24 October 2012

Microsoft Surface RT review roundup

Microsoft Surface RT: A review roundup
I don't know exactly how Microsoft chose the initial reviewer pack, but it looks to me like the selection committee decided to include a mix of Apple fans, a number of newer and younger bloggers, and some reporters who've got experience reviewing ...

Apple's iPad Mini Pricier than Rival Tablets
Fox News
"Apple had an opportunity to step on the throat of Amazon and Google, yet decided to rely on its brand and focus on (profit) margin," said Bill Kreher, an analyst with brokerage Edward Jones. Appleshares fell $20.67, or 3.3 percent, to close at $613 ...

Google Street View goes off road, begins mapping Grand Canyon trails
New York Daily News
The move to capture the Grand Canyon comes after Apple chose to drop GoogleMaps from its mobile operating systems and opted to use its own mapping program that was derided for, among other things, poor directions and missing towns. Steve Silverman ...

New York Daily News

Amazon Releases First Japanese-Language Kindle
PC Magazine
Over the last few years, the Kindle e-book reader has become Amazon's quiet success story, snapping up thousands of new fans every year despite its bare bones look and feel. And while the tablet wars have heated up in the West, with the Kindle ...

Apple's Rubber Band Snaps. What Took So Long?
If Apple can use patents to “slow down the clock” in order to gain advantage over Samsung or Google, what must the effect be on smaller tech companies? They haven't got a chance. Although all of the big tech companies got where they are through ...


How a Google Headhunter's E-Mail Unraveled a Massive Net Security Hole
Wired (blog)
Google was using a weak cryptographic key to certify to recipients that its correspondence came from a legitimate Google corporate domain. Anyone who cracked the key could use it to impersonate an e-mail sender from Google, includingGoogle founders ...

Wired (blog)

Google brings Now functionality to Windows 8 with search app
The app, flagged up by Microsoft engineer Mohamed Mansour in a Google+ post on Tuesday, makes it possible for users to search through Google's engine without needing to fire up a browser. It also provides a quick link to Google services including Gmail ...


Google releases renamed productivity apps for Chrome users
The Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation tools — rivals to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint respectively — had originally gone under the Google Docs banner, before that got folded into Google Drive in April. Now, according to a Google Drive ...

Apple Has Only One Place to Go: Your Wall - NYTimes.com
Apple sells screens that range from 2.5-inch iPods to 27-inch iMacs. Could an Apple-branded television be the next screen from the company? Read more... ... Amazon Cloud Service Goes Down and Takes Popular Sites With It; 3.Apple Has ...
NYT Bits

Amazon Looks East: Launches First Japanese Language Kindle ...
By Ingrid Lunden
Take that, Rakuten! Amazon continues to extend its reach into new markets and increase its focus in Asia: today it announced pre-orders for its first Japanese..

Apple Unveils iPad Mini | Music News | Rolling Stone
Apple remains dominant in the tech market for larger tablets, but the iPad mini marks a new effort to compete with pocket-sized devices such as the Amazon Kindle and Google's Nexus Seven. The iPad mini also marks a milestone for Apple: it is the first new device to ... fourth-generation iPad, including better graphics and processing speeds. Its iPad mini announcement was the focus of the day, however, and comes just two days before Microsoft is set to unveil their new Surface tablet.
RollingStone.com: Music News

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT review -- Engadget
By Tim Stevens
Microsoft Surface for Windows RT, 9:36. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, 12:01. Apple iPad 2, 10:26. Acer Iconia Tab A510, 10:23. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, 10:17 / 16:34 (keyboard dock). AmazonKindle Fire HD, 9:57. Samsung Galaxy ...

Google delivers search app for Windows 8 with a touch of tablet ...
By Jon Fingas
Microsoft Surface with Windows RT review. 8 hours ago. Apple's Oct. 23rd event roundup: iPad mini, 4th gen iPad, new iMac, 13-inch MBP with Retina Display and more. 10 hours ago. iPad Mini vs. the new (and newer) iPad: what's different?

Apple - Press Info - Apple Introduces iPad mini
SAN JOSE, California―October 23, 2012―Apple® today introduced iPad® mini, a completely new iPad design that is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter ...

Google Finance: Stock market quotes, news, currency conversions ...
The quarterly report of Google Inc. (GOOG -8.01%) was displayed on Wall Street ... Google results miss; shares dive after premature report CNBC.com ... AAPL · Apple Inc. -3.60%, 571.67B ... MSFT · Microsoft Corporation, -2.90%, 241.05B ...

