03 October 2012

Mayans Predicted the Moon Not the End of the World

Mayans: They Predicted the Moon, Not the End of the World, Experts Say
Fox News
The Mayans clearly had a vision of the future: they predicted droughts and disease outbreaks and they even foresaw the mundane, like solar activity. What they didn't predict: the end of the world. Archaeologists, anthropologists and other experts who ...

Lenovo introduces ThinkCentre M78 desktop PCs with AMD's new Accelerated ...
By Sean Portnoy for Laptops & Desktops | October 2, 2012 -- 13:18 GMT (06:18 PDT) AMD's new "Trinity" Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) have mostly been hyped for their consumer graphics prowess -- reviews like this show them easily outpacing the ...


4G: UK's mobile phone networks in crunch meeting
BBC News
By Dave Lee Technology reporter, BBC News Mobile operators, Culture Secretary Maria Miller and communications regulator Ofcom will discuss bringing forward the allocation of spectrum to allow faster mobile download speeds. Ofcom has told the government ...

BBC News

Fisker looking to form alliances to share costs
Fox News
Electric car maker Fisker Automotive is talking with other car companies about sharing parts and technology. The company, based in Anaheim, Calif., is also preparing for a public offering of stock that would help it raise money for new vehicles, ...

Gingerbread most popular Android flavor at 56 percent market share
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) have combined for over 25 percent market share. by Don Reisinger Despite its standing as one of the elder statesmen in the Android world, Gingerbread is still dominant.

Nissan Buys Back Two Leaf Electric Cars After Battery Complaints
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Jonathan Welsh Nissan Motor Co. said it bought back two of its Leaf electric cars from customers in Arizona who said their batteries lost their capacity to hold a charge. The problem has been attributed to extreme heat in the Phoenix area.

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Q&A: Running Windows XP, Virtually
New York Times (blog)
By JD BIERSDORFER I am still running Windows XP because I am worried that programs that I need to use won't run on Windows 7. I need to upgrade my computer hardware soon, so is there any way to get old software to work on it?

Nest 2.0: Slimmer, sleeker thermostat smarter than ever
CNET (blog)
The latest thermostat from the "Father of the iPod" is 20 percent thinner and works with nearly all home heating or cooling systems. New software also is smarter than previous version. by Daniel Terdiman Just six months after Nest 1.0 went on sale, ...

Apple to release iPhone 5 sales (and 2012 earnings) on Oct. 25
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt October 2, 2012: 5:50 AM ET FORTUNE -- Apple's (AAPL) fourth fiscal quarter of 2012 -- which closed last Saturday, Sept. 29 -- was supposed to be even weaker than the third. As CEO Tim Cook explained to analysts last July, ...

Half of Great Barrier Reef coral lost in last 27 years
BBC News
Australia's Great Barrier Reef has lost more than half its coral cover in the past 27 years, a new study shows. Researchers analysed data on the condition of 217 individual reefs that make up the World Heritage Site. The results show that coral cover...

BBC News

Acer Aspire S7 touchscreen ultrabook: built for Windows 8
As one of the first products specifically designed for Windows 8 we've spent a significant amount of time with, the new Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook is an excellent advertisement for Microsoft's new OS. Rather than simply install Windows 8 on a currently ...

Flite Brings Its Real-Time Ad Platform To Mobile
Web publishers are experiencing a major shift of their audiences to mobile devices. Jumping on this trend, online advertising startup Flite has launched a new mobile advertising platform for iPhones and iPads. Flite's Touch Ad Studio gives publishers ...

New NASA Cassini photograph shows Saturn's beautiful rings
Of all the planets, one of the most beautiful is Saturn. Saturn's giant ring system is one of the most stunning sites in our solar system. NASA has released a new image taken by its Cassini spacecraft that shows the southern side of Saturn along with ...


Genetically-engineered cow makes hypoallergenic milk
Fox News
People allergic to whey may be able to drink newly engineered milk without the unpleasant digestive consequences, according to research released Monday. A team of New Zealand researchers genetically engineered a cow named Daisy to produce milk free of ...

Bee brains help to make robots smarter
BBC News
The way that bees smell and see is being studied in a £1m project to produce a simulation of the insect's sensory systems. The simulated bee brain will then be used by a flying robot to help it make decisions about how to navigate safely.

