28 May 2012

Flame Malware Stealing Data Across Middle East

Massive 'Flame' Malware Stealing Data Across Middle East
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered a massive cyber threat, dubbed Flame, that is targeting "sensitive" information across the Middle East. The malware, Kaspersky said, "might be the most sophisticated cyber weapon yet ...

New York is vying to become global high-tech hub
Wall Street Journal
AP NEW YORK — Just as a trench dug in the 1800s created a shortcut to the nation's interior and helped make New York a global trading hub, the city is now hoping for another "Erie Canal moment" with a high-tech research complex to be built on an island ...

Renesas to Outsource Chip Making
New York Times
TOKYO — Renesas Electronics, the struggling Japanese chip maker, said Monday that it would outsource some high-end chip production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing as it grappled with a costly restructuring program, having fallen behind global ...

LG working on Retina-beating 5-in. smartphone display
By Mikael RicknA$?s IDG News Service - LG Display has introduced a 5-inch full HD LCD panel for smartphone displays -- the highest resolution mobile panel to date, the company said on Monday. The widescreen panel is based on AH-IPS (Advanced High ...

Asus Teases Transformer Technology in Video for Computex 2012
Asus releases a somewhat overproduced teaser video promising products (or technology) from its Transformer line of products. Computer maker Asus has released a YouTube teaser video for its Transformer family of products, though the video offers few ...

Apple reportedly manufacturing test batch of first smart TVs
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Apple this month is reported to have begun production of the first prototypes of its much-anticipated connected television sets at one of its overseas manufacturing facilities ahead of a general production ramp expected to begin ...

Facebook needs Opera - to rescue it from dependence on Apple
By Gavin Clarke • Get more from this author The facts are few, the sourcing criminally light, but the story arrives as Opera is also reported to have instituted a hiring freeze that some claim is a harbinger to putting itself up for sale.

Video made with Google's glasses bounces online
How do you top a viral photo that was shot with Google's Project Glass high-tech specs? Shoot a video with the glasses -- while jumping on a trampoline. by Edward Moyer May 25, 2012 3:07 PM PDT Follow @edatnews One of the Project Glass photos that was ...

Climate change deniers not stupid, just trying to fit in, says study
Death and Taxes
By DJ Pangburn 2 hours ago A recent Yale University study funded by the National Science Foundation found that those with opposing views on climate change don't hold those views because of insufficient scientific understanding, but because of “opposing ...

BMW Zagato Coupé is one-off automotive beauty
Custom cars seldom come as alluring as this, the BMW Zagato CoupĂ©, a one-off, hand-crafted design study – which still manages to be road legal – in aluminum and glass. Created to mark the renewed partnership between BMW and coachbuilders Zagato, ...


Motorola flaunts updated Android 4.0 user interface
By Carly Page GOOGLE-OWNED Motorola has flaunted its revamped user interface (UI) for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), which is much less obtrusive than its Gingerbread skin. Motorola has released several videos on its Japanese web site that ...

A Facebook phone: Ambitious leap or fatal mistake?
By Mathew Ingram May. 28, 2012, 9:38am PT 4 Comments At this point, the fact that Facebook is struggling with its mobile strategy is not really news. The company itself flagged the issue in its pre-IPO documents, saying advertising revenue is not ...


Windows Live is…Dead
By Harry McCracken | @harrymccracken | May 28, 2012 | + An array of products, with no natural connections to one another, have received the “Windows Live” moniker. Windows Live Essentials, for example, was the name for a suite of software products that ...


Zoos' Bitter Choice: To Save Some Species, Letting Others Die
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
By LESLIE KAUFMAN / The New York Times ST. LOUIS -- With fluorescent yellow eyes and tufts of hair sticking straight up behind their ears, Bonner and Etienne look like slightly crazed old men. These riotous and chatty lemurs -- known for elaborate ...

