17 May 2012

Apple wins iphone5.com domain dispute

Apple victorious in iphone5.com domain dispute
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Apple has apparently won control of the iphone5.com domain, according to changes in a Web record of the URL. Previously, Apple had filed a claim on iphone5.com with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), ..

Zuckerberg Gets Religion for Facebook Revenue
Wall Street Journal
By GEOFFREY A. FOWLER And SHAYNDI RAICE Mark Zuckerberg has for years studiously avoided revenue-making opportunities that might compromise the experience of using his Facebook social-networking site. But as investors take a hard look at the potential ...

Why Ultrabook Laptops Aren't Just MacBook Air Clones
Sleek silver Ultrabooks arriving from major PC manufacturers aren't just Apple Macbook Air clones. Some of them even have options that Apple's laptop doesn't offer. Here's a guide. By Melanie Pinola, PCWorld Ultrabooks are sleek, super-thin laptops ...

US Lawmakers to Fight Facebook Co-Founder on Taxes
Wall Street Journal
By SIOBHAN HUGHES WASHINGTON—Two Senate Democrats lashed out Thursday at a Facebook Inc. co-founder who gave up his US citizenship shortly before an initial public offering by the company that is expected to make him a billionaire, and outlined steps ...

Twitter Joins 'Do Not Track' Initiative
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman Twitter has joined the industry-wide "Do Not Track" program, which Mozilla said Thursday continues to attract new users. Mozilla's version of Do Not Track, which essentially asks websites to let users opt out of tracking cookies, ...

Verizon Killing 'Grandfathered' Unlimited Plans as Carrier Moves to 4G
Verizon Wireless customers still holding on to their $30 unlimited plans will have to let go when they upgrade to 4G, said CFO Fran Shammo, explaining that everyone will soon move to shared data plans. Verizon Wireless customers taking advantage of a ...

Pay $99, Microsoft will get rid of 'crapware'
You're familiar with the drill when you buy a new Windows computer online or from a big-box store: One of the first things you have to do is get rid of all the "crapware" or "bloatware" — promotional software that the computer maker was paid to ...

Best Buy cuts price of iPhone 4 to $49.99
The retailer joins Target and RadioShack in offering a $50 discount on last year's model of Apple's flagship phone. by Lance Whitney May 17, 2012 9:44 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit Those of you in the market for an iPhone 4 can now pick one up at Best Buy ...

"Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Coming Sunday
National Geographic
An annular solar eclipse creates a "ring of fire" in the skies over China in 2010. This weekend, a "time traveling" solar eclipse will turn the familiar disk of the sun into a ring of fire for sky-watchers in parts of Asia and the US West.

National Geographic

Will Facebook Adapt to Mobile or Will Mobile Adapt to Facebook?
By Kevin Fitchard on May 17, 2012 We all know Facebook needs to become a force in mobile advertising, but just how much of a force? If Facebook were to replicate the success of its desktop ad business on mobile, it would account for a healthy chunk of...

Google Knowledge Graph: The Birth of a Siri Rival?
Google's Knowledge Graph seems like just another search feature, but connect the dots and it could become the brains behind a Siri-like virtual assistant. By Jared Newman, PCWorld On the surface, Google's Knowledge Graph seems like just another search ...

According to iTunes, "jailbreak" is a four-letter word
Ars Technica
by Chris Foresman - May 17, 2012 4:50 pm UTC Someone at Apple appears to have decided that the word "jailbreak" is a dirty word. The term is now being filtered in iTunes Store search results, as originally reported by Shoutpedia.

Kepler telescope studies star superflares
BBC News
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News Nasa's Kepler space telescope has provided fresh insight on the colossal explosions that can afflict some stars. These enormous releases of magnetic energy - known as superflares - could damage the ...

BBC News

Research firm finds 3997 "distinct" Android devices
TG Daily
Well, apparently, when you take all hardware and software factors into account, there are nearly 4000 "distinct" Android devices in the wild right now. That data came from a company called OpenSignalMaps, which has collected information from 681900 ...

TG Daily

WikiLeaks recovers from massive DDoS attack
WikiLeaks has recovered from a massive DDoS attack that lasted three days, during which it had to shift much of its content to mirror sites. It's unclear which hacker group or individual may be responsible for the attack, but a former Anonymous member ...

Dragon spacecraft preps for ISS cargo mission
TG Daily
The Dragon spacecraft is undergoing last minute preparations as it readies for a demonstration flight to the International Space Station (ISS). Built by SpaceX, the unmanned Dragon will transport 1200 pounds of cargo, including commemorative patches ...

TG Daily

Viacom channels back on Time Warner iPad app
MTV, TV Land, and Comedy Central will be among the Viacom channels reaching Time Warner's iPad app now that the two companies have kissed and made up. by Lance Whitney May 17, 2012 8:29 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit Viacom has returned to Time Warner's iPad ...

T-Mobile Launching New Mobile Broadband Plans For Contract Haters On May 20
T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm noted during their last earning call that their prepaid users helped make up for the loss of 510000 postpaid subscribers, and now it seems that they've got another bone to throw to the their legions of contract-averse ...


