05 February 2013

HP Chromebooks on market

Pavilion 14 Chromebook shows HP's 'multi-OS approach' | Internet & Media - CNET News: "Moving its PC line beyond Microsoft's Windows operating system by embracing Google's Chrome OS, Hewlett-Packard today announced the $330 Pavilion 14 Chromebook. Samsung and Acer were the first to offer Chrome OS devices, with Lenovo following suit. Now HP evidently believes it's worth jumping on the bandwagon for the browser-based operating system, describing the Chromebook as part of its "multi-OS approach." "Google's Chrome OS is showing great appeal to a growing customer base," said Kevin Frost, general manager of HP's Consumer PC, Printing, and Personal Systems group. "With HP's Chromebook, customers can get the best of the Google experience on a full-sized laptop, all backed up by our service and brand.""

HP Chromebooks specs here

'Minecraft' Hits Mother Lode For a Small Swedish Company
Wall Street Journal
Minecraft, an old-style Internet game made by Swedish outfit Mojang, has become a gamers' favourite. WSJ's Ben Rooney explains its success as a social-network hybrid that doesn't rely on virtual product sales for its success. It takes 3,000 employees for...

Wall Street Journal

Blackberry Z10 Super Bowl Ad Draws Mixed Reactions
PC Magazine
During this Sunday's Super Bowl, the biggest television advertising event of the year, the world finally got a look at the first ad from resurgent mobile phone company BlackBerry - and reaction appears to be mixed. Rather than run down a laundry list of product ...

German publishers say Google won't get the same deal it got in France
IDG News Service - German newspaper and magazine publishers said Monday that they won't give Google the same copyright deal as it struck with French publishers to settle a dispute over revenue lost when news article snippets appear in search results.

Smartphone screens will exceed 5 inches, HTC says
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC will release phones with screens larger than 5 inches, and develop more budget-friendly handsets for the Chinese market, its CFO said Monday. "We will not limit ourselves to below 5 [inches]," said HTC CFO Chialin ...

Windows 8 Outlook: Murky At Best
Based on the latest numbers, Microsoft should slash prices on both Surface RT and Windows 8 to motivate sales, some analysts say. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Michael Endler | February 04, 2013 09:06 AM. Windows 8 lost some ...

Apple updates Java 6 for Snow Leopard
Summary: Apple has offered a Java fix for users of one of its older OS X operating systems. Liam Tung. By Liam Tung | February 4, 2013 -- 14:24 GMT (06:24 PST). Follow @liamT. An update for Java SE 6 for Snow Leopard has fixed multiple vulnerabilities ...

New low-cost Raspberry Pi released in Europe
Summary: The $25 Model A Raspberry Pi is available to buy in Europe, offering lower power consumption than the Model B. Nick Heath. By Nick Heath | February 4, 2013 -- 13:08 GMT (05:08 PST). Follow @NickJHeath. A new cheaper version of the ...

King Richard III Bones Found, Scientists Say
National Geographic
The skull of the skeleton found under a parking lot in Leicester, England that researchers now say is that of King Richard III. Photograph courtesy University of Leicester. Heather Pringle. for National Geographic News. Published February 4, 2013. The search ...

National Geographic

Windows apps coming to Android courtesy of Wine
Summary: Software that allows Windows apps to run on Android devices has been shown off at the Fosdem 2013 open-source conference. Nick Heath. By Nick Heath | February 4, 2013 -- 11:54 GMT (03:54 PST). Follow @NickJHeath. Software that allows ...

Twitter tops in Super Bowl commercial mentions
Twitter was mentioned in about half of the national television commercials that aired on last night's Super Bowl, according to one report. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. February 4, 2013 5:59 AM PST. Twitter is tops when it comes to social network mentions ...

Samsung: Never mind Steve Jobs, let's snap off a piece of stylus biz
Steve Jobs famously said of tablets: "If it comes with a stylus, you're doing it wrong", but Samsung is betting the vibrating tools will go big and has just bought a 5 per cent stake in stylus-making company Wacom. Wacom has already made pens for Samsung, ...

Office 2013: To upgrade or not to upgrade
For many of us, Office 2007 brought some unsettling changes. The 'ribbon' interface was tough for some users to get the hang of, but brought an exciting new way to interact with word processing. Office 2010 refined the features of the ribbon interface further, ...

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 official video sufaces
After revealing the device last month, today is the day that ASUS launches the MeMO Pad 7. What better way to celebrate than with a new launch video? The video shows off the budget-friendly MeMO Pad 7 in all of its glory, with ASUS choosing to focus on ...


