22 May 2012

Google Goes Moog: Doodle is Playable, Recordable Synthesizer

Google Goes Moog: Doodle is Playable, Recordable Synthesizer
In celebration of Robert Moog's 78th birthday, Google has created an epic Google Doodle to honor the electronic music pioneer. The Doodle, which is scheduled for Wednesday but already visible on Google's Australia landing page, presents an interactive ...

ASUS bringing Zenbook Prime UX21A, UX31A, UX32A and UX32VD to the US, prices ...
By Dana Wollman posted May 22nd 2012 11:00AM First the rumor mill revealed ASUS had plans to refresh Ultrabooks with Ivy Bridge and 1080p IPS displays. Then the company confirmed the news itself when it brought some new Zenbook Prime laptops out for a ...

Incident's gTar Tops $120000 On Kickstarter (That's $110K In Less Than 24 Hours)
Kickstarter is a great place to launch a product. Remember the Pebble smart watch, which saw over $1 million in funding in its first 28 hours on the site, and surpassing $3 million well over a month before their stated goal?


Next-Gen iPhone To Feature Larger, Sharper Display
Top contender for Apple's new iPhone display is believed to measure 3.95 inches at 1136 x 640 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. By Eric Zeman InformationWeek Apple hasn't settled on the final design of the next-generation iPhone, according to 9to5Mac.

Tesla's Model S Electric Sedans to Arrive in June
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter Tesla Motors said Tuesday that it will start delivering its Model S electric sedan to customers on June 22, ahead of the July delivery date the company previously forecast. The electric car maker expects to deliver 5000 Model S sedans ...

Sidecar app: A closer look
Washington Post
Sidecar is launching a new app on iOS and taking it out of beta on Android today. It's an ambitious attempt to rethink what CEO Rob Williams calls the most common and least innovative icon on a smartphone's screen: the phone app.

FCC chief backs usage-based Internet pricing
* Says usage-based pricing would increase efficiency * Welcomes cable industry initiative on Wi-Fi hotspots By Yinka Adegoke BOSTON, May 22 (Reuters) - The head of the Federal Communications Commission said he supports cable companies' charging for ...

Amazon rolls out Test Drive feature for select Android phones
Los Angeles Times
By Salvador Rodriguez Amazon began rolling out a mobile version of its Appstore's Test Drive feature, which lets users try apps before they buy them. The beta version of the new feature became available to certain types of Android phones Tuesday, ...

SpaceX mission to the International Space Station launched
The first mission to the International Space Station by a private company is under way in what Nasa hailed as a "new era in American space flight". By Nick Allen, Los Angeles SpaceX, the California-based company headed by South African-born billionaire ...


Apple's new 'spaceship' campus: What will the neighbors say?
By Doug Gross, CNN Apple's second campus in Cupertino, California, is scheduled to be completed in 2015. The campus will cover 2.8 million square feet and house 13000 employees. (CNN) -- It will cover 2.8 million square feet and have its own power ...

Fossils dating back 3.5bn years to go in display in Texas
The Guardian
Pups in her womb, a large eye visible behind the rib cage, one baby stuck in the birth canal, all fossilised in stone – all modern-day evidence that this ancient marine beast, the Ichthyosaur, died while giving birth. The almost certainly painful death ...

The Guardian

SWTOR developer hit with layoffs
By Mike Jackson for computerandvideogames.com "Sadly, we are bidding farewell to some talented, passionate and exceptionally hard-working people who helped make SWTOR a reality. Impacting people's lives this way is always very hard, but we're ensuring ...

Verizon's Viewdini Service Lets Users Search for Videos
Verizon Wireless, the largest US wireless carrier, introduced a service called Viewdini that lets users search for movies, television shows and other videos to watch on their mobile devices. Viewdini works with Verizon's long-term evolution network and ...

Bigfoot and Yeti DNA Study Gets Serious
Discovery News
A call is out for supposed Big Foot material so university scientists can do genetic testing. Scientists have requested that cryptozoologists send them material supposedly from cryptic species. They plan to conduct genetic analysis of the material.

