21 February 2013

Marissa Mayer and the new Yahoo

Marissa Mayer Puts Her Stamp on Yahoo.com
New York Times (blog)
8:39 a.m. | Updated On Wednesday, Yahoo introduced a fresh new home page with Marissa Mayer's stamp all over it. Yahoo's home page has long been a sort of sad reflection of the company. A jazzed-up Craigslist of sorts, the site was often cluttered with ...

Apple closes Java hack, and why it's time to switch Java off
Computerworld (blog)
The Apple [AAPL] critics are dancing their dance once again today following news of a Java-based malware attack on Macs. But, given Java is the bad boy in the room, shouldn't critics and Kool-Aid drinkers alike just do the right thing and switch Java off for ...

Republic Wireless equals bargain wireless
Wi-Fi is key to Republic Wireless's $19 a month unlimited plan. Republic Wireless Motorola DEFY XT. Republic Wireless offers a $19 Wi-Fi smartphone plan with unlimited data, text and voice. (Photo: Republic Wireless) ...

Concerns Raised About Phone Subsidy Program for Poor
ABC News (blog)
The Federal Communications Commission said it is addressing fraud concerns about a federal program that supports phone access for low-income consumers. The FCC implemented Lifeline in 1985, which provides discounts on monthly telephone service.

Microsoft Forges Skype, Lync into Enterprise Communications Platform
This summer, Microsoft will connect Lync 2013 and Skype in a move that the company hopes will disrupt and "humanize" enterprise communications market. Microsoft's unified communications platform, is undergoing some major changes that according to...


Videogame Shares Get A Play On PlayStation 4 Before Its Release
Wall Street Journal
As Sony Corp. (SNE, 6758.TO) prepares to lift the wraps Wednesday evening on what may be the PlayStation 4, shares of other videogame firms have been riding high, with investors looking toward a new cycle of updated game consoles. The shares of all ...

China Says Army Is Not Behind Attacks in Report
New York Times
SHANGHAI — A day after a United States security company accused a People's Liberation Army unit in Shanghai of engaging in cyberwarfare against American corporations, organizations and government agencies, China's defense ministry issued a strong ...

Gravity Watch: Jose Canseco Weighs in on Newtonian Physics
PC Magazine
Former Major Leaguer Jose Canseco thinks "ancient gravity was much weaker" than it is in modern times—a theory which explains why the dinosaurs were so big and yet still "nimble," the slugger and steroid aficionado claimed on Twitter. It's safe to say ...

Olympus Stylus XZ-10 iHS Camera Features Fast Zoom Lens
PC Magazine
Olympus this week announced the U.S. availability of its new Stylus XZ-10 compact camera, which was previously announced for sale in European markets. The small shooter is in many ways a scaled down version of the XZ-2 enthusiast camera. It offers ...

T-Mobile launches GoSmart budget wireless service
The new service is geared toward consumers more interested in talk and text than high-speed mobile Internet. Steven Musil. by Steven Musil. February 19, 2013 5:23 PM PST Follow @stevenmusil. (Credit: Screenshot by Steven Musil/CNET). Wireless carrier ...

ITC to review Apple victory in Motorola patent case
Federal agency will take a second look at a judge's decision to invalidate a Motorola patent, a ruling that cleared Apple of infringement claims. Steven Musil. by Steven Musil. February 19, 2013 8:44 PM PST Follow @stevenmusil. The U.S. International Trade ...

Any Website Just 19 Clicks Away From Any Other, Study Shows
ABC News
Although there are currently said to be more than 14 billion pages on the Internet, a new study shows that navigation between any two of these pages should take you no more than 19 clicks -- that's how interrelated everything is. The study was published in...

ABC News

VMware sharpens axe for PCs: Horizon boxset brings Windows to iPads
After eighteen months of hints, VMware has unveiled the final version of its “Horizon Suite” end-user computing stack. VMware has wanted more of a desktop presence for years, shelling out for Zimbra in 2010 in the hope enterprises liked the idea of webified ...

Want Google Glass? Tell Google How You'll Use it
Google Glass, Google's most exciting, as-yet-unfinished experiment, may finally be moving officially out of the "Project" phase. On Wednesday, the search giant launched an application contest to let regular people from all walks of life try out the head-mounted ...

Once Unloved, Microcars Fetch Big Bids at Auction
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A collection of microcars and related memorabilia fetched more than $9.1 million at an auction in Madison, Georgia. The sale suggests collectors' interest in small cars is growing just as more consumers are seeking smaller, more efficient cars for everyday...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Why mapping the human brain matters
Washington Post (blog)
It turns out that President Barack Obama's head-scratching mention of a project to map the human brain in his most recent State of the Union speech was more than just a casual comment. John Markoff of the New York Times reported this week that the White ...

