07 May 2012

Android has 61 percent of US smartphone market

Android reclaims 61 percent of all US smartphone sales
Grabbing ground lost during the holiday quarter, Android now holds almost two-thirds of the US market, says NPD Group. by Lance Whitney May 7, 2012 9:59 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit Android has staged a healthy lead over Apple's iOS as the smartphone wars ...

How Tech Is Changing College Life [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Sam Laird
College students today are more tech savvy than ever before. Just how important is technologyto their academic lives? More than 90% use email to communicate with professors and 73% say they cannot study without technology. Seven in 10 ...
Mashable » Tech

Evernote acquires handwriting app Penultimate
You could already sketch notes or diagrams and save them to Evernote with this app. Acquisition by Evernote will mean tighter integration, more platform support. by Rafe Needleman May 7, 2012 7:00 AM PDT Follow @rafe Evernote has acquired the ...

Six scenarios where the iPad is trouncing the PC
TechRepublic's Jason Hiner has little use for an iPad. But he's pinpointed six areas where it's become the preferred device for others and is disrupting the PC market. by Jason Hiner May 7, 2012 9:00 AM PDT Follow @jasonhiner I've made no secret of the ...

Dinosaurs' Gas May Have Helped Warm the Air
Wall Street Journal
By ROBERT LEE HOTZ Belching dinosaurs may have spewed so much methane into the air that it could have affected the climate tens of millions of years ago, when temperatures were twice as high as today, a team of UK scientists reported Monday.

Disney Technology Turns Everything into a Touch Device
By Ian Paul, PCWorld May 7, 2012 9:38 AM You're already used to touch-enabled PCs, tablets, and smartphones, but eventually almost everything in your house could have a touch sensor, including doorknobs, cereal bowls, sofas, water, and even your own ...

FBI Wants Google, Facebook to Provide Wiretap Backdoor: Report
The FBI wants Facebook, Google and other large Internet companies to build in backdoors to allow wiretapping, CNET reports. Just in case you weren't paranoid enough about privacy and security on the Web, a CNET report has revealed that the Federal ...

AT&T making big investment in home monitoring
By Sinead Carew | NEW YORK (Reuters) - AT&T Inc is making a big investment in a nationwide wireless home monitoring service that could potentially add $1 billion to its annual revenue as part of the No. 2 US mobile operator's ongoing effort to expand ...

Google lets you broadcast yourself with 'Hangouts on Air'
By Nancy Messieh, The Next Web After initially offering the service to a limited number of users, Google is finally rolling out its Hangouts on Air feature to Google+ users around the world. Paul Sakuma, AP Google workers ride bikes outside of Google ...


Clarion Next GATE puts iPhone control, app integration on your windshield
Your car's windshield is now home to apps for Internet radio streaming, traffic and navigation, and voice command via Clarion's new iPhone controller. by Antuan Goodwin May 7, 2012 9:10 AM PDT Follow @antgoo Clarion Corporation of America announced ...

Want a new Xbox 360 for $99? Pay for Xbox Live for two years
Microsoft is now selling the Xbox 360 for $99, but in order to get the deal, customers must sign up for the $15-a-month Xbox Live Gold service. by Don Reisinger May 7, 2012 9:53 AM PDT It turns out the rumors suggesting Microsoft would reduce the price ...

Free 20GB cloud storage for MobileMe subscribers extended to Sept. 30
Ars Technica
By Jacqui Cheng | Published May 7, 2012 11:28 AM Apple's FAQ page for the MobileMe transition has been updated, but still no free unicorns for subscribers. MobileMe users who transition their accounts to iCloud will be able to keep their free 20GB of ...

Research in Motion: Just call it the BleakBerry
By Paul R. La Monica @lamonicabuzzMay 7, 2012: 12:57 PM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- It's hard to find a stock that is hated more on Wall Street -- and, for that matter, on Bay Street in Toronto -- than Research in Motion. Shares of the Waterloo, ...

Color Teams up With Verizon to Power Live Video on Facebook
Plenty of apps allow anyone with a smartphone to broadcast live video online, but the result is often a blurry, buffering, stuttering mess — unless, that is, the app happens to have a 4G network on its side. Color, a startup best known for raising $41 ...

7 Tools for Getting Started on Mobile App Development
This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Developing an app has become a much more approachable undertaking, ...