Leap Aims to Put a Whole New World in Your Hands
By Vivian Wagner Gamers, designers, artists, surgeons and just about everybody else, take note. The future of 3D motion control will soon be here, with Leap Motion's new Leap system. Capturing actual hand motions with a high degree of sophistication, ...

SETI astronomer Jill Tarter retiring after 35-year alien hunt
CBS News
(Space.com) Astronomer Jill Tarter, the inspiration for heroine Ellie Arroway in the novel and movie "Contact," is retiring after spending 35 years scanning the heavens for signals from intelligent aliens. Tarter is stepping down as the director of the ...

CBS News

Comcast Adds Free WiFi Calls For Xfinity Voice Customers
Comcast this morning announced a new suite of free services for Xfinity voice customers, including outbound calling over WiFi. Interesting to see some innovation in voice service, as some wireline customers drop service and go mobile only.

Rewritable digital data stored in live DNA
Futurity: Research News
Under ultraviolet light, petri dishes containing cells glow red or green depending upon the orientation of a specific section of genetic code inside the cells' DNA. The section of DNA can be flipped back and forth using the RAD technique.

Google Chrome now most used browser
In this photo illustration Google's Chrome browser shortcut, Google Inc.'s new Web browser, is displayed next to Mozilla Firefox shortcut and Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser shortcut, on an laptop. To view this content, Javascript must be enabled ...


Facebook Marriage: Zuckerberg's Property Status, Post-Marriage
The new Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg might not have to worry much about money, but that doesn't mean she is automatically a billionaire. The timing of Mark Zuckerberg's marriage to his college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan, on Saturday, just a day after he took ...

Dog genetic history remains a mystery to this day
A team of scientists set out to trace the genetic history of modern canines but found that there is little evidence linking them back to ancient species. A new study has shown how the task of tracing the modern dog's DNA is an extremely complicated one ...

Pre-Order an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III ... for $800
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius An Amazon reseller, among others, are now taking pre-orders for Samsung's next-gen Galaxy S device, but there's a catch. It's the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III and it will set you back $799.99. A 16GB GSM version of the Galaxy S III ...

160 million years ago, ancestors of cuttlefish were already using the ink defense
Researchers have shown that ink sacs from a cephalopod that lived 160-million years ago still contain traces of the pigment melanin. That's an impressive find in its own right, but what really floored the scientists was how familiar these pigments ...

Ion Air Pro sports cams take on GoPro and Contour
There's a new camera in town for the hardcore amongst us as Ion Worldwide delivers three lightweight sports-oriented shooters in their Ion Air Pro line. This lineup will take on the likes of GoPro and Contour with prices between $230 and $350 depending ...

Sonos adds striking subwoofer to its lineup of wireless speakers
The company, a leader in multi-room wireless audio, is going upscale with a stylish subwoofer that retails for $699 and delivers booming bass. by David Carnoy May 22, 2012 6:00 AM PDT Follow @DavidCarnoy The first version of the Sonos Sub ships in mid ...

Europe's antitrust chief urges Google to settle allegations
Los Angeles Times
The European official's urging of a settlement is an unusual move, experts say. It comes amid an inquiry sparked by complaints by firms that Google treats rival search results differently from its own. By Jim Puzzanghera, Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON ...

Microsoft Launches Socl Social Network: A Look Inside
Marketing Land: Over the weekend, Microsoft opened up its Socl social networking service to the general public. The service touts "the ability to share searches, discover new interests and have a video party," and integration with Microsoft's Bing ...

Tracking the Performance of Past Tech IPOs
By David Strom
With the lackluster first day issue of Facebook on Friday, we thought we would take a moment to look at the memorable tech IPOs of the past and see how they have fared over the years. While the first day "pop" of some companies can ...

Google kickstarts CornellNYC Tech school with free space — Tech ...
By Ryan Kim
Cornell and Technion, an Israeli technology school, won the bid in December to build the engineering and applied engineering university, which is expected to cost $2 billion. The campus will eventually support about 2500 graduate students ...

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