20 October 2012

MegaUpload is back with a plan to reopen service

Mega: MegaUpload is back with a plan to reopen their service
Generation NT (US)
The new MegaUpload site will be known as Mega. Kim Dotcom unveiled a few precautions that the company will take to avoid the fate of its predecessor. Mega-Song-Kim-Dotcom Last January, the MegaUpload files host and sharing site was closed by ...

Microsoft Earnings Show Windows 8 Pre-Sales Strong
Analysts said the challenge for Microsoft and partners will be to sell Windows 8 devices that can compete with low-cost, competitive devices like Android tablets and Amazon's Kindle Fire, while still being profitable. "We remain wary of potential ...

Morning MarketBeat: Google, Microsoft Illustrate Tech's Struggles
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Google's shares dropped 8% yesterday, rattling the tech world, while Microsoft's disappointing report after the closing bell added to the gloomy sentiment. Microsoft's results were hurt by weak PC demand and slowing growth for business software, which ...

Analysts cut Google price targets but see mobile ad growth
Google launched Nexus 7, its first tablet, earlier this year to take on Amazon.com Inc's Kindle Fire and Apple Inc's iPad, but the low $199 price tag and related marketing costs weighed on margins. "Marketing was higher primarily due to increased ...

Google, Samsung to sell Chrome laptop for $249
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google is dangling a low-priced laptop computer in front of consumers as rivals Microsoft and Apple prepare to release their latest gadgets. The lightweight computer unveiled Thursday will sell for $249 and is being made in a ...

Apple's smaller iPad expected to be 'competition's worst nightmare'
Apple Insider
The main question, Wu said, is whether Apple will "go for the kill" against competitors and accept lower margins to reach the $199 price point of its competitors, such as theGoogle Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Wu doesn't believe Apple needs to ...

Apple Insider

US Stocks Fall as Results From GE, Microsoft Disappoint
U.S. stocks fell, trimming the biggest weekly advance for the Standard & Poor's 500 Index (SPX) in a month, as Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and General Electric Co. (GE) posted sales that missed estimates and euro-area leaders agreed on a banking regulation ...

Apple vs. Samsung: A peace treaty
Apple Fanboys vow to stop taking the words of Steve Jobs (RIP) about going thermonuclear on Google over Android as personal marching orders. Samsung Fanboys agree to share some of the 50 Gigabytes of Dropbox storage that came with their Galaxy S3 ...

WA apple farmers may see boon from bad weather
The Associated Press
By MANUEL VALDES, Associated Press – 3 minutes ago. SEATTLE (AP) — First, warm spring weather in the Northeast and Midwest tricked apple trees into budding earlier. Then an untimely frost damaged the delicate blossoms. For apple farmers in ...

The Associated Press

Amazon Taps Schools and Business Users with Whispercast for Kindle.
X-bit Labs
Amazon's platform makes it easy for organizations to centrally distribute Kindle books as well as documents on an individual basis. With support for personal devices (which can range from AppleiPhone to Microsoft Windows 8 PCs), organizations can ...

Apple loses UK appeal on tablet design
A jury in September agreed with Apple and ordered Samsung to pay $1 billion. Samsung has moved to set the judgment aside. In September, a German court dismissed Apple's claim that Samsung and Google Inc.'s Motorola Mobility infringed patents used in ...

The new Chromebook, for everyone | Official Google Blog
By A Googler
Starting today, the new Samsung Chromebook is available for pre-order online from Amazon, Best Buy, PC World and other retailers. Next week it will be available for sale from these same online retailers as well as the Google Play store.
Official Google Blog

Android Developers Blog: Google Play Seller Support in India
By Android Developers
Posted by Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Product Manager on the Google Play team. Over the past year, Android device activations in India have jumped more than 400%, bringing millions of new users toGoogle Play and driving huge increases in app ...
Android Developers Blog

How can Apple sell iPad mini for less than an iPod touch? - Apple ...
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
Some commentators, confronted with this grid, saw the entry price of $250 (or $249) as too high, considering that Google's (GOOG) Nexus 7 sells for $199 and Amazon's (AMZN) Kindle Fires start at $159. Others saw $249 as too low. After all ...
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

Google CEO Larry Page Puts Focus On Multiscreen Experiences ...
By Darrell Etherington
Google CEO Larry Page spent a good portion of his time on today's Google company earnings call to talk about multiscreen opportunities, and how Google is addressing them. He said that just as with search back in 2000, Google has.

