10 October 2012

64% of Tech Execs Think Romney Would Be Better for Tech

64% of Tech Executives Think Romney Would Be Better for the ...
By Alex Fitzpatrick
Most technology executives think Mitt Romney would be better than Barack Obama for the techsector, according to a new study. ... you think would be better for the technology sector? DLA PiperTech Leaders Forecast Survey, October 2012 ...

Felix Baumgartner flight aborted due to high winds (photos) - Ideas@Innovations - The Washington Post: "1:37 p.m.: The call to abort the mission has been called ”due to gusty winds,” according to Red Bull’s live feed."

Apple analyst: Dispatches from a Taiwan and China road trip
Similar to the iPhone 5, we sensed that suppliers have found the specs around Apple's 7.85-inch "iPad Mini" to be a challenge and yields have been frustrating. In our view, this is the reason the "iPad Mini" is 4-6 weeks behind our original launch ...

Google Legal Chief: Patent Reform a Balancing Act
Wall Street Journal (blog)
In a meeting with reporters at a Google-sponsored innovation forum, Mr. Drummond said he doesn't think that its rivals enjoy the litigious environment in which they're all caught up. “It doesn't take much digging to find statements from Apple ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Taiwan asking Apple to blur satellite images of "secret" military base
CBS News
Defense Ministry spokesman David Lo said Tuesday that Apple should follow its rival Google in using only low-resolution satellite pictures to show sensitive facilities. He acknowledged the military should also try to camouflage them. Apple released the ...

RPT-INSIGHT-Frugal Amazon opens checkbook for streaming video
The downward spiral of DVDs sales dovetails with Amazon's face-off against Apple Inc in tablet computing. Amazon is pricing its Kindle Fire devices lower than Apple's iPad with the aim of using it as a loss-leader to generate profit from the products ...

Tip: How to Get Google Maps on iOS 6
PC Magazine
The biggest concern I've heard from Apple users about the latest mobile operating system, iOS 6, is that the Maps app has completely changed. It used to be powered by Google, but Apple brought it in house, and unfortunately, it hasn't been as ...

Google Play offerings are launching on Google TV
Titles will also be discoverable through its TV & Movies app, which reels in recommendations for shows and movies available on live TV, as well as other apps such as Netflix, Amazon, and now Google Play. Back in June we reported that Google TV was ...

Microsoft: 100000 Windows 8 apps will be available by February
Summary: Microsoft's VP for sales and marketing says that the company expects over 100,000 Windows 8 apps to be available in the Windows Store by the end of January, and 400 million people will be using Windows 8 by next July. Charlie Osborne ...

Microsoft Research Unveils Gloveless Digital Hand Interface
PC Magazine
But one very famous fictional interface, the touchless finger-to-glass-display controls shown in Minority Report, just took a giant leap into the real world thanks to the work of developers atMicrosoft Research. Digits is a wrist-mounted sensor device ...

Invites Go Out For Microsoft's U.K. Windows Phone 8 Event: WP8 To ...
By Natasha Lomas
Invites have just gone out for a Microsoft press event to introduce its new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. An end of October unveiling for the next generation of WP had been expected but today the date has been confirmed as ...

Google's Neural Networks Advance Artificial Intelligence [VIDEO]
By Neha Prakash
Google's next step is using neural networks to advance speech recognition technology, especially in their Android devices. Much like Apple's Siri technology, the more people use voice control, the more the artificial intelligence software can ...
Mashable » Tech

Apple Begins Shipping New iPod touch
By Matt Brian
Apple has begun alerting customers around the world that their iPod touch orders are shipping, with a expected delivery dates from October 15th. ... Google Glasses: why I'm not buying the hype · Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 5.40.19 PM ...
The Next Web

Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, others to launch new Web ...
By Mike Schramm
Apple is just one of quite a few big tech companies signed on to help support the Worldwide Web Consortium (known as the W3C) in developing a brand new web standards resource called WebPlatform.org. The new site is simply designed to ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Google Play Music and Movies purchasing reaches Google TV ...
By Jon Fingas
It's been one of the more conspicuous omissions in the media hub space: despite Google Play being the cornerstone of Google's content strategy, you. ... Apple begins shipping its Lightning to 30-pin adapter at the speed of... freight ...
Engadget HD

AT&T Shares Network With IBM to Lure More Customers to the Cloud
AT&T Inc. (T) and International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) are combining their resources in a joint offering to seek a bigger slice of the $14 billion market for cloud services. IBM, the world's biggest computer services provider, will provide the ...

