18 October 2012

FTC should drop case against Google

Opinion: FTC should drop case against Google - Thomas Lenard - POLITICO.com: "A decision on whether to bring a potentially historic antitrust case against Google is imminent, and the Federal Trade Commission will be judged, for better or worse, on what it decides. At a recent Technology Policy Institute conference, former FTC Chairman William Kovacic lamented that antitrust agencies are too often evaluated on the number of cases they bring — especially big cases — which he analogized to evaluating airlines on the basis of departures rather than arrivals. “You are whom you sue,” Kovacic suggested, is not a meaningful measure of agency performance. A better measure is whether the suits yield benefits for consumers. . . . Antitrust agencies should, therefore, show humility. Before proceeding, they should have a high degree of confidence not only that the target of their investigation is engaged in significant anticompetitive behavior but also that they can devise a remedy that will make consumers better off and not inhibit innovation. The FTC can’t make either claim and therefore should pass on this one."

Amazon's Whispercast simplifies Kindle use in office, school
Los Angeles Times
In the workplace, Whispercast can distribute business documents to employees or even customers, sorted by department, job level, seniority or any other category, Amazon.com said. Whispercast will be available on Kindles and free Kindle reading ...

Google Opens Up Data Centers; Square Ends NYC Taxi Beta; AMD Layoffs ...
PC Magazine
It's also accessible via Google Street View. In other news, Square, the mobile payment ... Amazonalso unveiled Whispercast for Kindle, which will provide schools and business customers with a single access point to purchase and distribute Kindle books ...

Larry Page Defends Google's Privacy Policy
New York Times (blog)
Even though European regulators want it changed, Google's current privacy policy is necessary for the company to be able to create new products that know more about Google users, Larry Page, the company's chief executive, said Tuesday. “Virtually ...

Apple to Add Two China Stores as Cook Implements Growth Plan
A new store will open Oct. 20 in Beijing's Wangfujing area, Apple said in a posting on its Chinese-language website. The company will also unveil a store in the southern city of Shenzhen, the hub where iPhones and iPads are made by Foxconn Technology ...

Google Helps Webmasters Disavow Spammy Links
In Google's book, linkspam is a sin. Linkspam, also known as Web spam or unnatural links, is a term to describe Web links that are deceptive or manipulative. Google sees a lot of linkspam because it treats links as votes for the relevancy of the ...

Google opens Web window on computer nerve centers
Philadelphia Inquirer
The perfect presidents. SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc. is opening a virtual window into the secretive data centers where an intricate maze of computers process Internet search requests, show YouTube video clips, and distribute e-mail for millions of people.

Report: Apple Picks Up Color Labs Startup
PC Magazine
Nguyen already had a relationship with Apple; the company purchased his Lala streaming music service for $80 million in December 2009, raising hopes for an iTunes-based streaming subscription service. It was subsequently shut down in May 2010. Around ...

Amazon in talks to acquire Brazilian bookseller, report says
Amazon has been rumored for months to be considering an acquisition in Brazil, and Saraiva's name has been floated before as a possible acquisition target. The acquisition could give Amazon a foothold in Brazil, Latin America's biggest economy, and ...

Color Labs To Be Acquired By Apple
By Ken Yeung and Matthew Panzarino
Color Labs, which received much criticism over its pre-launch $41 million funding round, is about to be acquired by Apple. ... Ventures Wants to Invest In · dragonfly · Google Releases Native Client Debugger, Microsoft Visual Studio Add-in ...
The Next Web

Bringing Google Calendar to the Play Store | Official Gmail Blog
By The Gmail Team
Previously available only on select Android devices like Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, you can now download the official Google Calendar app for Android from Google Play. Google Calendar makes it easy for you to manage all your calendars ...
Official Gmail Blog

Apple Patents Explore Echolocation, Text-To-Speech Voice With ...
By Darrell Etherington
Apple's looking into some intriguing things in a couple of new patent applications spotted oday, including sonar-style echolocation for passive proximity detection, and a text-to-speech engine that takes contextual cues about what it's reading ...

Apple to hold conference for iDevice accessory makers, school them ...
By Alexis Santos
Apple may have shaken things up with its Lightning connector's unique internals, but a leaked schedule reveals it's holding a conference to help. ... Google opens the playground for an Android event October 29th. 5 hours ago. Intel reports Q3 ...

Tech at Night: Obama, not Google, politicized regulation. FCC needs ...
By Neil Stevens (Diary)
Google is a target now. The EU is threatening to do its people a disservice by trying to fight Google innovation as hard as they fight Microsoft innovation. Because here's the thing: people who voluntarily use Google software are not at all the ...