Amazon.com: Samsung Chromebook (3G, 11.6-Inch): Computers ...
If you're happy with Amazon Prime, do nothing. At the .... The Chromebook comes with leadingGoogle products, like Search, Gmail, .... Microsoft Windows 8 Pro ...

'Jesus,' 'welcome' join list of worst passwords
Despite the vulnerability presented by weak passwords, many Internet users continue to put their security at risk by using common words or number sequences that are easily guessable. Unchanged from last year, the three most popular passwords for 2012 ...

Microsoft Releases Hadoop On Windows
The big data world knew it was coming, but now we know the official name of Microsoft's Hadoop software distribution: Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows. The vendor announced the first preview release of the on-premises software on Wednesday at the ...

Microsoft Surface: Review Roundup
Washington Post
Microsoft's Surface with RT tablet is getting mixed reviews from the first round of folks who've seen the device. Overall, reviewers seem to have lots of praise for the hardware, but it is — somewhat ironically — the software that's earning Microsoft the most ...

Meet CHARLI-2, The Robot That Can Dance to 'Gangnam Style'
Sorry, folks: 'Gangnam Style' isn't going away any time soon. A group of engineering students has now ensured that even if mankind has disappeared from the face of the earth there will still be someone who knows how to do the invisible horse dance.

T-Mobile is first carrier to sell the Galaxy Note 2
T-Mobile is first carrier to sell the Galaxy Note 2. The wireless carrier confirms today's launch date for the much-anticipated "phablet" along with pricing information that ranges from $249 to $349 depending on users' voice and data plans. Dara Kerr. by Dara ...

Microsoft Faces Large EU Fine
Wall Street Journal
By VANESSA MOCK. BRUSSELS—U.S. software giant Microsoft Inc. is facing the prospect of a fresh, hefty fine by the European Union after it failed to meet an earlier promise to offer users a choice of different Web browsers. The European Commission on ...

Facebook shares soar in response to better-than-expected Q3
Facebook shares soar in response to better-than-expected Q3. The company's shares are up considerably this morning as investors feel a bit more confident in the company, following a stronger-than-expected quarter. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger ...

Microsoft Rolls Out Office Web Apps Upgrade
PC Magazine
Microsoft this week unveiled an updated version of Office Web Apps for SkyDrive and Outlook.com. The Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote all got a boost and will work with the final version of Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8, and iOS 6, ...

Dell introduces $499.99 XPS 10 Windows RT, $649 Latitude 10 Windows 8 tablets
Dell hasn't had the best luck with tablets in the past, but that hasn't stopped it from joining the fray for new Windows slates. It's just announced pricing for a pair of new models, one running Windows RT and one Windows 8, that are now available for order on ...


Market watchers expect $329 iPad mini will justify its price to consumers
Apple Insider
Market watchers expect $329 iPad mini will justify its price to consumers. By Neil Hughes. Though the starting price of the iPad mini is higher than many had expected, Wall Street analysts believe the storage capacity and build quality offered by Apple will be ...

Hands-on with the T-Mobile LG Optimus L9 (gallery)
Hands-on with the T-Mobile LG Optimus L9 (gallery). Summary: LG is launching a new mid-level Android smartphone on T-Mobile and even with a 4.5 inch display it feels much smaller and is extremely pocketable. Matthew Miller. By Matthew Miller for ...


Google Shifts Pitch for Its New Chromebooks
New York Times (blog)
Two years ago, when Google first advertised Chromebooks — laptops that store everything online, without a hard drive or desktop software — the tagline at the end of the ad was, “Ready when you are.” Two years later, Google has apparently decided that ...

Cloudera aims to bring real-time queries to Hadoop, big data
Cloudera aims to bring real-time queries to Hadoop, big data. Summary: Cloudera's Impala open source project is now a public beta. The company also launches a real-time query services as its second subscription offering. Larry Dignan. By Larry Dignan for ...

Chambers On The Record: How Cisco Plans To Become The No. 1 IT Company
Page 1 of 7. A year and a half after beginning one of the most important restructuring efforts in its history, Cisco is once again in trim, fighting shape. It was a strenuous step but a necessary one, argues Chairman and CEO John Chambers, because the Cisco ...

Nintendo Cuts Forecast as Smartphone Games Hurt Console Demand
Nintendo Co., the world's largest maker of video-game machines, cut full-year profit and sales forecasts as free titles on smartphones and tablets dissuade consumers from buying separate gaming devices. Annual sales of Nintendo's flagship 3DS handheld ...

GM unveils redesigned V8 engine for 2014 Corvette
Oct 24 (Reuters) - General Motors Co said the redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Corvette that goes on sale next year will get a new 450-horsepower V8 engine. The engine, designated LT1, displaces 6.2 liters and is the fifth generation of GM's "small block" V8 ...

