15 October 2012

FTC out of control, intends to sue Google

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars pursuing meritless claims against Google--last week the federal agency "leaked" a "draft memo" prepared by its staff to the New York Times which indicates the agency intends to engage in meritless legal actions against Google--but apparently not everyone in Washington is "playing along" with the FTC bureaucrats' game:

Dem warns FTC against suing Google - The Hill's Hillicon Valley: "Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) is warning the Federal Trade Commission that a lawsuit against Google would be disastrous and could prompt Congress to limit the agency's authority. "I believe that application of anti-trust against Google would be a woefully misguided step that would threaten the very integrity of our anti-trust system, and could ultimately lead to Congressional action resulting in a reduction in the ability of the FTC to enforce critical anti-trust protections in industries where markets are being distorted by monopolies or oligopolies," Polis wrote in a letter sent last week to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz and obtained by The Hill on Monday. Polis argued that the market for online search is already fiercely competitive. He noted that customers search Amazon for shopping results, iTunes for music and movies, Facebook for social networking and Yelp for local businesses. "To even discuss applying anti-trust in this kind of hyper-competitive environment defies all logic and the very underpinnings of anti-trust law itself," Polis wrote."

US lawmaker questions FTC Google antitrust probe - Computerworld: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should "tread carefully" before bringing an antitrust complaint against Google, a veteran U.S. lawmaker said as news reports suggested the agency is ready to move forward. Representative Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat, questioned the FTC's reported move toward filing a case against Google. The FTC staff has prepared a recommendation that the FTC sue the company for anticompetitive behavior, according to recent news reports. . . .But Polis, founder of three Internet businesses, said in a letter sent last Tuesday that Google's advertising services help many small businesses reach their customers. "At a time when the national economy continues to stagnate, it's not clear to me why the FTC should be focusing on a product that consumers seem very happy with, search engines," Polis wrote. "Competition is only a click away and there are no barriers to competition; if I created a better search algorithm I could set up a server in my garage and compete globally with Google." Internet users have several other competing services available, he added. His constituents use Amazon.com for shopping, iTunes for music and movies, Facebook for social networking and mobile apps like Yelp to find local business, he said. Internet users could see an antitrust lawsuit against Google or other Internet giants as excessive regulation, Polis added. "Today's giant can be tomorrow's failure without any government intervention," he wrote. "Several years ago, we called firms like AOL, MySpace and Yahoo 'dominant' -- but those firms have struggled to retain consumers online."

Google antitrust suit may have similar impact to Microsoft case in the 1990s
The Guardian
The US Federal Trade Commission is preparing a case against Google that could lead to a full antitrust lawsuit similar to the action taken against Microsoft at the end of the 1990s, the Guardian has confirmed. The initiative means Google could face antitrust ...

Apple, Other Ultrathin Notebooks Get Green Grade
EPEAT, a certification organization that evaluates the recyclability of electronic devices, said Friday that it has tested a series of ultrathin notebook computers from Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba and found that they meet the group's environmental ...

Acer's high-end Windows 8 all-in-one (hands-on)
Acer seemed to demonstrate a new focus on high-end PCs when it announced the Aspire S7 Windows 8 laptop earlier this month. Evidenced by its new 27-inch Aspire 7600U all-in-one, priced at $1,899, Acer hasn't gotten the hang of matching its luxury ...

Microsoft Challenges iTunes With Xbox Music
PC Magazine
Xbox Music. Microsoft today unveiled Xbox Music, an all-in-one music service that lets music lovers dive into tunes as they see fit by streaming custom-created playlists as well as subscribing to and streaming songs. Xbox Music leverages the cloud to ...

Felix Baumgartner's Supersonic Skydive 'Like...
ABC News
"Fearless" Felix Baumgartner's supersonic skydive from 24 miles above the New Mexico desert was a rousing success, and the Austrian daredevil has described his speed of sound shattering descent as "like swimming without touching the water." ...

EA's headache: Free games for all, thanks to Reddit
Vouchers, coupons, and discounts are often a good tool to entice new customers or promote a product. However, if discount codes are not secured properly, forums and social networking can become a real headache for the company involved. That is exactly ...

