30 December 2012

BlackBerry Fans Don't Like The New Keyboard Phone

Even Die-Hard BlackBerry Fans Don't Like The New Keyboard Phone
Business Insider
The phone will run BlackBerry 10, the new mobile operating system from RIM that will formally launch on Jan. 30. Now take a look at some of the comments on CrackBerry, a site dedicated to RIM news and full of readers who love BlackBerry. The reception of...

Business Insider

Samsung Year in Review: Galaxy Triumphs, Apple Losses
PC Magazine
Samsung produces a number of products – from kitchen appliances to PCs – but it was the company's mobile division that made the most headlines in 2012. The Korea-based company dominated the mobile phone space, introducing several new Galaxy ...

Chinese court orders Apple to cough £100k to writers for violating copyright
Apple got a nasty post-Christmas present in China on Thursday when a Beijing court hit it with a 1.03m yuan (£102,000) fine after ruling the fruity tech titan was responsible for applications which appeared on its App Store containing unlicensed content.

Progress Where They Make iPhones
New York Times
Apple, whose products the world cannot get enough of, has been justifiably criticized for poor working conditions and low wages at the factories of its chief supplier in China, Foxconn. Now, however, there are signs that all the negative attention, including ...

Top apps to outfit a new iPad or iPad mini
Ars Technica
You know the scenario: a friend or family member got an iPad or iPad mini as a gift this week. Now they want to know what to do with the pretty slab of aluminum and glass. The App Store can be an overwhelming place, with programs that can transform the ...

Ars Technica

OUYA developers share console first-impressions
OUYA's Developer Console kits are winging their way to eager coders, and the first demos of the provisional interface and gameplay experience are emerging. Early game partners CodeZombieGames took some time out of tinkering with their new toy to run ...

Just in from Oort for '13: comet with 'amazing tail
Houston Chronicle (blog)
CommentsComments(1)Comments(). |. Email. E-mail. |. Print. A comet due to pass near Earth in 2013 just might outshine the moon in the night sky. Reuters reports that the comet, ISON, could appear in the sky as early as October 2013. It will be 1.2 million ...

Making way for the future at Kennedy Space Center
Florida Today
An image of the proposed Space Launch System rests amid the boxes. The heavy-lift rocket, initially, will use some shuttle-derived components. / PHOTOS BY RIK JESSE/FLORIDA TODAY. By the numbers. $18 billion: Value of shuttle property that needed to ...

The Higgs Fiasco and the Electric Sun [ w/ videos]
Guardian Express
Famed physicist and science writer Michio Kaku said it best: if physics doesn't discover the Higgs Boson Particle it would be a “disaster” for modern physics. The entire edifice of cosmology we've been taught to believe real – from the Big Bang to black holes, ...

Tech test: How to make Facebook a warmer, smaller space
Arizona Daily Star
A woman I haven't spoken to in six years is pregnant with her second son. Another college acquaintance reads the Bible a lot. A high school classmate likes to rant about politics. A college dormmate thinks he works too much. On Facebook, I'm connected to a ...

Economic wave may course through icy, but melting, Arctic
WASHINGTON -- In a twist to the debate over global warming, melting Arctic sea ice is making it easier to transport the fossil fuels that produce the planet-warming gases, which appear to be causing it to thaw in the first place. As a result, a record number of ...

Getting Around Safely on New Year's Eve: BART, Tipsy Tow, Broadway Shuttle
No designated driver? Or just don't want the hassle of driving on New Year's Eve? Here are options: BART. BART is extending its service until 3 a.m. on New Year's morning. In addition to normal weekday service of trains running every 20 minutes, BART will ...

Diablo 3 PvP Release Date Delayed Again: Team Deathmatch Development Put ...
Latinos Post
The long-awaited Diablo 3 Team Deathmatch PvP mode has been indefinitely delayed, according to the game's developer Blizzard. Diablo III released in May without a feature allowing players to battle each other. Blizzard promised a future update would ...

Latinos Post

Chippewa Valley Audobon Club participates in 60th annual Christmas bird count
The Morning Sun
On Dec. 16, almost 40 members of the Chippewa Valley Audubon Club took to their posts and spent the day counting different bird species in the area. The club has been participating in the annual Christmas Bird Count for the past 60 years, CVAC member ...

