13 January 2012

Video Game Sales Drop 21 Percent in December

Despite Holidays, Video Game Sales Drop 21 Percent in December
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Despite the holiday season, video game sales during December fell 21 percent to $3.99 billion from $5.07 billion a year earlier, according to new data from market research firm NPD Group. Because a large amount of video game ...

Ice Cream Sandwich update dripping out to Motorola Xoom
by Lance Whitney January 13, 2012 6:58 AM PST Follow @lancewhit As of yesterday, the Android 4.0 update has started to hit the Xoom, according to several reports. Motorola seems to have teased the update by sending the following e-mail to select Xoom ...


Murdoch on MySpace: ' We Screwed Up In Every Way Possible'
Wired News
By John C Abell Maybe it's the soul-searching that comes when you are closer to the end of your career than the beginning. Maybe the whole phone-hacking scandal thing, which can't possibly end well for him, has put things into perspective. ...

Beats Electronics Is Breaking Up with Monster
Jan. 12 (Bloomberg BusinessWeek) -- In a Las Vegas hotel a few days before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show on Jan. 10, Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine takes out an iPad and swipes through photos of celebrities wearing headphones ...

California Energy Commission
Most battery chargers today are like leaky faucets dripping out a tiny flow of electricity even when it's not charging your electronic gadget. The California Energy Commission yesterday voted in favor of efficiency standards aimed at cutting wasted ...

Facebook launches real-time “Listen With Friends” music feature
While Turntable.fm still provides a more entertaining musical discovery experience, Facebook just rolled out support for social music listening with other Facebook friends. Announced on the official Facebook blog earlier today, the social network is ...


Android variant Cyanogenmod passes one million installs
By Lawrence Latif According to Cyanogenmod's statistics, just under 24 per cent of Cyanogenmod users run 7.1. While detractors claim that Android is fragmented between several different vendors, Cyanogenmod's statistics show that the vast majority of ...

IBM researchers make 12-atom magnetic memory bit
BBC News
Currently it takes about a million atoms to store a bit on a modern hard-disk, the researchers from IBM say. They believe this is the world's smallest magnetic memory bit. According to the researchers, the technique opens up the possibility of ...

BBC News

Gmail Offline Chrome Web App Gets Settings, Shortcuts
Google spruced up its offline Gmail Chrome application Jan. 12, adding a settings page, shortcut support, and making the app snappier overall. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) enhanced its capabilities for its offline Gmail Web application for Chrome, ...

Namco responds to Dark Souls PC petition
A recently launched petition requesting Namco Bandai release Dark Souls on PC hasn't gone unnoticed by the publisher. "I honestly wasn't expecting such a massive support. My boss(es) even came to talk to me about this, after it explodes all around the ...

Words With Friends saves man's life
TG Daily
An Australian man is thanking the addictive game Words With Friends for leading him to a life-saving doctor's visit. Georgie Fletcher started a Words With Friends round, searching for random users to be paired with. Fate matched her with one Beth ...

TG Daily

Vuzix augmented reality Smart Glasses prototype hands-on (video)
By Sean Buckley posted Jan 12th 2012 9:59PM Remember those wicked holographic augmented reality glasses that DARPA was so hot to build? They're almost here. Hiding out at Vuzix's CES booth we found a functional prototype for its Smart Glasses ...

Facebook users have a lot to say on debates
POLITICO has joined forces with Facebook to offer readers an exclusive look at the conversation taking place on the social networking site about the Republican presidential candidates ahead of South Carolina's crucial primary on Jan. 21. ...


Google Board Adds Ex-VMware CEO Greene
Google filled its 10th board seat with former VMware CEO Diane Greene. Greene helped launch the most successful server virtualization company in history. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) selected VMware co-founder and former CEO Diane B. Greene to its board of ...

WinInfo Short Takes: January 13, 2012
Windows IT Pro
An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including why CES and the gadget blogs that live for this event are a complete waste of time for all of us, Ballmer reflects on his years as Microsoft CEO, a Windows 8 availability rumor that's not ...

Windows IT Pro

Live Verizon Fios app coming to Samsung
TG Daily
Verizon is planning on bringing its TV service to TVs without needing to pay for a subscription. Samsung has revealed a new partnership with Verizon that will bring the latter's Fios app to the latest line of Internet-enabled Samsung TV sets. ...

TG Daily

How to tackle the climate, health and food crises, all at the same time
The Guardian (blog)
From coal mines to rice paddies and cooking fires to diesel exhausts, 14 highly cost-effective measures could quickly curb global warming and save millions of lives, while also boosting global food production. That is the striking conclusion of a new ...

Illuminating Their Cause at Weber State University
By Nancy Van Valkenburg OGDEN -- Each Friday when school is in session, a handful of Weber State University students from the Environmental Club gather in the Shepherd Union building to trade light bulbs and to illuminate their cause. ...


Latest News About Space Junk and Orbital Debris
by Tariq Malik, SPACE.com Managing Editor With bits of rockets, satellites and other leftovers from more than 50 years of spaceflight surrounding the Earth for thousands of miles in all directions, the space junk problem more than just academic; ...

CES data storm sweeps up wireless carriers
How CNET mobile reviewers Lynn La, Briant Bennett, Jessica Dolcourt feel about poor CES reception. LAS VEGAS--The irony never fails to smack us in the face. Every year, the flood of conference-goers at the Consumer Electronics Show and other technology...


Gadget makers developing phones that let you feel things, like the rumble of a ...
Washington Post
LAS VEGAS — Sure, today's phones can deliver the sound of a heartbeat. But how would you like to actually feel the throbbing? A few companies want to replace the crude vibration motors in today's phones and tablets with something that provides a much ...