Apple preps 23 October $249 iPad mini as iPhone 5 beats Galaxy III
Computerworld (blog)
We seem a way from peace in the smartphone wars. Apple [AAPL] will introduce its 7.85-inch, $249, iBook-focused iPad mini at a special event on October 23. Meanwhile its relationship with Samsung continues to decline, even as the quantity of Web traffic ...

The Unfinished Swan is wonderfully creative but full of emptiness (review)
Warning: This review may contain spoilers, but we've tried to minimize that. The Unfinished Swan is an interactive fairy tale that begins like no other game. As soon as the back story is set up, you face a white screen. You can turn around and that is all you see.


Microsoft Surface tablet goes all a Twitter
Microsoft is now spreading the word about Surface via Twitter. The Windows 8 tablet got custody of its own Twitter account this weekend, with only two tweets so far but more than 6,600 followers. Both tweets point to a new promotional video starring Surface, ...

Orbcomm satellite falls out of orbit after problematic orbital insertion
Earlier this month, SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket into space with the main mission of delivering its Dragon cargo capsule to the ISS for NASA. During the mission, the Falcon 9 rocket also carried an experimental communications satellite constructed by ...


Endeavour's voyage into LA's public space
Los Angeles Times
The Gonzalez family watches the space shuttle Endeavour from their balcony in the 1300 block of West Martin Luther King Blvd. as the orbiter is moved in the last portion of the trek to the California Science Center on Sunday. (Bryan Chan, Los Angeles Times ...

Mass Effect 3 to get new Omega DLC next month
If you're gamer who likes RPGs or shooters, you probably checked out the games in the Mass Effect franchise in the past. These are some the best video games out there for combining shooters with role-playing, all rolled up with a compelling and interesting...


Metro: Last Light ditches multiplayer
Metro: Last Light will not ship with a competitive multiplayer component, as had been originally planned, developer 4A Games explained on its website. A representative from the company revealed that multiplayer for Metro: Last Light never much of a focus for ...

Report: Amazon in Negotiations to Purchase Texas Instrument Mobile Chip ...
Amazon could be looking to directly challenge Apple and Samsung Amazon has become one of the biggest companies in the tablet market with its Kindle Fire and the new Kindle Fire HD tablets. With Amazon wanting to put pressure on Apple in the tablet ...


Wii price drops to $129.99, includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort
The Verge
Nintendo today announced that they are dropping the price of the Nintendo Wii to $129.99 and that the console will now sell with copies of both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. The new, lower-priced bundle, hits now, but won't be in all stories until Oct. 28.

New Survey Shows U.S. Small Business Owners Not Concerned About ...
Sacramento Bee
WASHINGTON and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 15, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. small business owners or operators have a false sense of cybersecurity as more than three-fourths (77 percent) say their company is safe from cyber threats such as hackers, ...

Apple's Will Announce A 13-Inch Retina MacBook Next Week
Business Insider
Apple is going to release a 13-inch retina-display MacBook Pro, alongside the iPad Mini at its big media event next week, Mark Gurman at 9 To 5 Mac reports. Gurman says the smaller Retina MacBook Pro will be available in two configurations. Both with...

Business Insider

Retailer leaks iPad Mini price list starting at £200
Apple's new iPad Mini will sell for £200, if screenshots on a German site are to be believed. Mobilegeek.de is showing images of an inventory spreadsheet from the German gadget store Media Markt, which shows various models of iPad Minis listed alongside ...

Quick Note: Verizon Could Sell Lumia 822 for $49 with Contract
Verizon is slowly but surely acquiring new Windows Phones Rumor has it that Verizon may sell the Nokia Lumia 822, and at a very affordable price: $49 on contract. According to TechCrunch, Verizon will likely acquire the Nokia Lumia 822, but it will be...


SNL Takes On iPhone 5 'Problems' In Skit Pitting Tech Bloggers Against ...
Huffington Post
"Saturday Night Live" has offered its own satirical take on users' complaints about the iPhone 5. The show's recent "Tech Talk" skit assembles a mock talk show where vocal tech bloggers air their grievances about the device before being shamed by a panel ...

