13 May 2012

Scott Thompson Out as CEO at Yahoo

Thompson Out as CEO at Yahoo
Wall Street Journal
By AMIR EFRATI And JOANN S. LUBLIN Yahoo Inc. CEO Scott Thompson agreed to resign this weekend after the company's board obtained evidence that contradicted his claim of innocence over his misstated academic record, people familiar with the matter said ...

Microsoft Bing goes social in search war with Google
By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld - Microsoft's move to boost Bing's social networking feaures could finally give it an opportunity to truly take on Google's dominant search engine, analysts say. The updated Bing search engine, unveiled on Thursday, ...

With Its New Google+ App, Google Finally Gets It Right
Some people just love Google+ and others just hate the company's efforts to create a social network and a social layer across all of its services. Google itself seems to be pretty happy with the results it is getting from Google+ so far – or at least ...


Satellite tracking used for first time on manta rays
Very little is known about giant manta rays, fish up to 25 feet wide that glide through the ocean like giant underwater bats. Now, in the first study using satellite tracking of the creatures, scientists have teased out a few secrets, including that ...


NBC Broadcasting head no fan of Dish's commercial-skipping device
Los Angeles Times
NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert is not a fan of satellite broadcaster Dish Network's new commercial-skipping device, the Auto Hop, which automatically deletes commercials from recorded prime-time programming from the four big broadcast networks.

On Facebook, deleting an app doesn't delete your data from their system
Ars Technica
Facebook's proposed changes to its Data Use Policy give third parties a lot of flexibility. by Casey Johnston - May 13, 2012 5:00 pm UTC Facebook announced some intended changes to its data use policy to "enhance transparency", according to a Friday ...

Ars Technica

Apollo astronauts Armstrong and Cernan reunite for opening of Panhandle flight ...
Washington Post
PENSACOLA NAVAL AIR STATION, Fla. — The first man to walk on the moon and the last one to sat side by side during a ceremony at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan joined former shuttle commander Mark Kelly at ...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Review
This week we've gotten the next Galaxy Player family member in the house with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. What's that, you say? The Galaxy Tab 2 is a tablet and not a Galaxy Player? I beg to differ, ladies and gentlemen, as the Samsung world has ...


Event Report: Questions Every #SAPPHIRENOW Attendee Should Be Asking SAP
Just four years ago, nervous attendees dealt with a tumultuous global market entering financial crisis. SAP's management team decided to raise maintenance fees to shore up its margins amidst a drought of innovation. Customers revolted en masse.

Is Facebook's purchase of Instagram delayed for up to a year…?
The FTC is said to be considering a deeper investigation into Facebook's $1 billion buy-out of Instagram, something that could delay the purchase for up to a year. How will this affect the social network's upcoming IPO, and who benefits from the delay?

Google Doodle celebrates Mother's Day 2012
Googlers love their mothers, and so the search engine couldn't let Mother's Day go past without celebrating it in the search giant's traditional doodle way. Up on the homepage today is a cute animation showing a pair of young “o's” rushing to give ...


Space Shuttle Enterprise Hoisted Off Jumbo Jet in New York City
by Robert Z. Pearlman, collectSPACE.com Editor Two weeks after flying into John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport mounted atop a modified Boeing 747, Enterprise — NASA's original prototype space shuttle — was off-loaded by crane from the back of ...

Houston lawyer on quest to find missing moon rocks
The Associated Press
By MICHAEL GRACZYK, AP – 1 minute ago BUFFALO, Texas (AP) — The dark suit and tie Joe Gutheinz wore set him apart from other customers inside a Texas eatery where the usual attire is jeans and cowboy hats. An appetite for down-home cooking wasn't what ...

The Associated Press

Starhawk Review: Brave old frontier
By Joe Sinicki Starhawk is one of those games where a lot could have gone wrong. The developers at Lightbox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica were quite ambitious and tried to incorporate a ton of different environments, genres and mechanics — normally ...


Apple to Integrate iOS 6 OS, Mini Dock Connector on iPhone 5?
Rumors relating to Apple's iPhone 5 continue to be a debated topic and this time speculated that the company will come with an iOS6 OS and a smaller version for the dock connector. It has been speculated that Apple will do away with its 30-pin Dock ...


ATK hopes to win NASA contract for space system
Daily Herald
AP Daily Herald | Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2012 12:02 am | Loading… SALT LAKE CITY -- A leading aerospace company has unveiled plans for a new space system that could put NASA astronauts back in orbit by 2016 and create jobs in northern Utah.

Beyond the IPO: What Challenges Facebook Will Face
With regard to the IPO, time now becomes a major factor in how Facebook does its many jobs. With all that money in the bank comes more pressure to get products and services created and into production faster than Facebook might prefer.