LG Electronics Terror Elevator Ad Goes Viral
ABC News (blog)
It's a prank that seems destined for YouTube greatness and one that seems appropriate for April Fool's Day. A grid of IPS monitors are installed on the floor of an elevator to create an optical illusion that the elevator is plummeting to its demise as a hidden ...

UPDATE 2-AT&T revenue, subscriber growth miss Wall Street view
Oct 24 (Reuters) - AT&T Inc posted third-quarter revenue below estimates as it added fewer customers than expected, citing a shortage of the latest Apple Inc iPhone. The company's profit beat Wall Street expectations and it raised its target for free cash flow ...

Game ratings board creates a no-cost service for putting content labels on digital ...
The video game industry's ratings board has figured out a way to put parent-advisory ratings on all games that are delivered via digital means.The new systems will allow developers and publishers to obtain a rating for a game using a streamlined process that ...


Researchers use algebra to boost bandwidth, reduce network congestion
A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered that they can improve data speeds over cellular networks by reducing dropped packets without any new or added hardware. Using just algebraic equations, the researchers ...


Automotive dealers associations file suit against Tesla
Tesla is one of the most successful electric vehicle companies out there. It also happens to offer some of the most interesting electric vehicles on the market with its Model S and the Roadster. Tesla has been disruptive in the automotive industry because it ...


Apple: DOJ has Samsung's standard-essential patents in its sights
Apple has revealed that Samsung is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The company announced the investigation in a filing with the U.S. International Trade Commission on Monday, saying that the "the Department of Justice has opened ...

Gartner Outlines Top 10 Tech Trends to Look For in 2013
PC Magazine
Buying Guide: How to Buy a Cell Phone (Update). Last year's Gartner forecast for the top 2012 tech trends to watch—media tablets, mobile-centric applications, and social user experience topped the list—was pretty spot-on. But what does the research firm ...

At 85 mph, fastest highway in the US opens
TODAY | Aired on October 24, 2012. At 85 mph, fastest highway in the US opens. State Road 130, a 40-mile stretch of road in Texas between Austin and San Antonio, allows drivers to push their cars, vans and trucks to 85 miles an hour. NBC's Janet Shamlian ...


FTC Furrows Brows Over Facial-Recognition Tech
FTC Furrows Brows Over Facial-Recognition Tech. FTC Furrows Brows Over Facial-Recognition Tech. By Enid Burns TechNewsWorld 10/24/12 5:00 AM PT. Twenty years ago, the idea that a billboard could recognize me, display an ad that would target me ...

Google goes off-road
Houston Chronicle
In this Monday Oct. 22, 2012, photo, Google product manager Ryan Falor walks with the Trekker during. In this Monday Oct. 22, 2012, photo, Google product manager Ryan Falor walks with the Trekker during a demonstration for the media along the Bright ...

Houston Chronicle

Longevity Traced to Grandmothers
Voice of America
In modern society, grandmothers are often called upon to babysit. But a few million years ago, when primate grandmothers first started doing that, they apparently had a major impact on human evolution. Scientists believe it's a big reason why we live much...

Voice of America

Sell Electric Cars Like Smartphones
Huffington Post
Three big barriers are slowing electric vehicles. One can be fixed by the auto industry tomorrow -- and if it is, the other two will melt away as the electric vehicle sector expands. Start with a simple but surprising fact: Right now, leasing a GM Volt for only two ...

Can the president lower gas prices?
Los Angeles Times
With two weeks until election day, many voters seem to want to know how much power the president has in setting gas prices. Put another way: What effect will my vote for President Obama or Mitt Romney have on what I pay for gas? The short answer is: ...

Pew! Pew! Take *that*, Mars!
Discover Magazine (blog)
Hey, remember that one ton nuclear rover we sent to Mars? Yeah, that. On October 20, it aimed its megaWatt laser at the sand on Mars and blasted it 30 times in rapid succession, carving out a hole about 3 mm across. NASA kindly has provided a ...

Google renames productivity apps for Chrome users
Google renames productivity apps for Chrome users. Summary: Now called Docs, Sheets and Slides, the apps can be installed individually from the Chrome Web Store. This will be of particular interest to those buying into Google's latest Chromebook push.

Toucher & Rich: What Was The 38 Studios Auction Like?
CBS Local
An auction of items from Curt Schilling's bankrupt video gaming company 38 Studios was held on Tuesday in Providence. Items included hundreds of computers, audio equipment, video equipment, refrigerators, microwaves, travel cases, a ping pong table,...

