03 February 2013

Facebook Graph Search is different

Facebook's Graph Search is a different kind of search
San Jose Mercury News
Looking for a reason to spend more time on Facebook? CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his crew of social-software gurus are convinced their new Graph Search function is just what you need. Zuckerberg has touted Graph Search as a "third pillar" of the popular ...

Nokia shares $1.35bn EU graphene research grant
The EU has awarded a €1bn ($1.35bn) grant to the Graphene Flagship consortium in a ten-year project bringing academics and industrialists together to commercialize graphene, and hopefully spur economic growth. The grant comes from the EU's Future ...

Sea Launch comsat rocket goes titsup 40 seconds into launch
The troubled rocketeers at Sea Launch have had another setback with the failure of its latest launch after just 40 seconds of flight, leading to the destruction of both the delivery vehicle and its expensive satellite payload. "We are very disappointed with the ...

Microsoft Dell deal would restore PC makers' confidence
First, the world's third biggest PC maker is expected to announce a $20bn leveraged buyout, taking it off the stock market and putting it back into private hands. Twenty-five years after Dell floated, the PC maker's management would no longer be accountable ...

Google's Nexus 4 Reported Missing in Major Markets
San Francisco Chronicle
Presented by: In countries around the world, Google seems to have underestimated the demand for one of its top-selling handheld mobile devices, the Google Nexus 4. It's no surprise that the device is in high demand, with a nicely sized screen, powerful ...

New Images of Syria's First Lady and Iran's Space Monkey Cast Doubt on Two ...
New York Times (blog)
Last Updated, Saturday, 12:37 p.m. Bad news, readers: new images appear to cast doubt on the accuracy of two of the week's most widely-reported stories — the rumored pregnancy of Syria's first lady, and the pioneering space flight of an Iranian monkey.

New York Times (blog)

Java 7 Update 13 Addresses Security Vulnerability, OS X Block
The Mac Observer
The Java security saga continued Friday as Oracle released yet another update to the platform just two days after Apple remotely blocked it in OS X. Java 7 Update 13 is available now with a build number of 1.7.0_13-b20, satisfying the minimum build ...

The Mac Observer

Chinese hackers targeted Washington Post in 2011, newspaper says
The Guardian
The Washington Post has become the latest US news outlet to claim it was the victim of Chinese hackers, saying it was targeted by a "sophisticated cyber-attack" in 2011. In a front-page article Saturday, the Post confirmed it brought in a security firm to ...

The Guardian

Facebook Now Has a Reusable Gift Card
Tom's Guide
To purchase one of these cards, users must direct themselves to the Facebook Gifts page. The new cards are found under the obvious Gift Cards & Digital category, but as of this writing were not present. Facebook indicated that Target, Olive Garden and the ...

Scientists infuse 'life' into inanimate compounds
Los Angeles Times
Scientists have infused "life" into inanimate chemical compounds by flashing a blue-violet light that prompted them to assemble themselves into a crystal. The feat, described in a study published online Thursday by the journal Science, marks an important step ...

And Google Comprehensively Outsmarts The French
Of course, it's not usually all that difficult to outsmart a French politician: making a reference to reality is usually enough to confuse them. But I do have to admire the masterly manner in which Google has comprehensively outsmarted the French over this ...

Asteroid to Give Earth Record-Setting Close Shave on Feb. 15
An asteroid half the size of a football field will give Earth the ultimate close shave this month, passing closer than many satellites when it whizzes by, but it won't hit the planet, NASA scientists say. The asteroid 2012 DA14 will fly by Earth on Feb. 15 and zip ...

NASA Videos Solar Eruption Aimed at Earth
Escapist Magazine
The Coronal Mass Ejection will shower earth with high speed solar particles in a few days. NASA has announced that they have detected a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun directed towards earth, an event in which millions of tons of solar material ...

Original iOS 1.1.1 jailbreak required 74 steps
As we get prepared for tomorrow's iOS 6.1 jailbreak release, we look back on over five-and-a-half years iOS jailbreaking. It wasn't extremely popular by any means back then, but that was because it required a bit of actual hacking that not many people would ...


ESA May Print 3D Lunar Base out of Moon's Soil
The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking to build a lunar base with 3D printing using local materials on the moon. The idea behind this project is to offer settlement for astronauts on the moon while using less of Earth's resources to do so. ESA has ...


