet at a speed that more closely lines up with what their broadband providers advertised than they did a year ago, the Federal Communications Commission said in a report released Thursday.

Microsoft touts touch in Office 2013
To entice potential Windows 8 tablet users, the company has taken to its blogs to explain the touch capabilities in its upcoming Office suite. by Lance Whitney Microsoft is aiming Office 2013 at touch-screen devices as well as PCs.

Chinese Internet Population Grows to 538 Million, Surpassing PC Users
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Chinese Internet use has grown to 538 million users as of the end of June, accounting for almost 40 percent of Web penetration in the Asian nation, according to the most recent report from the China Internet Network Information Center ...

HTC prepping Android 4.1 update for One XL and One S
Among the latest phones destined for Android 4.1 are HTC's One XL and One S, according to Australian carrier Telstra. by Lance Whitney Users of HTC's One XL and One S phones are on the Android 4.1 update list, at least in Australia.

RIM updates developer tools ahead of BlackBerry 10 launch
* New tools help apps interact, push content to devices * Developers can now share their work on test devices * RIM needs large library at launch to entice consumers TORONTO, July 19 (Reuters) - Research In Motion Ltd has updated the tools it is ...

Highlight 1.2: Is it less creepy or are we just getting used to this?
by Rafe Needleman Highlight now lets you attach updates to locations. But to see the notes as alerts, recipients must be there at the same time as you. "What are the odds," Highlight CEO Paul Davison asks, "that you'll have a connection with some ...

Mega spam-spewing Grum botnet finally KO'd
By John Leyden • Get more from this author Security researchers have dealt a knockout blow to Grum, one of the most prolific spam-distribution botnets. Command-and-control servers in the Netherlands were taken out on Monday, but that still left zombie ...

McDonald's: Digital specs prompt privacy fears
The Associated Press
PARIS (AP) — McDonald's workers in Paris who stopped a Canadian professor from wearing computerized eyeglasses feared he could be recording or photographing people in violation of their privacy, the company said Thursday. Steve Mann, who designed a ...

Dumping iron in the seas could slow global warming, say scientists
Christian Science Monitor
Iron fertilizer can help prompt algae blooms, which absorb carbon dioxide and bury it on the ocean floor for centuries, a new study reports. By Alister Doyle, Reuters / July 19, 2012 A crack spreads in an Antarctic glacier in October 2011 in this NASA ...

Christian Science Monitor

Amazon arms developers with flash-based rentable computers
ZDNet (blog)
By Jack Clark | July 19, 2012 -- Updated 13:39 GMT (06:39 PDT) Amazon has brought SSD-backed rentable servers to Amazon Web Services, to entice developers to host major databases on its cloud. The High I/O Quadruple Extra Large EC2 (hi1.4xlarge) ...

Ancient spiral galaxy bewilders astronomers
Christian Science Monitor
Using data from the Hubble telescope, scientists have found the oldest spiral galaxy in the universe, a galaxy that, according to current models, isn't supposed to exist. By Space.com Staff, Space.com / July 19, 2012 An artist's rendering of galaxy ...

Christian Science Monitor

Why did Neanderthals have such humongous right arms?
Christian Science Monitor
An analysis of Neanderthal bones indicates that they had disproportionately huge biceps and triceps on their right arms, and that spear thrusting does not seem to fully account for their lopsided muscles. By Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience / July 19, ...

Christian Science Monitor

Face blurring hits YouTube
We've all seen footage on television where the faces of the people in a video were blurred out to protect their privacy. With YouTube increasingly becoming a place many people around the world go to find footage of current news events, ...


NASA's Space Shuttle Enterprise Lands in New York [VIDEO]
Yesterday we got the preview. Now it's your turn to get up-close and personal with the decommissioned Space Shuttle Enterprise. It's housed in the new Space Shuttle Pavilion on the deck of the Intrepid aircraft carrier at Manhattan's Intrepid Air and ...


Dell to launch Project Sputnik developer laptops this fall
After the initial unveiling of Dell's Project Sputnik developer laptops back in May, the company announced today that the first Sputnik laptop will be out this fall. The first laptop will be a special version of the Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ...


DreamWorks Animation-Incubated Ptch Helps Users Make Beautiful, Shareable Videos
With mobile video being all the rage, multiple startups have emerged to make it easier to shoot and share videos with friends. Following on this trends a small team within DreamWorks Animation has assembled to create an app called Ptch with a unique ...

Usage stats show the new iPad is more business-like
By Erica Ogg Jul. 19, 2012, 6:27am PT No Comments Since the first iPad arrived in 2010, usage of Apple's tablet has been mostly concentrated on browsing the web, checking email, using apps, playing games and reading. But a subtle change took place with ...

In Washington, You Can Register to Vote on Facebook. Could Voter Registration ...
Slate Magazine (blog)
By Will Oremus MySlate is a new tool that you track your favorite parts Slate. You can follow authors and sections, track comment threads you're interested in, and more. What's better than an "I Voted" sticker? A Facebook app for voter registration.

Slate Magazine (blog)

Get a Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone for $134.99
That's a pretty big savings on the hot handset of the moment. This Sprint model requires a two-year contract and includes both shipping and activation. by Rick Broida Say hello to 4.8 inches of Super AMOLED screen goodness.

