25 December 2012

US Congress up for another SOPA/PIPA fight?

US Congress may not have stomach for another SOPA/PIPA fight
PCWorld (blog)
Grant Gross covers technology and telecom policy in the U.S. government for The IDG News Service. More by Grant Gross. As a new session of the U.S. Congress convenes in early 2013, don't expect lawmakers to rush out a new version of the Stop Online ...

Nokia Windows RT tablet will include keyboard cover with built-in battery
Summary: The cell phone giant will offer a case that goes one better than Microsoft's own Type Cover for its Surface tablet. Sean Portnoy. By Sean Portnoy for Laptops & Desktops | December 25, 2012 -- 13:59 GMT (05:59 PST). Follow @teklust ...

Facebook adds photo drag-and-drop to desktop app
If you've ever uploaded a photo to a Facebook status update from your desktop, you're well aware of the number of steps it takes to do so. You'll also be glad to know that the social network has eliminated those steps and replaced them with simple ...

Hacker Claims to Have Scooped 3M Verizon Customer Records, Verizon Denies
The mystery is growing in the case of a hacker named TibitXimer, who claimed to have copied (probably illegally) 3 million records from Verizon Wireless's customer database (records which included passwords, names, home addresses, email addresses, ...


The Ultimate Internet Yule Log Showdown
PC Magazine
Turn your TV into a fake fireplace and experience the magic of the Yule Log in HD, on-demand, and without the bio-fluorocarbons of real fire. Dan Costa By Dan Costa. December 25, 2012; ...

POP is back: cancelled Kickstarter campaign back on after Apple changes policy
Four days ago, the popular Kickstarter project to provide portable power for almost any mobile device — Apple, Android, or other — was cancelled when Apple refused to allow any accessories to incorporate both its old 30-pin connector and its new Lightning ...

LG outs seven-strong 2013 Google TV range
LG's Google TV line has always taken a back-seat to the company's homegrown smart TV platform, but all that could change with the firm's 2013 line set to debut at CES 2013. LG plans seven Google TV models – spanning five screen sizes – for the new year, ...


Christmas Eve AWS outage stings Netflix but not Amazon Prime
Big problems with Amazon Web Services' Elastic Load Balancing service in its US-East data center nailed Netflix and Heroku on Christmas Eve and carried over into Christmas. Netflix competitor Amazon Prime Instant Video appeared to be unaffected.


How Netflix Built Its Wii U App: First, It Built a Fake GamePad
Netlix's paper "GamePad" and the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet which it covered during consumer testing. Email · Print; Share. Facebook · Twitter · Tumblr · LinkedIn · StumbleUpon · Reddit · Digg · Mixx · Delicious · Google+. Comment. Follow @techland ...


Official Slender sequel gets teased, Slender: The Arrival coming early 2013
In case you like a good scare for the holidays, Blue Isle Studios, working with Slender's original developer Parsec Productions, has release the first official teaser for Slender: The Arrival. Yes, if you were unaware, Slender is getting its very own ...

Continue to expect Internet restrictions in China
With the Chinese, Gregorian and Mayan calendars all ending in the span of three months, this is the time of year for new resolutions. If you're RIM, perhaps your resolution is to keep Blackberry 10 from failing? If you're the Chinese government, you probably ...


Today's Apps Gone Free: AppStart For iPhone, DailyCost, Dart Meister And More
Discover and learn about the very best apps for your iPhone and iPod touch with today's AppBump featured app, AppStart for iPhone. We also have a finance app that allows you to track your daily expenses, and a gorgeous and intuitive dart scoring app.


US delivers message to storks: you're no longer endangered
Hilton Head Island Packet
COLUMBIA -- Wood storks were once rare in South Carolina, but the gawky wading birds now routinely call the Palmetto State home. It's a similar story in other Southeastern states -- and why the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said last week the wood stork ...

Hilton Head Island Packet

Apple Smartphone Share Tops 50 Percent in U.S.
Apple's rise in the U.S. has not been replicated in quite the same way across Europe, where Android still takes the lead. Apple achieved its highest ever share in the U.S. smartphone market, 53.3 percent, in the latest 12 weeks (ending Nov. 25), with the ...


