13 October 2012

Apple v Samsung Judge Koh said to have abused discretion

Apple v Samsung: Judge Koh said to have ''abused discretion''
Computerworld (blog)
However, the Appeals Court overruled that...saying the technology...is a GoogleAndroid OS issue and...Google is not a party ... Koh. Samsung will be fined $4B, like it should, and Apple and Microsoft will continue to hunt down those Android copycats...

Computerworld (blog)

Apple likely to unveil iPad mini on Oct. 23
Chicago Tribune
Apple Inc. is expected to take the wraps off its highly anticipated mini iPad at an Oct. 23 invitation-only event, reported tech blog AllThingsD on Friday, citing sources familiar with the company. The event would come before Microsoft Corp. unveils ...

For Apple, the iOS 6 Map Flap is just a mere speed bump
This wouldn't have been an issue if Apple's own mapping and geolocation services were anywhere near as extensive or as accurate as Google's. But they aren't. The new Maps software has been lambasted by the media as well as the company's die-hard ...

Microsoft Now Accepting Windows 8 Pre-Orders
PC Magazine
Consumers who want the DVD version of Windows 8 can pre-order the new operating system in the U.S. for $69.99 from Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, and the Microsoft Store. Microsoftspokesman Brandon LeBlanc talked up the packaging, which ...

Microsoft looks to roll Google into German patent suit
Speaking yesterday in the Munich I Regional Court, Microsoft's lead counsel, Tilman Mueller-Stoy, told the court that the software giant will amend an earlier lawsuit against Motorola to includeGoogle, marking the first time the two technology giants ...

Amazon Brings Kindle Paperwhite and Lending Library to Parts of Europe
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Amazon is also launching its Kindle Owners' Lending Library in Europe which entitles subscribers to its Prime service to borrow a book a month for free. Many of the books in the library use Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows authors to avoid ...

Google's Driverless Car Draws Political Power
Wall Street Journal
See one of Google's self-driving cars, which the Internet giant has been developing since 2009. While the self-driving technology won't be available for years, the company hopes such vehicles will revolutionize the way humans get around. (Photo & Video ...

Wall Street Journal

With Windows 8 launch-a-palooza, October critical to future of Microsoft
San Jose Mercury News
With the gangbuster growth of Apple, and the relentless march of Google, we in Silicon Valley sometimes forget about that once-dominant company, Microsoft. They are by no means dead, as they are often portrayed. And yet, they no longer set the pace ...

Apple, Swiss Railway Ink Licensing Deal Over Clock Icon
PC Magazine
The most high-profile snafu was with the Apple Maps app, which many found to be inaccurate and less detailed than the previous IOS maps app, based on Google data. Eventually, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for his company's lackluster product and ...

Google reigns in search for September while Yahoo falls off
According to new data released by digital analytics company ComScore today, 66.7 percent of users core searches in September were on Google, which is 0.3 percent higher than August. Trailing behind were Microsoft's search engines, which got 15.9 ...

Apple Agrees To License Iconic Swiss Federal Railways' Clock ...
By Natasha Lomas
Late last month Apple was accused of copying the design of the iconic 1940s Swiss Railway Station Clock owned by SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) for the clock design used in iOS 6. Now Cupertino has agreed to license the design from SBB.

Q&A: Uploading Music to Amazon's Cloud - NYTimes.com
The Amazon Cloud Player supports several types of music files, but not those with built-in copy protection. ... App Smart: Navigon and Waze Map Apps, to Bypass Apple and Google - Review. By KIT EATON. There are some better options than ...

In self-publishing push, Amazon expands Kindle Owners' Lending ...
By Laura Hazard Owen
Amazon is expanding the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, which allows Kindle-owning Prime members to borrow one ebook for free each month, to the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The move comes at a time when Amazon is ...