Meet the Man Who Designed BlackBerry's New Phones
When BlackBerry set out to design the phones that would take the company into the next decade, it faced a big challenge. The flagship device of the new BlackBerry 10 platform needed to simultaneously satisfy what today's customers want in a smartphone ...

Supermodel says she's proud of racy Super Bowl ad
“I don't see how it's inappropriate because I'm not even washing the car,” said supermodel Kate Upton, whose ad for Mercedes-Benz has drawn criticism for being too sexy and objectifies women, even as it garners more than seven million views on YouTube.


Super Bowl: Police will be cracking down on drunk driving
Los Angeles Times
Southern California police departments will be conducting roving DUI patrols and setting up sobriety checkpoints on Super Bowl Sunday. The Los Angeles Police Department plans five checkpoints, while the Glendale police announced extra patrols.

Clearwire keeps options open over deal
Financial Times
Clearwire, the data network operator, still favours an agreed takeover bid from Sprint Nextel but has not closed the door on a rival move by Dish Networks. The US group said on Friday that a special committee was weighing the competing value of Sprint's ...

CEA Bashes CBS as It Shows Cnet the Door
The Consumer Electronics Association made it clear Thursday that its decision to dump Cnet as partner for its CES awards program had nothing to do with Cnet and everything to do with its parent company's boneheaded interference. CBS triggered a ...

Super Bowl lets TV stores make the big play
New York Daily News
The Super Bowl is like a national holiday — for TV sellers. Electronics retailers always look forward to the big game, because more television sets are sold in the days before the Super Bowl than any other time of the year. “It's almost like customers are ...

New York Daily News

FTC issues guidelines for mobile applications
WASHINGTON | Sat Feb 2, 2013 10:53am EST. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Trade Commission has issued a wide-reaching set of new guidelines for makers of mobile platforms and developers of applications for mobile telephones and tablets to ...

Science, Technology and Innovation Laureates Surprised, Humbled
Kansas City infoZine
By Amy Slanchik - When Dr. Gholam Peyman discovered via email he was to receive the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, he thought it was a prank. The inventor of the Lasik eye surgery procedure almost deleted the message. Washington, D.C. ...

NASA planes try to paint air pollution picture in California
Chicago Tribune
By Laila Kearney SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 1 (Reuters) - A group of NASA airplanes. on Friday flew over the San Francisco Bay Area to conclude the first leg of high-altitude pollution testing in the region that will lay the groundwork for pollutant-tracking satellite ...

Google Project Glass Steps Into The FCC For Approval
Hot Hardware
How do you know we're living in the future? If Wi-Fi in the skies and second-screen experiences aren't enough for you, how about this? While Google has thought up some pretty outlandish things in its history, there's a big difference between cooking ...

Hot Hardware

Seen In Benchmark Tests: Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8, Pocket 2, Star, Young ...
The Droid Guy
Six new Samsung devices were spotted in benchmark results on GLBenchmarks. Several of them carry the Galaxy brand, including the Galaxy Fonblet 5.8, Galaxy Star, Galaxy Young, Galaxy Frame, and Galaxy Pocket 2. Another, meanwhile, only has the ...

Facebook and Google not in a relationship, Zuckerberg says
TechRadar UK
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that his company isn't on speaking terms with Google anymore. During the company's quarterly earnings call late last week, Zuckerberg spoke of the Silicon Valley playground spat, which has left the web giants ...

Washington Auto Show Kicks Off This Weekend
NBC4 Washington
Whether you are looking for a new car or just want to check out the latest and greatest cars from the world's automakers, the Washington Convention Center is the place to be this week. The Washington Auto Show is going on right now. More than 700 cars, ...

NBC4 Washington

Apple top mobile vendor in US in Q4 2012
Data from Strategic Analytics showed that mobile phone shipments amounted to 52 million units in the United States in the last three months of 2012, about a 4 percent increase over the same period of 2011. However, the previous three quarters saw the ...


Google Street View Captured a Couple Getting Naked in a Fitting Room
Google Street View Captured a Couple Getting Naked in a Fitting Room Because Google Street View is the all seeing eye of the universe, it has done wonderful things like go underwater, trek the Grand Canyon and... blessing us with an endless amount of ...