Pay To “Highlight” Your Facebook Status Updates To More Friends – A Reckless ...
Only 12% of your friends see your average status update, but Facebook is testing an option called “Highlight” that lets you pay a few dollars to have one of your posts appear to more friends. Highlight lets the average user, not Pages or businesses, ...


The truly strapless watch: Man gives himself magnetic arm implants to hold ...
Taking his love of body piercing and his love of tech to the natural extreme, Dave Hurban had an Apple iPod Nano attached to his wrist — we asked him why. The pantheon of bodily devotion to tech just got a new hero: Meet Dave Hurban.


Video Game Sales Decline 32 Percent in April
Game Politics
Video game sales in the United States fell 32 percent in April, according to the latest sales data from research firm NPD Group. Total video game sales fell 32 percent to $630.4 million in April, driven downward by a light slate of retail releases and ...

City Unveils Locations of Bike-Share Stations
New York Times
The bike-share stations will be pliable, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has said — their assembly so simple that, if problems arise, docks can be removed without leaving a trace. And yet, with the program's first 420 proposed locations unveiled on Friday, ...

New York Times

Vast Antarctic ice sheet 'in play' with global warming
Part of Antarctica's Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf is seen in the Weddell Sea. Two new studies project the shelf will disappear by 2100, potentially releasing ice trapped on Antarctica's largest ice sheet. By Miguel Llanos, msnbc.com Scientists have long ...


Apple Renames 'iPad Wi-Fi + 4G' In Several Countries After International Criticism
Yikes! While the new 4G LTE-compatible iPads have been a hit in the US, Apple has been facing international criticism over its newest iDevice over the past two months. Specifically, customers in Australia and the UK. have been upset over Apple's ...

Observations of an Asteroid Provide Hints of How the Earth Came Together
New York Times
Confirmed: Vesta, the second largest of the asteroids, is a runt planet. Observations by NASA's Dawn spacecraft show that Vesta formed within the first few million years of the solar system, that its surface is in places as bright as snow and in others ...

Low Scores on Science Test Revive Concerns
Wall Street Journal
By STEPHANIE BANCHERO US eighth graders made modest gains on the latest national science exam, but more than two-thirds still lacked a solid grasp of science facts, according to figures released Thursday that renewed concerns American schools are ...

Wall Street Journal

NASA Greenlights SpaceX ISS Visit for May 19
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter SpaceX on Friday confirmed that NASA has greenlighted May 19 as the launch date for the first privately funded cargo mission to the International Space Station following a series of delays. The launch of a SpaceX Dragon capsule atop a ...

Dayton Daily News
By Debbie Juniewicz, Contributing Writer 6:10 PM Sunday, May 13, 2012 Fitness, frugality, fun and fresh air: Bicycle commuting fits the bill, and no bumper-to-bumper traffic to contend with either. According to the 2012 Benchmarking Report from the ...

What to Expect from the Maps App If Apple Ditches Google Maps in iOS 6
Wired News
By Christina Bonnington The current version of Maps, powered by Google, could be replaced in iOS 6. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired Apple might be moving away from its dependence on Google for its Maps app. Apple will reportedly ditch Google's backend for ...

Wired News

How To Unlock And Jailbreak iPhone 4S/4, AT&T Lock iOS 5.1 Untethered ...
Duke City Fix (blog)
Through this website, iPhoneJailbreakUnlock.ORG Team reveals that this software can unlock and untethered Jailbreak the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3Gs up to the latest ios 5.1, 5.1.1 also enabling peoples to use any SIM card worldwide.

Tech startups moving to NYC
Crain's New York Business
But a reversal is taking place among tech firms: Companies are moving here. They're drawn by a thriving ecosystem fed by money from private investors, and supported with incubator labs and other shared work spaces, some of them sponsored by the city.

The Education of Mark Zuckerberg
New York Times
This is no mere IPO It feels like a cultural event, a pinnacle in the history of tech, a moment. The deep pockets have arrived at the Sheraton for a multibillion-dollar sales pitch. If all goes well, Facebook will go public on Friday in an IPO that ...

New York T

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gman said...

There isn’t an deleting going on with the Auto Hop feature, but I can see where that impression may have been misunderstood with so many articles claiming the feature does. After 1 AM the next day after airing, it gives me the option to skip commercials that are recorded on my DVR with the PrimeTime Anytime feature though. That makes it nice for me because I only use one button to enable the feature for each program, rather than three or four presses of the skip button. I didn’t get to be in the beta group for the feature this time, as a Dish employee, but it works well just the same.

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