BBC News

Facebook Finally Becomes a Place to Win Votes
Slate Magazine (blog)
MySlate is a new tool that lets you track your favorite parts of Slate. You can follow authors and sections, track comment threads you're interested in, and more. A political campaign no longer has to be liked on Facebook to hunt for votes there.

Slate Magazine (blog)

Grip-Based Phone Interface Lets You Squeeze to Tap
If you've ever tried to use your smartphone while standing in a cramped subway car, or while carrying a bag of groceries, you soon realize the limitations of a touchscreen UI. You need two hands free, particularly in the age of the jumbophone.

iPad Mini: Why I am buying one as soon as possible
Summary: Even though I have no shortage of tablets, if the iPad Mini is announced as expected I will be buying one. I won't be holding off to think about it either, I will order one as soon as possible. By James Kendrick for Mobile News | October 2, ...


Samsung gets Galaxy tablet temporary ban lifted in US
The Guardian
A US court has lifted a temporary sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, allowing the company to sell the product in the US. While the Galaxy 10.1 is an older model, the lifting of the ban could still help Samsung in the runup to the pivotal holiday ...

View Night Rocket Launch from Kennedy Space Center
Brevard Times
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida -- Watch the night sky light up as a Falcon 9 rocket rises from the East Coast on Sunday, October 7, 2012, according to a Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex news release. Launch viewing for the first SpaceX mission to ...

Nokia-Siemens Offload IPTV Assets
As a part of its cost cutting initiative, Nokia Siemens Networks – a 50-50 joint venture between Nokia Corporation (NOK - Analyst Report) and Siemens AG (SI - Analyst Report) – has sold some of its internet protocol television (IPTV) assets to global ...

FreedomPop's free data service launches in “beta”
Android Community
FreedomPop, the wireless data service that promises free 4G access, launched in a “public beta” of sorts today. FreedomPop users can access Clearwire Corporation's 4G WiMAX networks free of monthly charges and contracts, but there a couple of catches.

Google winning race to capture education market
After six years targeting the education sector, Google says it has more than 20 million students, faculty and staff around the world using Google Apps for Education. The search engine giant made the announcement in a blog post overnight, adding it had ...

Facebook's "Like" Buttons Are Under Threat
Business Insider
Web sites are not allowed to collect infomration on users under 13 without their parents permission. it's part of a child-privacy law called COPPA. This is trouble for Facebook because of "like" buttons, which are on about 9 million Websites.

Business Insider

Most scientific retractions involve fraud, not error
TG Daily
There's been a ten-fold increase in the number of fraud-related retractions of biomedical papers since 1975, putting paid to the idea that it's usually just a case of owning up to an inadvertent error. In a new analysis claimed to be the most ...

Cabinet spokesman apologizes for posting picture of iPhone
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, Oct. 2 (CNA) Executive Yuan spokesman Hu Yu-wei apologized Tuesday for the controversy he stirred by posting a picture of a non-HTC smartphone on his Facebook page, a move that many netizens considered to be unpatriotic.

NASA captures Earth's 'song'
New Zealand Herald
By Paul Harper The noise - which sounds similar to whale song - is called a "chorus", Craig Kletzing of the University of Iowa explained. "This is one of the clearest examples we've ever heard," he told NASA Science. Chorus is an electromagnetic ...

Tim Cook apology: (AAPL) Apple CEO details how to put Google Maps back on your...
I'm 'extremely sorry' isn't what you'd expect to hear from the chief executive of one of the most successful companies in the world -- but that's what (AAPL) Apple's Tim Cook is saying to customers on Apple.com . I'm "extremely sorry" isn't what you'd ...


AMD teams-up with BlueStacks to launch AppZone, Android app portal for Windows PCs
Of the two major PC chip makers, only Intel is pursuing the smartphone market, though with limited success. Sure their chip is featured in the recently launched Motorola RAZR i, but is that enough? AMD on its end seems uninterested for this market, ...

Barry Commoner, pillar of environmental movement, dies at 95
Los Angeles Times
Barry Commoner, a scientist-activist whose ability to identify and explain complex ecological crises and advocate radical solutions made him a pillar of the environmental movement, died of natural causes Sunday in New York City. He was 95.

