26 December 2012

America's most influential tech innovators

MarketWatch 's Christopher Noble and Dan Gallagher talk about America's most influential tech innovators from this year's 'Power 30,' MarketWatch's annual list of the players shaping economic currents around the world.http://on.wsj.com/T6AVCo

A guide to Europe's tech hubs — Cloud Computing News
By Bobbie Johnson
From London's expanding Tech City to the more bucolic Silicon Glen, and from Tallinn, Estonia, to Berlin, here's our guide to European's hottest tech hubs (listed in alphabetical order). We'll be talking more about Europe's tech scene at Structure: Europe, our cloud-computing conference in ... Greentechnology is an increasing specialty here, along with healthcare, and smart materials. Major funding sources. Much of the region's access to cash comes through corporate investment or ...

Kodak's Missed Opportunities - Technology Review: " The wheels of fate that led the photography company into Chapter 11 began spinning in 1975. . . No one is really surprised that Eastman Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection. What might surprise some people, though, is that the digital camera, the device that led to the company's undoing, was invented at Kodak in 1975. Here is a 2005 piece that includes an interview with the engineer behind it. We also explored Kodak's spiral last month in our Business Impact package on Disruptive Innovation. Some charts in that piece really stood out to me, and are reprinted below. These show how quickly Kodak's business fell apart, and how big of an opportunity it missed. . . . "

Death is the default for startups, and your little idea means nothing
By Matthew Buckland: Publisher Death is the default for startups, reckons Amazon Web Services Technology Evangelist Simone Brunozzi. Apart from having a really cool Twitter handle @Simon, Brunozzi has founded a few startups himself, so speaks with some ...

The Worst Apple Rumors of 2012: Apple Televisions, Huge iPhones And More ...
Huffington Post
The Internet practically overflows with rumors about Apple. Rumors about the next iPhone, the next iPad, the next iPod, the next iMac; whispers of an iTV, or an iCar, an iRoboticHorse; gossip about upcoming software features, and hardware features and ...

Google, Apple show off technology in holiday ads
Technology giants Google and Apple shared some holiday cheer and a little self-promotion online in the form of ads recently posted on YouTube. GoogleMobile's ad -- a cheesy production that has garnered more than 125,000 views -- stars the little green ...

Apple v. Samsung: Who's been editing the judge's Wikipedia entry?
Fortune (blog)
He or she also edited tech specs in the entry for the Nexus 10 -- a joint Samsung-Google (GOOG) project -- and sprinkled disparagements in the entry forApple's A6 processor. But the world's largest crowd-sourced encyclopedia is nothing if not ...

Fortune (blog)

Apple's Merry Christmas message from the fiscal cliff
Fortune (blog)
FORTUNE -- More than one TV viewer tuning in to CNN Friday morning for House Speaker John Boehner's grim press conference was surprised to see it punctuated with a new, cheery, Christmas-themed Apple (AAPL) ad. The spot, which has since gone into ...

Tech giant Microsoft faces fragile period
The Seattle Times
Apple, Google and other competitors have leaped ahead as the computing world changed from standard PCs to iPods, iPhones, the android operating system and the cloud. Then there was The Article. In August, Kurt Eichenwald, a former business reporter ...

Google Music UK: everything you need to know
TechRadar UK
Music on Google Play service has been live in the UK since November 2012, when we finally got a chance to use it after the Americans had very kindly spent the best part of a year beta testing it for us. ... install Google's Music Manager tool to kick ...

Amazon To Rival Netflix And Hulu With Original Programming
Seeking Alpha
That brings me to Amazon (AMZN). When you think of who might be second in this space,Amazon's Prime gets a lot of votes. With Prime, subscribers pay a flat yearly rate, $79, but get tons of benefits. They get access to Prime Instant Video, which has ...

Google working on an 'X phone' and 'X tablet' to take on rivals Apple and Samsung
Daily Mail
Google and Microsoft are both power-hungry cannibals without any ethics. Keep your distance with them and their associates. - Prof. Hudson McLean , London, 23/12/2012 11:15 =============You forgot Apple, one of the biggest power-hungry cannibals,...

Daily Mail
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