Opportunity runs the first martian marathon
With all the fanfare about Mars rover Curiosity landing on the Red Planet in August 2012, it's easy to forget that there's already a rover on Mars—an older, smaller cousin set to accomplish a feat unprecedented in the history of Solar System ...

Samsung MV900F MultiView SMART Camera Launched
By Paul Nuttall Samsung has added to its growing range of Wi-Fi enabled SMART cameras with the launch of the MV900F. The compact picks up where its predecessor - the MV800 - left off, inheriting the model's innovative 180-degree flip-out display.


UCF discovers new possible planet
WKMG Orlando
The University of Central Florida has detected possibly its first planet, located 33-light years away, according to UCF Today. The university reports the exoplanet candidate, named UCF 1.01, is two-thirds the size of Earth and moves around its star in ...

Iceberg break off Greenland 'backs up evidence of global warming'
An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan has broken off Greenland. The Telegraph's Environment Correspondent, Louise Gray, explains the consequences. The massive chunk of ice broke off of the Petermann Glacier on the northwestern coast of Greenland,...

Google says technology could disrupt Mexican drug cartels
The Seattle Times
It was technology." Experts told the conference that Mexico's cartels often use more sophisticated technology than law enforcement. Cartel assets include mapping software that tracks the location of police from high-tech control rooms; remote-control submarines; and military-grade rocket launchers. ... Mexico's undersecretary of information technology, Francisco Niembro, said the government has been developing a Web platform where law enforcement can get a national look at crimes and investigations. Today, he ...

Sen. Al Franken questions Facebook exec about facial-recognition feature
Boston Herald
WASHINGTON - Sen. Al Franken grilled a Facebook Inc. executive on the company's facial-recognition technology, urging the giant social network to be more upfront about how it is creating "face prints" of its users. Franken, a Minnesota Democrat, said it ...

HR Tech Europe 2012 - Game Changing HR. 25 & 26 October RAI, Amsterdam
MarketWatch (press release)
HR Tech Europe 2012 will be about getting more for less from technology investments. Whether buying off the shelf or bespoke, or simply fine-tuning and leveraging existing HRIS applications to the max, the fusion of HR and technology is the catalyst that will ...

Google Wants To Help Use Technology To Bring Down Mexican Drug Cartels
Business Insider
... often use more sophisticated technology than law enforcement. Cartel assets include mapping software that tracks the location of police from high-tech control rooms; remote control submarines; and military grade rocket launchers. ... Mexico's undersecretary of information technology, Francisco Niembro, said the government has been developing a Web platform where law enforcement can get a national look at crimes and investigations. Today, he said, 8500 of Mexico's 36000 federal police are dedicated to ...

Business Insider

Climate Change Adaptation Tech vs Climate Change Abatement ...
By Guest Contributor
This is a very interesting post on adaptation tech and funding versus abatement tech/solutions (i.e. some stuff we typically don't write about vs. the kind of stuff we typically do write about). The post has a bit of dry, fun humor in it, as well. Thanks ...

IT: Becoming less about tech skills, more about integration ...
By Patrick Gray
Patrick Gray is the founder and president of Prevoyance Group, and author of Breakthrough IT: Supercharging Organizational Value through Technology. Prevoyance Group provides strategic IT consulting services to Fortune 500 and 1000 ...
on TechRepublic

Marissa's Mean And Kevin's A Quitter: The Tech Press Shineth ...
By Michael Arrington
The tech press must be all hopped up over the first few episodes of The Newsroom. Defenders of truth and protectors of the masses and all that. Because they're out opining on this and that with more than the usual amount of condescension ...

YouTube Face Blurring Tech Latest Google Thwarting of - Reason
By Ed Krayewski
Google, which last month announced it was informing users who appeared to be being targeted by state-sponsored hackers, today unveiled a new face blurring technology for YouTube, which it owns. Amanda Conway, a YouTube policy ...
Hit & Run

Raytheon to develop cyber maneuver technology for US Army ...
By Raytheon
Raytheon has received a $3.1 million contract to develop technology for Morphing Network Assets to Restrict Adversarial Reconnaissance (MORPHINATOR), a program.
Army News at DefenceTalk.com

TimesCast Tech: Career and Family in Silicon Valley - NYTimes.com
Bits - Business, Innovation, Technology, Society. Go. July 18, 2012, 5:35 pm. TimesCast Tech: Career and Family in Silicon Valley. By THE NEW YORK TIMES ... Download for quick access to up-to-the minute technology news. Twitter · RSS ...

The tech patent war: We're all paying for it | Digital Trends
By Simon Hill
Digital Trends Technology news and Product Reviews · Home · Product Reviews More · Camcorder Reviews · Cell Phone Reviews · Desktop Computers · Digital Camera Reviews · E-Readers · Headphone Reviews · Home Theater System ...

Nokia to invest in new materials and tech, be transparent about ...

Nokia to invest in new materials and tech, be transparent about software updates .... 830 hours of Stand-by; Technology: GSM (850 900 1800 1900), UMTS (850 ...

Watch the Star Wars cast sing “Call Me Maybe” | Technology News ...
From the blog Technology News Blog: Oh Internet, will you never tire of Call Me Maybe covers ...

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