Meet X1, the Exoskeletal Robot Suit that Could Make Astronauts Super-Strong
When you read about robotics and human assistance devices, the inception-to-commercial-reality arrow usually points from military or space-based research back to civilian applications, say in the health industry. Infrared ear thermometers? Thank stars.


T-Mobile, MetroPCS deal to close by Q2 2013, says parent firm
Deutsche Telekom said the merger between T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS -- the fourth and fifth largest U.S. networks respectively -- should close by the second quarter of 2013, chief financial officer Timotheus Hoettges told a German newspaper ...


Leaked photo shows redesigned iMac logic board
An alleged picture of Apple's next generation iMac logic board and other components has surfaced in a forum thread on Chinese site WeiPhone. The thread claims Apple is preparing to release a redesigned iMac with a thinner profile at a media event either ...


Raspberry Pi Model B gets 512 MB of RAM
We're fans of the existing Raspberry Pi developer board's around here. These little things can be used for all sorts of purposes, including little HTPC computers and much more. As useful as these little developer boards are, there some users out there who ...


Mizrahi Shifts Gears with Collection Inspired by Chevy Malibu
In the latest “who would have thought?” designer collaboration (see Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke, Barneys and the Walt Disney Co.), Isaac Mizrahi has partnered with Chevy Malibu to design a six-piece capsule collection of apparel and accessories ...


Notch details Minecraft follow-up 0x10c, releases early footage
Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has released the above early test footage of his in-production space sim 0x10c and detailed some more of the concepts behind the game. Notch named the game back in April, revealing that it would revolve around a ...


Accused of infringement? AT&T will take away YouTube and Facebook and ...
Boing Boing
The Mixed Magic of “Looper” (SPOILERS). Looper is an elegant, beautifully rendered time travel story with quality performances and cool action sequences…completely hijacked in its second half by an evil kid who talks like a 50-year-old man. Bong: "Live At ...

Boing Boing

Orionids Meteor Shower Coming Soon
By Patch Staff. The offspring of Halley's Comet are about to put on a colorful show in the skies over Gilroy and Santa Clara County. Earth will pass through a stream of debris from the comet, beginning Monday, Oct. 15, which will give us the benefit of the ...

Moon rocks, chunks of Mars auctioned in New York
Chicago Tribune
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Meteorites from Mars and the biggest piece of the Moon ever offered for sale went on the block on Sunday in New York in what organizers billed as history's largest meteorite auction, which brought in over $1 million. More than 125 ...

Asus Vivo tablets listed in Europe
Last week Samsung's ATIV Windows RT tablet went up for preorder in Europe with a pretty ugly price tag and this week it's Asus's turn. Asus has made quite a reputation for itself in the Android tablet space, with high-end Transformer units and the Nexus 7, ...

DmC Devil May Cry DLC strongly hinted at, but Capcom promises it won't be on ...
Capcom didn't come out and say DmC Devil May Cry will have downloadable content following its launch, but they didn't exactly rule it out either. However, given Capcom's track record and the amount of games that are supported with DLC post-launch, you ...


Kindle DX no longer available from Amazon, potentially discontinued
Kindle DX no longer available from Amazon, potentially discontinued. The Kindle DX never quite took off the way Amazon was intending. While a 10-inch e-reader certainly sounded good in theory -- especially for the broadsheet addicts out there -- it was too ...

Sony Vaio Duo 11 review
In the coming crush of hybrid ultrabooks – all made to make the most of Windows 8 – Sony has the distinction of being the first to reach our test labs with the Sony Vaio Duo 11. It comes with a touchscreen that takes advantage of Windows 8 touch functionality,...


Apollo rocks analysis: solar wind made moon water
Los Angeles Times
Analyzing grains of soil collected from three Apollo lunar missions, geochemists have figured out that the hydrogen in trace amounts of water on the moon's surface probably came from solar wind, the outflow of positively-charged hydrogen from the sun.

YouTube Search Ranking Factor: Time Watched
Search Engine Roundtable
I covered this on Friday at Search Engine Land (so stop reading if you read it there). YouTube has added a ranking factor to YouTube Search - the new ranking factor is time watched. Now, depending on how much time your video is watched (I guess based ...

