17 January 2012

Woz: I Wish My iPhone Did All The Things My Android Does

Woz: I Wish My iPhone Did All The Things My Android Does
Hardcore Apple fans are notorious for discarding anything without a shiny Apple logo, even if it sometimes means the competitor's product is better. One would expect Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, to be at the top of that list of Apple loyalists, ...Wozniak says the iPhone is for people who like simple, pretty things while the Android-based smartphones offer greater capabilities . . .


Pantech next to pay Microsoft over Android patents
Microsoft has successfully sought royalty payments from a number of Android device makers and the next company that will likely pay up is Pantech, South Korea's third largest handset manufacturer. According to Yonhap News, Pantech is currently in talks ...

The New Science Classroom Battleground: Climate Change
Wired News
By Ars Technica By John Timmer, Ars Technica The National Center for Science Education has been defending the teaching of evolution since before Edwards vs. Aguillard, the 1987 Supreme Court decision that declared the teaching of creationism an ...

Wired News

1st private rocket launch to space station delayed
Fox News
By Denise Chow The first test flight of a privately built robot space capsule to the International Space Station has been delayed to allow more time to prepare the vehicle, the spacecraft's builder announced Monday, Jan. 16. The unmanned Dragon space ...

Fox News

Google Tackles Online Privacy in Unusual Ad Blitz
ABC News
Google is focusing on the importance of protecting personal information in an unusual marketing campaign for a company that has been blasted for its own online privacy lapses and practices. The educational ads will start appearing Tuesday in dozens of ...

Scientists: Mars rocks fell in Africa last July
WASHINGTON (AP) – Scientists are confirming a recent and rare invasion from Mars: meteorite chunks that fell from the red planet over Morocco last summer. By Darryl Pitt, Macovich Collection, via AP A Martian meteorite was recovered in December last...


Average age of US vehicles hits record 10.8 years
The Associated Press
DETROIT (AP) — That clunker in America's driveway has reached a record old age, but there are signs that people may be growing confident enough in the economy to get a whiff of that fresh car scent very soon. The average age of a car or truck in the US ...

Countries Consider Time out on the 'Leap Second'
ABC News
By FRANK JORDANS AP After ten years of talks, governments are headed for a showdown vote this week on an issue that pits technological precision against nature's whims. The United States, France and others are pushing for countries at a UN telecom ...

ABC News

UK Scientists Find 'Lost' Darwin Fossils
ABC News
British scientists have found scores of fossils the great evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin and his peers collected but that had been lost for more than 150 years. Dr. Howard Falcon-Lang, a paleontologist at Royal Holloway, University of London, ...

ABC News

Steve Jobs Action Figure Pulled Amidst Legal Threats From Apple
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Chinese company In Icons has pulled the plug on its Steve Jobs action figure due to the threat of legal action from Apple. In Icons confirmed that it would stop making the toy in a Sunday note posted on its Web site. ...

Apple seeks ban on Samsung phones in Germany
by Roger Cheng January 17, 2012 7:05 AM PST Follow @RogerWCheng Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S II could be banned in Germany if Apple has its way. Nope, these patent lawsuits aren't slowing down anytime soon. The latest comes from Apple, ...

Russia investigates theory US radars caused probe crash
Russia is investigating a theory that the humiliating failure of its Phobos-Grunt probe to one of Mars' moons last November was caused by inadvertent interference from a powerful battery of US radars located on the Marshall Islands. ...


Apple extends iTunes Match service to 19 more countries
Mobile Burn
Apple has expanded the availability of its iTunes Match service to 19 more countries in Latin America and Europe. iTunes Match is Apple's cloud-based answer to Google Music and Amazon's Cloud Player, and allows users to access all of their songs on any ...

Watch out, Tim Cook: Apple VP Scott Forstall is eyeing your job
by Don Reisinger January 17, 2012 4:56 AM PST Though Apple CEO Tim Cook has been on the job for only a few months, a new book on the company claims one of its top executives is already eyeing the top spot. According to author Adam Lashinsky, ...


ZTE Plans Huge Smartphone Push Into China, U.S.
We often forget about ZTE here in the states since the company does most of its operations outside of our home turf. Still, we shouldn't forget that the company ranks fourth in the world in terms of handset makers, largely due to its focus on budget ...

Facebook Open Graph apps due Wednesday tip sources
Facebook and its partner developers are readying the first batch of Open Graph apps that will “frictionlessly” integrate third-party services into your social stream, according to sources. The initial apps will arrive at an event this Wednesday, ...


Close to 50 dolphins have been stranded on Cape Cod beaches since Thursday
By Lindsey Hoshaw, Globe Correspondent Up to fifty dolphins have been stranded on Cape Cod beaches since last Thursday, one of the largest strandings in recent years. “I've been doing this for 15 years and this is only the second season I've seen it ...

