26 February 2013

HP going Google--first a Chromebook, now an Android tablet

HP unveils Android tablet: " . . . Slate 7 has a 7-inch display with a modest (judging by the 1024 by 600 resolution) display, similar to the original Kindle Fire, which seems to be a direct competitive target among entry level models. Unlike the camera-free first Fire, Slate 7 has two cameras, a rear 3-megapixel camera and a VGA front camera. The tablet runs the Jelly Bean 4.1 flavor of Android, and has a dual-core ARM processor, and 8 gigabytes of memory, expandable via microSD. HP says the tablet battery will go about 5 hours, which if so is nothing to write home about. Among the Slate 7 features are embedded Beats Audio, which HP claims is an industry first for tablets. Slate 7 also has direct printing capabilities. Built around a stainless steel frame, the initial models—you can get it in red or gray—are Wi-Fi only . . . ."

LG Buys WebOS From HP to Power Smart TVs: "Now that HP has committed to Android for tablets and phones — beginning with theHP Slate 7 — it's time for the company to get rid of some of its excess baggage — namely,webOS. According to CNET, LG is acquiring webOS from HP with the intention of putting it on its smart television sets. You remember webOS, right? It was Palm's innovative mobile operating system that based its foundation on web technologies — such as HTML and JavaScript. When HP acquired Palm back in 2010, it all looked so promising. It wasn't to last. In a span of just 16 months, HP went from "doubling down" on webOS to ending hardware development and open-sourcing the operating system. . . . "

CHART OF THE DAY: The Big Opportunity For Amazon - Business Insider:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tablet: iPad Mini Rival
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is a smaller tablet that offers all the same stylus-based features of its larger cousin. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Eric Zeman | February 25, 2013 08:55 AM. 10 Best Apps For the Samsung Galaxy Note ...

Asus announces the 5-inch PadFone Infinity
BARCELONA, Spain--Well that was quick. It's hasn't even been a year since the launch of the PadFone 2 back in October 2012 and a new PadFone is making a debut here in Barcelona. Last year's MWC saw the launch of the first PadFone, so this kind of ...


Nokia Lumia 720, 520 Expand Windows Phone 8 Portfolio: MWC
Nokia expands its Windows Phone 8 offerings with the Lumia 720 and 520 smartphones, and debuts two handsets aimed at emerging markets. BARCELONA--Handset maker Nokia introduced four devices, including the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520...


Scientists plan mission to smash into an asteroid
Fox News
A mission that aims to slam a spacecraft into a near-Earth asteroid now officially has a target — a space rock called Didymos. The joint European/U.S. Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment mission, or AIDA, will work to intercept Didymos in 2022, when ...

BlackBerry launches Z10 in India amid claims of poor sales
Summary: The fruit-themed smartphone maker launches its Z10 in India, just as Nokia launches its own smartphone in China. Can you work out why? (Hint: analysts say Z10 sales are struggling only a month in.) Zack Whittaker. By Zack Whittaker for Between...


Sony Announces Alpha 58 and NEX-3N at Aggressive Price Points
PC Magazine
Europe got this news last week, but Sony announced the US pricing and availability for a number of new cameras today. Headlinging the group is the company's new entry level compact interchangeable lens camera, the Alpha NEX-3N, and the replacement ...

MWC 2013: live coverage
... Off. • Mobile World Congress 2013 gets underway in Barcelona • Sony and Samsung announce new tablets • Samsung issues invites to Galaxy S4 launch • Nokia unveils cheaper smartphone models. 13.29 Booth Babe-watch continues. Benedict Evans ...


Microsoft coughs up compensation for Azure cloud cock-up
Microsoft has vowed to compensate users of its Azure cloud after an expired SSL certificate took the service offline. Victims of the Blue Sky of Death, which lasted 12 hours, will get credits as per their service-level agreement (SLA), the Redmond giant ...

Google Shooting for 4Q13, Sub-$1500 Project Glass Release
Tom's Hardware Guide
Google may be shooting to launch a consumer version of Glass by the end of the year. Project Glass, or Google Glass, is currently in the hands of developers as they crank out applications for Google's new head-mounted display. The company originally ...

Firefox to auto-block third-party ad cookies by summer
Computerworld - Mozilla will automatically block third-party cookies starting with Firefox 22, which is slated to ship this summer, according to the Stanford University researcher who coded the change. The move, which will make it more difficult for online ad ...

Final Review: Microsoft Surface Pro
When Microsoft launched the Surface RT I praised its build quality, display, stellar battery life, and unrivaled capacity for productivity. With its stripped down ARM-powered OS, it was logical to compare its feature set with other tablets. The Surface Pro, however ...


Apple Debuts Hollywood iPad Ad During Oscars
The Mac Observer
Apple released a new iPad commercial during the Oscars Sunday night that, appropriately enough, highlighted the tablet's movie making and viewing features. The ad follows the same formula as other recent commercials by picking words that fit with a theme ...