Facts about the amphibious Quadski set to go on sale in the next few weeks
Washington Post
Gibbs Sports Amphibians says its new Quadski, which can drive on land as well as in the water, will go on sale before the end of this year. — WHAT IT IS: The Quadksi is a one-person all-terrain vehicle with four wheels that can retract into the vehicle when it ...

Monkey, gorilla species on brink of extinction
Twenty-five species of monkeys, langurs, lemurs and gorillas are on the brink of extinction and need global action to protect them from increasing deforestation and illegal trafficking, researchers said Monday. Six of the severely threatened species live in the ...


iPhone 5 rejected by consumers post-Mapgate... Survey says?
Computerworld (blog)
A daily digest of IT blogs from Richi Jennings—he curates the best bits of the best blogs, ...

Computerworld (blog)

Hawken Beta Starts Real Soon
There have been some secret alpha tests going on for a while now, but a much wider pool of people will finally get their hands on mech shooter Hawken when it kicks off a closed beta on October 26. Invites will start going out this week, while the beta will run ...

Google, "completely wrong," and does it really matter?
Google, "completely wrong," and does it really matter? Summary: Recently the media discovered that if someone visited Google, selected image search" and entered the search phrase "Completely Wrong," images of Mitt Romney appeared as search results.

Cross-Link confirmed for PS Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken
If you're planning on picking up Street Fighter X Tekken for your PlayStation Vita, you might be pleased to learn that it has been confirmed that the Vita version of the game will feature Cross-Link. For those unaware, Cross-Link is a feature that lets you use the...


'Moparised' Chryslers line up for SEMA
Independent Online
'Moparised' Chryslers line up for SEMA. The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas is the ideal opportunity for Chrysler's Mopar aftermarket division to show off their huge range of performance parts and accessories. And the best ...

Independent Online

Wikileaks Requests Website Visitors Donate Cash
Controversial document-sharing site Wikileaks is now asking visitors for donations before they are allowed to view files. The move has reportedly angered some supporters, including the high-profile 'hacktivist' group Anonymous. Wikileaks holds millions of ...

Apple bans iPhone game for tackling Foxconn suicides
Pocket Gamer
An iPhone game that imagines "the spiritual afterlife" of overworked electronics labourers has been removed from the App Store. In a Permanent Save State, by Benjamin Poynter, alludes to the suicides of workers at the Foxconn manufacturing plants in China ...

Microsoft Launches Music Service for Xbox, Windows 8
Mehdi said Microsoft has cut deals with artists and record labels that allow it to offer a broader set of music options than rivals like Apple and Google. "We're going to power what we feel is going to be the best music experience for users of Windows ...

Microsoft gets crazy with its first Windows 8 TV ad
PCWorld (blog)
Instead of calmly and carefully explaining the operating system, which is drastically different from its promos for previous versions of Windows, Microsoft opted for loud and crazy. microsoft ad. The ad begins with a countdown from ten that gets stuck ...

Amazon buying TI unit likely to draw mixed reviews
MarketWatch (blog)
Apple /quotes/zigman/68270 /quotes/nls/aapl AAPL , Amazon's chief rival in the mobile device space, designs its own chips for its iPhone and iPad products, as does Korean electronics giant Samsung. But Amazon operates at thin margins as it is, and ...

Apple to host October 23 event, iPad mini expected
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc will host an event on October 23 where it is expected to unveil a smaller iPad that will take on the less expensive devices offered by Amazon.com Inc andGoogle Inc, a source familiar with the matter said on Friday ...

Amazon says Kindle customers may get credit as part of e-book publishers ...
Washington Post
NEW YORK — Amazon has alerted its Kindle customers that they are entitled to a credit on prior electronic book purchases as part of settlements between some major e-book publishers and the government. In September a federal judge approved the U.S. ...

Apple's rumored Oct. 23 event may include 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, iPad Mini
CBS News
Reuters reports that Apple will hold an event on Oct. 23, where the tech giant is widely expected to introduce a smaller tablet computer, dubbed the iPad Mini. Citing sources "familiar with the matter," the news agency says that device will be a ...

