08 February 2013

Sprint In For Big Changes

Sprint's coming identity shift offers hope

Sprint Nextel is in for a massive overhaul. 
The nation's third-largest wireless carrier will finally rid itself of the Nextel albatross -- both the service and the name -- by the end of the first half of the year. It will merge with SoftBank, giving it access to cash to speed its network deployment. It will also acquire full control of Clearwire, giving the company the best spectrum position in the nation, according to one industry official. 
The changes represent a massive identity shift for Sprint, and one that brings hope and optimism to the company and its leadership. Sprint, which has long struggled to juggle both networks while attempting to turn around several quarters of losses and customer defections, may finally be turning a corner with the big changes set to take effect in the coming months.

Microsoft Woos Consumers With New Retail Plans
Microsoft pop-up stores didn't lift ultrabooks or Surface RT to holiday success, but the company hopes additional retail locations will help Windows 8 catch on with consumers. Start The Discussion. Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Michael Endler | February 07, ...

Microsoft hits Google with e-mail privacy campaign
Washington Post
There's no love lost between Google and Microsoft, and the enmity is rising now that the latter has launched a new campaign accusing Google of bad ad practices on Gmail. But consumers may want to check their outrage. This territory has been traveled ...

Fish Navigate Using Earth's Magnetic Fields
Wall Street Journal
Salmon find their way home guided by a natural magnetic map, confirming that fish are attuned to the planet's force field and use this sixth sense to navigate hundreds of miles in open water, scientists reported Thursday. To find out how fish get their bearings, ...

Mailbox app reservations go live in App Store
Apple Insider
Developer Orchestra's free iPhone email client 'Mailbox' is now live in the App Store, with reservations being filled for those who registered with the company in late January. Mailbox Reservation. AppleInsider was able to take an advanced look at Mailbox last ...

Moth pilots robot to a (faux) booty call
Ars Technica
Enlarge / The white ball the moth is standing on acts as a trackball, and its input is used to direct the robot. From Ando, et. al. It could be a scene from a B-rated horror flick or a ridiculous kids' comedy: a bug-eyed moth deftly pilots a robotic vehicle, zig-zagging ...

Ars Technica

App reviews: Ruzzle, Vine
San Jose Mercury News
Ruzzle. A good time for the word nerds. Wordsmiths, this is your game. Similar to Boggle, Ruzzle gives two users the same grid of letters and challenges them to find words hidden in adjacent letters. Players connect words by sliding their fingers along the grid ...

Chicago Auto Show: Toyota unveils new Tundra full-size pickup
Los Angeles Times
The battle for pickup truck supremacy got a little tighter Thursday as Toyota introduced its redesigned 2014 Tundra full-size truck at the Chicago Auto Show. The automaker hopes this new model will be able to lure buyers away from Ford's perennial bestseller ...

Ford Expects 900 Dealers for Its Plug-Ins by the Spring
New York Times (blog)
The 2013 all electric Ford Focus and a charging station at the 2013 Washington Auto Show Gary Cameron/Reuters The 2013 all electric Ford Focus and a charging station at the 2013 Washington Auto Show. Ford said Wednesday that it expected to increase...

New York Times (blog)

Ancestor of humans and all other mammals was small furry insect eater
The Guardian
An identikit picture of a small furry ancestor of humans and most other mammals has been pieced together by scientists. The shrew-like creature weighed less than half a pound, had a long tail and ate insects. It evolved some 200,000 years after a massive...

The Guardian

Dad Pays Teen Daughter $200 to Quit Facebook
PC Magazine
Desperate to get your teenager to quit Facebook? Try reaching into your wallet, like one Boston father. Paul Baier, a research consultant in Boston, is paying his 14-year-old daughter a cool $200 to quit the social network until summer, according to a post on ...

ASUS “ultra-budget” tablet leaked: Nexus 7 redux
With the ASUS-made Google Nexus 7 still selling like hotcakes here several months after its initial debut, a second “bargain basement” device appearing this week shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. This device goes by the code name ME371MG and ...

Assassin's Creed 4 confirmed for 2014, features new hero and time period
Today Ubisoft confirmed that the next installment of the Assassin's Creed franchise, Assassin's Creed 4, will be released during 2014 ending months of speculation and rumours. Yves Guillimot said. "We are delighted and proud to announce today that in ...

Ouya chief: We'll launch a new console every year
Although the Android-based console won't hit major retailers until June, the company plans to launch a new model each year. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. February 7, 2013 8:46 AM PST. Ouya's Android-based console will be available for $99.99.

LibreOffice goes for “cleaner and leaner code base” with major update
Ars Technica
LibreOffice version 4.0 came out today, with project organizers boasting a "cleaner and leaner code base" along with various new features and greater interoperability with business systems and document formats. LibreOffice was launched in 2010 to overtake ...

