11 December 2012

Microsoft Surface modest sales are good enough

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For Microsoft Surface, Modest Sales Are Good Enough
Microsoft is satisfied with modest sales for its tablet, the Surface not because it's the best business model, but it's the best business model available, given the company's OEM relationships. Microsoft has been forced into a conundrum in sales of the Surface.

Google Doodle celebrates Ada Lovelace
Washington Post
Google celebrated a true tech pioneer with a Monday Doodle commemorating the 197th birthday of Ada King, the Countess of Lovelace — more commonly known as Ada Lovelace. Lovelace is often credited with being the first computer programmer.

Huawei to Open Research Center in Finland
New York Times
PARIS — Huawei, a Chinese maker of telecommunications equipment, said Monday that it planned to open a research and development center in Helsinki next year, accelerating the company's investments in Europe, where its business is expanding rapidly.

Kazakhstan mulls ending Russia's cosmodrome lease
Fox News
ALMATY, Kazakhstan – The head of Kazakhstan's space agency said Monday that Russia's lease of a launch facility in the Central Asian nation, the only site worldwide currently being used to get astronauts to the International Space Station, may be ...

Motorola Mobility to close most operations in S. Korea
Computerworld - Motorola Mobility will close down most operations in South Korea in 2013 as part of an ongoing restructuring under Google ownership. The decision is estimated to affect about 500 jobs in South Korea and follows a decision made a month ...

2012: Apple's annus horribilis
Computerworld (blog)
It should have been another great year as Apple [AAPL] emerged from mourning the loss of its great leader, Steve Jobs, equipped with a raft of exciting new product ideas -- but sadly 2012 became Apple's annus horribilis. Apple's horrible year. In the spotlight ...

Best Buy trims $50 off iPhone
Holiday shoppers looking for an iPhone 5 or 4S can save some cash courtesy of a new sale at Best Buy. The retailer is currently discounting all the various flavors of the iPhone by $50. That means the 16GB iPhone 5 is selling for $149.99, the 32GB for ...

Iran launches web video channel
BBC News
The website is called Mehr, which means affection in Farsi, and is run by the state broadcaster IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting). Iran already has a popular local video channel called Aparat, which is run by the same company behind Iranian social ...

BBC News

Silicon Image launches wireless chips to transmit video wirelessly around the ...
Wi-Fi wireless networking still doesn't quite cut it when you want to transfer video from one place in the home to another. That's why Silicon Image is working on WirelessHD chips that can transfer video to tablets and smartphones within a home, using a ...


Catfish hunt pigeons in France
TG Daily
Scientists observed the catfish lying in wait in shallow water in order to catch the pigeons. Released in a set of slightly gruesome images, the scientists recorded the catfish hunting pigeons in a behaviour that mimics the strategies used by killer whales hunting ...

TG Daily

BBM Voice brings WiFi calling to BlackBerry
RIM has released BlackBerry Messenger 7 (BBM 7) complete with BBM Voice support, adding WiFi calling to the popular messaging service. The new app, headed to the BlackBerry App World today, currently works with BlackBerry OS 6 devices and above, ...

Should Mars Get Another Rover?
Scientific American
Space; :: 60-Second Space; :: December 10, 2012; :: Email; :: Print · 60-Second Space. Should Mars Get Another Rover? NASA has plans for another Mars rover, but no trips scheduled for exotic places like Titan or Europa. John Matson reports. Tweet. Tweet ...

More living room PCs on the way, says Valve's Newell
Valve co-founder Gabe Newell believes that home consoles will soon be competing for your living room space with special purpose-built PCs that are set-up with sofa-play in mind. He told Kotaku that the reaction to Steam's Big Picture mode has been ...


Secretive Air Force Space Plane Ready for Tuesday Liftoff
The secretive U.S. Air Force X-37B robotic space plane has been cleared to lift off Tuesday (Dec. 11). The X-37B vehicle and its cargo bay packed with a classified payload is set to make the third mission of the program. Also called Orbital Test Vehicle-3, ...

Far Cry 3 Is Getting A UI Patch
Some of you may have been turned off by the cluttered Far Cry 3 UI, featuring constant unwanted pop-up notifications telling you what to do. It's fair enough for a new or confused player, but if you're not the type who likes being told what to do, it may've come ...

1990 climate change predictions turn out to be accurate
TG Daily
In a blow to those people who believe that global warming predictions are just a lot of hot air, an international team has established that predictions made 20 years ago are turning out pretty accurate. The report compares predictions from the first ...

