04 December 2012

ITU Dubai Debacle: Does It Matter?

Read the full article (excerpt below) for the truth about the disaster taking place at the WCIT conference in Dubai sponsored by the UN's ITU--

The Dubai Debacle: Does It Matter?: " . . . The bottom line, however, is the existing ITU-T being relied upon here has no clothes. If one actually reads the technical content of ITU-T or General Secretariat material including proposed work over the next four years, it largely runs the gamut between clueless and ludicrous. With just a couple of minor exceptions, no one goes to its meetings anymore or actually uses any of its material. Everything it has done over the past two decades to stem the degeneration has failed. It is not clear how testing and certification could be done against vaporware standards. Arguably the WCIT represents the seeds of substantial ITU self-destruction — as it is only likely to further accelerate the decline and participation by industry or Western governments. Technically competent organizations and companies — which already regard the ITU as institutional malware — will further shun them. So what if some set of countries obligate themselves to abide by ITU-T promulgations? This was tried at WCIT-88 and it totally flopped. The only entities that suffered were the ITU-T itself as industry started to leave, and the countries which obligated themselves to standards that utterly failed in the marketplace. And, that was in the days that some of the ITU-T standards were actually capable of being implemented. In the near term, users in some countries — probably largely developing countries — may suffer from relying on products and services purporting to be based on ITU-T standards and suffer poor network performance, diminished security, and content restrictions. Some nations mak make bad choices based on ITU Snake Oil. In the long-term, however, these kind of bad choices tend to be self-corrective.--By Anthony Rutkowski, Principal, Netmagic Associates LLC"

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