BBB Tip of the Week: Mobile apps for kids
The Spokesman Review
Companies with mobile applications focusing on kids could find themselves under Federal Trade Commission scrutiny for failing to follow the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. In a recent report from the FTC, many mobile apps for kids collect their ...

FCC Makes Internet On Airplanes Easier To Achieve
Latinos Post
In an age where many of us are tied onto the Internet in some way at almost any given point of the day, it seems almost outdated that there are still a few places, such as subways, where we lost all contact with the digital web. Recently, however, a small victory ...

Latinos Post

Endangered tigers making a comeback in Asia
Tigers play at a buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, on April 24, 2012. Worldwide, tiger stocks are estimated to have fallen to only 3,200 tigers from approximately 100,000 a century ago. (PORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKUL/AFP/Getty Images) ...

Our Favorite PS2 Moments
MTV.com (blog)
With Sony's announcement that they would soon start saying goodby to the PS2 (in Japan, at least), it felt like a good time to revisit some of the great (and not so great) moments with the console.

MTV.com (blog)

New Curiosity Rover badge on Foursquare
TG Daily
Foursquare users can earn the Mars Curiosity Rover badge by liking NASA on Foursquare and checking into any NASA visitor center or any location described as a science museum or planetarium. The check-in is one of the few locations available on another ...

TG Daily

Apple Smart Watch reportedly in the works with Intel
Latest Apple rumours have suggested that the Cupertino company has partnered with Intel to work on a new Apple Smart Watch device, tipped for an early 2013 unveiling. Seemingly set to follow a design similar to that of the past generation iPod Nanos, the...


One Big Problem for Windows Phone Users
Entrepreneur (blog)
Everyone is talking about Microsoft's new Windows Phone milestone. It's a big one: The company announced it published a whopping 75,000 new apps for its mobile operating system. Not bad. If I remember correctly, I don't think Windows Phone had 75,000 ...

Entrepreneur (blog)

Turtles targeted by humans while crawling across roads (VIDEO)
Researchers at Clemson University found that some drivers showed their dark sides by intentionally moving to hit the slow-moving reptiles....

User Privacy in turmoil as Deleted Snapchat and Poke videos resurface.
Wireless HDTV News (blog)
Snapchat has been in the news for its dependable mass use in the recent times as it deletes the shared content almost instantaneously. Facebook Poke was launched recently as a competitor with this name already prevailing in the instant messaging market.

Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid Tops Toyota Prius- says EPA
Design & Trend
Environmental Protection Agency certified the upcoming 2013 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid as the car that provides 100 miles a gallon. The recently elected as the "Green Car of the year" has been rated Friday Dec.28, 2012 by an EPA-determined of 108 ...

Design & Trend

The Top 10 Apple Stories Of 2012 Include Some Highs And Many Lows
Although 2012 wasn't quite Apple's annus horribilis, it wasn't the best year for the tech giant. Here are the Top 10 stories that made news during the year that was. The story of the year. iOS 6 Maps. For Apple, 2012 won't be remembered for the iPad mini, ...


Snowmobile Trails Open in Manitowoc County
MANITOWOC COUNTY, WI— Good news for snowmobilers in Northeast Wisconsin. All snowmobile trails in Manitowoc County are open, nearly 250 miles of trails. Snowmobilers are cautioned however, portions of the public trail on plowed fields which have ...

Fujitsu: Windows 8 demand sucks
President Masami Yamamoto said consumer demand for the new operating system has been "weak" and its own computer sales have been affected by the lackluster response. The company had initially expected PC shipments to reach seven million units, ...


LG's 5.5-inch smartphone, 324ppi 7-inch tablet to be unveiled at CES?
Looks like LG is preparing quite a show for the upcoming CES. The rumors we've got suggest the Korean company will unveil few awesome devices in Las Vegas, including the new 4.7-inch smartphone, 5.5-inch phablet and a 7-inch tablet. The first device on ...

Pakistan Lifts YouTube Ban, for 3 Minutes
New York Times
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A ban on YouTube, which Pakistan imposed after an anti-Islam video caused riots in much of the Muslim world, was lifted Saturday, only to be reinstated — after three minutes — when it was discovered that blasphemous material ...

U-T San Diego
QUESTION: I have a car with historical plates and thought it was exempt from a smog test. My friend said that's not so. Is this true? ANSWER: Vehicles with historical plates that are 1976 model year and newer are not exempt from smog requirements.