Wikipad 7-inch Android Tablet for Gamers Launches in Spring for $249
Maximum PC
It's safe to say that Steve Jobs was wrong about the 7-inch tablet category, which even Apple competes in these dayd (iPad mini). As times goes on, you can expect to see even more smaller size tablets enter the market place, including the 7-inch Wikipad, ...

Maximum PC

Microsoft hints at Surface Pro battery add-on
The reviews are in for Microsoft's Surface Pro, and while it's been a mixed bag overall, we actually enjoyed our time with the tablet, but one area that many people weren't too pleased about was battery life. During our tests, we were getting around 4.5 to 5 ...


Ubisoft now bringing Rayman Legends to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — Wii U ...
Ubisoft revealed today that it will delay Rayman Legends for Wii U until September, when it will also release the title for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. “We heard from many Xbox and PlayStation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play...


Z10 has 'Delete All' email function in BB10, a real crowd pleaser
Computerworld (blog)
The BlackBerry Z10 comes with a feature in BlackBerry 10 called Hub, a kind of universal inbox on steroids. One feature that I was glad to find that is still included in BB10 is the capability found in older BlackBerry models to "delete all" emails quickly, ...

Facebook's Sandberg memoir recalls 'breakthrough' with Zuckerberg: report
MarketWatch (blog)
Facebook /quotes/zigman/9962609 /quotes/nls/fb FB Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg doesn't publicly come across as the touchy-feely type, but he does in his chief lieutenant's memoir. Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg's ...

Cars preen for Chicago Auto Show debuts
Chicago Tribune
The 2013 Chicago Auto Show opens Saturday, and automakers today are giving the news media a preview of models making their public debuts at the McCormick Place show. Hundreds of cars and trucks will be on display through Feb. 18, along with ...

Messier 106: Four-Armed Galaxy Dazzles In New Hubble PHOTO
Huffington Post
Where most spiral galaxies have two twisting arms, a neighbor of the Milky Way is a four-armed monster. A new photo snapped by the Hubble Space Telescope, combined with observations by amateur astronomers, reveals these arms in stunning detail (click ...

2013 Nissan Juke Nismo, 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo Power Into 2013 Chicago ...
MotorTrend Magazine
Nissan's performance wing Nismo (Nissan Motorsports) is expanding its lineup, launching a performance-oriented version of the Juke crossover at this year's Chicago Auto Show along with the 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo. Offering more power and even more ...

MotorTrend Magazine

Countdown to asteroid flyby: Watch as experts discuss the flyby
Los Angeles Times
Heart rates are picking up among scientists and sci-fi lovers alike as a huge asteroid prepares to swing by Earth next week. Sky watchers who are on the edge of their seats can watch a live NASA media teleconference live Thursday at 11 a.m. PST, when ...

2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel Unveiled at Chicago Auto Show, New Compact Goes ...
Latinos Post
The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze jumps the pond this year as the new diesel-powered compact car makes its debut at the Chicago Auto Show today. Bringing a diesel car to the United States from Europe is a move that worked for Volkswagen in the past, as the ...

Latinos Post

2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo Debuts at Chicago Auto Show Video
Automotive Discovery
The 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo couldn't wait to take its covers off and you can view it in curve cruising road hugging action in the following video. Or, just wait until the grand debut later today at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. There are two versions of ...

Apple's Latest iOS Beta Doesn't Patch The Evasi0n Jailbreak
My first thought was that Apple rushed to release iOS 6.1.1 beta so that it could eventually patch the Evasi0n jailbreak when it's officially released. According to Pod2g, iOS 6.1.1 beta is still vulnerable to the untethered jailbreak. It's important to note that even ...

The Cross GT Concept Is The Future Of The Crossover World
The Cross GT Concept Is The Future Of The Crossover World Following the GT Concept of 2011, Kia has now brought a vision of a larger premium CUV to the Chicago Auto Show. The new car was designed by the Frankfurt team, but built by Kia's American ...

Apple Takes On Microsoft With 128GB iPad As Tablets Munch On PC Sales
With its sights firmly set on Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and the huge PC market, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) added another important update to its growing iPad collection. The iDevice maker recently launched a 128 GB update to its Retina display-toting ...

EU Rules Would Require Companies to Report Cyber Attacks
PC Magazine
European officials today proposed rules that would require companies in certain industries to immediately report any sort of cyber attack or intrusion. "Under our proposal, sectors using telecoms networks in ways vital to our economy and society – energy, ...