TG Daily

Nook Video store launches, brings UltraViolet to Blighty
UK bookseller Barnes & Noble has become the first retailer in the UK to support UltraViolet, the online film library that's the closest thing we have to a universal digital content format - and which Tesco reckons is "too complicated" for Brits. Enter Nook Video, a ...

This Week in Games - December 8, 2012
Halo and Call of Duty sales numbers, Reggie defends the Wii U, BioShock is delayed again, and we learn why we're not getting a Killer Instinct sequel. Late in the day on Thursday, the NPD Group reported its US sales data for November, and painted a fairly ...

Google Now notifications head for Chrome
Summary: Google is experimenting with a new feature in Chrome that would see contextual Google Now notification cards pop up in the widely used browser. David Meyer. By David Meyer | December 10, 2012 -- 12:05 GMT (04:05 PST). Follow @superglaze ...

UN Internet Conference In Dubai Has Governments Disagree On Internet Control
Huffington Post
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The chief American negotiator at a U.N. telecommunications conference says there's a basic disagreement over possible new Internet regulations. Ambassador Terry Kramer said some advocate stronger government ...

Apple map app draws police warning in Australia
MarketWatch (blog)
Apple's botched mapping tool in the latest version of its mobile operating system has now drawn a warning from police in Australia. Several motorists using the Apple map app who were trying to reach a town called Mildura were instead directed to a remote ...

Should Mobile Device Use Expand on Planes? FCC Tells FAA It's Time ...
As we used to say in my past life working for a railroad, “safety first.” But as you've probably heard — increasingly in recent years — scientific evidence supporting the way we currently regulate electronic devices on planes, whether at launch or in the air, ...


Doha climate change talks delivered little
Sydney Morning Herald
IT WAS never meant to be more than an incremental step, but even on that modest test the United Nations climate change talks in Doha delivered little. First the progress, however limited. The world's only climate change treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, was ...

Ford Fraud? More Reason to Be Skeptical About New-Car MPG Claims
By now, drivers should know that auto mpg claims can be exaggerated. If you buy a car that's listed as getting 47 mpg, you might be satisfied with, say, an average of 45 mpg. But 37 mpg? In the grand scheme, 37 mpg is pretty decent—except when you ...


Instagram completes Twitter photo cull (but there's a workaround)
Instagram has fully pulled the plug on Twitter integration, with photos that late last week showed up poorly cropped or aligned now not appearing in the short messaging services “Cards” gallery system at all. The latest escalation of Instagram's attempt to coax ...

Video Games Awards Shows a Changing Medium
I just got done watching the VGAs and realized that Video Games as a medium has grown into an pimply teenager. Video games have grown into its "teenager years" still struggling with how to be a grown up while hanging on tightly to childish behavior that...


Geminid Meteor Shower: When to Watch
A meteor shower will be visible on Thursday evening, Dec. 13, and early Friday morning, Dec. 14. Named the Geminid meteor shower because the meteors appear to be coming from the direction of the constellation Gemini, this is often the best display of ...

New privacy concerns as your TV may soon be watching YOU
WDBO Radio
Verizon has applied for a patent for the idea of using customers' TV set-top boxes to see and hear what people are doing in front of their TVs, and then using that information to tailor what ads will show up during commercial breaks. FierceCable first ...

Australian Scientists Accidentally Create Coconut Flavored Pineapple
Cleveland Leader
Scientists from a government agency in Queensland, Australia, were initially attempting to develop a new variety of a sweeter, juicier pineapple, but instead they accidentally created a coconut flavored one that they've now dubbed the AusFestival.

Cleveland Leader

A $1.5 billion ticket to the moon
MSN Money
After NASA ended its space shuttle program last year, a new crop of space firms are offering adventures to infinity and beyond -- but at astronomical prices. By Bruce Kennedy 10 minutes ago. Image: Passport and Luggage (GoGo Images/Jupiterimages) ...

Fighting deportation to Belize, McAfee says he wants to go to the United States
CNN International
(CNN) -- The man is nothing if not mercurial. John McAfee, the American tech mogul fighting deportation to Belize, where authorities want to question him about the killing of a neighbor, said late Sunday that he wants to return to the United States. He spoke to ...

Ford to offer diesel engine for Transit full-size van
DEARBORN, MI- Ford Motor Co. will offer its Transit full-size van with a new clean-running 3.2-liter Power Stroke five-cylinder diesel, company officials announced Monday. The commercial vehicle, which goes on sale late next year, is the same five-cylinder ...