Apple files patent application for fingerprint sensor that can be ...
By Nicole Lee
While Apple has flirted with biometric-based patents before, we've yet to see them implemented in real-world technology. That hasn't stopped it from. ... Amazon Kindles ... and MetroPCS agree on $1.5 billion T-Mobile merger (updated). 9 days ago. Google withdraws recent ITC complaint in Motorola v. Apple case. 9 days ago. Tim Cook apologizes for Maps mess ... Microsoft To Go All-In With $1.5B Windows 8 Marketing Blitz · ChangeWave: Forget Maps, iPhone 5 Is Still A Major ...

iPad Mini Versus Microsoft Surface - Business Insider
By Steve Kovach
The timing is perfect for Apple. ... Google's Eric Schmidt: Microsoft Is 'Well-Run' But Irrelevant ... It's the same pattern we see with just about every hardware company besides Apple and Amazon. There's a big, flashy event for an unfinished ...
Business Insider

Google Lat Long: Making Google Maps more comprehensive with ...
Making Google Maps more comprehensive with biggest Street View update ever ... You can explore our many new places directly in Google Maps, including ...

Intuitive UIs Featured During UIST 2012 - Microsoft Research
From Oct. 7 to 10 in Cambridge, Mass., Microsoft researchers attending UIST 2012—the 25th Association for Computing Machinery Symposium on User ...

Spiral Shell Sheds Light on Red Giant Star's Recent Convulsive History
Scientific American
As stars age, they often shed their skins, so to speak, casting off expansive shells of dust and gas into interstellar space. A new look at the shell surrounding a type of aging star called a red giant shows that the star's ejected husk carries in its ...

Scientific American

Apple iPad mini rumors hum along
Washington Post
Apple didn't send out invitations for an iPad mini launch event on Wednesday, as had been expected, but that's been barely a hiccup in the rumor mill. Friday's wave of speculation comes courtesy of All Things Digital's John Paczkowski, who suspects ...

Apple CEO visits Foxconn's iPhone plant in China
(Corrects third paragraph in March 29 story to say factory is in Henan province, not Hebei) SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Apple Inc's Tim Cook, on his first trip to China as the chief executive officer, has visited an iPhone production plant run by the Foxconn ...

Prices and packaging for Windows 8 go public
Summary: Online retailer Newegg began taking preorders for Windows 8 today. Their product lineup includes pricing and packaging details that jumped the gun on Microsoft's official announcement. Update: And now it's official.


Apple licenses Swiss rail clock design
CNET (blog)
by Shara Tibken Apple can breathe a little easier about one part of iOS 6. No, not the Maps app, but its use of a certain clock image owned by a Swiss rail provider. The Swiss Federal Railway service, or SBB, says today that it has reached a licensing ...

Nobel laureate for literature Mo Yan urges China dissident Liu Xiaobo's freedom
Christian Science Monitor
China's newly named Nobel laureate for literature expressed hope Friday that an imprisoned Chinese winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be freed, putting a dent in the ruling Communist Party's attempts to burnish its credentials with the latest prize.

Christian Science Monitor

ChangeWave: Maps issue had 0% impact on iPhone 5 sales
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt October 12, 2012: 9:08 AM ET FORTUNE -- A new survey of 4270 mostly North Americans conducted in September and released Friday found no evidence that the concerns about Apple's (AAPL) new iPhone that have preoccupied the tech ...

Apple Co-Founder Wants the iPhone 5 to Come in Two Sizes
Tom's Hardware Guide
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wishes the company would make the iPhone 5 available in two sizes. For years Apple's iPhones have featured the same 3.5-inch screen. The iPhone 5 represents a small step forward with its 4-inch screen but retains the same ...

Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite Hardware Generate No Profit for Amazon
A lot of technology products and gadgets are sold at breakeven and at times even at a slight loss in order to make money off accessories or services the go along with the products. This is the case with the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Paperwhite ...


Dell hits Windows 8 PC pre-order market with a bang
It would appear that Dell wants to get in on the party early with three Windows 8 computers it's putting up for pre-order here this morning for a release date “soon after Windows 8 is officially available on October 26.” With the XPS 12 convertible ...


Deals of the Day: Sprint Looks to Japan for Help
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By WSJ Staff Deals of the Day compiles this morning's biggest news about mergers and acquisitions, banking, bankruptcy and more. Catch us on Twitter, @WSJDealJournal. Sprint Looks to Japan for Help: Japanese mobile carrier Softbank is in advanced talks ...