Hacker Group, Anonymous, Hits Federal Reserve
ABC News
And, now, someone has broken into the national bank. The federal reserve. A 21st century thief breaking into files, not into metal safes. The mysterious group anonymous has struck again, with a... See More. And, now, someone has broken into the national ...

Must-Have Android Tablet Apps
Houston Chronicle
Most people know about all the apps that are available on the iOS app store, but some computer users do not know about the many different applications that Samsung or Lenovo Android tablets can download. Whether or not a tablet is operating at its best ...

The tipping point
Washington Post (blog)
Start talking about restaurant tipping, and you can wind up in a passionate debate. Some people hate being pressured or guilt-tripped to tip at all, especially when the service is mediocre to awful. Others, including many who have worked in the service ...

Washington Post (blog)

Bamital Botnet destroyed: Microsoft, Symantec victorious
This week the Botnet known as Bamital has been reported dead by the two warriors that claim to have killed it: Symantec and Microsoft. This report shows that the death of said botnet will take down its abilities in full: hijacking search results galore being the...


Google's Enhanced Campaigns Inspire Love, Hate And Hope For The Next ...
Search Engine Land
Tensions were high in the pay-per-click world yesterday, as marketers held their collective breath waiting for news of what were rumored to be “big changes” from Google AdWords. Indeed, it was big news — the launch of Enhanced Campaigns, which let ...

Mapping technology driving India's economic growth
Summary: According to a BCG report commissioned by Google, the Indian geo services industry generated US$3 billion in revenue in 2011 alone, while accounting for approximately 135,000 jobs. Swati Prasad. By Swati Prasad for Inside India | February 7, ...

Would You Spend $400 on a Playstation 4?
or functionality. Japanese newspaper Asahi News suspects that this new console will retail for 40,000 yen, or $427, likely rounded down to $400 USD. We have to remember that Sony has not yet confirmed the existence of the PS4, and any rumors should be ...

NASA Captures First Images of ISON Comet
Voice of America
NASA has captured the first images of a distant comet, which may give us a spectacular light show later this fall. The images of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON), were taken by NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft from January 17 and 18 when the comet was 493 million ...

Voice of America

35 ancient pyramids discovered in Sudan
Fox News
At least 35 small pyramids, along with graves, have been discovered clustered closely together at a site called Sedeinga in Sudan. Discovered between 2009 and 2012, researchers are surprised at how densely the pyramids are concentrated. In one field ...

Yahoo teams up with Google on contextual advertising
Yahoo has announced that it will start serving advertising from Google's AdSense and AdMob services on various of its own web properties and certain co-branded sites. In a blog post announcing the deal, Yahoo said, “By adding Google to our list of ...

New Xbox Rumors Same as the Old Rumors
PC Magazine
You'd think that after last month's fake Xbox rumor caught fact-checkers napping at several tech sites, we'd have learned our lesson. Nope—there's a bunch of new rumors about Microsoft's next-gen game console making the rounds, as well as some old, ...

Chicago Auto Show 2013: Volkswagen Unveils Limited-Edition 2014 Beetle ...
Auto World News
Volkswagen unveiled their new, special-edition GSR Beetle at the Chicago Auto Show today to pay homage to the classic 1970's black and yellow GSR according to a company press release. Like Us on Facebook ...

Auto World News

4.5 Billion Potentially Habitable Planets May Orbit Red Dwarfs In Our Galaxy
4.5 Billion Potentially Habitable Planets May Orbit Red Dwarfs In Our Galaxy When we look up into the starry sky at night, we only see a small portion of what's really up there. Red dwarfs comprise nearly 75% of all the stars in the Milky Way, yet they remain ...

Could this be Google's slick new touchscreen Chromebook?
Video If what purports to be a leaked video turns out to be legit, Google may be planning to shake up the PC hardware market by releasing a new, upscale Chromebook featuring a high-resolution touchscreen display. Rumors of a touchscreen Chromebook ...

Ubuntu Phone OS handsets will hit shelves in October
The Ubuntu Phone OS was first revealed back in April of 2012, when a job listing went out looking for a Business Development Manager for the mobile operating system. The system has been in the news increasingly more often over the months, with ...

Facebook May Be Mapping Out a Location-Tracking App
Facebook may be joining tech rivals Google and Apple in offering up more location-tracking features for its users. A rumored Facebook tracking app could mean revenue from targeted ads to members and a way to boost the company's mobile strategy.

ABI: Mobile Market Not A Duopole Yet, Win Phone & BB10 to Survive
GPS Business News
According to their latest report ABI Research estimates that there will be 45 million Windows Phone and 20 million BlackBerry 10 Smartphones in active use at the end of 2013. “Despite of Apple's and Google's strong hold of the market, ABI Research ...

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