Taiwan to ask Apple to blur sensitive military images
Taiwan said Tuesday it will ask US tech giant Apple to blur satellite images of sensitive military installations which are freely available to iPhone 5 users. The defence ministry reacted after the Liberty Times newspaper printed a satellite picture, ...

Fable: The Journey
Giant Bomb
The Journey's heart is in the right place. It's too bad Kinect is the only way to play it. NBA 2K13 lacks the big, flashy hooks of its more recent predecessors, but it's still a pretty terrific basketball game all the same. If you love yourself some ...

IBM Answers Oracle Exadata
PureData System for transactional, analytic, and operational deployments takes on Oracle, replaces IBM's Netezza appliances and Smart Analytic system. By Doug Henschen InformationWeek IBM announced on Tuesday PureData System, an expansion of the ...

Acer Iconia W510: Hands-on with a Windows 8 hybrid
You had better get used to the look and feel of the Acer Iconia W510. Not because this particular laptop/tablet hybrid is going to be everywhere this holiday season, but because nearly every PC maker will have a very similar product -- a Windows 8 ...

Lookout fires off Signal Flare in big update
Lookout Mobile Security refreshes its protection with a new interface optimized for Android 4.0, a rogue dialer guard, and a breadcrumb tracker for devices with low power. by Seth Rosenblatt Staying ahead of the curve has been a hallmark of Lookout ...

Facebook tests 'Want,' 'Collect' buttons and muscles in on Pinterest's turf
Washington Post
Facebook has introduced a new retail feature — “Want” and “Collect” buttons. The buttons are part of a new Facebook feature called “Collections,” a tool that allows businesses to showcase goods on their pages and sell them through Facebook.

Apple iPad mini getting closer to reality
By Joel Evans for The Mobile Gadgeteer | October 9, 2012 -- 13:44 GMT (06:44 PDT) If you're wondering whether or not the iPad mini may be a reality in time for the holidays, here's a quick rundown of events that seem to just about confirm that it will.

Nobel for quantum "parlor trick" that could make super computers
By Niklas Pollard and Anna Ringstrom | STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A French and an American scientist won the Nobel Prize on Tuesday for finding ways to measure quantum particles without destroying them, which could make it possible to build a new kind of ...

Apple now shipping new iPod Touch
The fifth-generation Touch is starting to ship today, according to an Apple notice received by a writer at Gigaom. by Lance Whitney Those of you who ordered Apple's new iPod Touch may soon see one at your doorstep. Apple seems to have just started ...

Acer Bets on New Ultrabook to Spur Sales
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Eva Dou Taiwanese PC maker Acer, which lost money last year amid slowing sales, is attempting a comeback with a new ultra-thin laptop called Aspire S7. Acer, long known for churning out low-priced notebooks, says the Aspire S7, which it plans to ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Eruption Update for October 9, 2012: Lokon in Indonesia, Costa Rican Volcanoes…
Wired (blog)
By Erik KlemettiEmail Author Well, my laptop is officially in the shop, but I have a loaner and a bit of time, so I thought I'd put together a brief Eruption Update with some volcano news over the last week. As usual, the island nation has been busy ...

larklife Gets Wireless with Health & Fitness Tracking
The Mac Observer
Lark introduced its new larklife personal activity logger on Monday that the company is calling a "wearable diet, fitness and sleep tracking and coaching system." The tracker fits around your wrist and can sync wirelessly with your iPhone.

The Mac Observer

Larry Ellison Doesn't Get the Cloud: The Dumbest Idea of 2013
I don't know if you've heard, but the talk among the chattering classes at Oracle OpenWorld last week was that neither Oracle nor company founder and CEO Larry Ellison gets the cloud. Yes, I know, that seems preposterous—regardless of how fervently ...


Mars rover distracted by mysterious shiny object
NASA's Curiosity rover took a break from its scooping mission on Mars after a bright object was found on the ground. While officials think it came from the rover, the scooping has been halted until officials determine what it is.


Oct. 9, 1962: First Visible LED Is Demonstrated
By Roberto BaldwinEmail Author 1962: Nick Holonyak, Jr. demonstrates the world's first visible light-emitting diode (LED) to General Electric suits, changing the world of lighting forever. Holonyak later said that the LED would replace incandescent ...


Cord-cutting on the cheap: Over-the-air HDTV saved to a Boxee DVR
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Comments | E-mail | Print It's an irony of the age of digital television that the best picture you can get on your big-screen, HDTV comes from old-school, rabbit-ear antennas. Yep, the free TV you get from your local broadcast station has an ...