The Mac Observer

Hackers: The Flies in Social Media Marketing Ointment
CRM Buyer
Marketers are just beginning to get a handle on the myriad ways social networks can be used for brand-building, but some ugly problems are threatening to spoil the party. Hackers have been tampering with some of the most exciting and potentially lucrative ...

Microsoft admits it was also a target of Apple and Facebook attacks
SOFTWARE HOUSE Microsoft has admitted that it too was a target of cyber attacks that exploited vulnerabilities to infect employees' machines at major technology firms including Apple, Facebook and Twitter. The company confirmed it experienced "a similar ...

Sony Xperia Tablet Z hands-on: Slim is in
Sony's track record with tablets has been mixed, but the Xperia Tablet Z is undoubtedly the company's best play for the slate market so far. Slotting a bright, colorful 10.1-inch display running at a hefty 1920 x 1200 resolution into a waifishly-appealing 6.9mm ...


Huawei Announces Ascend P2, 'The Fastest Smartphone In The World'
Huffington Post
BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Huawei, a Chinese company that recently became the world's third-largest maker of smartphones, calls its new flagship product "the fastest smartphone in the world" and wants to use it to expand global awareness of its brand.

Now that's “fast” roadside assistance: AT&T's LTE will power GM's OnStar
The deal runs counter to bring-your-own-connectivity approach GM and the rest of the Detroit automakers have backed in recent years. OnStar Leverages Google Technology for New Mobile App Features. General Motors' OnStar system is going to get turbo ...


India Launches Asteroid-Hunting Satellites, Tiny Space Telescopes Into Orbit
Huffington Post
A rocket carrying seven new satellites, including the first spacecraft designed to hunt huge asteroids and two of the world's smallest space telescopes, launched into space Monday (Feb. 25) from an Indian spaceport. The Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle ...

Kyocera unveils new Torque ultra-rugged 4G LTE Android smartphone
Kyocera has unveiled a new extremely rugged smartphone running the Android operating system called the Torque. The device will launch on March 8 on the Sprint network and is designed to survive everyday life and extreme elements. The smartphone will ...


Social media emerge as a big advertising platform — and a target for hackers
While most Americans were winding up their holiday weekends last Monday, the phones at the Vancouver, British Columbia, headquarters of HootSuite, a social media management company, began to ring.

MWC 2013: Samsung's Knox system takes BYOD fight to BlackBerry
Summary: Samsung hopes to attract more enterprise customers through the introduction of a new containerised security system called Knox for some of its Android-powered Galaxy smartphones. Ben Woods. By Ben Woods | February 25, 2013 -- 10:05 GMT ...

And Now, Ubuntu for Tablets - Wait, What?
"On the one hand, a real Linux tablet is very attractive," said Google+ blogger Kevin O'Brien. "On the other hand, what will the ecosystem look like? Will there be all of the apps I want? ... There is a tendency still for companies to not create Linux clients for ...

Android Apps for Children: A plea from parents
Cool Mom Tech
Kindle Fire apps We've written (again and again, often in comments) as to why it's so difficult to find Android apps that meet our standards. And while a recent survey of our readers indicates that more than 90% own an Apple device (often an iPad) and are ...

How Dinosaurs Evolved the World's Longest Necks While Giraffes Fell Short
Science World Report
(Photo : Flickr/Patrick Emerson) How did dinosaurs evolve such long necks? New research shows how they managed to support a neck that was sometimes as much as 50 feet in length. Giraffes may have long necks, but theirs are nothing when compared to ...

Facebook to offer free or discounted data for Messenger iOS app in international ...
Apple Insider
Social networking monolith Facebook on Monday announced that it has partnered with multiple cellular providers worldwide to let Messenger app users send messages at discounted or free data rates. Facebook Messenger. In a post to Facebook's official ...

10 Things You Need To Know This Morning (HPQ, NOK, T, FB, MSFT, YHOO)
San Francisco Chronicle
Good morning! Here's the overnight news. LG bought WebOS, the smartphone operating system that used to power the Palm Pre, from HP. LG will use it in TVs. (UPDATE: CNET ...

Intel launches dual-core Atom processor platform formerly known as Clover Trail+
Intel has officially launched its new dual-core Atom processor-based platform that was formerly known as Clover Trail+. The new platform has officially launched at Mobile World Congress 2013 and will be featured in a range of new products, ecosystems, and...


Euro-Spec Ford EcoSport Revealed
ford ecosport EU 1 545x363 at Euro Spec Ford EcoSport Revealed Ford took to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to reveal the European version of its EcoSport, a global crossover model. The car is designed as an Eco model, but the Euro-spec ...


Pluto's New Moon May be Named Vulcan
Cleveland Leader
Two new moons were discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2011 and 2012, and a naming contest for them is being held. In keeping with the naming tradition of Pluto and its other moon's, scientists from the SETI Institute have requested the choice to ...

Cleveland Leader

Report: Google developing subscription music streaming service
Google is reportedly in talks with multiple music labels in a bid to launch its own subscription music streaming service, according to a Wall Street Journal report. According to the report, the new Google music streaming service will bring music lovers similar ...