Google announces seller support in India, now allows developers to ...
By Edgar Alvarez
On this particular occasion, it's devs in India who are on the receiving end of a grand gesture, with Google announcing it's now allowing them to cash in on their applications by adding in-app purchases / subscriptions to ones that are currently free, or simply by selling new, paid app creations on the Play store. Google says the valuable move was driven by India ... Apple announces 'Special Event' for October 23rd -- we'll be there live! 2 days ago. ASUS PadFone 2 hands-on in Taipei ...

Google Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2012 Results – Investor ...
October 18, 2012 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2012. “We had a strong quarter.

Whispercast - Amazon.com
Your school or business can now extend the benefits of Kindle to its students, employees, or customers. Whether you're looking to distribute literature for class or ...

New CNN Trends tool gives broad look at top news stories
CNN International
(CNN) -- CNN's Web and mobile users can use a new tool to follow the day's top stories as they're developing, even when that means going to other news sources for a broader perspective. CNN Trends, rolled out on CNN.com Thursday, is a news-discovery ...

Rare frog sports thumb-spikes for sex and combat
A rare Japanese frog sports spikes protruding from a set of pseudo-thumbs, a scientist has discovered. The built-in weaponry helps the males grab onto females during sex and duel with competitors over mates, the researcher said. Unlike most four-toed frogs,...


HSBC is Latest Target in Cyber Attack Spree
Fox Business
HSBC (HBC) experienced widespread disruptions to several of its websites Thursday, becoming one of the highest-profile victims yet in a series of attacks by a group claiming to be allied with Islamic terrorism. “HSBC servers came under a denial of service ...

iPhone sales may be better than expected, says analyst
Apple's iPhone sales in the third quarter probably won't break the bank, but they may be higher than anticipated, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Based on the number of iPhones activated by Verizon last quarter, the analyst believes Apple's ...

Apple 'iPad mini': Place your bets on a price
Washington Post
There's one game in town as tech pundits prep for Apple's expected announcement Tuesday of an iPad mini: Name your price. Estimates have varied quite a bit. The consensus is that the smaller iPad has to cost less than the iPad, but things get considerably ...

First Twitter Fiction Festival Might Mutate Storytelling Forever
Twitter has already changed the way we communicate. Now the microblogging service is inviting creative writers to transform the way stories get told on Twitter. The first Twitter Fiction Festival, announced Thursday, will start Nov. 28 and run five days.


"Lethally Hot" Earth Was Devoid of Life—Could It Happen Again?
National Geographic
Extinctions during the early Triassic period left Earth a virtual wasteland, largely because life literally couldn't take the heat, a new study suggests. Between 247 to 252 million years ago, Earth was reeling from a mass extinction called the end-Permian event.

National Geographic

Windows 8: Are PC People Out Of Touch?
This post-PC era we've embarked on sure seems to have a lot of PCs in it. That's what I think every time I'm in a shared space where people do work--coffeehouses, airports, co-working offices, and so forth. Take the coffee joint I visit a couple of times a week.

Stanford Ovshinsky, hybrid car battery inventor, dies
BBC News
Stanford Ovshinsky, a self-taught American physicist who designed the battery now used in hybrid cars, has died aged 89 from prostate cancer. The electronics field of ovonics was named after Mr Ovshinsky, who owned over 200 patents and has been ...

BBC News

Samsung Chromebook in 3G slips out for $330
Samsung Chromebook in 3G slips out for $330. Summary: The new Samsung Chromebook announced yesterday has Wi-Fi connectivity only, with 3G coming in the future. The future is now as Samsung is already offering a 3G model with 2 years of Verizon ...


Uber rolls out taxi-hailing app in SF
San Francisco Chronicle
Ride-sharing app company Uber began testing a smartphone taxi hailing service in San Francisco just two days after pulling the plug on a similar but controversial test in New York City. Uber is rolling out cab service in its own home city despite the fact that ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Nokia: After Q3 Results, More Grim Tidings From The Street
While Nokia yesterday reported better-than-expected results for the third quarter, the results did little to improve to Street's dire view of the company's current condition. Q3 results featured some signs of recovery at Nokia Siemens Networks, but very weak ...

Sony announces Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for 2012 Xperia smartphones
What happens if you're interested in getting one of the latest Sony smartphones, but you wantAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean instead of the slightly older Ice Cream Sandwich build? According to a Sony, you'll have to wait until the first quarter of 2013 (that's right) to ...


Google threatens to exclude French media from Search in protest
Google has threatened to exclude French media websites from search results as a protest against an upcoming French law. What has the mega company so riled? The law would force search engines to shell out cold hard cash for content. Google responded ...

