24 January 2012

Facebook Timeline Now Open To All

Facebook Timeline Now Open To All, Users Get A Week To Clean Up Profiles
You can run, but you can't hide. Facebook's biggest user interface overhaul since the Wall, the Facebook Timeline, is rolling out worldwide starting today. According to the company, over the next few weeks, everyone will get the new Timeline.


Facebook 'adds £2bn to UK economy'
The Guardian
Facebook estimates that it benefits the UK to the tune of more than £2bn a year, including the development of an almost £500m "app economy" that has sprung up around the world's most popular social networking website. The company commissioned a study ...

The Guardian

NBC News Launches Interactive E-Book Publishing Venture
PC Magazine
By Adario Strange First came the independent authors, then came the newspapers and magazines, and now broadcast television networks are looking to join the burgeoning e-book marketplace. NBC News plans to launch NBC Publishing, a venture dedicated to ...

Elpida in talks to merge with Micron, Nanya -report
* Elpida, Micron, Nanya battle price slump, S.Korea giants * Three firms to start due diligence soon -Yomiuri * Elpida to meet lenders this week to update on talks -Jiji * Elpida says will not comment on speculation * Elpida shares up 25 pct from ...

Apple now the largest buyer of semiconductors in the world
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Apple spent some $17 billion on semiconductors in 2011, making it the largest chip customer in the world, research firm Gartner revealed on Tuesday. Apple's ascendance to the top came with 34.6 percent growth from 2010, ...

Map shows reach of solar radiation storm
by Martin LaMonica January 24, 2012 6:50 AM PST Follow @mlamonica The red regions show where the high-energy particles that erupted from the sun's surface on Sunday are entering the Earth's upper atmosphere. The Earth is currently being bombarded with ...

Vimeo Plans Full Site Overhaul
PC Magazine
By Eugene Kim On Tuesday, video-sharing service Vimeo announced plans to roll out a full update and redesign of its Web site and user experience. As an alternative to YouTube, Vimeo has made a name for itself among independent filmmakers and musicians.

Twitter Acquires Web Security Firm Dasient
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Making a play for security, Twitter has purchased anti-malware startup Dasient, the companies announced Monday. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Dasient, founded in 2008 and based in Sunnyvale, Calif., ...

Clearwire sees Q4 revenue above estimates
* Expects Q4 rev $362 mln vs est $355.3 mln * Shares up 3 pct Jan 24 (Reuters) - US high-speed wireless services provider Clearwire Corp forecast fourth-quarter revenue above market expectations, helped mainly by faster growth at its wholesale segment.

Virgin America Honors Steve Jobs With Jet Plane Name
Virgin America has named a jet plane Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, after a memorable quote by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The plane – an Airbus A320 – first flew in late 2011, and it has the quote written on its nose. “The 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish' ...

Piracy goes 3D as Physibles eye your 3D printer
The next copyright controversies will be over physical replicas of digitally distributed objects, it's suggested, using 3D printers and CNC machines to bypass stores and instead print off your own clothes, gadgets and other items.


iPhone 4S wooing lots of Android, BlackBerry users
by Lance Whitney January 24, 2012 5:44 AM PST Follow @lancewhit Apple's iPhone 4S appears to be winning a healthy number of customers from rival mobile platforms. A hefty 36 percent of iPhone 4S buyers said they jumped ship from an Android, BlackBerry, ...

Magic mushrooms may help treat depression: How?
CBS News
(CBS) Feeling blue? Two new studies suggest taking a trip might help - but we're not talking vacations. Tripping on "magic mushrooms" appears to change the brain in ways similar to antidepressants, the study found. "We're not saying go out there and ...

Anonymous might not hit Facebook, after all
Washington Post
Call it deja vu. Shortly after an individual posting under the Anonymous banner shared a YouTube video promising to target Facebook on Jan. 28, other Anonymous members have said they don't have any intention of targeting the social network.

Scientists have invented a special soap that could help clean-up oil spills.
BBC News
The soap responds to magnets so the materials the soap dissolves are attracted all together and can then be removed quickly using a magnetic field. Experts now hope to develop the soap so it can be used on a larger scale to gather up oil that has ...

BBC News

Synopsys acquires ExpertIO for undisclosed amount
CBS News
(AP) MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Synopsys Inc., which makes software used to test and develop chips, on Monday said it bought ExpertIO, a privately held company which makes software used to test and debug storage devices. Synopsys said ExpertIO Inc.'s ...

HTC Primo could bring Beats Audio and Android 4.0 to the masses
A new leak outlines the features of the HTC Primo, a phone that could bring Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Beats Audio technology to the mid-range. We can expect plenty of smartphone-related leaks over the coming weeks, as information on the devices ...

Microsoft Names Alleged Kelihos Botnet Creator
By Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Microsoft has named a Russian man as the alleged creator of Kelihos, a spammy botnet that abused the company's Hotmail service until the botnet was shutdown last September. In a legal filing on Monday, Microsoft identified the ...

Cross-platform voice assistant Evi looks to compete with Siri
Since the launch of the iPhone 4S, we have seen numerous Siri clones come and go. While Siri does have its flaws, the feature is unique, smart, user-friendly and at times, hilarious. Most alternatives promise these same features, unfortunately they ...

Apple Spent a Staggering $100 Million in Case Against HTC Claims Site
A new but unconfirmed report has revealed how Apple may have spent a staggering amount of $100 million in its legal battle against the Taiwan based smartphone maker HTC. The Cupertino based technology superstar is currently engaged in a series of ...