How mysterious molecules may help cool Earth
By Joseph Castro, LiveScience Staff Writer Elusive molecules in the Earth's atmosphere may be helping to cool the planet more efficiently than scientists previously thought, a new study suggests. They are called Criegee intermediates, ...

The SpareOne Cell Phone Runs On One AA Battery
Tom's Guide
Smartphones are a wonderful invention, but their wide range of abilities mean that battery life takes a beating. Sure, you can navigate your way around town, find the best restaurants, update your social networks, play games and send email, ...

Touch My Katamari video reveals the King of the Cosmos' secrets
Here's a not-at-all-bizarre prologue video for Touch My Katamari, coming to Vita on launch day. It'll show you that, while the King is easily more awesome than your dad, he's probably "like, the same" as a school principle, and he might not be too ...

Audi Mounts Technology Blitz at C.E.S. - NYTimes.com
The German automaker showed a touch-sensitive version of its heads-up display that projects information onto the passenger's side of the vehicle, among other next-generation telematics features.

Abengoa heads for Brazil with advanced ethanol technology ...
By Thomas Saidak
In Spain, Abengoa announced that they have been selected by BNDES and FINEP to adapt its second generation ethanol technology to produce ethanol from sugar cane biomass. The project, which forms part of the Industrial Innovation ...
Biofuels Digest

BlackBerry Tag Unleashes NFC Technology in Your Smartphone ...
By Annu D.
I'm a Senior Product Manager at Research In Motion® (RIM®) working on this exciting technology. I think that BlackBerry Tag will make Near Field Communication (NFC) a very real part of BlackBerry users' daily lives…and it works like magic! ...
Inside BlackBerry

Boeing Begins Solar Electric Propulsion Technology Study at ...
By Doug Messier
11, 2012 – The Boeing Company has begun work on a four-month NASA contract to develop a mission concept study for solar electric propulsion technologies. Under the $600000 firm, fixed-price contract, Boeing will evaluate concepts that ...
Parabolic Arc

Universal Display Sees Its OLED Technology Shine through ...
By João-Pierre S. Ruth
When Samsung Electronics unveiled its new 55-inch screen organic LED television at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Universal Display (Nasdaq: ]) in.

Technology Essays | Techbargains Review
By Gibson
We are an online based company that specializes in producing high quality technology papers for our clients. In line with the technological demands of the 21st century, we have embarked on deep research into all the issues concerning ...
Techbargains Review

Study: How technology will take the stress out of travel (Wired UK)
By Olivia Solon
The travel industry needs to collaborate more effectively using technology in order to overcome the uncertainty and stress of modern-day travel, according to a study.
Wired.co.uk - News

The healing power of digital technology? | SmartPlanet
By Janet Fang
Many of us assume that more data — from iPhone apps and telemonitoring, for example — means better health care. But do all these technolog.
Rethinking Healthcare | SmartPlanet

MotionPower technology converts energy from slowing cars into ...
By Springwise
New Energy Technologies' MotionPower system can generate electricity from the kinetic energy produced by slowing vehicles.

2012 technology trends in marketing | Feature | .net magazine
By Gregory Roekens
In 2012, there will be two types of technology that will matter the most for brands, says Wunderman's Gregory Roekens: personal technology on the consumer side and marketing technology on the business side.

When Art and Technology and Moby Collide
By Brian Barrett
We're at an artistic crossroads, says the documentary Press Pause Play. Technology means it's never been easier to create, to push out a little piece of oneself and share it with the world. But that ease has created a landscape where the ...

Current Artistic Practices on Time and Technology Berlin - Turbulence
By jo
January 14, 2012; 3:30 - 5:00 pm: Tour of the exhibition Controlling_Connectivity with Gretta Louw and Regine Rapp (curator); 4:00 pm: Artists' talk Current Artistic Practices on Time and Technology:: Art Laboratory Berlin, Prinzenallee 34, ...

CES Trend: Digital health gadgets galore — Mobile Technology News
By Kevin C. Tofel
Among the expected rows of new televisions, computers, phones and tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show is a growing number of health gadgets. These vary in form and function, but nearly all of them share some common elements: ...

Technology Is at Least 3 Years Away From Improving Student ...
By Josh Fischman
During the rest of the day, technology executives described programs that could improve graduation rates and learning, but won't be able to do so for several years. They collect many points of data on what professors and students do, but can't ...
Wired Campus

Swami Says: 10 Wise Ways to Use Technology | Small Business ...
By Debra Braschel
Is technology running your life in a way that limits your experience or zaps your energy? In his recent article on SmallBizTechnology.com, Shashi Bellamkonda.
Small Business Conversations...

International Game Technology To Acquire Double Down Interactive ...
By Monica Gerson
International Game Technology (NYSE: IGT) reached a definitive agreement to acquire social-media developer Double Down Interactive LLC for up to $500 million. IGT projects to fund the transaction from cash on hand. The transaction is ...
Benzinga - Stock Market Quotes,...

Political Calculations: Technology's End
By Ironman
Some technologies last for a really long time before they become obsolete. Newspapers are a still current example of things that are becoming obsolete that have been around for centuries, but which are unlikely to continue existing in ...
Political Calculations

Combining Technology and Marketing - Brian Groth's Life at ...
By Brian Groth
A favorite topic of mine is creative (and fun or useful) marketing solutions that are built on the latest and greatest technologies. Related to this, my colleague at Microsoft, Adee Wada, just posted a blog entry about how marketers need to create ...
MSDN Blogs

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies | Our Businesses and Organizations
Hanvon Reveals New E-reader Design for China Market Featuring Qualcomm's mirasol DisplayTechnology. Jan 10, 2012 ...

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