SAP Enables HANA Analytics on Amazon Cloud
Companies now can deploy business- or consumer-facing applications already built on the HANA database to use the in-memory transactional and analytical data processing that comes with the service. SAP's got a hot new in-memory database with analytics...


Meteor showers light up Bay Area skies
San Jose Mercury News
A meteor shower lit up skies above the Bay Area and throughout California on Wednesday night, and they will appear with increasing frequency through Sunday, the National Weather Service said. Reports of bright fireballs streaking across the skies were ...

AMC, Dish Trial Adjourned
Wall Street Journal
The sudden adjournment, coming after lawyers for the two companies were seen meeting in a private room at the courthouse, prompted speculation among Wall Street analysts that settlement talks were under way. AMC declined to comment. Dish and AMC's ...

Wall Street Journal

Microsoft, Google eye mobile holiday sales
Washington Post
Microsoft and Google have a plan for this holiday season: To reach every gadget-happy shopper seeking a new smartphone or tablet. The companies are on different sides of a rapid industry shift away from desktops and toward mobile devices. Their holiday ...

Nokia Posts Loss as Smartphone Sales Lag
New York Times
BERLIN — Nokia on Thursday posted a loss of €969 million in the third quarter, citing sharply declining sales of its smartphones as customers await the introduction of a generation of handsets running a newer version of the Windows operating system.

Calxeda lays out 64-bit ARM server strategy
Low-power, 64-bit ARM servers from Calxeda will make their way into the datacentre in 2014, the company has revealed. On Wednesday, the server start-up gave details of its roadmap, outlining plans for two new generations of hardware built on its own ...

Twitter Shuts out German Neo-Nazi Group's Account
ABC News
Twitter has for the first time blocked an account using a new tool that allows it to bar content in individual countries, shutting out a banned German neo-Nazi group at the behest of local authorities. Twitter spokesman Dirk Hensen told The Associated Press in ...

Man rescues orangutans, one animal at a time
TODAY | Aired on October 18, 2012. Man rescues orangutans, one animal at a time. Less than 7,000 Sumatran orangutans are left in the wild on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where huge swaths of their habitats are being illegally cleared to make room...


Nvidia dual, quad-GPU VGX to power cloud virtual desktop rendering
Nvidia dual, quad-GPU VGX to power cloud virtual desktop rendering. Summary: Nvidia leverages the Kepler architecture and brings out two enterprise-level graphics cards designed specifically to overcome the problems -- such as lag and poor performance ...


'one-man black market in prehistoric fossils'
Fox News
June 18, 2012: The fossil of a Tyrannosaurus bataar dinosaur at the center of a lawsuit demanding its return to Mongolia. A Florida man was charged Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012 with smuggling dinosaur fossils.AP Photo/U.S Attorney Office. Dinosaur Dispute ...

Apple loses tablet copyright appeal against Samsung
LONDON (Reuters) - Apple has lost its appeal against a ruling that cleared rival Samsung of copying its registered designs for tablet computers, in a decision which could end the two firms' legal dispute on the subject across Europe. The world's two leading ...

Verizon sold 3.1M iPhones, 651K iPhone 5 unit in Q3
Verizon sold 3.1 million iPhones in the third quarter, thanks in part to the launch of the iPhone 5. Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said that 21 percent of its iPhones were enabled with a 4G LTE connection, indicating that 651,000 iPhone 5 units ...

AT&T Plans LTE Expansion Thanks to FCC Vote
AT&T plans to roll out an LTE network using WCS spectrum in three years, the carrier announced after the FCC unanimously voted to free up WCS spectrum for broadband use. The U.S Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted unanimously Oct. 17...


Dr. Dre Prescribes a Pill for Your Ears
New York Times (blog)
Beats by Dre has already expanded its territory from bass-heavy headphones to audio software for mobile phones. Now it's offering a portable sound bar that can play music sent over a Bluetooth wireless link. Called the Pill, it is fittingly shaped like a giant ...

New York Times (blog)

Whispercast turns Kindles into viable business tools
PCWorld (blog)
Amazon unveiled a new service this week—Whispercast. Whispercast is a tool for schools and businesses that allows them to centrally manage and deploy content for Kindle devices and Kindle apps. Whispercast could make the Kindle much more attractive ...

Tips for owning an iPhone 5 without breaking the bank
Tips for owning an iPhone 5 without breaking the bank. The cost of owning a new iPhone or any other hot smartphone is easy enough to swallow for one person in the family. But what happens when the rest of the clan starts getting smartphones, too?

AOL unveils e-mail sorting system Alto
USA TODAY (blog)
AOL's new e-mail management system sorts e-mail from multiple accounts. (Photo: AOL). Story Highlights. Cloud-based app that manages multiple e-mail accounts; Works on Mac and PC; Integrates social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...