Microsoft TypeScript: Can the father of C# save us from the tyranny of JavaScript?
Summary: Anders Hejlsberg, the father of C#, has a new project. But can it win over developers outside of the Microsoft camp? I'm not a great one for heroes, but the few I do have includes Anders Hejlsberg. He's the architect of C#, a technology that ...

Instagram surges past Twitter in mobile user race
By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld - Instagram has seen a huge spike in popularity among mobile device users over the past six months, pushing it past Twitter for the first time. Instagram, which is just two years old, went from 886000 daily mobile users ...

Apple apparently fixes bug that stifled iOS app downloads
A glitch had kept users from getting beyond the Terms & Conditions screen to where they could download apps, music, and more. It seems to have been resolved. by Lance Whitney Apple iOS users can once again download apps, music, and other items without ...

Man's jet pack ride from OC to Catalina likely a record-breaker
Los Angeles Times
The man who flew from Newport Beach to Catalina on a jet pack over the weekend might have set a world record. Though it was impossible to confirm, Jetlev Southwest President Dean O'Malley's four and a half hour trip was said to have set a new record ...

Mars rover finds a site for a base
News Chief
If there were such an entity as a Martian real estate agent, the cap would be off the smiling agent's pen and the sales contract slid confidently in front of John Grotzinger for an immediate closing. Grotzinger is the top scientist on the Mars Science ...

Google shuts more services
By Dave Neal INTERNET SERVICES FIRM Google is closing down more of its services, bringing the total for the year to 60. The company has been busy closing things down this year and it says that this should contribute to a simpler, better Google.

Ford and GM Joining Forces to Create 9- and 10- Speed Gearboxes
Ford and GM will apparently be joining forces in order to split the development costs for new automatic gearboxes. However, they are no ordinary gearboxes, as they will have 8, 9 and 10 speeds, respectively. According to the New York Times, ...

FCC Chips Away at Spectrum Problem With Incentive Auction Plan
E-Commerce Times
By Erika Morphy While any approach to meeting the massive need for wireless broadband spectrum is better than none, the FCC's intention of freeing up bandwidth by making it worth TV stations' while to unload some of theirs might be a half-measure.

YouTube ban and the awry aftermath
Business Recorder
The YouTube ban in Pakistan entered into its third week yesterday. Government had issued orders last month to impose a blanket ban on the video sharing website in response to a blasphemous, sacrilegious video that caused outrage and indignation among ...

10 things you need to know Tuesday
Gaston Gazette
FILE - In this 2010 photo provided by Red Bull Stratos, Felix Baumgartner makes a 25000-foot high test jump for Red Bull Stratos. On Monday, Oct. 8, 2012 over New Mexico, Baumgartner will attempt to jump higher and faster in a free fall than anyone ...

Medvedev points Facebook's Zuckerberg towards Russian IT sector
Reuters India
By Gleb Bryanski and Darya Korsunskaya | GORKI, Russia (Reuters) - Prime minister Dmitry Medvedev told Facebook(FB.O) chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on Monday that Russia's IT industry was as promising an area for investment as its natural resources ...

AT&T introduces new, affordable smartphone prepaid plan for $65
Know Your Cell
AT&T on Monday announced the immediate availability of its all-new prepaid smartphone plan which offers unlimited talk and text, with 1 GB of data for just $65 per month. The plan is available now for purchase via AT&T stores and online.

Microsoft had $18 billion in revenue last year, Google $12 billion. Why is ...
Computerworld (blog)
As the New York Times reports, by Wall Street's close yesterday, Google's stock price had risen and Microsoft's fell, giving Google a total market capitalization of $249.19 billion, compared to $247.44 billion for Microsoft. This, despite the fact that ...

Iran Restores Google Access; Zuckerberg in Russia; iPad Mini on Oct. 17?
PC Magazine
Mayor Bloomberg Talks Big Apple Innovation at Boxee HQ: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued his tour of the city's startups, on Monday stopping by Boxee's Manhattan headquarters with Google's Eric Schmidt in tow. For more from Stephanie, ...