Video Game Review: Minecraft XBLA Edition
California Literary Review
by Laura Buttrick As a long time player of the PC edition of Minecraft, it was difficult for me to go into the xbox360 rendition of the faux 16-bit world without immediately noticing everything that was different, that was missing and that was inferior ...

California Literary Review

GameStop Pitches Android Tablets to Gamers
By Daniel Ionescu , PCWorld May 28, 2012 8:03 AM As gamers are slowly abandoning their portable consoles in favor of smartphones and tablets, it might come as no surprise that GameStop, the top US games retailer, is now turning to Android tablets to ...

Reddit Founder And Activists Aim To Build A 'Bat-Signal For The Internet'
The “blackout” of Web sites to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in January was an unprecedented show of Internet solidarity against bad legislation. But with new net-threatening bills like ACTA and CISPA popping out of Congress on a ...


Facebook's Royal Wedding
New York Times
PALO ALTO, Calif. THE wedding of Mark Zuckerberg to Priscilla Chan last weekend here in the backyard of their $7 million home had all the staging of a carefully orchestrated celebrity event. A publicist for Facebook eagerly offered photos afterward of ...

New York Times

Now Infinity Ward is working on a “next generation” game
Warp Zoned
With the “next generation” officially set to begin next week with the Wii U's E3 2012 reveal, another developer is looking to the future. This time, it's Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward. The development team is looking for a Senior Network Engineer, ...

Venus transit is great daytime viewing
San Antonio Express
By Becky Ramotowski, Skywatch The annular eclipse has come and gone, Memorial Day is past, and school is out or winding down. What in the world are you going to do with all of that free time this summer besides mow the lawn and swat mosquitoes?

Evolution - scepticism is dead
A leading paleoanthropologist believes there will soon be no sceptics of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Richard Leakey predicts scepticism over evolution will soon be history - not that the avowed atheist has any doubts himself.


Exclusive: HP's webOS Enyo team is going to Google
The Verge
By Chris Ziegler on May 24, 2012 11:32 pm 120Comments The HP team responsible for Enyo — webOS's HTML5-based application framework that debuted on the TouchPad — will be leaving the company and starting at Google shortly, The Verge has learned.

Now you Cius, now you don't
By Ben Woods, ZDNet UK, 28 May, 2012 17:54 @BenWoodsZD Cisco has said it will stop making its Android-powered Cius tablet, putting the blame for the enterprise-specific device's death on the BYOD trend. Cisco is no longer putting work into its ...


No new Bungie game at E3 this year
By Mike Jackson for computerandvideogames.com What the hell is Bungie working on? Unfortunately that's not a question it'll answer at this year's E3. Bungie's millions of fans will just have to make do with what 343 Industries is showing of Halo 4, ...

Earth took '10 mn yrs to recover from greatest mass extinction'
Zee News
London: It took almost 10 million years for Earth to recuperate from the greatest mass extinction of all time, according to a new research. Life was nearly wiped out 250 million years ago, with only 10 per cent of plants and animals surviving.

Zee News

Diablo 3 review: Games this thoughtfully crafted don't happen very often
Washington Post
Diablo 3 is the first game to render Diablo 2 obsolete. With Diablo 2 and its 2001 expansion, Lord of Destruction, Blizzard set a standard for loot-based action RPGs that everyone else struggled to meet. There were better looking games over the course ...

How to jailbreak using Absinthe 2.0 on iOS 5.1.1 devices
by Jason Cipriani | 28 May 2012 12:25pm SGT Absinthe 2.0 has been released, bringing with it an untethered jailbreak for iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1. The jailbreak is compatible with almost every iOS device, with the lone exception being the revised ...


Homecoming buzz: short-haired bees returned to UK, 12 years after being ...
Washington Post
LONDON — A conservationist says she is releasing 100 short-haired bees into the wild, 20 years after they were wiped out in the British countryside. The bees' population has declined dramatically across Europe in the last two decades as their habitats ...

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