06 May 2012

Facebook Retail Roadshow video

Facebook released its half-hour long, IPO roadshow video for potential investors. Check out some of the best highlights from the top players at Facebook as they explain the future of the social network.

Facebook Retail Roadshow full video

Oracle-Google Jury Mulls Verdict Over Android Patent
By James Niccolai, IDG News The jury has reached a partial verdict in the copyright phase of Oracle's intellectual property dispute with Google, and the judge has given them more time to try to resolve the remaining issue. The jury foreman told the ...

Facebook Adds Locations, Read Receipts to Messenger App
PC Magazine
By David Murphy Facebook has updated its mobile Messenger application to give users a bit more information about who's actually reading their messages versus who's ignoring them completely. Oh, and message recipients can now see a general gist of where ...

Facebook Posts Video for Potential Investors Ahead of Road Show
The video extolling the virtues of the huge social network had been put up on YouTube but was yanked over the weekend after amassing several thousand hits. Facebook's marketers and financial executives headed out on the road over the weekend to place ...

iPhone 5 to Be Thinner With Bigger Screen
A "confirmed" report says the new iPhone will feature a larger screen, smaller connecting dock and Gorilla Glass 2. Another day, another report on Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 5, this time from Mac blog iLounge, which claims via a “reliable ...

Dell and Origin PC Give Free Ivy Bridge Upgrades to Shoppers With Poor Timing
PC Magazine
By David Murphy One of the unmentioned joys of purchasing tech hardware is that you really have to be a news hound – or at least have a basic understanding of what's going on the tech market – lest you plunk down for a system or component that's about ...

Editing Text On Your iPad? Speed Up The Process With SwipeSelection
More than a few people have been clamoring for Daniel Hooper's thoughtful iPad text editing concept to become a real thing since his video started making the rounds, and now all you mobile text editors have reason to celebrate.

Diageo to end funding of Heartland Institute after climate change outburst
The Guardian
Diageo, one of the world's largest drinks companies, has announced it will no longer fund the Heartland Institute, a rightwing US thinktank which briefly ran a billboard campaign this week comparing people concerned about climate change to mass ...

The Guardian

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors Reveal New iPhone 5 Concept Pictures
Last week, I talked about the current model of iPhone 5 release date theories, which are either June at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) or in the Fall like last year's iPhone release. I'm in favor (and completely willing to be wrong) of the ...

Northern California fishermen free entangled whale
May 6, 2012 By JASON DEAREN and MARCUS WOHLSEN , AP This image provided April 17, 2012, by Capt. Daveís Dolphin and Whale Safari shows a gray whale entangled in netting in the waters off the coast of Southern California April 17, 2012.

AT&T's HTC One X goes on sale today
The Android-based smartphone hits the market with a $199 price tag, a bright 4.7-inch screen, 4G LTE data speeds, and a powerful camera. by Jonathan E. Skillings May 6, 2012 10:01 AM PDT Follow @jeskillings The HTC One X's 8MP camera settings are very ...

Further Proof Verizon Is Pushing Potential iPhone Customers To Other Devices
BY Dave LeClair on Sun May 06th, 2012 Verizon Wireless Everyone knows that the iPhone is a big seller. When it was exclusive to AT&T a few years ago, every carrier under the sun was looking to get their hands on the hottest selling smartphone ever.


Facebook IPO: How could privacy concerns affect revenue? - Technology News
San Francisco Luxury News
Now that Facebook has set its share prices, valuing the company between $ 77 billion and $ 96 billion, the question is whether it will be able to convince investors that it's got a sustainable business model, can keep growing and find new ways to ...

Study: Teens and their use of online video media
ZDNet (blog)
By Charlie Osborne | May 6, 2012, 9:32am PDT Summary: New research provided by Pew explores how the younger generation are using online networks, video and media. Young people are more comfortable using services including social media networks, ...

FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now
CNET learns the FBI is quietly pushing its plan to force surveillance backdoors on social networks, VoIP, and Web e-mail providers, and that the bureau is asking Internet companies not to oppose a law making those backdoors mandatory. by Declan ...

