25 December 2012

Acer drives tablet prices lower, plans $99 model

Acer drives tablet prices lower, plans $99 model
Acer is the latest company to lower the bar on pricing. The company is planning to sell a $99 Android tablet, the Iconia B1, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company plans to target consumers in emerging markets, although the report notes that Acer ...

Hacker says “leaked” Verizon accounts actually FiOS, not Wireless
A hacker that goes by the name of TibitXimer claimed to have hacked Verizon's systems and stolen information for over three million Verizon Wireless customers months ago. The hacker only yesterday decided to publish the customer data, saying Verizon ...


Boeing Uses 20K Pounds of Potatoes to Test Aircraft Wireless Signals
PC Magazine
Boeing, in a quest to develop a more reliable method for deploying wireless connectivity during flight, decided to go to grocery store for a bit of assistance. And, go figure, the airplane manufacturer's experimentation worked. By substituting sacks of potatoes for ...

Hawaiian island 'dissolving' say scientists
TG Daily
Scientists have discovered that mountains on the Hawaiian island of Oahu are dissolving from within. Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian islands, is well known for its two shield volcanoes: Waiʻanae and Koʻolau. Measurements of minerals loss taken...

TG Daily

Is It That Time Of Year Already? New iPad Rumours
We seem to have had a change in the way that we mark the passing of the seasons. If there's rumours swirling around of what the next iPhone from Apple is going to be like it must be summer as we look forward to autumn. If the iPad rumours are being passed ...

China May Require Web Users to Register Real Names, Xinhua Says
China, the world's largest Internet market by users, may require by law that Web users provide their real identities when signing contracts with Internet service providers, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. The Standing Committee of the National ...

SpaceX test Grasshopper - a reusable rocket that lands vertically
The private space engineering company tested the vertical take-off and landing vehicle prototype at their rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas last week. Grasshopper, powered by a Falcon 9 rocket and Merlin 1D engine, rose to a height of 130ft ...

Facebook Expands Photo Functionality In Its Desktop App; Quietly Rolls Out ...
Facebook last week opened a new front in the so-called photo app wars with the launch of its ephemeral photo app Poke. But Facebook's focus on apps like Poke, Camera and Instagram doesn't mean that it is has stopped enhancing the photo experience on ...

Another BlackBerry 10 smartphone leaks ahead of January announcement
Mobile Burn
RIM has designated January 30, 2013 as the day the company will debut its next generation of BlackBerry software and smartphones, but both of the phones the company planned to unveil may have already been leaked by insiders. Chinese website CNBeta ...

Antarctica: It's Getting Hot at the Bottom of the Planet
One of the big environmental stories of 2012 was the record melting of sea ice in the Arctic, which reached its smallest extent this summer since satellite data began being kept in the late 1970s. But it's not the Arctic alone that's reacting to manmade climate...


Windows 8 Fails to Drive Significant New PC Sales
In years, the launch of a new Windows operating system meant that computer makers could count on a nice uptick in sales as people bought new computers. With the launch of Windows 8, the same boost in PC sales seen in years past hasn't occurred.


Read this before you wrap that Christmas Wii U - and ukuleles
Chicago Sun-Times
Did you buy your kids a Wii U for Christmas? Then you'll be interested in a tip that Nintendo America posted to its official Twitter account on Friday: “Perform system updates before wrapping so it's good to go as soon as it's opened.” That's great advice.

We Hope Apple Pays Attention To The Latest Super-Useful iPhone Hack For ...
Business Insider
Check out this awesome video of a jailbreak tweak tha reimagines how multitasking works on the iPhone. The tweak is called and Auxo was first posted on The Verge forums as a concept back in October, but it's now in full development. Auxo lets users control ...

Global warming: Citing shrinking sea ice, feds list several Arctic seal species as ...
Summit County Citizens Voice
FRISCO — Recognizing that the best available science suggests a significant loss of Arctic sea ice in the next few decades, federal biologists last week finalized Endangered Species Act protection for two species of ice-dependent seals. NOAA will list as ...

Wood stork nesting in SW Florida still declining
NAPLES, Fla. (AP) -- The population of wood storks may be rebounding, but that doesn't mean they're returning to nesting sites in southwest Florida. The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary was the largest nesting site for wood storks in all of North America until ...

Christmas count records record number of birds
Casper Journal
Casper area birders counted a record 15,096 individual birds and 75 species during the 65th Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count Dec. 15. The organization records numbers of birds and species on the day of the count, and records any additional species ...

Soyuz Spacecraft Docks at Space Station
WTVY, Dothan
A Russian-built Soyuz TMA-07M carrying a Russian, an American and a Canadian docked with the International Space Station Friday (December 21). The Soyuz's crew of Canadian Chris Hadfield, U.S. astronaut Tom Marshburn and Russian cosmonaut ...

Exec Leaks Huge 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate Ahead of CES
The massive 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate smartphone has been captured on video prior to it's expected unveiling at CES 2013. A Huawei executive, identified as Richard Yu, was caught showing off the giant phone/tablet to a small crowd yesterday.

Rockstar Says Happy Holidays With Five New GTAV Screens
PSX Extreme
Possibly the most anticipated game of 2013 - and one of the most anticipated of the entire generation - is Grand Theft Auto V. Thus far, we've had a couple of trailers and some screenshots to whet our appetite. Now, Rockstar has released five more ...

PSX Extreme

Black Ops 2 reigns for sixth week in UK to capture Xmas No 1 spot
Let's face it, it was going to take a Christmas miracle to knock Call of Duty Black Ops 2 off the festive top spot in the UK charts. Despite a valiant but not quite miraculous effort from Far Cry 3, which saw an 86 percent rise in sales on the back of meaty holiday ...