Apple and Google in reported $500m joint bid for Kodak patents
Apple has reportedly partnered with Google in a joint bid for 1,100 imaging patents, which are up for grabs in an auction as part of Kodak's bankruptcy proceedings. The Eastman Kodak company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US in January ...

Michigan gas prices down 2 cents from last week
Detroit Free Press
AAA Michigan says gasoline prices have fallen roughly 2 cents during the past week to a statewide average of about $3.42 per gallon. AAA Michigan says gasoline prices have fallen roughly 2 cents during the past week to a statewide average of about $3.42 ...

Street Fighter X Mega Man Crossover To Be Released December 17th
As video games became popular there were certain characters that really took off, like Pac Man, Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man to name a few. It didn't take too long to start seeing many characters crossover into games with each other, like Super Smash ...


Samsung becomes more flexible
The Australian Financial Review
Samsung's next flagship phone, the Galaxy S IV, may use flexible screen technology to make it virtually unbreakable. The phone could come out as early as April, according to a report in Reuters, citing UBS analyst Nicolas Gaudois. “Looking to the first half of...

The Australian Financial Review

Police confiscate 33 endangered turtles in Bali
The Associated Press
DENPASAR, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian police have confiscated 33 endangered sea turtles believed to be headed for local restaurants on the resort island of Bali. Bali police spokesman Col. Hariadi said Monday the turtles were seized from a boat off the ...

iPhone 5 China Release Date on Dec. 14: China Unicom Preorders Hit 200000 ...
Latinos Post
It is less than a week before the iPhone 5 is set to be released in China, but preorders have already made the smartphone a hot demand. According to AOL Tech's The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Chinese carrier China Unicom has received over 200,000 ...

Latinos Post

Half A Million People Voted Against Facebook's Governance Changes, But Not ...
619,000 people have cast their ballot in Facebook's vote on site governance and policy, and 87% want to block the changes. But unless 299.4 million more people vote by tomorrow morning, Facebook users will lose the ability to vote on future changes, and ...

HTC One X+ for AT&T: what's different?
We just love HTC's One X here at Engadget -- it's quite possibly our favorite smartphone of 2012. Three devices have crossed our desks over the past year -- the original with HSPA+, AT&T's model with LTE and, more recently, the global One X+ with HSPA+.

Black Ops 2 Patch 1.04 Now Live on Xbox Live
The latest patch(1.04) for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is now out for Xbox 360 owners of the game. Here is the complete changelog: New Features & Feature Improvements Added support for the Kinect camera to Live Streaming. Improved audio/rumble ...

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup (2013): the new racer revealed
CAR Magazine
The first 991-generation to bear the GT3 name isn't a hardcore road car: it's the latest version of the world's most successful racing car. This is the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, a stripped-out racer that'll compete in a one-make racing series from 2013. It'll also ...

Malibu residents hire crew to remove rotting whale carcass from beach
The Guardian
For days it stunk up a stretch of beach favoured by Hollywood stars, but on Saturday the rotting remains of a 40,000lb whale were finally returned to the deep, to the relief of Malibu's well-heeled residents. Having failed to persuade authorities to deal with the ...

The Guardian

'Dark Souls 2' Trailer And Screenshots
The reveal trailer for Dark Souls 2 gives us a land shrouded in darkness and dragons. In our last discussion of Dark Souls 2 a number of people took the quote I had posted from Edge and attributed the statement about The Elder Scrolls to From Software. That...


DoorBot Wi-Fi doorbell camera lets you see visitors on your smartphone
Digital Trends
Definitely a great way to check out who's standing at the front door, the DoorBot Wi-Fi doorbell sends a video feed to your personal mobile device. Seeking at least a quarter of a million dollars in project funding on Christie Street, a company called Edison ...

Video: Out of work? Need a job? Become a python hunter
MetroNews Canada
Yep, you read the headline right. Python hunter is an actual job and Florida is on the lookout for some legit ones to 'take care' of their ever-growing Burmese python problem. Florida has launched a 2013 Python Challenge because the invasive species (which ...

Widespread panic greets purported Mayan Apocalypse
Catholic Online
For some, there is no need to buy Christmas presents this year. This December 21 marks the conclusion of the 5,125-year "Long Count" Mayan calendar. People the world over are stocking up on doomsday supplies as they did in the year 2000. There are ...

Moon Rocks Missing Since 1973 Finally Returned To Alaska
Cinema Blend
Way back in 1969, some moon rocks from the Apollo 11 mission were given to then Alaskan Governor Keith Miller who passed them along to the Alaska Transportation Museum. The moon rocks were tiny, encased in a bit of acrylic and attached to a plaque.

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