Oldest dinosaur nests discovered in South Africa
The Guardian
A dinosaur nesting site older than any discovered before suggests the creatures were caring mothers early in their evolution. Scientists uncovered multiple clutches of fossilised eggs at the site in South Africa, many containing embryos.

The Guardian

HP announces Mini 1104 "companion PC"
HP (NYSE: HPQ) has announced the HP Mini 1104, which the company says is designed for business and students on a budget. Powered by a dual-core Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) Atom N2600 processor and costing just $399, the 2.78 pound HP Mini comes with a ...

Make your contact lists smarter on iPhone
CNET (blog)
by Jason Parker January 24, 2012 5:00 AM PST Follow @jparkerCNET How many contact lists do you have? A new iPhone app from Xobni unifies your contact lists into one app (already available for Android), helping you quickly find contact information from ...

Enrollment Process for BMW ActiveE Opens in Test Markets
Automotive Discovery
BMW has now joined the list of automobile manufacturers that are developing electric vehicles. The German company that specializes in luxury vehicles is introducing the ActiveE. They are now accepting applications for 700 participants in the test ...

Quarrel hits the Xbox Live Arcade This Week
Everybody Plays
Taking a look at the Xbox Live Arcade lately, you risk drowning under a sea of twin-stick shooters and hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers – which, while they certainly have an audience, we're not sure that the world really needs quite that many of them in ...

Skyrim 1.4 patch beta available on Steam
Bethesda has released the beta version of its 1.4 patch for Skyrim. Yes, a beta for a patch. The patch is only accessible to those that have opted in to Steam's beta functionality, and the patch itself is still in development. If it isn't already clear ...

Survival's Ick Factor
New York Times
Disgust is the Cinderella of emotions. While fear, sadness and anger, its nasty, flashy sisters, have drawn the rapt attention of psychologists, poor disgust has been hidden away in a corner, left to muck around in the ashes. No longer.

3D Printers In A Prius Prove This Technology is Road Ready ...
By Jaymi Heimbuch
With four 3D printers and a Prius, two designers are finding out just what goes into making and on-demand 3D printing business work.
Latest Items from TreeHugger

iLearn Technology » Blog Archive » Extreme Speed Booking:Using ...
By admin
What it is: What makes technology SO great is the way that it can make life (and teaching) more productive and fun. Over the years, I have found so many ways that technology can make reading more rewarding for both kids who love to read, ...
iLearn Technology

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Manufacturing, Technology, Canada ...
By Mike Moffatt
This week the Ottawa Citzen published my op ed on the impact of technological growth on manufacturing: Where the jobs went. Jim Stanford of the CAW responded with: The real job killers, also published in the Citizen. A couple of...
Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

The dangers of state of the art technology - Holy Kaw!
In the business world, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the feeding frenzy for new technology. Open Forum warns against jumping right into the fray, arguing that there are some downsides. For example: In a corporate/business setting, ...
Holy Kaw!

The Cost of Technology Over the Decades [Infographic] - How-To ...
By Jason Fitzpatrick
In 1977 an Atari 2600 cost $200. Adjusted for inflation that's $589–more than enough to buy an Xbox 360, Wii, and some accessories for both. Check out this infographic for comparisons between computers, cellphones, and more.
How-To Geek

John Bergquist: Memo to the Bibliophiles: Books Are a Technology ...
By John Bergquist
I find myself troubled by the folks who seem to treat books as a kind of idol. It is almost always associated with a notion that books are natural and an iPad is un-natural.
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

Seattle Pacific University Releases Mobile App -- Campus Technology
Seattle Pacific University has launched SPU Mobile, a mobile app that enables students to access information about campus services right from their smartphones or Web-enabled devices.
Campus Technology: News

Tucker's Terrestrialism and the Technology of Modernity ...
By jboone
This has resulted in tightly bounding the Prometheus of nuclear technology in chains of such onerous regulation that the cost of the technology, in time and dollars, has, de facto, become prohibitive. It has also produced a quavering political ...

Boost Productivity with Mobile Technology in 3 Minutes (Video ...
By Allison Midori Reilly
With the increasing prominence of smartphones and tablets, its highly likely that these tools are being used for business and personal reasons. Vijay Patel,
Small Business Technology

East Orange Police Utilize Technology to Thwart Crime [Video]
By Jim Gearhart
Thinking about committing a crime in East Orange, NJ? You may want to reconsider. The East Orange Police are utilizing the latest technology to thwart.
New Jersey 101.5

Top Ten Clean Technology Trends in 2011 | Market Research Reports
By admin
GBI Research's new report, Top Ten Clean Technology Trends in 2011 provides key information and detailed insight into clean technology industry trends. It contains a detailed analysis on the major trends in various domains of the clean ...
Market Research Reports

Nostalgia and Technology: Finding Beauty in Balance | Conspire: A ...
By Chelsi Nakano
Woody Allen doesn't know what Twitter is, can't do anything with his cell phone except make or receive calls, and he still types out scripts with a.
Conspire: A Mindjet Publication

T-Rays Technology Could Help Develop Star Trek-Style Hand-Held ...
Scientists have developed a new way to create electromagnetic Terahertz (THz) waves or T-rays - thetechnology behind full-body security scanners. The researchers behind the study, published recently in the journal Nature Photonics, say ...
eHealthNews.EU Portal / All News

New drone technology further removes us from war | National ...
By Mary Ann McGivern
The practice of engaging in conflict without declaring war is not directly tied to drone warfare. We have not declared war since World War II, yet have engaged in conflict in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. I would agree that there is ...
NCR Today

Feds shut down Megaupload : technology
/r/Technology is for posts concerning the wide and diverse world of technology, except for items that more properly belong in the following subreddits: ...

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