Review: The Weather Channel's Slick New (and Free) iPhone App
By Matt Peckham | @mattpeckham | May 17, 2012 | + Cracks about meteorological accuracy aside, I've morphed into my family's weatherman in recent years — partly because I'm the only one with a smartphone, partly because I'm obsessed with severe ...


Facebook IPO: Who's resisting Facebook and why
Christian Science Monitor
Four of every 10 Americans are not on Facebook. Will more join or has US growth peaked? Facebook IPO investors want to know: Can the resisters be persuaded to join the social network? By Anick Jesdanun, Associated Press / May 17, 2012 News about the ...

Christian Science Monitor

Phineas Gage's Missing Brain Mapped
by LiveScience Staff In 1848 Phineas Gage took a rod through his skull and survived to become one of neuroscience's most famous case studies. His brain recently got a second look by scientists, who were able to analyze how the rod that found its way ...

Paralyzed woman uses mind to move robot arm
Futurity: Research News
A 58-year-old woman, paralyzed by a stroke for almost 15 years, uses her thoughts to control a robotic arm, grasp a bottle of coffee, serve herself a drink, and return the bottle to the table. (Credit: Brown University) BROWN (US) — Two people with ...

HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G held up at US customs
Christian Science Monitor
The launch of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G is temporarily delayed – the byproduct of a patent snafu settled earlier this year by the International Trade Commission. By Matthew Shaer / May 17, 2012 Back in December, the International Trade Commission ...

Christian Science Monitor

Hands On: Sony Alpha 37 and NEX-F3
PC Magazine
By Jim Fisher Sony's newest entry-level cameras, the Alpha 37 D-SLR and NEX-F3 mirrorless compact, replace the Alpha 35 and NEX-C3 in the company's lineup. Both cameras feature a 16-megapixel image sensor and support the Auto Portrait Framing and Clear ...

Oracle patent claims versus Google sent to jury
By Dan Levine | SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California jury began another round of deliberations on Tuesday in a high profile trial over allegations that Google's Android mobile platform violates Oracle's intellectual property rights.

Progress Made In Possible Vaccine Against Malaria
Malaria, a mosquito-borne disease, affects more than 225 around the world, particularly in tropical and subtropical areas. Those who contract malaria report symptoms like fever and headaches, which can sometimes lead to severe coma and death.

US-Russian crew makes smooth hookup at space station
An American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station early Thursday, kicking off a four-month stay aboard the orbiting laboratory. A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying NASA astronaut Joe Acaba and cosmonauts ...

Venus transit of sun may help spot alien planets
Observations of next month's historic Venus transit may eventually help astronomers spot and study alien planets circling faraway stars, one prominent researcher says. On June 5, Venus will cross the face of the sun from Earth's perspective — the last ...

10 things to know about tech startups in Brazil — Tech News and ...
By Katie Fehrenbacher
... hot -- probably too hot. Here's 10 things you should know if you want to build, buy, invest in or work at a tech startup in Brazil. ... Media · Mobile · Video · oryankim: Great technology — however cool — isn't always enough http://t.co/YHDhs5L8 ...

Tech Journal: Protecting Yourself from Plagiarism
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Amit Agarwal It's nearly impossible to stop scrapers from copying your online content, but there are ways to better to defend yourself, explains Amit Agarwal. There's an army of bots, or web spiders, watching your website, and the moment you publish ...

Deepak Chopra on How Technology Will Change the World for the Better (Video)
Huffington Post (blog)
Sharing his seemingly infinite wisdom, Chopra was the first guest during the special show, and he told me about his involvement in using technology to engage communities. "I thinktechnology is an extension of the human mind, and right now what you're ...

Silicon Valley needs humanities students
Washington Post
Quit your technology job. Get a PhD in the humanities. That's the way to get ahead in thetechnology sector. That, at least, is what philosopher Damon Horowitz told a crowd of attendees at the BiblioTech Conference at Stanford University in 2011.

A Tech Company Serving Creators
Wall Street Journal
So my big ambition is to be the technology company that serves creators." At the open bar that evening were Internet entrepreneur Rex Sorgatz, Tumblrer-about-town Bianca Caampued and a bunch of 20-something New Yorkers who use social media and/or blog ...

The Best Cities For Tech Jobs
Yet Silicon Valley is far from leading the way in expanding science and technology-related employment in the United States. Anyone who has followed tech over the past 30 years or more understands the cyclical nature of this industry — overheated ...

Methodology For Forbes' Best Cities For Tech Jobs List
By Mark Schill Our Best Cities for Technology Jobs ranking is a weighted index measuring growth and concentration of technology-related employment in the nation's 51 largest metropolitan regions. The index includes both tech industry employment data ...

Tech Experts Weigh In on Facebook's Mobile Conundrum
The Facebook IPO is going to be massive. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the stock surges over $100 tomorrow. Despite all the excitement, Facebook has challenges. Perhaps one of the most concerning is the mobile segment.

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