Samsung Sues Apple Over iOS Notification Center
Samsung filed another patent lawsuit against Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). This time it is over the iOS Notification Center, reports iNews24. The lawsuit was filed in Korea. apple and samsung patent war. The patent in question is similar to the Status Bar feature ...


Earn Xbox Live achievements on your iPhone and iPad with Wordament
Wouldn't it be nice if you could earn Xbox Live achievement points in an iOS game? Well, Merry Christmas. Wordament, a Windows Phone game that recently made the jump to iOS, is letting players earn Xbox-style achievements as they play. What's next?

Ethereal Sky Show Christmas Night
Indian Country Today Media Network.com
The moon-Jupiter conjunction of December 25, 2012, will be even more spectacular than this, as the moon will be nearly full. (Photo: NASA Video) ...

One small hop for SpaceX, a giant leap towards rocket reusability
One small hop for SpaceX, a giant leap towards rocket reusability SpaceX has just taken a major step closer to achieving the world's first reusable launch vehicle. The private space-firm has just released a video showing its Grasshopper Vertical Take Off and ...

Google Nexus 10 Supply Scarce
Mobile Magazine
Wanting to get your hands on a Google Nexus 10 for the holidays? You are not alone, and unfortunately it seems you won't be able to snag one in time. The Nexus 10 was listed on Staples site yesterday and has been struck with the sold out curse. Walmart ...

Vermonters head to woods for Christmas bird count
Seattle Post Intelligencer
WATERBURY, Vt. (AP) — While some Vermonters spend the day opening presents, eating a big meal or going to church, others take to the woods for a tradition from 1900. It's the annual Christmas Bird Count. Vermont Fish and Wildlife biologist Steve Parren ...

"Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2" Crowned the Biggest YouTube Trailer of 2012
Complex.com (blog)
After breaking numerous records with the release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II in November, Activision just received one more accolade: Creating the most popular YouTube trailer of 2012. Anticipation was so high for the latest Call of Duty release that it ...

IOS6.1 Is a Trap: What You Should Know Before You Upgrade
Have you ever wanted to jailbreak your iPhone? If you have had iPhones in the past, you know what it's like to finally free your iPhone and customize it to make it the device of your artistic expression. Even now, according to the ruling from the US Copyright ...

Acer Iconia B1 7-in Tablet to Cost $99
Sawf News
December 25, 2012, (Sawf News) - A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) source has confirmed recent reports that Acer is planning to launch an ultra budget Android tablet. The source, a "person with direct knowledge," says the tablet named Iconia B1 will have ...

Sawf News

BlackBerry 10 QWERTY device spotted online
There have plenty of leaked photos and videos available for the touchscreen BlackBerry 10 smartphone and now the QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone has surfaced online. Two blurry photos of what appears to be the N-Series BlackBerry 10 smartphone ...


Astronomers find planets in our cosmic backyard
Catholic Online
As Catholic Online reported last week, a new astronomical discovery has the scientific community abuzz. Five more planets have been discovered around a star that closely resembles our sun. And at least one of them is within the star's "Goldilocks zone." ...

New 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII' video released; shows past story
Related topics. Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. Advertisement. A new video has been released by the Japanese branch of Square Enix on Saturday for the upcoming multiplatform title, “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.” The footage takes a look at the ...

Steve Jobs' estate pays to free impounded superyacht
Times LIVE
THE economy, already weakened by the eurozone crisis, has in recent months been blitzed by a series of devastating strikes in the mining sector, downgradings by international ratings agencies, fears about the nationalisation of mines and other sectors, and ...

China Will Start Cracking Down On Trademark Infringement
It's a different world in China, one where intellectual property and trademarks aren't as closely guarded as they are in the United States. Apple in 2012 had one such issue with trademark infringement in China as the bankrupt and failing Proview Technology ...

Motorola X smartphone and tablet coming next year?
The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece, talking about the upcoming Google Motorola X phone which should apparently be released at some point next year. Dennis Woodside, a former Google top sales turned Motorola's chief executive, didn't want ...

Facebook's 2012: IPO, a billion users and a shift to mobile
Washington Post
Facebook had what may be the most eventful year in its history in 2012. After months of preparation, the company went public in May -- with some unexpected results. As the site hit a billion users, it also struggled with the pressure to make money without ...