Apple iPad mini/nano: What to expect
Computerworld (blog)
Fortune reports that invitations to the media event will be distributed among Apple's extensive list of approved journalists on or around October 10, with the event itself scheduled to follow on October 17/18. The new iPad model should hit retail just ...

iOS Maps Alternatives: Finding the Best Apple Navigation Apps
CIO (blog)
And he also suggested bookmarking browser landing pages for Google Maps or Nokia on your home screen, which can serve (more or less) as apps on your iDevice. Here are lists of features for each of Cook's suggestions, plus another iOS maps app to ...

CIO (blog)

Android Could Overtake Apple in Tablet Market
The Kindle Fire uses Google's Android operating system with a different user interface and access to Amazon's app marketplace rather than the Google Play app store. This is bad news for Apple and the news could get worse as lower cost Android tablets...


Apple's IPhone 5 Infringes Patents, Samsung Says in Suit
Samsung Electronics Co. said Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s iPhone 5 infringes its patents, escalating a global fight over mobile devices after winning a court order lifting a ban on U.S. sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer. The world's largest mobile ...

Mobile computing wars pose tough choices for Internet publishers
NBCNews.com (blog)
For Microsoft and Amazon.com, and the clutch of other companies that hope to carve out a big slice of a mobile computing business currently dominated by Apple, the future depends on people like Scott Porad. As chief ... Developing apps for the hot ...

Apple, Microsoft given Aust IT pricing inquiry ultimatum
Apple, Microsoft given Aust IT pricing inquiry ultimatum. Summary: An Australian parliamentary committee has formally written to Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe to compel them to appear before the committee investigating IT pricing disparity in Australia.

List of Global Brands Keeps Coke on Top, and Apple Jumps Up
New York Times
Indeed, of the top 10 brands, five are in technology: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel and Samsung. (Interbrand ... They include, in addition to Apple and Samsung, Amazon, which climbed to 20 from 26, and Nissan, which rose to 73 from 90. “It's by far ...

Microsoft Turns MSN Into Home Page For Windows 8 & IE 10
So far, however, Microsoft has shown no indication that it will mimic the roundtable videoconferences demonstrated by its Web rival, Google, who passed Microsoft in total market value late on Monday - an indication, at least, that Wall Street considers...

Google's Market Capitalization Leapfrogs Microsoft's Value ...
SEATTLE — For Microsoft, it was bad enough when Apple's stock market value surpassed its own in 2010. Now Google, a company that didn't even exist 15 years ago, just did the same thing. On Monday, a slight bump in Google's share price ...
NYT Bits

Samsung Strikes Back Against Apple: Files Patent Suit Against ...
By Natasha Lomas
As expected, Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple's latest iPhone -- the iPhone 5 -- alleging the smartphone infringes patents it holds. Commenting on the action in a statement given to Reuters, Samsung said:

Apple Acknowledges iPhone 5 Camera Problem, Says You're ...
By Jesus Diaz
After initially denying it, Apple has acknowledged the iPhone 5's purple flare camera problem in an email to a Gizmodo reader. Their solution: "Angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures."

Rumor: iPad mini invitations set to be mailed out Oct. 10 - Apple 2.0 ...
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
FORTUNE -- This is a rumor we have no reason to believe except it comes from a major Apple(AAPL) investor who says he's heard it from "multiple sources." According to our source, who asked not be named, there appears to be some truth ...
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

Five Things Woz Would Change About Apple: iTunes on Android ...
By Casey Chan
Steve Wozniak, the benevolent genius who co-founded Apple, answered a few questions over at Slashdot today and though many of the answers were consistent with his awesome easy-going, open-sourced, tinkering self, he actually had ...
Gizmodo: Top

UK's Tech City Ready To Open Doors For Fourth Annual Job Fair
Next month the fourth jobs fair at Tech City, Silicon Milkroundabout, will take place, hoping to pair up potential recruits with the start-ups and technology companies in the area. The event has some curation around it; the companies involved are ...

Tech titans battle to put themselves on map
The Poly Post
Since the introduction of Apple's iOS 6 on Sept. 19, it seems the only thing iPhone owners are talking about is Apple Maps, and more specifically, how bad they are. Are they really that bad though? Any time Apple makes a change to the way the iPhone ...

Venture capital for medical technology harder to come by: report
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Venture capitalists, long the lifeblood of medical technology firms, are growing cautious on the sector after seeing their returns squeezed in a time of growing cost pressures for healthcare, a report by Ernst & Young said. While ...

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