02 May 2012

Oracle tries to get a Java "do-over"

Oracle tries to rewrite history for Sun and alter Java's future
The Oracle v. Google case is about copyright, patents and the intricacies of the open source world. But it's also about Oracle trying to get a do-over for decisions made by Sun's executive management. by Dan Farber May 2, 2012 12:45 PM PDT Follow ...

Technology Live: News and gadgets from our network of reporters
Technology Live covers computers, electronics, and the Internet, with a focus on cutting-edge technology that has a real impact on your life. Our reporters and editors -- based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and Washington – offer ...

Harvard, MIT to partner in $60 million initiative to offer free online classes ...
By Mary Carmichael, Globe Staff CAMBRIDGE -- Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said today they will team up to launch a $60 million initiative to offer free, online, college-level courses under a joint superbrand known as ...

Harvard, MIT partner on major $60M online learning venture
Boston Herald
By Ira Kantor Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced a new transformational partnership in online education today called EdX, which the two institutions will collaborate on to enhance campus-based teaching and ...

Q&A: Explorer and Robotics Engineer on Historic SpaceX Flight
Wired News
By Adam Mann This is the second in a series of Wired Q&As with spaceflight experts leading up to SpaceX's launch. Read the first installment. We may be at the dawn of a new, private era in space. In the near future, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket will ...

Wired News

At BlackBerry Maker, Chief Sharpens Focus
Wall Street Journal
By WILL CONNORS ORLANDO, Fla.—Research In Motion Ltd.'s new chief executive sought to further put his stamp on the BlackBerry maker Wednesday, saying he has refined the focus of the company and is close to hiring a new top marketing officer.

Physicist says Moore's Law is 'collapsing'
By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld - A well-known theoretical physicist has taken direct aim at a key theory in the computer industry, saying Moore's Law is collapsing. Physicist Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at City University of New ...

Leaked specs confirm dual-core CPU for Verizon's Galaxy S III
As expected, the US versions of the Galaxy S III will have a dual-core chipset. by Scott Webster May 2, 2012 12:52 PM PDT Follow @swebster77 Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S III in London on May 3. A leaked user agent profile has seemingly ...

Gree acquires mobile game maker Funzio for $210M
Washington Post
Japanese mobile social network Gree has acquired Funzio, a fast-growing maker of hardcore mobile and social games, for $210 million. Funzio has the rare distinction of having three games that have all garnered big audiences.

VMware gussies up View and Horizon post-PC virty tools
By Timothy Prickett Morgan • Get more from this author Server virtualization juggernaut VMware pretty much owns the hypervisor and management tools market for enterprise data centers on x86 iron, but if it wants to keep parent EMC and therefore Wall ...

Facebook calls on members to flag organ donor status
By Julie Steenhuysen | CHICAGO (Reuters) - Tired of the long wait for a new kidney, Michael Shelling, a 50-year-old video game marketing consultant based in San Diego, decided to take a more active role in the search. About three months ago, ...

Google Street View May Face Fresh European Sanctions
European investigators consider reopening previous Google Street View investigations in the wake of an FCC report detailing Google's wardriving practices. By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek Google may face fresh police investigations in Europe into ...

Amazon 'Mother's Day' Deal Knocks $30 Off Kindle Fire
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman Perhaps in response to discounts on the Nook the day before, Amazon today launched a one-day Mother's Day deal of sorts on its Kindle Fire. The e-tailer's Gold Box Deal for Wednesday is a refurbished Kindle Fire Android tablet, ...

CrowdStar raises $11.5M for mobile games but will lay off Facebook developers
CrowdStar, which is shifting from social to mobile games, has raised $11.5 million in a recent round of funding. At the same time, the company will lay off a couple dozen of its Facebook game developers. These changes are a sign of the times in the ...


Humongous fleas gorged on dinosaurs, report scientists
Christian Science Monitor
Five to 10 times larger than today's bloodusuckers, the flea-like Mesozoic bugs whose fossils were unearthed in China are thought to have dined on feathered dinosaurs and mammals. By Eoin O'Carroll, Staff / May 2, 2012 This ancient 'flea-like' insect, ...

Christian Science Monitor

Google finally wins DoI cloud apps contract
Google has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by winning the US Department of the Interior (DoI) contract for its Apps for Government platform, after Microsoft had snaffled the original deal. "We're honored that the Department of the Interior has ...