Why startups shouldn't be afraid of Facebook cloning them
It takes a lot more than a clone to take out a scrappy startup with dedication to its vision. Ben Parr. by Ben Parr. December 24, 2012 10:03 AM PST Follow @benparr. It'll take more than a Poke to knock out Snapchat. (Credit: Screenshot by Ben Parr/CNET) ...

time for global warming's just deserts
The Age
VICTORIA will be a hotter and drier place by mid-century, with more desert and fewer temperate regions because of the impacts of global warming, new scientific analysis has found. In a major report, Victoria's Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability,...

The Age

Don't mark your doomsday calendars: 2040 asteroid won't hit Earth
Los Angeles Times
For those of you disappointed that the world didn't end last week, there's more bad news: The world probably won't be ending in 2040, either – not from a certain giant asteroid, anyway. Astronomers using the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii have found that ...

Microsoft's strategy chief limits role, will retire in 2014
Craig Mundie, who inherited some of Bill Gates' duties when Gates left his full-time position at Microsoft, will take on the role of "senior adviser to CEO." Roger Cheng. by Roger Cheng. December 24, 2012 9:28 AM PST Follow @RogerWCheng. Microsoft's ...

Facebook Testing New Pay-Per-Message System
Facebook is testing a new messaging system that will cost people $1 to send a message to a stranger. It's designed to deter spammers from using the site to annoy Facebook members, but some analysts have suggested Facebook could also be looking to ...

Rumored iPad 5 to be thinner -- and land in March
Los Angeles Times
That iPad 3 you got last March? Forget it. It's like the eight-track tape of tablets. (Kids: Ask your parents what that means.) Even that iPad 4 you're about to unwrap Christmas morning that you think is so darn new is about to become yesterday's news. At least ...

Updated COPPA Rule - "Strong, Stronger And Yet Stronger" Or Just More ...
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
After years of consideration and feedback the Federal Trade Commission released the final revision to the 14-year old Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule. The FTC began its review of the Rule back in April 2010 and we reported on the ...

Free Flickr Pro Account service for three months offered by Yahoo on this ...
Chirstmas day is about to come, and you guys must be having fun in the holidays. To take these fun meter to an extreme level, popular online photo sharing service 'Flickr' has Christmas gift for you. This well-renowned online photo sharing service, owned by ...

Amazon Says Its Customer Review Guidelines Haven't Changed, But It Is ...
Good news, everyone! We can totally start trusting Amazon reviews again. The company has been conducting a “sweeping but hazy purge” of customer reviews, according to a recent story in The New York Times. And while Amazon is only barely commenting ...

Review: Nokia Lumia 920. Is Nokia Back In The Game?
The idiomatic million dollar question in the smartphone market is, has Nokia managed to bring a worthy entrant to the smartphone war currently waged by Apple and Samsung? reviews · Chandrakant 'CK' Isi, 25th Dec 2012 - 18:54. Recommended By ...


Gifts That Keep Giving (If Not Exploding)
New York Times
Ask scientists of a certain age about their childhood memories, and odds are they'll start yarning about the stink bombs and gunpowder they concocted with their chemistry sets. Dangerous? Yes, but fun. Science Times Subscribe ...

New York Times

Hurricane Sandy Almost Destroyed Grand Theft Auto's Radio Masters
There are many reasons to enjoy Grand Theft Auto. A favorite for many (myself included) is the programming found on the in-game radio, which is mostly the brainchild of Lazlow Jones. The music is great and all, but the real highlight is all the talking that goes ...


Foxconn Investment Turns GoPro Camera Inventor Into A Billionaire
Mobile & Apps
Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn has bought an 8.88% stake in Woodman Labs for $200 million - an investment which values the company behind the GoPro camera at $2.25 billion, according to Forbes. Follow us ...

Mobile & Apps

Scientists: West Antarctica Is Warming at an Alarming Rate
The Atlantic
Rebecca J. Rosen - Rebecca J. Rosen is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic. She was previously an associate editor at The Wilson Quarterly, where she spearheaded the magazine's In Essence section. All Posts · Email Rosen ...

Samsung Galaxy Camera review
Hindu Business Line
Talk about tables being turned! The first step to integrating multimedia functions on a smartphone was enabling the handset to take pictures. Samsung is now playing the game the other way around. The new Samsung Galaxy Camera is a shooter, based on...

Hindu Business Line

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