Could 'lost' continent discovered in Indian Ocean be Atlantis?
Researchers have found evidence of an ancient continent (possibly the lost civilization of Atlantis) buried beneath the floor of the Indian Ocean. Researchers believe they've found a "microcontinent" that was once wedged between India and Madagascar.


Despite Massive Support From Telco Industry, Mozilla's Firefox OS 'Needs ...
People look at a screen displaying a ZTE mobile phone with a Firefox logo on its screen during a press conference to present the new Firefox OS mobile operating system in Barcelona on February 24, 2013, a day before the start of the 2013 Mobile World ...

Facebook builds 'cold storage' archive for old photos
Facebook is building a vast new "cold storage" facility in the US to archive all the messages, photos and other postings that its over billion users do not need every day but want to retain for future reference. A 16,000-square-foot data centre under construction ...

Nvidia Shows Off Tegra 4 CPU, Phoenix Reference Design Phone
LAPTOP Magazine (blog)
Nvidia's been on a roll of late. After announcing its next-gen Tegra 4 platform at CES, the company recently unveiled its lower-cost Tegra 4i CPU with integrated LTE modem. Now, here at Mobile World Congress, the company is demonstrating the graphics ...

LAPTOP Magazine (blog)

PlayStation 4 vs. PC graphics: Can Sony even compete?
Sony's PlayStation 4 launch last Wednesday was monumental, and not just because it may very well be the first console announcement in history where the company failed to actually show the console itself. While the rest of the world was bemoaning the ...

LG eyes lost ground in smartphones
Financial Times
As Samsung Electronics has surged to pole position in global smartphone sales over the past two years, its South Korean rival LG Electronics has watched its handset market share dwindle. Company insiders admit that the group was damagingly slow to ...

This chief executive is an appy chappy
The Australian Financial Review
All of us had a BlackBerry for a long time. We were great fans; the texting and phone were great. Tony Stuart. The rise of mobile apps has touched many areas of daily life, from personal banking to entertainment, but for NRMA Group chief executive Tony ...

MWC 2013: Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 5 released, 1700mAh battery pack ...
Today's iPhone
MWC 2013 has just kicked off in Barcelona, and my email inbox is flooding with press releases of new products and initiatives. If you're in to mobile, it's the one conference you should visit each year. Sadly, I couldn't be there, but that doesn't mean we won't ...

HTC launches smartphone with revamped software
Business Recorder (blog)
Taiwan's HTC Corp has unveiled the new smartphone that it hopes will set it apart from the crowd of Google Android devices on the market and help it to make up ground lost to Samsung. The HTC One is powered by Google's software, but the company has ...

HP backs into tablet, commodity device game: Can it win?
Summary: HP is clearly on the Google and Android bandwagon with a new 7-inch tablet. That's great news for Google. Likely bad news for HP's profit margins. Larry Dignan. By Larry Dignan for Between the Lines | February 25, 2013 -- 07:00 GMT (23:00 PST) ...

North Hollywood High School wins 20th Annual Science Bowl
Los Angeles Times
North Hollywood High School won the 20th Annual Science Bowl Regional Competition on Sunday in downtown Los Angeles, the school's eighth consecutive win. Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City placed second in the tournament, sponsored by the ...

Happy Birthday Steve Jobs: The Story Behind Late Apple CEO Who Made ...
Its Steve Jobs' 58th birthday today and its time to remember the icon who gave the tech world iPhone and iPad. The late Apple co-founder was best known for his visionary leadership and innovation, but he was also known for his unvarying signature look.

Facebook app update, NYPD has a dedicated Apple device recovery team, HTC ...
iPhone Buzz
iPhone users who take advantage of the Facebook app may have noticed that a new update is now available. The new update brings voice calling to the US and Canada at no cost. There are a lot of thieves out there that specifically target Apple devices such...

iPhone Buzz

White House seeks to shed the risk-averse cyber information sharing culture
One of the effects of the executive order on cybersecurity President Barack Obama signed earlier this month is to begin sharing up-to-date, classified government information on cyber threats with companies that operate critical infrastructure. The White House ...

New Jeep Cherokee unveiled
This is the new Jeep Cherokee, the first all-new Jeep to be born out of the Fiat-Chrysler alliance. The model will be seen in the public for the first time at the New York motor show later next month, before going on sale in the autumn. Jeep released these first ...

Evidence could prove that humans have unique cortical brain networks
Our ancestors evolutionarily split from those of rhesus monkeys about 25 million years ago. Since then, brain areas have been added, have disappeared or have changed in function. This raises the question, 'Has evolution given humans unique brain ...

Google unveils futuristic Californian HQ plans
The Drum
Google has announced plans for a $120m expansion of its existing Mountain View headquarters, California, to bring its employees closer together and furnish them with a roof garden. The 1.1m square foot 'Googleplex' is scheduled for completion in 2015 ...

The Drum

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