Cycloramic app spins phones 360 degrees to take panoramas
SmartPlanet.com (blog)
Cycloramic is one of the most dazzling apps this year, both for making tripod-quality panoramic shots possible without a tripod and for being a cool party trick. Available for $1 but functional only with the iPhone 5, the app gets your phone to swivel 360 degrees ...

MacBook Air 2012 Specs Upgraded: Apple Replaces Processor for June 2013 ...
Latinos Post
Apple's upcoming line of MacBook ultrabooks will receive a new processor, according to sources close to tech site Digitimes (via CNET). "The sources noted that pressure on ultrabook vendors mainly comes from the Air's price since Apple is likely to reduce...

Latinos Post

Lyft and its pink-mustache ride sharing service is now sniffing around Seattle
You might start seeing a few more pink mustaches on the streets of Seattle in 2013. Lyft, the San Francisco ride sharing service known for the pink mustaches attached to participating vehicles, is eyeing Seattle and L.A. as its next cities, TechCrunch reports.

Windows RT Ported To HTC HD2 (Handset Proves To Be Forever Young)
Mobile & Apps
The HTC HD2 is appearing to be a phone that will live on forever, despite being three years old with dated hardware. The handset is known to boot several different operating systems and now it ups the ante by firing up Windows RT. Follow us ...

Mobile & Apps

"Retro City Rampage" Sets Its Destructive Sights on XBLA in January
Crunchyroll News
PlayStation 3, Vita, and PC players have known the pure joy of Retro City Rampage since its October debut, but Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii owners are still sittin' on their hands waiting. That wait is almost over, though! The WiiWare version was recently given ...

Crunchyroll News

Motorola Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX Jelly Bean - First A Mistake, Now A ...
G 4 Games
We haven't heard much about the update ever since but a few days ago the story took a rather unexpected twist. To be more precise, some Droid RAZR / MAXX owners have been welcomed to the land of Jelly Bean, while others have not. A series of events ...

G 4 Games

Jimmy Westlake's 2013 Cosmic Calendar of Celestial Events
Steamboat Pilot & Today
Moon meets Jupiter on Dec. 4, 2004: The moon and the dazzling planet Jupiter will cross paths several times in 2013, but the most spectacular meeting will occur Jan. 21. Even a pair of binoculars should reveal Jupiter's two largest moons, Ganymede and ...

Refurbished Porn? 5-Year-Old Finds Naughty Photos on Nintendo 3DS ...
Latinos Post
(Photo : Reuters) Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo Co., Ltd., poses with the new Nintendo 3DS during an interview after Nintendo's E3 presentation at the E3 Media & Business Summit in Los Angeles June 15, 2010. A 5-year-old received a surprising -- and ...

Latinos Post

First True Earth-Like Alien Planet Will Be Discovered In 2013, Say Scientists ...
Latinos Post
Finding a planet like ours has been one of the cornerstones of space exploration ever since we first broke through our atmosphere. While a true Earth-like planet has yet to be found, experts are marking 2013 on their calendar as the year we finally stumble ...

Latinos Post

Death Valley Is The Hottest Place On Earth (Once Again)
Death Valley can once again bask in the triple-digit glow of being the earth's hottest place on record. That title was challenged by a reading taken in a city on the tip of Libya called Al Aziziyah on Sept. 13, 1922. It claimed to have been 136.4 degree Fahrenheit ...

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Confirmed By OXM
According to OXM, the upcoming reboot of the Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider franchise on schedule to release early next year will include a multiplayer mode. The publication's February 2013 issue, which hits stands on Jan. 8 and is available now to...


Take in meteor shower if weather cooperates
Being a fan of winter meteor showers requires a lot of hope and patience. There are plenty of opportunities to be wowed by the celestial displays, but there also are plenty of clouds. The News Tribune. The News Tribune. Published: Dec. 30, 2012 at 12:05 a.m. ...

MyPerfectAutomobile Reports on: Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Update ...
Melodika.net (press release)
Mitsubishi Motors is aiming for a late January launch of its Outlander plug-in hybrid, a four-wheel-drive SUV. With no competition in the segment from other hybrids, Mitsubishi spokespersons refer to the new model as a game-changer of sorts, since it is the ...

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