Disney Research's "Touché" is Touch Control on Another Level
by Rollin Bishop | 1:00 pm, May 6th, 2012 Or in this case, multiple frequencies. Touché, from Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a project that explores what they're calling “a novel Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique” that would ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Trounces iPhone 4S, HTC One S In Benchmarks
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is no slouch as expected and early tests show that the quad core Cortex A9 processor that powers it (as well as its Mali400/MP4 GPU) surpasses all its ARM-based competitors including its only quad core rival on the market, ...


Recall Roundup: Problems with Chryser Electronics, Dorel Child Seats
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Jonathan Welsh Chrysler is recalling certain Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger cars from the 2011 and 2012 model years to fix a potential electrical problem that could lead to malfunctions in their antilock-brake and stability-control systems.

Did you see the 'super moon' last night? See a few images from around the world
By Heidi Fenton | hfenton@mlive.com Enlarge Cory Morse | cmorse1@mlive.com Maple leaves are silhouetted by the "Super Moon" in Spring Lake Township, Sunday, May 6, 2012. The moon was the closest it will get to the Earth this year and appeared 14 ...


Airborne iPhone fire caused by loose screw
An Australian investigation revealed that a misplaced screw caused a short circuit that led to the fire. An investigation into an Apple iPhone that started spewing black smoke on a Regional Express (REX) flight last year has revealed the reason for the ...

Facebook Buys Location-Based Discovery App Glancee
A little under one month after its acquisition of Instagram, Facebook has acquired Highlight competitor and ambient location app Glancee. The social network has already shut down the developer's passive location app and all three co-founders,...

Adobe patches new Flash zero-day bug with emergency update
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Adobe today warned that hackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability in its popular Flash Player program, and issued an emergency update to patch the bug. "There are reports that the vulnerability is being exploited ...

$99 Xbox: Microsoft's killer move
By JP Mangalindan, Writer May 4, 2012: 2:46 PM ET Microsoft won't confirm if it will indeed sell its Xbox for $99 plus a subscription fee. If it did, it could upend the race to dominate the living room. FORTUNE -- Since the Magnavox Odyssey sold for ...


Motorcycle lane splitting is legal, but even some bikers get nervous about it
San Jose Mercury News
By Gary Richards Diane Bagues had just moved to San Leandro a few years ago from another state, and she was stunned one day when a motorcyclist sped down the middle of the freeway inches away from her car and one in the next lane.

Cloud-based storage options for Mac OS X
Apple offers its iCloud service, but there's a variety of alternatives that might be more appealing to OS X users. by Topher Kessler May 4, 2012 4:27 PM PDT With more and more computing devices becoming mobile or located in different areas besides the ...

Blond hair evolved separately in Europe and the South Pacific
Los Angeles Times
Though the indigenous people of the Solomon Islands all have dark skin, about 5% to 10% also have naturally blond hair – and a new study finds that the genetic quirk responsible for this is different from the one that produces blond hair in people of ...

PC Makers Mum on Windows 8 Upgrades
By Agam Shah, IDG News Windows 8The first wave of laptops with Intel's latest third-generation Core processors started shipping this week with Windows 7, but PC makers are quiet about what it would take to upgrade the PCs to run Microsoft's upcoming ...

Q&A: Explorer and Robotics Engineer on Historic SpaceX Flight
Wired News
By Michael Ray Taylor This is the second in a series of Wired Q&As with spaceflight experts leading up to SpaceX's launch. Read the first installment. We may be at the dawn of a new, private era in space. In the near future, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket ...

Wired News

Report: HP Regains PC Market Share Crown from Apple
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter Apple's reign as PC market share leader was short-lived as Hewlett-Packard regained its top spot in the first quarter of 2012 by the narrowest of margins, according to research firm Canalys. HP shipped 40000 more client PCs than Apple ...

LG Optimus LTE2 Smartphone Offers 4.7-Inch Display, 2GB of RAM
Following Samsung's super-hyped phone launch with a surprise launch of its own, LG is introducing the Optimus LTE2, the first smartphone to offer 2GB of RAM. LG Electronics stole a little spotlight from Korean-rival Samsung May 4, with the introduction ...

New Evidence of Water on Early Mars, and a Climate Like the Earth's
By Nathan On May 6, 2012 New research supports the theory that early Mars had a thick, wet atmosphere, and a climate similar to the Earth's climate now. The atmosphere of Mars is currently less than 1% the density of Earth's atmosphere.

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