18 May 2012

Facebook IPO sets pace for more Tech IPOs

Facebook Debut Sets Pace For Tech IPOs To Come
Wall Street Journal
In the tech and Internet sectors alone, IPOs are pending from network-security technologydeveloper Palo Alto Networks, which filed its IPO paperwork April 6; LegalZoom.com, a provider of online-legal services, which filed May 10. 

Tech IPOs and Common Investment Mistakes
But this is a good opportunity to highlight the dangers of technology IPOs. Simply put, they create instant wealth, often concentrated in a single position. There are always some employees who know how to properly diversify, but most aren't investment ...


The Facebook Offering: How It Compares - NYTimes.com
What has happened after 2400 technology, Internet and telecom I.P.O.'s. ... Global · DealBook · Markets · Economy · Energy · Media · Personal Tech · Small ...

Facebook IPO creates tech giant
Although “Facebook still has to prove to many advertisers its value,” according to Catherine Tucker, associate professor of marketing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management, it will soon have the resources to pursue ...

Tech Bubble Death Watch: The Facebook IPO
Huffington Post
As you have also maybe heard, everybody and their grandmother thinks this is the sign of a new bubble in technology companies. And you know what? So do we. You can't always trust everybody and their grandmother, but sometimes they are absolutely right. 

Want privacy on Twitter? Use Firefox
Twitter enables Mozilla's "Do Not Track" feature, so you can opt out of third-party tracking cookies. By Katherine Noyes PC World - True privacy can be hard to come by in the socially enabled online world, but Twitter on Thursday announced that it has ...

iPhone 5 and 10 Other Smartphones Offering Larger Displays
By Nathan Eddy on 2012-05-18 In a world full of mobile devices, what else can smartphone makers do to distinguish their phones from the others? When it comes to the latest wave of smartphones, a large, high-quality display is a major selling point and ...


Facebook Class Action Lawsuit Seeks $15 Billion for Privacy Violations
A class action lawsuit filed against the social networking giant combines 21 lawsuits from across the country. Separately, a German official has also expressed concerns about Facebook's privacy approach as well. A class action lawsuit filed against ...
Facebook Volume On Track To Set New IPO Record
Wall Street Journal
By Alexandra Scaggs Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Frenzied trading in shares of Facebook Inc. (FB) had slowed to a mere rush by midday Friday, as the social-media giant remained on track to have the most heavily traded IPO ever.
Doodle 4 Google Winner Turns Homepage Into 'Pirate Times'
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Today's Google.com homepage art comes from one of the search giant's littlest doodlers - second-grader Dylan Hoffman. Earlier this week, Hoffman was selected as the winner of this year's Doodle 4 Google contest, which calls on ...
Apple Prepping 100 Percent Green Data Center
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Apple says that its new $1 billion data center in Maiden, North Carolina will be powered entirely with renewable energy by the end of the year. On a new Web page announcing its renewable energy plans, the Cupertino tech giant said...
SpaceX, NASA confirm all systems are go for historic mission
Los Angeles Times
By WJ Hennigan The countdown has begun for SpaceX's historic mission to send a spacecraft into orbit to dock with the International Space Station. SpaceX, formally known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp., is due to launch its Falcon 9 rocket...
UK surveillance program could expose private lives
But experts say the government's proposed new surveillance program will gather so much data that spooks won't have to read your messages to guess what you're up to. The UK Home Office stresses it won't be reading the content of every Britons' ...

HTC EVO 4G LTE postponed indefinitely once more
It appears that once again the HTC EVO 4G LTE has hit a wall when it comes to being delivered to the USA for sale, so says customers receiving the note that their pre-orders were once again stopped here at the end of the week.


Will Google's Multi-Partner Nexus Device Strategy Work?
Google is apparently planning to change its Nexus device strategy in the coming months to expand the reach of its devices and try to wrestle control of its devices from carriers yet again. It will give five device OEMs early access to future versions ...
First 'Wikipedia Town' Going Live in Wales
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Have you ever come upon an interesting building, plant, or landmark and wanted immediate information about its origin or function? Perhaps you should travel to the Welsh town of Monmouth, which is set to become the first "Wikipedia ...
Keeping Steve Jobs alive with iPhone 5
By John C. Dvorak Reports on MSNBC and elsewhere have it that the late Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) chief was working until the end on the new so-called iPhone 5. Really? He had nothing better to do than work on this legacy device?
National Bike to Work Week: 10 Awesome Pieces of Bike Tech
PC Magazine
By Jennifer Bergen We're more than half way through National Bike Month, at the end of National Bike Week, and today happens to be National Bike to Work Day (held annually on the third Friday in May). In other words, it's all about the bike during the ...

Solar Eclipse: Get Ready for Sunday
ABC News
If you live in a band across the southwestern United States, twilight will seem to come early on Sunday afternoon, well before the sun actually sets. The cause: a rare annular solar eclipse -- a ring of sunlight as the new moon, passing between Earth ...