NASA uses moon as mirror to watch Venus transit sun
TG Daily
Just like human eyes, the Hubble Space Telescope can't observe the sun directly - so NASA scientists plan to study Venus's solar transit in June by using the moon as a mirror. As Venus passes across the face of the sun on June 5 and 6, the Hubble team ...

TG Daily

In Oracle v Google, Judge Holds Fate of Java APIs
Wired News
By Caleb Garling In the Oracle v Google trial, Judge William Alsup can still rule that APIs cannot be copyrighted. ( On Monday, a jury is set to decide whether Google infringed Oracle's copyrights in cloning the Java APIs on its Android mobile ...

Wired News

Adobe Creative Suite 6 launches with four options
Washington Post
Adobe launched its sixth Creative Suite of programs Monday, though without its anticipated cloud service. The Adobe Creative Cloud, which will let users share their content across their desktops, mobile devices and the Web, will launch on Friday, ...

Ubisoft wants fans to promote Assassin's Creed III in return for first ...
Companies love it when their fans do the advertising for them -- something made wholly possible with social networking sites -- and that's what Ubisoft is trying to encourage with the Assassin's Creed III "Unite" event. What does this call for, ...

AT&T launches Samsung Focus 2 for $50
By Matt Hamblen Computerworld - AT&T on Monday announced another low-priced Windows Phone, the $49.99 Samsung Focus 2, which will run on 4G LTE and will go on sale May 20. AT&T began selling the 4.3-in. Nokia Lumia 900 on April 8, initially rebating ...


Apple Files WIPO Claim for “iPhone5.com”
The Mac Observer
Apple has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to gain control over the iPhone5.com domain, tech site Fusible noted Sunday. The iPhone5.com site, launched in October 2010, currently hosts a small discussion forum ...

The Mac Observer

Facebook's Zuckerberg Said to Meet Would-Be Investors Today
Facebook Inc. (FB) Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg will meet would-be investors today as the largest social-networking service begins marketing its initial public offering, said a person with knowledge of the matter. Facebook is meeting with ...


Privacy concerns drive 1 in 4 Facebook users to lie
Almost 13 million users say they have never set or didn't know about privacy controls on Facebook, according to Consumer Reports. (AP) WASHINGTON - One in four Facebook users admit they don't tell the whole truth on their profiles.

LG Slated to Launch Internet-Enabled TV With Google TV Technology
MediaPost Communications
Stateside, LG Electronics is reportedly planning to launch Internet-enabled TV based on Google's platform before the end of the month. “The move reflects an aggressive push by the duo to defend against a potential threat from Apple Inc, which reshaped ...

HTC One X now available from AT&T
Android Community
Well, it's finally here superphone fans: AT&T's American version of the HTC One X is now shipping, and should be showing up in retail stores right now. The phone is going for $199.99 on a new two year contract or $549.99 without – notably lower than ...

Android Community

Wirefly Launches Pre-Orders For The HTC EVO 4G LTE, Knocks $50 Off The Price...
Android Police
By now, the One X and Galaxy S III fanboys have set up shop and are ready to wage war. If you're in the One X camp, but you prefer Sprint to AT&T, the EVO 4G LTE is what you're after. Pre-orders have gone live today. Wirefly, however, has a special ...

Proview Sees 'Big Gap' After Apple Offers to Settle IPad Dispute
Proview Technology (Shenzhen) Co. said a “big gap” remains with Apple Inc. (AAPL) after the US company offered compensation to settle their dispute over ownership of the iPad trademark in China. Apple proposed an amount of money to resolve the legal ...

Photos: Saturday Night's Super Moon
For those who could see it, a phenomenon known as the Super Moon made Saturday night's moon appear bigger and brighter than other full moons this year, according to NASA. To be precise, the moon appeared was about 15 percent larger and 30 percent ...

Adobe patches new Flash zero-day bug with emergency update
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Adobe today warned that hackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability in its popular Flash Player program, and issued an emergency update to patch the bug. "There are reports that the vulnerability is being exploited ...

Seeking the Next Start-Up Hit
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
By JENNA WORTHAM and NICOLE PERLROTH / The New York Times When Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion last month, it raised a lot of eyebrows -- and questions about which buzzed-about young start-ups might be on track for similar success.

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