Jupiter, Moon Align in Christmas Skywatching Treat
As darkness falls on Christmas night, check out the east-southeast sky. Shining brilliantly to the upper left of the bright, nearly full moon will be a silvery "star" with a steady glow. But that's not a star, or Santa returning to the North Pole. Rather, it's the largest ...

Flickr Offers 3 Free Months Of Pro Service With Unlimited Storage
Flickr, the popular image and video hosting and sharing service is offering three free months of Pro access to current subscribers. Flickr is calling this a holiday gift promotion and is offering unlimited uploads and viewing of photos and videos. The three free ...


Build Your Own Pocket-Sized Computer with a Raspberry Pi
Build Your Own Pocket-Sized Computer with a Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little machine for doing all sorts of things, and because the Raspberry Pi is so small, it's also really portable. DIYer Nathan Morgan used that size to his advantage to ...

Samsung Suing Apple Again, This Time Over Notification Center
Here we go again. Samsung recently filed a new patent-infringement lawsuit in Korea against Apple, this time over the iOS version of Notification Center. Samsung claims the feature, which debuted two years ago, infringes on its patent. News of this first came ...

GoPro creator sells stake to Foxconn
There's no shortage of videos out there of people doing amazing things with cameras strapped to their bodies. In recent years, many of those have been recorded on GoPro cameras. Recently, the creator of GoPro has decided to sell his stake in the company...


New 'Metal Gear Solid 5' hint found in 'The Phantom Pain' alternate trailer
Related topics. Metal Gear Solid 5 · The Phantom Pain. Advertisement. Fans have discovered one more “Metal Gear Solid 5” hint from the alternative version of “The Phantom Pain” trailer that was released on YouTube this past Friday. You can check out ...

Review: Assassin's Creed III – a new beginning
Review: Assassin's Creed III – to new beginnings The Assassin's Creed franchise is back with its next major iteration in the cannon with a brand new protagonist. While Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood and Revelations chronicled Ezio's epic journey, ...


RAZR M, Nexus 7 and Chromebook as Christmas Gift Choice to Google Employers
Capital Technologies
Saying “thank you!” in a classy way had been Google's yearly trademark. Giving its employees gifts and surprises for Christmas cheers in the best way the company could offer in aim to reward Googlers' hard work. In 2012 the internet giant, Google, gave its ...

Dropbox Released Android Beta With Improved Features
New beta version of Dropbox Android app is released for the general public recently. This is the latest upgrade released lately by Dropbox, one of the most popular photo sharing application and website. Dropbox_logo. While Dropbox will keep on releasing ...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy extended trailer released
Square Enix has released an extended trailer and a helping of new screens for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the third and final chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII series of titles. Square Enix has released an extended trailer and a helping of new screens ...

Android dominates Australian smartphone market, Apple crumbles to 35.9 ...
A divide has opened up between smartphone sales in the US and Australian markets during the 12 weeks ending November 25th, with Android dominating the Australian market and Apple dominating the US, according to new market research figures.

Smartphones galore this holiday season
Samsung Electronics flagship product – Galaxy S3 – is powered by 1.4GHz quad core Exynos processor and features 1GB of RAM. The 4.8-inch, 1280 x 720 pixel, Super HD Amoled display is massive, sharp and bright. The S3 ships with Android Jelly Bean ...

Earth Look-a-Like Planet Discovered
French Tribune
A group of astronomers said that they have discovered a planet, which is a look-a-like of Earth. The planet is quite close to the Earth and is just 12 light years apart. The planet named as Tau Ceti is expected to have five planets and all the planets are of the...

French Tribune

Two Free eBooks about NASA's Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes ...
Best Syndication
(Best Syndication News) – The Space Telescope Science Institute released two free eBooks which discuss the NASA Hubble Space Telescope and the NASA James Webb Space Telescope. The free eBooks can be read with an Apple iPad or through the ...

Best Syndication

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Has Over Two Hours Of 358/2 Days Movies ...
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Has Over Two Hours Of 358/2 Days Movies Organized Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix has some tweaks to the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Retailer Tsutaya says Square Enix added Zero EXP and Combo Master ...

Tesla owner's electric cars a gas
Journal and Courier
Christmas commercials flicker across our television screens, showing a luxury car with a giant bow on its hood or roof parked in a snowy driveway of a posh neighborhood. But if you're like most people, there isn't going to be a shiny new car — luxury or ...

Dark Souls 2 concept art revealed
After the unveiling of Dark Souls 2 earlier this month, all eyes have been on From Software to see what the company will do with the new game. According to Games Thirst, the company has released the concept art for its upcoming game. The concept art ...


Steve Jobs' yacht 'Venus' seized
Steve Jobs' super yacht made its first public appearance in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer in October, more than a year after the Apple co-founder's death. Steve Jobs' superyacht has reportedly been impounded in Amsterdam because of an unpaid design bill.

Is Apple Speeding Up Product Releases?
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
As more and more smart devices are coming out from makers like Samsung (SSNLF), Nokia (NYSE:NOK), and RIM (NASDAQ:RIMM) — and at an alarming rate — Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to have decided to create new products at a faster pace as well.

On iPhone, Google Maps drives back to the forefront
Cape Cod Times (subscription)
Google's rich, reliable Maps app is back on the iPhone, and that means iPhone users can stop relying on the flawed, fledgling Apple maps app that replaced it as a built-in feature in September. Apple's version is still bolted into the phone, and the new, free ...

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