Researchers find fossil of a turtle that was size of a Smart car
Los Angeles Times
By Thomas H. Maugh II Excavating in a coal mine in Colombia, paleontologists have discovered the fossil of the world's largest turtle, a 60-million-year-old specimen nearly 8 feet long -- the size of a Smart car. Thriving in a lake about 5 million ...
ZTE fesses up to security vulnerability in Score smartphone
Mobile Burn
ZTE has acknowledged that a security vulnerability exists in the Score smartphone sold by Cricket in the US The vulnerability could allow a malicious attacker to gain control of the device and access a user's personal information.

Microsoft Announces Its Back-To-School Promotion: Buy A PC, Get A Free Xbox
Microsoft, just like Apple, usually runs a major back-to-school promotion every summer that is meant to give students (and their parents) some extra incentives to buy a new computer. The company's just-announced back-to-school deal for the US and ...

4700 Potentially Hazardous Asteroids Are Lurking Out There
Discovery News
Generally speaking, there's a collective sigh of relief when any large hulk of space rock flies past Earth -- except, perhaps, for the smaller asteroids that scatter precious meteorites over California's 'Gold Country'. But when one of the estimated ...
Should You Renounce Your US Citizenship?
Wall Street Journal
By LAURA SAUNDERS That is the lesson from the disclosure that Eduardo Saverin, the 30-year-old billionaire who helped found Facebook, has renounced his US citizenship to become a resident of Singapore. Singapore offers huge tax advantages for people ...
Blue skies for The Weather Channel's overhauled iOS app
TWC now has perhaps the best interface of any iPhone weather app. It's free, though you'll have to endure some beefy banner ads. by Rick Broida May 18, 2012 9:15 AM PDT Follow @cheapskateblog On the short list of must-haves for every iPhone owner: a ...

Apple defends Siri against class action lawsuit
CBS News
(CBS News) Siri, the Apple iPhone 4S' digital personal assistant, got some heat in a recent lawsuit that claimed the software doesn't perform as advertised. Frank M. Fazio accused Apple of false advertising and alleged "that the company's commercials ...

CBS News

Stock Offering Sets Facebook Value at $104 Billion
(Source: Jeff Gelles The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT) — It was the stock market event of the year, sure to make millions of dollars for venture capitalists, investment banks and other financiers, and billions for Facebook's founders and earliest backers ...

The week in tech: 5 must-know things
By Charlie Szold, USA TODAY Amy Sancetta, AP Amy Sancetta, AP Wireless networks looking to increase profit margins are radically altering how they sell data plans to their customers. Verizon announced this week it would be moving customers with ...


Comcast To Test New Pricing Tiers for Broadband Users, Temporarily Suspend ...
Game Politics
Comcast says that it will soon raise the monthly cap of 250GB that customers currently suffer under to 300GB as part of a new tiered pricing plan, according to a CNET report. While it will beta test this new tired pricing model in some areas, ...

Windows Phone Overtook iOS in China with 7% Control of the Market
Mobile & Apps
By Vamien McKalin | May 18, 2012 2:34 PM EDT A visitor talks on his phone next to a Windows Phone advertisement during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 27, 2012.(Photo: Reuters) Windows Phone might not be doing well in many parts of the ...

Mobile & Apps

$74 MK802 Android 4.0 Mini-PC Versus $200 FXI Cotton Candy - Game On!
Mobile & Apps
By Alexandra Burlacu | May 18, 2012 2:59 PM EDT Tiny and inexpensive micro-PCs have made their way into the market this year, and gained a lot of attention for their small yet intriguing designs and capabilities. The cheap Raspberry Pi started shipping ...

Mobile & Apps

Seventeen-Year-Old Canadian student awarded $50000 from the Intel Foundation ...
Sacramento Bee
By Intel The world's largest high school science research competition, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a program of Society for Science & the Public, announced its top winners in Pittsburgh, Pa. Jack Andraka of Crownsville, ...
#FF: Looks like Google's all fancy now
By AJ Willingham #FF is short for Follow Friday, a Twitter topic that alerts people to the newest, coolest accounts to follow. For us, #FF is an introduction to the creative things social media users have come up with to surprise, inspire and educate.

Stanford scientists document fragile land-sea ecological chain
Stanford Report
Intricate, often invisible chains of life are threatened with extinction around the world. A new study quantifies one of the longest such chains ever documented. By Rob Jordan The researchers found a link between replacing native trees with non-native ...

Stanford Report

Samsung Racks Up 9M Galaxy S III Preorders
By Eric Zeman InformationWeek The Samsung Galaxy S III doesn't go on sale until May 29, but 9 million people have already placed preorders for the device. The orders are flowing in from more than 100 wireless network operators around the world, ...

Rise of the Tech Bandits: AllThingsD & Sarah Lacy, the Business ...
By Richard MacManus
... later by Lacy. Meanwhile, AllThingsD superheroes Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg have been on a tear this year, often scooping TechCrunch on important business news in thetechnology sector. ... When Sarah Lacy launched the oddly named PandoDaily earlier this year, the goal was to dislodge Silicon Valley kingmaker TechCrunch, New York media heavyweight AllThingsD, and Wall Street-friendly Business Insider as the daily source of business technology news. Those are ...

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