NetZero gives subscribers free data to share through Facebook, doles out ...
By Jon Fingas posted Oct 9th 2012 6:00AM The classic trick to spurring early adoption of a data hotspot service is to share it with others, and NetZero has every intention of being as giving as its precursors. Its new Data Share program lets those who ...

Google Nexus 10 tablet to have higher-res display than iPad
Summary: Samsung is working with Google on a high-end 10-inch tablet that will have a higher-resolution display than the iPad, according to an analyst, who also said manufacturing of a $99 tablet will begin in December. By Ben Woods | October 9, ...

Sprint Introduces StarStar Me Vanity Numbers, New MVNO Services
By Michelle Maisto | Posted 2012-10-08 Email Print With StarStarMe, Sprint customers can make their digits more memorable. The same day, it also introduced an MVNO solution that offers new revenue streams for business customers.


SpaceX Investigates Falcon 9 Engine Anomaly As Dragon Heads For ISS
Aviation Week
By Mark Carreau mark.carreau@gmail.com SpaceX is sorting through a first-stage Falcon 9 engine anomaly that occurred when the two-stage booster lifted off for the International Space Station on Oct. 7 under a $1.6 billion NASA Commercial Resupply...

Aviation Week

FBI creates new unit to combat laser pointer attacks on planes
KTVU San Francisco
The problem of laser pointer attacks on aircrafts has grown into such a big problem that the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently established a national laser strike unit to combat the crime. Federal authorities said the number of laser attacks ...

Microsoft backs free Boingo WiFi in NYC and San Francisco, hopes you'll see ...
By Jon Fingas posted Oct 9th 2012 1:03AM Microsoft is about to launch a giant media blitz for Windows 8, and it wants to guarantee that even those of us heads-down in our laptops and smartphones take notice. It's sponsoring Boingo's WiFi, ...

“Ransomware” Worm Now Spreading On Skype [Update: Skype Advises Users Upgrade ...
Skype isn't exactly immune to malware and spam, but criminals are hoping that its users are perhaps less vigilant about clicking through on random links sent to their accounts. According to multiple reports from security firms, as well as from a ...

Microsoft is bombarding Google with mistaken URL take down requests
Digital Trends
Microsoft requests Google to take down over 80000 URLs per week, and a report indicates that many of these requests are obvious mistakes. A report by Torrent Freak reveals that Microsoft has been mistakenly issuing DMCA take down notices to Google for ...

Samsung unveils Galaxy Music Android smartphone
Samsung has unveiled a new smartphone that runs Android 4.0 called the Galaxy Music. Samsung says that the mobile phone has a dedicated music key that provides fast access to the music player with a single press. The mobile phone operates on HSDPA, ...


Carnegie Mellon hopes vehicle will drill on Moon
The Evening Sun
AP PITTSBURGH—Robotics researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh are hoping a lunar vehicle being built by a spinoff venture will enable scientists to drill below the Moon' surface for ice which, scientists hope, might contain chemicals ...

Commentary: Are too many ag patents being granted?
A New York Times article made me take notice of how all the legal fighting about patent infringement is affecting high-tech industries, specifically the smartphone and software industry. But I also started thinking about the crop genetics cases ...

Sun Spits Out A Coronal Mass Ejection
Space Daily
by Karen C. Fox for Goddard Space Flight Center Not to be confused with a solar flare, which is a burst of light and radiation, CMEs are a phenomenon that can send solar particles into space and can reach Earth one to three days later.

Life Technologies Buys Compendia Bioscience
Carlsbad-based life sciences equipment firm Life Technologies said Monday that it has acquired Compendia Bioscience, a developer of cancer bioinformatics products. Financial terms of the buy were not disclosed. Compendia's products are used by the ...

Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 8 on October 29th
Stark Insider
Nokia and HTC have both teased Windows Phone 8 smartphones which should be available by year's end. The Nokia Lumia 920 features a 4.5-inch display, wireless charging, and “PureView” camera. London is the place. October 29 is the date.

Stark Insider

Report: iPhone 5 Nano SIM Cards Arrive at T-Mobile
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot TmoNews reported Saturday that the first cards were dropped off at T-Mobile stores, which will allow unlocked versions of the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 5 to be activated on the carrier's HPSA+ network. T-Mobile announced it would offer ...

Hazardous waste collection
Sturgis Journal
Workers at a collection of household hazardous waste and electronics Oct. 6 are given coffee by a resident. Subscribe to our print edition today and keep up with alL the latest news and views from our community. Sign up for our newsletter and have the ...