HP's Chromebook is the biggest yet — still sort of useless
HP is officially getting into the Chromebook fray with the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook — but unfortunately it doesn't do much to justify the existence of Google's browser-focused OS. HP's Chromebook is bigger than the competition with its 14-inch screen, and ...


StatCounter: Nokia Cedes Global Mobile Internet Usage Top Spot To Apple ...
Nokia's slide down the mobile rankings continues: StatCounter figures for January 2013 show Apple dislodged the Finnish mobile maker for the first time as the most popular mobile vendor in terms of global internet usage. The figures come from StatCounter ...


UK Chart: Ni no Kuni enchants the UK as DmC drops out
Hitman HD Trilogy enters at fifth and DmC: Devil May Cry drops out of the top 10. Magical role-playing game Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has dislodged Call of Duty: Black Ops II to take top spot in this week's UK charts. The PS3-exclusive Studio Ghibli ...

You'll Be Able To Jailbreak The Latest iPhone Software Starting Today
Business Insider
A new jailbreak for the latest version of the iOS operating system for iPhones will be available today, according to a tweet from jailbreaker Planetbeing. Keep your eye on that Twitter account for more updates on how to get the jailbreak. Jailbreaking your ...

Business Insider

Surface Pro, Windows 8 and the rebirth of Microsoft
Summary: A new landscape of tablets, cloud and BYOD pressures means that Microsoft has to get both the software and the hardware right. Steve Ranger. By Steve Ranger | February 4, 2013 -- 13:00 GMT (05:00 PST). Follow @steveranger. Last year's...


Apple introduces vanity URLs for App Store apps
Apple didn't air a Super Bowl commercial, but it still managed to generate some buzz thanks to Paramount Pictures. According to a CNET report, the movie maker aired a commercial for its upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness film and flashed a custom URL ...

Nokia to bring 41-megapixel 'Pureview' sensor system to Lumia range
The Guardian
Nokia is finally bringing its "revolutionary" 41-megapixel Pureview sensor to its Lumia range of Windows Phone handsets, according to sources close to the Finnish handset maker. The new model will be known as EOS, and will launch in the summer in the ...

The Guardian

Why Facebook's Graph Search Really Does Matter: Big Data + NLP
By Marrying big data with natural language, Mark Zuckerberg will know more about you than your closest friends. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Ever since Facebook unveiled its Graph Search last month, pundits have opined that it's everything from a “killer app” ...


Fire Emblem: Awakening
Sweeping accessibility has never been the Fire Emblem series's strong suit, as its primary calling card since its 1990 debut is its rapidly increasing difficulty level and the ever-present threat of perma-death. Meaning that if one of your characters expires in any ...


AMD Revamps Never Settle Game Bundle with More Top Titles
Hot Hardware
It's never too early to start looking ahead to your tax refund, and if a graphics card upgrade is on your radar, AMD has an enticing offer. The Sunnyvale chip designer just announced the arrival of its "Never Settle: Reloaded" game bundle, the sequel to last ...

Hot Hardware

Nexus 10 supplies crawling back to Google Play stores - and disappearing again
Summary: Google's Nexus 10 tablet is available once again, but supplies remain patchy and stores in Europe and the Australia are reporting some variants of the 10-inch device are already out of stock. Liam Tung. By Liam Tung | February 4, 2013 -- 11:50 ...

Viper Supercar Officially Proclaims 2013 Return to Le Mans
Automoblog.net (blog)
When the Viper was reborn as a halo product for Chrysler Group's newly formed SRT brand, the motorsport ambitions for the new vehicle was made apparent right from the start. Unlike the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that will leave fans in the larch for ...

Why Vine's Going to Grow Into Something Huge
Wired (blog)
The very best things we make are the things that allow us to make even better things: tools that create connections and empower creativity. The latest of these is Vine, Twitter's remarkable new video sharing app. Vine lets people shoot and share six-second ...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Must Make An iPhablet To Compete Globally: Barclays
Barclays analysts say if Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) wants to compete on the international stage, it must make an iPhablet or iPhone with a 5-inch or bigger screen. They said large screened phones seem to be more popular outside the U.S., and their tech ...


Asteroid's near miss is gold for sky miners
Brisbane Times
In February, an asteroid will fly past Earth closer than many man-made satellites. It will be the first time astronomers have seen an object so big come so close to our planet. Autoplay OnOff; Video feedback; Video settings. IT WILL be one near miss for man, but ...

Will Apple's iPad 'Pro' work for you?
The Guardian (blog)
The iPad started simple, one window at a time, putting it in the "media consumption" category as a result. Over time, such category proved too narrow, the iPad did well in some content creation activities. Can the new 128 GB iPad continue the trend and ...