Apple Juice Made in America? Think Again.
Sci-Tech Today
By Christina Rexrode America's insatiable desire to chomp on overseas food has been growing. About a quarter of the orange juice Americans drink is imported; more than 40 percent of that is from Brazil. In many cases, it's just become much cheaper to ...

Sci-Tech Today

Administration Powers Up DHS Cyber Staff
By Aliya Sternstein 01/17/12 09:54 am ET The federal government is restructuring cybersecurity leadership, as Congress prepares to debate legislation early this year that could increase the Homeland Security Department's cyber workload. ...

Ice Cream Sandwich woes for some Transformer Prime users
ZDNet (blog)
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | January 16, 2012, 2:08pm PST Trying to get Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' onto your shiny new ASUS Transformer Prime tablet but seeing it fail because of an “unknown” serial number problem? You're not alone. ...

ZDNet (blog)

AMD's Ultrabook competitor to focus on price, undercut Intel
By Terrence O'Brien posted Jan 17th 2012 10:33AM When AMD showed off its upcoming Trinity APUs at CES the company was pretty light on the details. We're still stuck holding our breath for specs, but DigiTimes is reporting some alleged info on pricing. ...

Saints Row The Third Gets Team Fortress 2 Themed DLC – Only On Steam
Platform Nation
If you purchased Saints Row the Third on Steam, then today you will be able to download some free Team Fortress 2 themed DLC. The content contains a set of 9 masks(seen above), Also released today for all platforms is a free homie based on the creator ...

Platform Nation

Those Facebook posts could cost you a job
San Jose Mercury News
By Steve Johnson You might want to think twice about bad-mouthing your former boss on Facebook or posting those racy pictures of yourself from last night's rollicking bachelor party. It could cost you a new job. In a twist on the exploding use of ...

LightSquared Cannot Co-Exist with GPS
Helicopter Association International
The US National Space-Based Positioning Navigation and Timing Committee (PNT), an advisory board made up of representatives from nine federal departments, reached the “unanimous conclusion” that the LightSquared network could “cause harmful ...

HzO's WaterBlock technology could make it to Apple products ...
By Steven Sande
While our very own Victor Agreda, Jr. checked out the Liquipel waterproofing technology at CES last week, others were checking out competitor HzO's.
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

By judi
I now plead "guilty" to arranging for a computer on display at ()Mart to commit a prank. The screen gave out the message, "Please press "Return". When that button was pressed, the message, "This unit will self-destruct in 10 seconds" came up, ...
Dave Barry's Blog

Wedding Technology: Couples Share Their Big Days Online
By The Huffington Post News Editors
It's no surprise that the Internet has made the wedding planning process a little bit easier for couples everywhere -- with websites that put the bridal world at your fingertips, clever wedding-planning apps, and services like Google Docs, which ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

A Technology Paradox « Freakonomics
By Stephen J. Dubner
As the technology gets more open, the lines of political communications become more closed. True enough, and I'm surprised that more people don't consider this paradox. On the other hand, our silicon revolution has also led to Rupert ...

Wikipedia to Go Dark on Wednesday - Technology - The Atlantic Wire
By Dino Grandoni
It's been speculated, and now it's confirmed: Wikipedia plans to give its users a (severe) taste of the Internet under SOPA by going offline in protest of the bill on Wednesday.
The Atlantic Wire

Technology To Help You Track Fitness Goals « CBS Minnesota
By Alison Lorge
When you start a new workout routine it's much more helpful to achieve your goals if you can see your progress. That way you know if your endurance is increasing, if you're losing or gaining weight, and if you're getting stronger.
CBS Minnesota

Hands-On Demo of Toshiba's Transfer Jet Technology for Android
By Alexander Maxham
Toshiba Transfer Jet Last week at CES 2012 Toshiba had a lot of cool stuff to show us, we saw the Excite X10 tablet and now we are seeing Toshiba's Transfer Jet Technology. It.
Android Authority

Apple and Samsung Both Looking into HzO Technology to - iClarified
Apple and Samsung are both reportedly interested in HzO technology that can waterproof smartphones.
iClarified - Apple News

Tennis technology: a real game changer | SmartPlanet
By Lieu Thi Pham
MELBOURNE — In the high profile game of tennis, performance-enhancing technologies have given athletes a competitive edge, but is this really an.
Global Observer | SmartPlanet

2012 Key Social Technology Predictions from Top Business and ...
By mlewis1
2011 was a year of increased adoption of social technologies within the Image enterprise, and that trend will continue into 2012.
The Customer Collective - The...

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