First footage of a thought's formation is of the ever-intelligent fish
Have you ever thought about what a fish thinks? Did you even know a fish had thoughts? You do now. It turns out that first footage ever taken of a thought — yes, a thought! — being formed is from a hungry fish. Researchers at Japan's National Institute of ...

Grand Theft Auto V comes in September
The Australian
A NEW installment of the unabashedly violent Grand Theft Auto videogame franchise will hit streets worldwide in September, Take-Two Interactive Software has announced. Take-Two said its publishing label Rockstar Games will release Grand Theft Auto V ...

More Top Brass Join the White House Exodus
New York Magazine
Saying he wants to return to academia, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced in a memo to colleagues yesterday that he plans to step down once a successor has been nominated and confirmed. His is merely the latest in a long line of Cabinet-level ...

New York Magazine

FAQ: Microsoft rents out Office 365
Pay once for Office, or pay-as-you-go with a subscription to the suite? By Gregg Keizer. February 2, 2013 06:12 AM ET . Computerworld - Microsoft this week launched the first two of its new pay-as-you-go subscription plans for Office. The company's rarely-shy ...

Columbia tragedy remembered 10 years later
A NASA official says the crew's deaths were not in vain. Shuttle Columbia remembrance. A day of remembrance was held Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, at Kennedy Space Center Space Mirror Memorial for the the 10th anniversary of the Columbia tragedy. Students ...

US Proposes to Protect Wolverines
New York Times
The federal Fish and Wildlife Service proposed Friday to give Endangered Species Act protections to the wolverine, one of the largest and hardiest members of the weasel family, largely because climate change is whittling away its wintry habitat in the ...

Durex rolls out condom app and delivery service [Video]
Los Angeles Times
Durex may have a solution for those who feel awkward buying condoms, and it's simple as ordering a pizza. The British condom maker has launched an app for Apple devices called SOS Condoms that lets consumers order condoms and have them ...

Google shares hit all-time high
The company's stock, which rose to $775.60 today, contrasts with the stock performance of rival Apple. Shara Tibken. by Shara Tibken. February 1, 2013 12:00 PM PST Follow @sharatibken. It's not a bad day to be Google. The search giant's shares soared to ...

iPhone Plus Could Steal A Winning Play From The iPad Mini's Playbook, In ...
This week, I discussed Instapaper founder Marco Arment's speculation about how a retina version of the iPad Mini might not be far off. Arment apparently can't resist taking the next logical step and prognosticating on the rumored iPhone Plus (or, um, Math),...


Honda sales rise 12.7% on Accord's strength
The redone Accord drove sales. accord. 2013 Honda Accord drove sales (Photo: Evan Sears Photo by EVAN SEARS/Cars.com). Story Highlights. Honda sales rose 12.7%; But much of the increase was due to the new Accord; Some Acura models scored too ...

3 things Nintendo must do to survive
The long-respected video game company announced earlier this week that sales of its newest home console, the Wii U, were lower than anticipated, with just 3.06 million units sold. Last October, the company had said it expected to sell nearly 5.5 million ...


DNA evidence errors raise more questions in NY rape cases
New York (CNN) -- In an ongoing review of botched forensic evidence in New York City rape cases, authorities this week determined that more than 50 DNA samples were never uploaded to the state database, which prevented them from being compared for ...

It's not 'whale vomit', it's ambergris. It's a nice word, and useful, so let's use it
The Guardian
Ambergris is a beautiful and long-established word for a strange and unusual substance, produced in the digestive system of sperm whales, and eventually excreted through one of only two possible exits. It has been used since ancient times in the ...

2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507: Who can argue with more ...
Digital Trends
Mercedes and in-house tuner AMG boosted the C63 sport sedan's output from 451 hp to 507 hp to create a new edition that is quite special. Most special edition cars aren't really that special. Usually, manufacturers throw on some new wheels, an extra option ...

Scientists finally figure out how owl rotates head
Times LIVE
US medical specialists from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have figured out how owls can almost fully rotate their heads - by as much as 270 degrees in either direction. Australia protests Japanese whaler entering its waters · EU bans animal testing ...

Times LIVE

N Korea a final frontier for Google Maps
Oman Daily Observer
By Glenn Chapman — North Korea was a final frontier for Google Maps. It took years and the help of amateur map-makers who once lived there or knew people who did to add gulags, streets and other details to what was long a patch of gray at the online ...

Oman Daily Observer

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