Time lapse video shows space shuttle Endeavour's final mission
We've been covering the space shuttle Endeavour as it has made its way from NASA's ownership to its final resting place in California for the public to view. The space shuttle made a number of flyovers in the California area and other places on its way to the ...


Yelp cracks down on fake reviews
TG Daily
Fed up with business owners paying for fake reviews, Yelp is to introduce a system to warn users when it believes they're being misled. It plans to place a Consumer Alert, triggered by the company's automated review filter, on the pages of businesses it thinks ...

Yum! Curiosity Eats Mars Dirt
Discovery News
Chemin. NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has tasted Mars dirt for the first time, dropping a small sample of regolith into its onboard chemistry lab. The sample -- measuring no bigger than a crushed baby aspirin tablet and sieved to remove any large pieces of ...

Orionid meteor shower: Best times to watch
Los Angeles Times
Alert sky watchers may already be spotting signs that the annual Orionid meteor shower is back, but experts say the best time to see the streaking meteors won't be until this weekend. In Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory said the brightest meteors would ...

Meet Alto, The Gmail Replacement You Won't Believe Was Made By AOL
Business Insider
AOL's problem is it largely depends on two declining sources of traffic, people who use AOL to get online and Web-based AOL.com email users. The numbers seem to show declines in Web-based email aren't worth fighting. Teens don't like to use email and ...

Business Insider

When galaxies strip for each other
Discover Magazine (blog)
It's been a while since I've posted a gorgeous shot of a weird and beautiful galaxy, and I have one that fits the bill perfectly: NGC 660, what's called a polar ring galaxy: How awesome is that? [Click to galactenate.] This picture, taken using the Gemini 8-meter...

Discover Magazine (blog)

Mobile Point-Of-Sale Payments On Staggering Growth Path
MediaPost Communications
Strap yourselves in, boys and girls -- the m-payment rocket is about to ignite. So say eMarketer analysts in their latest projections of growth in using mobile phones as a personal point-of-sale at retail. They are expecting “proximity payments” (using phones as ...

MediaPost Communications

Apple Fired Its Resident iPhone Hacker for Not Answering an Email
The Atlantic Wire
After a little over a year of working in the belly of the Apple beast, the infamous wunderkind iPhone hacker known as Comex, a.k.a. Nicholas Allegra, is "no longer associated with Apple," he announced on his Twitter last night. The reason: "(As for why?

The Atlantic Wire

FTC Robocall Challenge Offers $50K Bounty for Innovative Solutions to Block ...
Hot Hardware
There are few things more annoying than rushing to answer the phone at the most inopportune time only to find out that the caller is just a prerecorded message. These so-called "robocalls" have become the bane of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), ...

Hot Hardware

Ultra HD gives 4K TV a brand of its own
The next generation of super-resolution TVs you'll be guilted into feeling bad for not shelling out for at Best Buy has been named, with 4K getting its final branding as “Ultra High Definition.” Sets will need to deliver at least 3,840 x 2,160 resolution in order to ...


Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine Introduce The 'Beat Pill'
MTV.com (blog)
By Rahman J. Dukes. Legendary producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Records founder Jimmy Iovine landed in New York City this week to hold a special press conference where the Beats By Dre founders unveiled their latest prized posession in the next chapter ...

A Rogue Climate Experiment Outrages Scientists
New York Times
A California businessman chartered a fishing boat in July, loaded it with 100 tons of iron dust and cruised through Pacific waters off western Canada, spewing his cargo into the sea in an ecological experiment that has outraged scientists and government ...

The Halo 4 Launch Trailer: Do We Really Need 'Live Action' Trailers?
The Halo 4 Launch Trailer: Do We Really Need 'Live Action' Trailers? By Matt Peckham | @mattpeckham | October 19, 2012 | +. Tweet. I don't know how I feel about live action trailers. While they're certainly movie-like and sometimes even well-directed, ...


Amazon Goes to School on Growing Kindle Sales
It's clear that Jeff Bezos learned something from Steve Jobs. Amazon rival Apple had a long history, well before the successes of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, of keeping its products in the conversation through partnerships with school systems across the U.S. ...

It's OFFICIAL: The Cadillac ELR Has Been Given The GREEN Light
After all, with a larger profit margin, perhaps it could reap back more of the Research and Development costs, plus have a bit of a "sex" factor that the Volt clearly lacked. After all, the Volt went from being a badass, squared-off concept to a tame and ...