Diamond planet twice the size of Earth
EE Times
PARIS – Scientists from Yale University said they have identified a "diamond planet" twice the size of the Earth and eight times its mass. The planet, named 55 Cancri e, is one of five planets orbiting a sun-like star located 40 light years from Earth ...

EE Times

Mysterious Monster Eye Washes Ashore in Florida
Yesterday, Gino Covacci was walking peacefully by the sea when he found this: a gigantic, monstrous eye still oozing blood. Scientists haven't identified the leviathan who lost it yet. Was it a giant squid, a whale, or the eye from a titanic monster ...

Samsung's Galaxy S III Mini Is a Flagship Smartphone in Name Only
By Jared Newman | @OneJaredNewman | October 12, 2012 | + It's not a bad spec list, and it will reportedly come with Android 4.1, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. It just doesn't live up to the “Galaxy S” name, which is typically ...


Are 4G phones worth 20% more?
By Quentin Fottrell New 4G wireless networks make it faster to download a song or open a Web page, but consumers will pay more for the upgrade — 20% more, according to a new study. CEOs (LR): Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Stephen Elop of Nokia and Ralph ...

House-Size Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave Today
by Tariq Malik, SPACE.com Managing Editor An asteroid the size of a house will buzz Earth today (Oct. 12) but poses no risk of hitting our planet, scientists say. The asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass Earth at a range of just 59000 miles (95000 kilometers) ...

Ford C-Max Energi Lands 100 MPGe Rating From EPA
Gas 2.0
Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. The Ford C-Max Energi has a lot of numbers in its favor, from lower pricing to better MPGs to a longer driving range.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban overturned
The appeals court said the district court in California had "abused its discretion" by banning the smartphone for infringing Apple patents. The case has now been sent back to the Californian court for reconsideration. Apple is waging war on several ...


Facebook Downtime In Europe Caused By DNS Change
By Zach Walton · 1 min ago · Leave a Comment If you recall, Facebook went down for a lot of Europe yesterday afternoon. Everybody's “favorite” Anonymous troll began taking credit even though it was obvious that he was just taking advantage of the ...

San Antonio's not sure what to make of Arizona State's new metro carbon ...
Bizjournals.com (blog)
San Antonio leaders will soon see how much greenhouse emissions each building is releasing into the environment. Imagine if there was a way to estimate what businesses or buildings in San Antonio were emitting the most greenhouse gases.

Wikileaks paywall draws Anonymous's wrath
TG Daily
Hacking collective Anonymous has hit out at Wikileaks for - rather astonishingly - imposing a paywall on most of its content. Attempting to access Wikileaks' Global Intelligence Files, Guantanamo Files, Iraq War Logs and other documents triggers an...

TG Daily

Think Your Phone Number on Facebook is Private? Not Likely
PC Magazine
By Fahmida Y. Rashid Facebook has a reverse lookup feature where users can lookup phone numbers to find people the number belongs to. Up until this week, that feature could be abused to look up thousands of numbers at once. Facebook has patched the ...

This image shows where NASA's Curiosity rover aimed two different instruments to study a rock known as "Jake Matijevic" in late September 2012. The red dots indicate where Curiosity fired its laser at the rock. The circular black and white images are ...


IHS: Slow Ultrabook shipments won't threaten SSD industry this year
Summary: While a lot of industries are depending upon better Ultrabook shipments, the solid state drive market will likely remain just fine, based on a new report. By Rachel King for Between the Lines | October 11, 2012 -- 16:40 GMT (09:40 PDT) ...

Amazon gets final okay on 4G Kindle, report says
Washington Post
Pre-orders are open on the 4G version of Amazon's Kindle Fire after the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval for the device to operate on US networks, Reuters reported Thursday. Amazon had to put disclaimers on pages selling the devices, ...

'Madden,' 'Borderlands 2' lead soft September for video game sales
Los Angeles Times
Strong sales for the latest incarnation of the annual "Madden NFL" and action sequel "Borderlands 2" were not enough to arrest the latest slide in video game sales. Total industry revenue from sales of physical games, consoles and accessories in the US ...