"Predator X" sea monster gets official name
CBS News
It's official: A giant, marine reptile that roamed the seas roughly 150 million years ago is a new species, researchers say. The animal, now named Pliosaurus funkei, spanned about 40 feet and had a massive 6.5-foot-long skull with a bite four times as powerful ...

Dolphins can sleep one-half of their brain at a time say researchers
Scientists from the United States have learned that dolphins are able to stay alert and active for 15 days or more at a time by sleeping only one-half of their brain. The experts believe that this ability to stay alert by using only half of their brain is a key to the ...


Motorola Droid Razr HD (Verizon Wireless)
PC Magazine
Pros. Solid build quality. Fast processor and data speeds. Fantastic battery life. Cons Underwhelming camera. Doesn't run Android 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Difficult-to-access microSD slot. Bottom Line. The Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid Razr HD ...

Wii U Pro controller will not work with Wii games
TG Daily
The Wii U will be able to playback original Wii games, but you won't be able to use the new console's "Pro" controller to play them. Nintendo's upcoming console has a rather unprecedented feature -- the standard controllers that it uses are exactly the same as...

TG Daily

Iomega StorCenter px2-300d and ix4-300d share up to 12TB
Iomega has outed a pair of new network-attached storage (NAS) boxes, the StorCenter px2-300d and ix4-300d, promising high-speed backup and file/media access for demanding users. Both ominous black boxes support paired local and cloud storage for...


Project Eternity hits $4m on Kickstarter
TG Daily
There's a new Kickstarter record. Just seven months ago, a group of developers creating a game called Double Fine Adventure claimed a record-breaking $3.33 million in funding through a Kickstarter campaign. That record was easily quashed by another...

TG Daily

$99 Nexus Tablet May Arrive This Quarter
Tom's Hardware Guide
Decision to release budget-priced tablet makes sense to provide competition for iPad Mini. Google is reportedly working with Taiwan-based Quanta Computer to create a $99 Nexus tablet, with a launch due by the end of the year. According to DigiTimes' ...

Yelp Will Now Warn You About Paid Reviews
Think the overly generous five-star rating of that god awful burger joint in your neighborhood is a bunch of bull? If Yelp suspects reviews are paid for, it will now post a warning sign. Going forward, when Yelp discovers these acts of bribery, it will put up a red ...

Starwatch Consumer | TV over Internet service expands
Kansas City Star
Internet TV Billionaire Barry Diller - Aereo is broadening the availability of a TV-over-the-Internet service even as broadcasters challenge the legality of the startup;Net TV transmissions ...

Kansas City Star

New scientific theory suggests the Moon was once part of the Earth
Scientists have been trying to determine for a long time exactly how the Earth came to have the moon. Many scientists have been studying how the planet was gifted with its satellite because the Earth and Moon have a similar composition and chemistry.


A Problem with Pluto's Moons
Sky & Telescope
Ordinarily the discovery of a new addition to the Sun's ever-growing family is cause for celebration. That was the case when astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to spot a tiny, fourth moon around Pluto in 2011 — and then a fifth one earlier this year ...

16 million-year-old critter hitchhiked on the wings of mayflies
The Bell Jar
Researchers at the University of Manchester say they have discovered a 16 million-year-old springtail hitchhiking on the wings of mayflies. Researchers say that a CT scan of amber has revealed the very first evidence of any creature hitchhiking on the wings ...

The Bell Jar

Google's Earnings May Get Slammed By Motorola: PiperJaffray
A report from PiperJaffray expects Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) to post “relatively positive” third quarter results. Google's core business are expected to exceed the analyst's estimates of 6 percent quarterly growth, but Motorola's performance may lag the ...


BMO Downgrades Apple Inc. (AAPL) PT To $730 Ahead Of Q3 Results
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will announce its C3Q12 on October 25, which comes just over six weeks since the launch of the new iPhone 5. The iPhone maker received numerous increases in Price Target a few days before the launch, and after the launch,...


Tata Nano Coming to US with Enticing Price
Design & Trend
A redesigned version of the Nano from Tata Motors (also owners of Jaguar and Land Rover) will hit the U.S. shores in three years' time and the new model will be much more sophisticated than the Indian version. In India, the car was rolled out as the world's ...

Design & Trend

Uber and Square End Their NY Taxi Programs
NY Convergence
Both Uber and Square are halting their taxi pilot programs in NY. Both companies have tried negotiating with the Taxi and Limousine Commission in NY to allow riders to use their products. Uber currently has an app that lets people hail black cars and vans, ...