Report: $99 Xbox console with Kinect to launch next week, but there's a catch
Washington Post
Microsoft is planning to launch a $99 Xbox console package with a monthly subscription as early as next week, according to our sources. The software giant will offer the 4GB console with a Kinect sensor at its range of Microsoft Stores in the US, ...

Spotify for iPad Review
The folks at Spotify have brought forth the next big iteration of their mobile app, this time make specifically for the iPad (of all shapes and sizes.) Here we've got not just a giant version of the original iPhone app (as they so cleverly alude to in...

Windows 'Live' Is Dead (MSFT)
San Francisco Chronicle
Microsoft is killing the Windows Live brand it introduced six years ago. In a new post on the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft reveals that all its online services will simply have their own names: instead of Windows Live Messenger, it'll just be...

Nokia Fires Volley of Patent Lawsuits at Competitors
By Peter Suciu It may be folly to engage in lawsuits that tie up resources and create a climate of confusion when a company has a solid footing in the market, but for a company that's slipping -- like Nokia -- it could be a sensible strategic move.

Google Play carrier billing hits Multimedia
Those of you looking for an easier and much more addictive way to purchase software and media from Google, that time has come, and it's come with carrier billing. While several carriers have allowed Google Play App Store purchases to be added to phone ...

Amazon moving into sitcoms
Washington Post
You can get just about anything on Amazon these days. Pretty soon that may include original sitcoms, with the rollout of Amazon Studios. “We're now developing original programming for Amazon Instant Video. Submit your children's series or comedy series ...

Activision Shoots For $20 As Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer Released
Video gaming developer Activision Blizzard has ignited buzz in gaming circles with the launch of first official trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which is slated for release on November 13. [1] With the release of the trailer, the company has put ...

Facebook, China merge server rack specs
EE Times
SAN JOSE – Facebook struck an alliance with China's Tencent and Baidu to merge separate designs for data center racks. The move is one small step toward the social networking giant's goal of a broad data center specification.

EE Times

Verizon launching HomeFusion residential 4G LTE this week
Verizon's 4G LTE wireless connectivity will soon be an option for residential broadband. The company will be launching a new HomeFusion service that will leverage its 4G LTE wireless network to bring high-speed connectivity to residential customers, ...

Shimmering nebula revealed near Orion's Belt
Bright beads of cosmic dust highlight a shimmering nebula in a new photo of a region just north of the famous Orion's Belt in the constellation Orion. The Messier 78 nebula, which is also known as NGC 2068, is often called the reflection nebula, ...


Plant study flags dangers of warming world
* Plants flowering 8.5 times faster than predicted * Changes have knock-on effect for food chain, ecosystems By Nina Chestney LONDON, May 2 (Reuters) - Plants are flowering faster than scientists predicted in response to climate change, research in the ...

Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5: pre-release battle
The next-generation iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III will be the two biggest and baddest smartphones on the market this summer. There's no denying that. Unless you're HTC and you've got the HTC One series with the HTC One X on AT&T and the HTC One ...


NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory sees Remarkable Outburst from Old Black Hole
Clarksville Online
Huntsville, AL – An extraordinary outburst produced by a black hole in a nearby galaxy has provided direct evidence for a population of old, volatile stellar black holes. The discovery, made by astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, ...

RIM Admits Orchestrating Anti-Apple Stunt
MyFox Chicago
(MarketWatch) - Research In Motion Ltd. said Wednesday that its Australian operation was responsible for an anti-Apple Inc. flash-mob in Sydney last week that triggered a raft of speculation over who was behind the stunt. Local media and blog reports ...

MyFox Chicago

Oetzi the Iceman's blood is world's oldest
BBC News
Researchers studying Oetzi, a 5300-year-old body found frozen in the Italian Alps in 1991, have found red blood cells around his wounds. Blood cells tend to degrade quickly, and earlier scans for blood within Oetzi's body turned up nothing.

BBC News

Barnes & Noble CEO: NFC coming to the Nook
By JP Mangalindan, Writer May 1, 2012: 2:47 PM ET William Lynch talks about the future of the Nook business -- including how the company's software could be used in Windows and the potential of NFC chips showing up soon. FORTUNE -- The battle for ...

T-Mobile Prism does budget Android for $20
T-Mobile's $20 Prism runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and will be available at Wal-Mart and Best Buy, in addition to T-Mobile stores. by Jessica Dolcourt May 2, 2012 9:18 AM PDT Follow @jdolcourt You can always count on T-Mobile for wallet-friendly options ...

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