US Google Antitrust Probe Spurs Internet Regulation Debate
This loosely knit coalition opposing Google includes the FairSearch.org consortium, which is composed of several of Google's competitors, most notably Microsoft, which has been waging a not-so-clandestine campaign against Google for years.

Google doodle celebrates 'Little Nemo' comic
Web users awoke Monday to find an animated doodle atop Google's search page that commemorates the 107th anniversary of "Little Nemo in Slumberland," a pioneering comic strip by illustrator Winsor McCay. (Again, that's "Little Nemo," kids, not "Finding ...

Amazon curtails sales of Kindle DX
The e-book reader is still being sold through third parties but is no longer available directly fromAmazon. ... Amazon seems to have pulled the plug on its Kindle DX. A peek at the product's Web site shows that Amazon is no longer directly selling the DX.

How Google and Samsung Can Make a 10-Inch Nexus Tablet Rock
Wired (blog)
The competition is also only increasing, with compelling tablets shipping from Amazonand (soon) Microsoft too. If Google and Samsung are in cahoots for a new Nexus tablet, they need ... Starting at $300 would be a good move for a 10-inch Nexus, but to...

Wired (blog)

Report: Amazon In Advanced Talks To Buy Texas Instruments ...
By Natasha Lomas
Calcalist speculates that the rumoured Apple iPad mini could be the catalyst for Amazon to acquire TI. Amazon's strategy to compete with the iPad has been to launch cheaper, lower-end tablets sold at cost price – but if Apple launches a ...

Amazon In Talks To Buy TI's Smartphone Chip Business: Report
By Robin Wauters
Amazon.com competitors such as Apple and Samsung Electronics already manufacture their own processors to power their advanced mobile devices, and Texas Instruments has been struggling in this segment under increasing pressure from rival suppliers like Qualcomm, Intel and Nvidia. Others, like Barnes ... Samsung used TI OMAP4 for its Galaxy Nexus purely for Google. All other ...Microsoft Launching Xbox Music on Oct. 16 Ahead of Windows 8 Release · Thumb tacks on a ...
The Next Web

Reddit, Google and StumbleUpon Join the Mashable Media Summit
By Tania Kasongo
We have some great speakers lined up: Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, will discuss online community monetization, and Bonita Stewart, Vice President, Americas Partner Business Solutions at Google, will discuss the future of HTML5.

Zero Gravity for All at Google Zeitgeist Partner Conference - Liz ...
By Liz Gannes
Google's big annual Americas partner event takes place this week at a fancy resort in Arizona. We at AllThingsD didn't get the invite, though Google PR tells us to expect videos from the talks to be posted after the fact here and also warned not ...

Microsoft's Xbox Music service to launch on Android and iOS soon ...
By Janko Roettgers
Microsoft's new Xbox Music service won't just run on an Xbox: The service, which aims to compete with both iTunes and Spotify, is also coming to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 as well as Android and iOS. That's a significant change of ...

Mac App Store - Apple Configurator
Microsoft Does not charge extra for its Group Policy functionality, and it does SOO MUCH MORE. Is Mike Bombich still with apple, can he Fix it? =) ...

Samsung official cites serious chip rift with Apple -- report
CNET (blog)
Samsung official cites serious chip rift with Apple -- report. Samsung has probably been the largest single component supplier to Apple and has collaborated with Apple on chip development. That relationship may be coming to an end, according to a report.

Apple signs SBB railway clock license agreement
SBB – the owner of the iconic Swiss railway clock design licensed to watch brand Mondaine – has reached a licensing agreement with Apple, after the technology giant copied the clock design for its latest iOS6 operating platform. The announcement was...


Nobel pursuit
The Stanford Daily
“What's unique about Brian? Genuine Passion.” Fourth-year graduate student Andrew Kruse works in Brian Kobilka's lab, where everyone agrees that Kobilka, the recent recipient of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, is a one-of-a-kind. “Brian does a lot of work in ...

'Darkstalkers Resurrection' is a nuanced tribute to fans of an arcade classic
The Verge
A lot of nuance went into remaking the second and third Darkstalker games for modern consoles, but not every idea Capcom had for the retro remakes made it into double pack Darkstalkers Resurrection. Among the wish list of things that didn't quite make the ...

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