Overpass takes animals safely over highway
TRAPPER'S POINT, Wyo., Oct. 17 (UPI) -- New overpasses over a highway in Wyoming will safeguard both wildlife and people by preventing animal-auto accidents, conservationists say. Several highway animal overpasses have been completed where the ...


Where Google Lives: Data Centers Seen as Art
ABC News
When you do a Google search, send Gmail or watch a YouTube video, Google routs your transmission through one of its giant data centers. This one is in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Google generally keeps them under lock and key, but allowed New York ...

ABC News

Two cool time-lapse videos of Space Shuttle Endeavour's trip through LA's streets
imaging resource
Every time we promise to cool it on the time-lapse videos, we find another one we think is impressive enough to share with IR's readers. In this case it's two amazing time-lapse videos of the same event: Space Shuttle Endeavour's trip through the streets of Los ...

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month
WGMD Radio
The Ocean City Police are observing the 9th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month – and remind you of the importance of preventing, detecting and responding to cyber-attacks. Millions of people rely on computers, smart phones and the internet ...

Apple Sends Out Event Invites– Are New Macs and The iPad Mini Coming Next ...
TeensTalkTech (blog)
Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk that Apple had one more big event up its sleeves for 2012. Well, yesterday Apple confirmed all those rumors, sending out invites to an event next week, Tuesday, October 23rd. ipad mini mockup 2. One of the...

TeensTalkTech (blog)

Apple and Samsung's cone of silence
Reuters Blogs (blog)
Apple and Samsung, you might have heard, have spent the last many months in a California courtroom haggling over who violated whose patents. At the end of August, Apple was awarded more than a billion dollars in damages by a jury, and the Samsung is ...

Reuters Blogs (blog)

Analysis: How long can Google's shares stay airborne?
Laser speed sensor promises safer flights. Australian engineers, motivated by the 2009 crash of Air France Flight 447, have come up with a laser speed sensor system for aircrafts that they say will reduce the possibility of similar disasters. Video ...

Smartphone Shipments Pass 1 Billion in Q3: Strategy Analytics
Smartphone shipments during the third quarter surpassed 1 billion—a milestone it took 16 years to reach. The next billion is expected in just three years. Worldwide smartphone shipments passed a new milestone during the third quarter of 2012, with ...


'Next-door' alien planet still too distant to visit — for now
Fox News
Astronomers have discovered an alien planet right in our solar system's backyard, but residents of Earth shouldn't get their hopes up for an exploration mission anytime soon. The newfound world is much too far away for probes to visit using current technology ...

Verizon draws media attention for selling customers' usage data
A new report claims Verizon Wireless is selling usage data about their customers to third party marketers. Information including app usage, geographical location and Internet browsing activity is all fair game. Furthermore, the carrier says they may even link ...


The human capacity to produce trash goes well beyond Earth
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Humans produce a lot of garbage. In addition to landfills, there's a big patch of it in the Pacific Ocean. We've taken our trash into space. There are more than half a million pieces of debris in Earth's orbit, including approximately 1,500 objects weighing more...

Houston Chronicle (blog)

LinkedIn Launches Slick New Profile Page Design
Marketing Pilgrim
Marketing Pilgrim's "Social Media" Channel. Marketing Pilgrim's Social Media Channel is sponsored by Full Sail University. Find out today how you can advance your career in Internet marketing by learning more about Bachelor's and Master's degrees in ...

Marketing Pilgrim

Pokki: Bring Back My Windows Start Menu
Planning on upgrading to Windows 8, the newest operating system from Microsoft? Confused about where the Windows Start menu went? San Diego startup Sweetlabs, the maker of the Pokki desktop applications environment for Windows, is looking to help ...

Barley genome breakthrough may lead to better beer
Yahoo! News (blog)
LONDON (Reuters) - An international consortium of scientists has published a high resolution draft of the barley genome in a move that could not only improve yields and disease resistance but may also hold the key to better beer. "This research will ...

What is SEO 2012?
David Naylor's SEO Blog (blog)
Having returned from doing 2 conferences back to back, the iGaming Affiliate Conference in Barcelona and the A4U Expo in London, I thought it would be a good time to do a post on the topic that I was talking about in my sessions. I tend to get asked to talk on ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 a step up - review
Cape Town - The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a step up from the previous version and offers a real tablet alternative - even to other Samsung devices. The upgraded Note sports a similar 26cm high definition display than its predecessor that makes the tablet ...

Canonical Ubuntu 12.10 brings the Internet closer to the desktop
PC World Magazine
Canonical has released both the server and desktop editions of 12.10 Ubuntu, which offers a glimpse of how this Linux distribution will evolve in the next few years. Ubuntu 12.10 "effectively sets out the future direction of how Ubuntu will develop over the next ...

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