The Guardian (blog)

Kate Upton attends two Super Bowl parties in the same outfit
Kate Upton attended a Super Bowl party over the weekend. The Huffington Post caught a photo of the sexy model on Feb.3. She attended many of the celebrity-studded Super Bowl ...


Demystifying Advanced Compact Cameras
All Things Digital
For a lot of people, a “point and shoot” camera translates to “scratch your head, read instruction manual, Google some stuff, aim camera, point, shoot and frown at grainy or under-exposed photo.” In other words: It's complicated. It hasn't always been this way.

Kia's Forte Super Bowl 2013 ad shows robotic women
Tonight is the Super Bowl XLVII and fans are excited to see the commercials of course. On Feb. 1, Auto Week posted a new one from Kia Forte that fans are going to love. This 40 second commercial has it all. Fans can check out the new Kia commercial in this ...


Report: Mercedes-Benz SLC to get V6 for base model, plus more details
CAR Magazine UK has recently reported on some new details surrounding Mercedes-Benz's much anticipated Porsche 911 fighter, the Mercedes-Benz SLC sports car that's supposed to be smaller and less expensive than the top-dog SLS AMG coupe.


Google Wants You To Hear Through Your Bones Instead Of Your Ears
Though the project remains “in flux,” more possible details about Google's augmented reality/smart glasses have emerged by way of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to a recent filing, Google could plan to use “indirect bone ...


Iran: We Did Send Monkey To Space
Daily Beast
We'll believe it when we hear from the monkey. Iranian officials insisted over the weekend that they had sent a monkey into space and differences in the photographs were due to an error by the state media. Senior space official Mohammad Ebrahimi said that ...

Daily Beast

Apple iPhone 6: Rumours swirl about mid-year launch?
India Today
The US technology giant Apple Inc . is reported to have started preliminary builds of the next iPhone, dubbed iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S. The new iPhone is likely to be launched in June or July, said a report. The report on macworld.com.au said: "Apple is ...

India Today

China: People's Daily Rejects US Hacking Claims
Sky News
The mouthpiece of the ruling Communist party hits back at hacking allegations by US media outlets. 2:22pm UK, Monday 04 February 2013. Computer hacker working on laptop. Chinese hackers have been accused of inflitrating US media computer systems ...

Russians' Sea Launch fails at rocket launch at sea
The Sea Launch AG Zenit-3SL rocket with a commercial payload onboard went up but just 40 seconds later it returned to Earth, plunging into the Pacific Ocean. Sea Launch - Zenit 3SL/Intelsat 27 Launch Failure - February 1, 2013 Sea Launch. At 1:56 a.m. ...

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) in talks with HBO for content for Apple TV
Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) is in talks with Time Warner's HBO to carry its app HBO Go on their network, Bloomberg reported citing sources. Subscribers to HBO will have access to more than 600 hours of movies and television shows on Apple TV, which is a ...

Focus Home Announces New Sherlock Holmes Game
Gaming Illustrated
Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes is the latest video game adaptation of the classic character, Focus Home announced. Developer Frogwares Studio will abandon the company's in-house graphics engine in favor of Epic's Unreal Engine 3 for ...

Wolverine Might Be Listed as Threatened Due To Climate Change
The wolverine, a particularly tough member of the weasel family, might be getting some governmental help soon. After a lawsuit put forth by the Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has made the ...

NASA to beam Super Bowl game to International Space Station
The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year, an event that's watched the world over — and now, even beyond. NASA's Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston will beam the game to the six astronauts aboard the International ...


Sony may only get consolation prize
Boston Herald
With Sony expected to unveil the PlayStation 4 at a mystery event later this month and a new Xbox on the horizon, 2013 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for gaming consoles. Yet there won't even be such a thing as a pure gaming console in a few years.

NASA Captures Solar Flux Rope, CME Precursor Seen For The First Time On Its ...
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observed something somewhat unexpected during a solar eruption last July, a solar flare occurred without a CME eruption, but with a flux rope. It's long been theorized that CMEs are the result of magnetic field lines ...

Is HTC Droid DNA 4G Best All Around Smartphone of 2012?
Mobile bloom News
htcdroiddna The HTC Droid DNA delivers one of the fastest and most powerful quad core processors of any smartphone. It also offers the highest pixel density of any handset currently. On top of that, the HTC Droid DNA 4G was the first smartphone to deliver a ...

The Double Is Like Wheels For Your iPad [Macworld 2013]
Cult of Mac
The show floor at Macworld typically houses a familiar array of gadgets and accessories. There's plenty of cases, docks, and attachments for your iPhone and iPad that are all essentially the same. Perhaps the most unique product at Macworld, however, is the ...

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