Officials prepare for disposal of dead whale
Boston Globe
By Billy Baker It is an event so rare that no one can remember it happening in Boston Harbor, and no one can predict what is about to unfold. A dead finback whale, which could be as long as 70 feet, was spotted early Sunday morning floating near Black ...

Arctic sea ice collapse triggers record Greenland icesheet melt
ABC Online
While most of the public attention has focused on the sixth record melt in a row of Arctic summer sea ice, an even bigger story has gone largely unreported. That's been the record melt of the massive Greenland ice-sheet - at least partly triggered by ...

Personal Liberty Digest
CAMBRIDGE, England (UPI) — Infrared sky surveys found enormous, rapidly growing supermassive black holes in the early universe, British astronomers say. Scientists at the University of Cambridge said the black holes were previously undetected because ...

Tablet Awesome: SmugMug app lands on iPad
imaging resource
by Mike Tomkins Last February, photo sharing site SmugMug launched a new app aimed at making iPhone photography a more awesome experience. That app, dubbed Camera Awesome, has done very well for SmugMug. Offered free of charge, it has a score of over ...

Galaxy Note II a real superphone
MIRROR, mirror, on the wall, which is the biggest phone of all? The biggest seller is a tough call. However, physically, Samsung's Note II is the biggest. With a screen measuring 5.5 inches, Samsung has created the world's biggest smartphone in the new ...

It's all in the flick of a wrist
ComputerWeekly.com (blog)
We have all seen enough 'Minority Report' films or gotten over excited enough playing the Nintendo Wii to continue to daydream about when we can control technology merely through gesture. Yes, there have been some attempts with the likes of Kinect, ...

Apple Inc (AAPL) Is Down, But Not Out
Insider Monkey (blog)
By Matt Doiron Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is starting to look mortal as well. It is still up 55% this year- and it began 2012 as a company worth over $350 billion- but after briefly hitting $700 in September the stock has slipped to about $640.

Insider Monkey (blog)

October Tech Bonanza Coming: iPad Mini, Windows 8, Surface, Google Phones
ABC News
While the candidates may be racing against each other on the campaign trail and fighting it out on the podiums this month, the tech giants are up to something very similar. This month the major technology companies are all racing to get their new ...

ABC News

US panel: China tech giants pose security threat
Philadelphia Inquirer
WASHINGTON - American companies should avoid sourcing network equipment from China's two leading technology firms because they pose a national security threat to the United States, the House Intelligence Committee warned Monday. The panel said...

Philadelphia Inquirer

Exec Survey: Obama Will Win, Tech Economy Will Lose
Those are the chief results of a survey conducted recently and released today by the law firm DLA Piper at its technology summit today in Menlo Park, Calif. They may not be particularly surprising, but the margin by which the tech executives assume ...

Tech Stars Want to Upgrade Your Smartphone-Addled Life and Government
San Francisco's technology industry is flexing its political muscle. After winning a series of payroll tax exemptions and helping re-elect an industry champion in City Hall, the tech set is broadening its ambitions and reintroducing itself to voters ...

Atomic Learning Teams Up With Geek Squad On Learning Tools For Tech ...
"Atomic Training's proven format of short, online tutorials extends the benefits of this program to anytime, anywhere tech training so members can learn more about the technology that's most important to them." Geek Squad Tech Support today serves more ...

Apple, Facebook lead tech losses; Netflix rises
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — With Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. among the decliners Monday, tech stocks started the week with a broad slate of losses, though gains from Netflix Inc. and Polycom Inc. stood out. Apple (US:AAPL) did its part to drag on ...

Align Technology - Aggressive Growth
Align Technology ( ALGN ) has advanced more than 127% over the past year. This Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy), medical device company is scheduled to report quarterly results next week, and has delivered earnings surprises over the last six quarters with ...

Gates, Emanuel: Tech brightens horizons
From the eradication of diseases and poverty to the health of Hollywood, the future is incredibly bright -- thanks solely to emerging technology, Bill Gates and Ari Emanuel agreed Tuesday in separate conversations at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit.

Tech Booms in New York City, And So Do Meetups
WNYC (blog)
As the New York City tech sector continues to grow, so too have the number of meetups, happy hours, demos and networking events – somewhere in the ballpark of hundreds a month are held throughout the city. The crown jewel of these tech events is the ...

Tech giants team up for developer resource site
TG Daily
There will be information on how to use each feature of the Open Web Platform, with syntax and examples; on the interoperability of various technologies across platforms and devices; the standardization status of each technology specification and the ...

Technology That Involves Teenagers in Their Health - NYTimes.com
Doctors are making house calls via texting, blogs and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Read more...

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