Professor Keith Campbell
Dolly, so named because she was cloned from a mammary cell, something the scientists associated with the bosomy singer Dolly Parton, was born on July 5 1996. News of the animal's existence was not made public until February the following year,...


Researchers find fossil of ancient spider attack
By Leigh Goessl By Leigh Goessl. Researchers have announced a finding that they describe is currently one-of-a-kind. The scientists have shared a discovery of a fossilized ancient spider attack, frozen in time inside a piece of amber.


International Space Station to zip across Washington, DC's skies tonight
Washington Post (blog)
By Jason Samenow Tonight's International Space Station Pass (Heavens-Above.com) Between 7:35 and 7:40 pm tonight, be sure to look up. The International Space Station (ISS), flying at altitude of about 220 miles up, will cruise through the clear autumn ...

Mineral-hunting Polaris moon rover detailed
Polaris is the latest robotic rover getting ready to roll. It's tasked with digging four feet into the surface of the moon to check for the water, oxygen and nitrogen that would be critical in establishing lunar bases there in the future.

Mysteries behind Kennewick Man Unveiled
French Tribune
A study of the prehistoric remains has revealed that the Kennewick Man were not Native Americans. During the study, 9300-year-old skeleton was studied by the researchers of Smithsonian Institute. During the study, it was found that the skeleton had ...

French Tribune

Did Facebook Just Solve Its Mobile Problem?
By Tim Beyers, The Motley Fool From sponsored stories to free texts, Facebook (NAS: FB) is experimenting with anything and everything that might boost profits. And yet no initiative has met with nearly so much enthusiasm and skepticism as Facebook ...

AT&T, IBM join forces in new cloud computing initiative
CNS Magazine
AT&T Corp. and IBM Corp. this week announced a new “network-enabled” cloud service, which they say uses private networks rather than the public Internet. The service, which will be launched early next year, will be made up of AT&T virtual private ...

Fable: The Journey Review
There's a lot to like in Fable: The Journey. It's beautifully animated, the story is well-written, and the voice acting is excellent. At times, the game offers a visceral thrill that's very compelling. My feelings toward this game are something like ...

DROID RAZR MAXX HD: Why I'm Going Nowhere Near One
Owners of the Motorola Atrix 4G were told that the handset would get updated to ICS in Q3 of this year. Owners of the Atrix 2 were also told the same thing. However it seems that Motorola have gone back on their word and this naturally has left owners ...

SoftBank's Sprint Deal Is A Huge, Global Bet On The iPhone
Business Insider
AP Sprint, meanwhile, lagged behind AT&T and Verizon in offering the iPhone, losing customers who defected to those carriers specifically to get the device. Sprint had singularly bad judgment in picking hardware partners in recent years.

Business Insider

When will Verizon shutter its CDMA networks? 2021, maybe…
By Kevin Fitchard Verizon has given a date on when it expects to retire its 2G and 3G networks: 2021. But even that date isn't hard and fast. According to the company, Verizon will keep them running as long as its customers need them.


Apple may have an engineering problem
CBS News
(MoneyWatch) Apple (AAPL) has developed a well-earned reputation of a masterly command of consumer electronic design. The combination of sleek devices, robust supporting services, and an entire ecosystem of third party software and hardware providers ...

Mice Are Capable Of Learning To Sing; Sort Of
Caption: This image shows the motor cortex neurons that directly project to the brainstem and ultimately control the larynx of male mice. Credit: Gustavo Arriaga and Erich Jarvis, Duke University. Learning to adapt voice is a trait commonly shared ...


New Political Ad App From Campaign Solutions Leverages Facebook's Open Graph ...
“Where do you see yourself in four years?” That's the question posed in the first Facebook application for the Ending Spending Action Fund, which pulls Facebook users' photos to become part of the video, called “The Ad About You.


Acer's Windows 8-based Iconia W510 tablet hits the FCC, ready for November launch
By Nicole Lee posted Oct 11th 2012 8:04PM Now that we've taken a look at the Acer Iconia W510, it's heartening to see it finally hit the FCC. The documentation doesn't tell us much we don't already know about the Windows 8 tablet, ..

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