18 December 2012

Google and FTC Reportedly Close to Deal

Stock up as Google and FTC Reportedly Close to Deal
It's all great news for Google. It means that the company is going to be able to avoid the ongoing complications that plagued Microsoft for years. Instead, it gets to cut back on the use of information from other sites, change the way it uses snippets ...

Google In 2013: 11 Predictions - Mobility - Smartphones -: "7. Chromebooks Go High End Google, Samsung and Acer have already pushed the Chromebook price boundary down below budget Windows laptops. The strategy has paid off: The Samsung Chromebook is sold out. In 2013, Google and Samsung will aim upmarket with a prestige model, a $799 Chrome OS laptop that competes with the MacBook Air."

Daily Report: Legal Allies Against Microsoft, Divided on Google
New York Times (blog)
Daily Report: Legal Allies Against Microsoft, Divided on Google. By THE NEW YORK TIMES. Two lawyers who helped build the antitrust case against Microsoft in the 1990s are playing important roles in an antitrust investigation of Google. But this time...

New York Times (blog)

Apple's iPhone 5 Sizzles In China, What Will The Bears Say Now
Essentially, although Apple is now perceived “normal” and that Google is “eating its lunch”, that the company was able to sell 2 million units in just three days means that Apple will certainly blow away sales estimates in the January announcement ...

The Case for Apple's Stock Price Falling to $270
That iPhone 5 customers unhappy with Apple Maps are easily able to switch back to Google Maps (GOOG) shows that Apple's grip on the consumer—and its ability to extract high profit margins—is weakening. Leadership Management discord in Cupertino, ...

Wal-Mart Tosses Apple Into The Discount Bin
For practical purposes, much cheaper Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phones such as those from Nokia have caught up with Apple in functionality and specifications. Until now Apple ...with Apple. This arrangement makes sense for Wal-Mart as its ...

As Apple Tests $500 Again, Are Shares Really Cheap?
The future of Apple post-Jobs “is a product question,” Andreessen said. If the company delivers “anywhere near the same level of success, the stock is extremely cheap,” even with increasing competition from the likes of Google and Microsoft, and the ...


Google Shuts Down 11 Services - Cloud-computing - Software as a
Google also is putting Google Sync out to pasture as of Jan. 30, 2013, because it has been superseded by other open protocols, specifically IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV. However, this applies only to users of Google's free services. Google Sync will remain ...

Microsoft Surface tablet pops up in UK retail store
Surface has been available at Microsoft Store outlets in the U.S., and just last week reached Staples and Best Buy. The tablet has also been available online through Microsoft in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Microsoft's PR Boss Attacked A Google PR Exec On Twitter Late Friday Night ...
San Francisco Chronicle
In the Times story, Hazelbaker said that Google also spends money on lobbying, but that it is different than Microsoft because “our focus is on Google and the positive impact our industry has on society, not the competition.” Shaw didn't like this quote.

Google Antitrust Case Is Said to Be Nearing End - NYTimes.com
A key issue in the talks - accusations of search bias by Google - has been taken off the table, according to two people who have been briefed on the negotiations. A consent decree on patent licensing is likely. Read more...
NYT Bits

The Simple Trick To Use Google Maps With Siri | TechCrunch
By Matt Burns
The Google Maps app hit the Apple App Store last week and instantly shot to the top of the charts. But best of all, Google also released an SDK for its maps, allowing developers to jump back in bed with Google and kick Apple Maps to the curb.

Who should I follow on Twitter? Microsoft edition
By Mat Smith
2012 has been pretty busy for Microsoft. We've seen the new, very different, Windows 8, not to mention a new version of its mobile OS and no end of hardware permutations from PC and laptop makers. With that in mind, this time on WSIFOT, ...

Amazon's Monthly Visitors Could Fill 60 Disneylands [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Bob Al-Greene
How many Disneylands could Amazon's monthly visitors fill? How many Wal-Marts could its inventory fill? This infographic has the answers.

All I Want for Christmas Is My Apple TV - Jeremy Allaire - Voices ...
By Jeremy Allaire
Coming into 2012, with rumors and theories running wild, we all hoped for a new Apple TV in time for Christmas. While we did get spades of new tablets from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung and others, all Apple had for us was an ...

On iPhone – Hello World – Google Maps
Google Maps now available on your iPhone. ... Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks ofApple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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