CBS Local

Huawei offers Australian government 'unrestricted' access to gear, software code
Huawei, the Chinese telcom gear provider banned from being a supplier for Australian national broadband network, has called for a government-run body tasked with checking equipment for security backdoors, The Australian Financial Review reports.

Apple Store now has Lightning to HDMI and VGA adapters at $49 a pop, souped ...
We noticed during the iPhone 5 launch that Apple had a big caveat with its Lightning to 30-pin adapter: no video or iPod out support. Now that the new iPads are here with that same connector, the problem's been partially rectified -- for a sum. Namely, you can ...

State license plate redesign on hold
L.A. Biz
State highway officials put a proposal to redesign Florida's license plates on hold Tuesday, Florida Today reports. Gov. Rick Scott and the cabinet originally were scheduled to vote on the proposal yesterday, but the Department of Highway Safety & Motor ...

Isis launches mobile-wallet test in Salt Lake City and Austin, TX
According to an article in PaymentsSource, Isis, the mobile-wallet joint venture formed by AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA, has launched its test in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas. The article continues stating that "the venture's mobile-pay product ...

What Exactly Is A Fusion Drive? It's More Advanced Than You Think
Cult of Mac
There were a couple of big surprises yesterday at Apple's iPad mini event. The first was the pricing of the iPad mini itself: while everyone anticipated a $249 or $299 starting price, the iPad mini actually starts at $329… a good $70 higher than devices like the ...

Boeing's CHAMP missile uses radio waves to remotely disable PCs
The Verge
On October 16th, researchers from Boeing and the US Air Force successfully test-launched a missile capable of remotely disabling PCs and other electronics with only a burst of powerful radio waves. The test was held over the Western Utah Desert as part of ...

Reuters Science News Summary
Chicago Tribune
KOROLYOV, Russia (Reuters) - A Soyuz spacecraft carrying two Russians and an American blasted off on Tuesday for the. International Space Station (ISS), where the men are to spend five months in orbit. The Russian-built Soyuz TMA-06M lifted off on time ...

It's a girl! Shedd's baby beluga whale ready for public debut
October 23, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Shedd Aquarium's baby beluga is ready to meet the public. The 8-week-old beluga whale be viewable at Shedd Aquarium starting on October 26 at 11 a.m. The little girl isn't so little at 205 pounds and five-feet tall.


Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display
The 13-inch Retina Display Pro feels thin and very compact, nearly the same as an Air at the back, but also like a 13-inch thicker Pro with half of the bottom cut out. It's heavier than most ultrabooks, but not by much. It feels good, which isn't surprising: this is the ...

iOS 6 Adoption Tops 60 Percent
PC Magazine
Apple iOS 6. More than 60 percent of all iOS devices are now running the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 6, according to new data from online advertising firm Chitika. Exactly one month after it was released, iOS 6 was installed on 61 ...

Amazon EC2 cloud service mostly restored after yesterday's big outage
CloudBeat 2012 CloudBeat 2012 assembles the biggest names in the cloud's evolving story to uncover real cases of revolutionary adoption. Unlike other cloud events, the customers themselves are front and center. Their discussions with vendors and other ...


Sun unleashes intense X-class flare; active sunspot region rotating towards Earth
Washington Post (blog)
Via NASA: “A solar flare on Oct. 22, 2012, as captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)”The sun belted out the most powerful type of solar flare Monday night, known as an X-class flare (the weaker flare classes are M-class, medium-sized, and ...

Blue Origin completes Escape Pod test successfully for NASA
The test was conducted at Blue Origin's West Texas launch site, which is located near Van Horn, Texas, in Culberson County. The test saw a simulated propulsion module fire a pusher-escape motor, which launched a full-scale suborbital crew capsule ...

Asus Vivo Tab review: First look
Know Your Mobile (blog)
Asus has had something of a head start on its tablet competitors when it comes to hybrid devices based on Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8. That's because the company has been producing its own hybrid concept for quite some time – the ...

PS3 hacked again
Business Insider
By Brendan Sinclair. Sony is facing new PlayStation 3 security headaches today, as Eurogamer reports that hackers have released custom firmware that allows for compromised consoles to go on the PlayStation Network, and LV0 decryption keys that will ...

Nokia to bring division from Itasca to Chicago, and 150 jobs with it
Chicago Tribune
Mario Sabino, bottom, monitors traffic in the traffic division at the Nokia offices in downtown Chicago on Tuesday, when the company announced it's moving a division to Chicago from Itasca. (José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune / October 23, 2012) .

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