TUAW bloggers take on the Mailbox app
You may have heard of Mailbox, an email productivity app that promises to rescue you from your overflowing inbox with its efficient method of email management. The app launched late last week with a long waiting list that's still being processed by the ...

Ofcom raises £2.3bn from 4G auction
BBC News
Broadband like speeds on your smart phone should soon be available to customers on five networks. The winning bidders are Everything Everywhere; Hutchison 3G UK; Niche Spectrum Ventures, a BT subsidiary; Telefonica (O2); and Vodafone. They will pay ...

BBC News

This Amazing 3D Printing Pen Can Draw Actual Things Out Of Thin Air
Business Insider
Printers made by companies like Makerbot bring consumer's ideas to life by crafting clothespins in a pinch, jewelery for a night out, or even an iPhone case. But what if you could draw something out of thin air with no computer or software? That's the idea ...

What Social Media Will You Use in Five Years?
Five years ago, I was still the owner of an active MySpace account, had never heard of a thing called Instagram and my Facebook still had a wall. I didn't even own an Internet-enabled device to access any of these things, which today are all available on apps ...

Bentley Flying Spur revealed: Most beastly 4-door to-date
Bentley has revealed its new Flying Spur, billed as the fastest, most powerful four-door Bentley to-date, and packing even vaster quantities of technology into its cosseting wood, leather, and metal-clad cabin. Set to officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show in ...


iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S each outsold the Galaxy S3 in Q4
FORTUNE -- Drilling a little deeper into sales data than the larger tech research firms, Strategy Analytics on Wednesday released the chart at right, which breaks smartphone sales down by model number. The data show that Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 5 overtook ...

UPDATE 1-BMW recalls 750000 cars due to electrical problem
Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:47pm EST. Feb 19 (Reuters) - BMW is recalling about 750,000 of its vehicles in the United States, Japan, Canada and South Africa due the chance of an electrical failure that may cause the cars to stall unexpectedly, U.S. regulators and ...

Renault-Nissan Alliance Releases a New Silicon Valley Research Centre
The Renault-Nissan Alliance which was formed by Automakers Nissan and Renault had opened a US research center in 2011. Now they have opened a new advanced research center initially specializing in autonomous driving and connected cars. The new ...

As Talk Of A Lower Priced iPhone Take Hold, Some Questions
A so-called “iPhone mini” is likely to launch later this year and sell for around $199. In doing so, Apple would gain a stronger foothold in the growing lower-end phone market, according to Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster. As first reported by AppleInsider, Munster...


Social media alarm after Jeep follows Burger King as Twitter hack victim
Just as the mischievous perpetrators changed the Burger King logo to that of McDonalds and tweeted that BK had been sold to its fast food rival, the Jeep meddlers said it had been sold to Cadillac and changed the profile picture accordingly. "WELCOME ...

HTC One vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs 808 PureView – UltraPixel or PureView?
The HTC One has just introduced a new type of camera into the mobile market. HTC calls it UltraPixel, and it uses larger sensor pixels to offer much better low-light performance. But how does it compare to the PureView tech we saw in the Nokia 808 ...

Happiest place on earth? Longmont is close
Denver Business Journal (blog)
A University of Vermont analysis of 10 million geotagged tweets from 373 urban areas during 2011 pinned down where residents were happiest. Words used in their tweets were judged to be either happy ("rainbow") or sad ("earthquake"). When all the ...

BlizzCon Is Back This November!
Good news, Blizzard fans! After forgoing BlizzCon in 2012 because of the release of Diablo III and Mist of Pandaria, BlizzCon is back for 2013! The event will be held on November 8th and 9th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.


Twitter's new short-form video service – an innovative approach to sharable ...
BostInno (blog)
Vine, a company acquired by Twitter in October of 2012, became available this week as a standalone app with extensive social integration. In short, Vine allows users to seamlessly create 6-second looping videos that are highly sharable and easy to ...

California Highway Dig Yields New Whale Species
Under California law, a paleontologist and an archaeologist must be on-site to supervise during any new road construction — and in at least one case, this law has turned out to be quite useful. On Monday, two scientists who had been supervising a ...


Google Plans Own Retail Stores to Sell Premium Hardware.
X-bit Labs
Google, the world's largest search engine and advertising broker, plans to establish a retail chain in the United States to improve sales of gadgets powered by its software. The chain will compete primarily against Apple and Microsoft retail stores, but the ...