AMC-Dish Lawsuit Calendar Entry Reads 'Poss. Settlement'
The court calendar in AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX)'s $2.4 billion lawsuit against Dish Network Corp. (DISH) over a scuttled programming deal had an Oct. 22 entry for a “poss. settlement.” The entry in the calendar posted today indicated that the two sides were ...

Review: Google's official Nexus 7 Cover disappoints
Dan FrakesSenior Editor, TechHive. Follow @danfrakes. Dan writes about OS X, iOS, troubleshooting, utilities, and cool apps, and he covers hardware, mobile and AV gear, input devices, and accessories. He's been writing about tech since 1994, and he's ...


Kindle Fire, not iPad, leading shift in news media consumption
author name. Newsweek made news of its own this week with the announcement that it will halt publication of its print edition with the Dec. 31 issue and transition to an all-digital, tablet-optimized version early next year. "Our business has been increasingly ...

Google's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Google stunned Wall Street Thursday by accidentally releasing its third-quarter earnings report four hours ahead of schedule. Even worse, the search giant's financial figures came in well below analyst expectations on both overall revenue and profit.


25 Million New Buildings Added To Google Maps
Search Engine Roundtable
The Google Maps blog announced that Google has extended their maps details to add over 25 million new buildings footprints to Google Maps across the United States. The new building footprints are the outlines you see on Google Maps of buildings as you ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Surface's Success Will Sink Windows RT OEMs
PC Magazine
Microsoft Surface Tablet. This week I spent some time at Microsoft headquarters talking to the designers, developers, and engineers who created the Surface with Windows RT, the company's response to the Apple iPad . The event was a rare, ...

Taking a spin with GoPro's Hero3
San Francisco Chronicle
On Wednesday afternoon, I found myself in a heavy leather racing suit on the back of a motorcycle zipping around Sonoma Raceway. Earlier in the day, an instructor had described the 2.5-mile track with 12 twists as "a bit of a doozy." It felt like incredible ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Americans increasingly believe in global warming, Yale report says
Los Angeles Times
For the first time since the United States entered a deep recession five years ago, 70% of Americans now say they believe global warming is a reality, according to researchers. In a report released Thursday by the Yale Project on Climate Change ...

Apple Loses UK iPad Appeal, Must Publicly Apologize to Samsung
PC Magazine
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Verizon). Apple this week lost a patent appeal in the U.K., which means Cupertino will now be forced to publicly state that Samsung did not copy the iPad with its Galaxy lineup of tablets. As noted by Reuters, the U.K.'s Court of ...

Apple Makes OS X Safer By Removing Java
Apple has taken another step towards making OS X safer on the web. An update released on Wednesday sees the Java plugin removed from all Mac-compatible browsers installed on the system. The latest update — which you only need to install if you have ...


Nintendo Comments on Foxconn's Underage Workers
Tom's Hardware Guide
Nintendo says it will conduct an investigation into how underage students came to work as interns at Foxconn. Earlier this week, Foxconn admitted to hiring underage workers as part of an internship program it was running at one of its factories. The company's ...

SlashGear iOS app gets 2.0 update for iPhone 5
If you've not seen the iOS app version of the SlashGear experience, now is a better time than ever as the whole system gets an upgrade to version 2.0 for the iPhone 5. This app is made for both the iPad and the iPhone, able to handle essentially any iOS...

Apple and Samsung remain leaders as smartphone use tops a billion
Apple and Samsung remain leaders as smartphone use tops a billion Last quarter, over a billion smartphones were in use across the world. It's the highest number since records began 16 years ago by Strategy Analytics (when the smartphone market started, ...


alien planet could spur interstellar exploration
CBS News
The recent discovery of an Earth-size alien planet right next door to us could help spark humanity's first true steps beyond our own solar system, scientists say. On Tuesday (Oct. 16), a European team announced the existence of Alpha Centauri Bb, ...

Lake Sediment Could Better Date Ancient Finds
Voice of America
Core samples found at the bottom of a Japanese lake could provide much more precise timelines for important archeological finds and climate-history questions. Radiocarbon dating is the best-known and most widely used method to determine the age of ...

Voice of America

Why Apple acquiring Color makes sense in Silicon Valley: the strange logic of ...
The Verge
Color, a photo sharing app that launched in August of 2010, has the unpleasant distinction of having raised $41 million before it even launched, by far one of the largest sums bestowed on any software company prior to them acquiring a single customer.

Dell ramps up converged infrastructure push with Active Systems
October 18, 2012, 12:58 PM — Dell on Thursday will outline the next phase of its strategy to move up the IT value chain and sell higher-value systems that combine hardware and software for building out data center infrastructure. The new head of Dell's ...

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