X-bit Labs

Reading Minds: System Observes Real-time Brain Activity In A Live Mouse
Researchers at Stanford University have revealed a new technique for observing hundreds of neurons firing in real time in the brain of a live mouse. They have linked this activity to long-term information storage. The unprecedented work, published in a recent...


Microsoft's Outlook.com Email Product Takes On Google Gmail
Microsoft's newly revamped Outlook.com free email service is now available to all users, some seven months after it was introduced in a limited preview mode to replace Hotmail, Microsoft's longtime email offering. With the new and refreshed Outlook.com...


Firefox 19 Adds Built-In PDF Viewing
PC Magazine
In its never-ending quest for improvement, the army of independent coders with the non-profit Mozilla Foundation (along with the organization's in-house staff) have just released the latest version of Firefox. Version 19 comes with a very tangible new feature ...

Microsoft and Yahoo are Not Happy with the Search Engine Alliance
TopNews Arab Emirates
Microsoft and Yahoo are Not Happy with the Search Engine Alliance It has been reported that Yahoo is not more interested in its alliance with Microsoft, which they signed in 2009 under the leadership of Carol Bartz with a ten year agreement according to ...

TopNews Arab Emirates

How Did the Moon Form? We May Need a New Theory
The Atlantic
Megan Garber - Megan Garber is a staff writer at The Atlantic. She was formerly an assistant editor at the Nieman Journalism Lab, where she wrote about innovations in the media....

The Atlantic

Nasa back in contact with the International Space Station
BBC News
Nasa ground controllers have re-established contact with the International Space Station less than three hours after a computer failure briefly interrupted communication. Flight controllers in Houston were updating software on the ISS when one of its data ...

BBC News

Unlocking Cell Phones Could Land Users In Jail
Maybe you don't like your cell carrier but you like your phone and you want keep it and charge providers. Well, a change in the law makes it illegal to switch without permission from your carrier. That's because if you have, for example, AT&T, in order to switch ...

Apple's iPad Mini 'in stock' in several countries' online stores
CNET (blog)
Rather than days long lag time for the device, the company's online stores in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other countries are now showing that all models of the iPad Mini are "in stock" and ready to ship.

Super mega dolphin pod off San Diego: Why the big party? (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
Are critters of the sea losing it? Skip to next paragraph. In Pictures: Dolphins! Related stories. Herman Melville's "Moby Dick": 10 most memorable lines · $68,000 for whale vomit? Beachcomber finds 'floating gold.' Dolphins able to sleep with half their brains, ...

Christian Science Monitor

Sony cuts PS Vita price in Japan ahead of PlayStation event
BBC News
Sony's handheld console the PlayStation Vita is set for a price drop - ahead of the widely-rumoured launch of a new PlayStation console. Both the wi-fi and 3G model of the PS Vita will retail in Japan for 19,980 yen (£139). Sony has not yet said if the price...

BBC News

Sea Shepherd boats rammed
ABC Online
The anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd claims it's been attacked by Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. Transcript. TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd claims it's been attacked by Japanese whalers in the Southern ...

ABC Online

Microsoft Is Already Coming Out With A Whole New Version Of Windows
Business Insider
It is codenamed "Windows Blue" and Redmond is halfway done with its development, reports Mary Jo Foley. It's not clear if Windows Blue will be something spectacularly new or if it will be what the Windows world calls a "service pack." A service pack is an...

Business Insider

Today in Geek History: Copernicus Was Born
Some days you celebrate just because something happened on that day, and some days just because a person who did an amazing thing was born. Case in point: On this day in 1473, Nicolaus Copernicus was born, and he later posited that the Sun, not the ...

Bill Gates admits Microsoft's early mobile strategy was 'clearly a mistake'
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) co-founder and chairman Bill Gates admitted the company failed to execute on its early mobile strategy, calling its initial efforts to dominate the smartphone market "clearly a mistake." During an interview with CBS This Morning's ...

New scorpion species found near Tucson
TUCSON, Feb. 19 (UPI) -- U.S. biologists say they've discovered a new species of scorpion in mountains in southern Arizona that are within sight of metropolitan Tucson. The new species, Vaejovis brysoni, was found in the Santa Catalina Mountains ...


Russian security footage reveals curiosity, then chaos, as meteor strikes
Herald Sun
Russian Uni feels meteor force. Shock wave from the asteroid cases mass panic at a Russian University. Security footage reveals reactions to meteor; Blast equivalent to 30 Hiroshima bombs; Black market interest in meteor fragments; Gallery: The Russian ...

Predictable evolution trumps randomness of mutations
Predictable evolution trumps randomness of mutations. Separate bacteria populations may respond to environmental changes in identical ways. Lucas Laursen. 19 February 2013. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli (here in an artist's impression) can acquire ...

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