19 January 2012

Google named best place to work in America

The opposite of evil: Google named best place to work in America
San Jose Mercury News
By Mike Swift Google (GOOG) has a new weapon in the intense war for engineering talent in Silicon Valley: The search giant on Thursday was named by Fortune magazine as the best place to work in America. Google capped a year when it hired about 7000 ...

UN Sets Stage for Blazing Fast New Mobile Devices
ABC News
By JOHN HEILPRIN AP A United Nations telecom meeting has approved the next generation of mobile technology, which experts say will make devices 500 times faster than 3G smartphones and eliminate the wait time between the tap of a finger and the ...

ATandT Offers More Data for the Buck, a Possible Win-Win-Win Strategy
AT&T will launch pricier but more data-rich plans Jan. 22, which could improve its bottom line, its image and its LTE agenda. AT&T officials plan to offer a bit more data for the dollar, announcing that on Jan. 22 they will begin offering new ...

Intel Offers Overclocking Insurance For $20-$35 on Core i5, i7 Chips
Traditionally if you overclocked your Intel CPU you voided its warranty. But with Intel increasingly selling CPUs and chipsets with unlocked clock speed and memory bus speed settings, the company has followed in the line of some high end graphics card ...


Report: Zynga Acquires Four Mobile Gaming Companies
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Reuters said Zynga's latest acquisition will help the company expand its offerings on smartphones and tablets. David Ko, Zynga's senior vice president of mobile, said Wednesday that the company in December bought Gamedoctors, ...

Amazon basin becoming carbon emitter
TG Daily
Deforestation and climate change are having a psofound effect on the Amazon basin, shifting it from a carbon sink to a carbon emitter. The Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in the Amazon (LBA) evaluates the connections between climate change, ...

TG Daily

Google+ Adds Support for Webcam Video Sharing
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Because words and photos just aren't enough, Google this week made it easier for users of its social media platform Google+ to share videos. The Web giant updated Google+, rolling out a new feature that allows users to record a ...

Next Version of America's Top Sports Car Spotted Winter Testing
MotorTrend Magazine
By Jake Holmes We've been telling you about the coming C7 Chevy Corvette for what seems like forever now. Will it be a mid engine layout (no)? Or will the formula remain largely the same for GM's performance icon (yes)? One thing's for sure, ...

Windows NT designer working on Xbox team
By Eddie Makuch, GameSpot Microsoft confirms operating system pioneer now working to extend Xbox beyond its status as a gaming platform. Microsoft's plans for the future of the Xbox remain under wraps, but it's now been made clear that one of the ...

Infrared Image Shows Helix Nebula in Fresh Light
Wired News
By Dave Mosher The nearby Helix nebula just received the piercing infrared gaze of a giant telescope in Chile, and the resulting image reveals cold gas normally hidden among warmer star-lit material. Helix's central star once resembled the sun, ...

Wired News

Report card: La. roads get D grade, D+ for bridges
CBS News
(AP) BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana's roads, bridges and drinking water systems are woefully neglected and cost the state's residents because of their poor condition, according to a first-ever report card released Wednesday from a group of the state's ...

A new window into in-car entertainment
New York Daily News
General Motors is opening a new window into in-car entertainment with interactive technology that could one day make the driving experience more fun for passengers than for those behind the wheel. The project, conducted with the Bezalel Academy of Art ...

New York Daily News

'BioShock Infinite' adding tougher '1999 Mode'
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Irrational Games' upcoming project BioShock Infinite will introduce a "1999 Mode" that developers say will inject a higher degree of difficulty into the game. Although a press release from Irrational and publisher 2K Games ...


Cataract in a gravitational lens may be a tiny galaxy
Ars Technica
By Matthew Francis | Published January 19, 2012 6:25 AM The Universe seems to be built from the bottom up: small structures combine to make larger and larger objects. In the best models cosmologists have developed, dark matter is the architect, ...

Thanks to blackouts, Chicagoans are in the loop
Medill Reports: Chicago
by Elizabeth Bunn In what can only be described as a new brand of lobbying – think digerati meets Capitol Hill, and then conquers it – super sites like Wikipedia and Google garnered the political support of many Chicagoans Wednesday. ...

Medill Reports: Chicago

Google+ now lets you start a conversation from search results
CNET (blog)
by Lance Whitney January 19, 2012 7:28 AM PST Follow @lancewhit Users of the social network can now start a conversation with other people directly from search results. Searching for a specific topic on Google+ opens a box called "join the discussion" ...

Extremely rare turtle released into the wild
This shows the release of the Southern River terrapin at a ceremony on the Sre Ambel River in Cambodia attended by representatives of WCS, Cambodia's Fisheries Administration's Conservation Department, the Singapore Embassy, and local officials....


Surging mobile use creating big security headaches: survey
Network World
By John Cox, Network World An explosion of personal mobile devices on corporate networks is creating new security headaches for the enterprise, according to a survey of IT professionals by a network security vendor. Many of these devices are carrying a ...

The Story Behind Rupert Murdoch's Rants About Google and SOPA
Like most big entertainment companies, News Corp. supports SOPA and PIPA, the controversial bills aimed at curbing illegal content sharing. Like most big internet companies, Google opposes them. But those two facts by themselves don't explain why, ...


Foursquare teams with SinglePlatform to add restaurant menus
Location-based mobile social network foursquare is collaborating with restaraurant solutions startup SinglePlatform to integrate data on more than 13000000 menu items available across close to 250000 US restaurants. Foursquare users can now click ...

Doom Is Back Up on Xbox Live
Doom, one of the progenitors of the first-person shooter genre, has returned to the Xbox Live Marketplace after a mysterious three-month hiatus. The classic PC title is available for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). The game was removed in October with no ...

VINTAGE: Return Of The Fire-Red Fairlane
Coming up for bid for the second time, auction president Steve Davis' custom 1964 Ford will be sold to benefit the Armed Forces Foundation. Steve Davis' custom 1964 Fairlane is back at auction after the charity buyer in Las Vegas donated the car back ...

Popcorn Discovery Shows Ancient Peruvians Ate The Stuff Thousands of Years Ago
Huffington Post
Popcorn might as well have been invented just for movie-watching--the two just go together. But scientists from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Washington's Natural History Museum recently discovered that ancient Peruvians were ...

Toyota Prius Wagon Sales in 10 Weeks Top GM Volt's 2011 Total
By Alan Ohnsman Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Toyota Motor Corp. scored a victory in 2011 as US deliveries of its Prius v wagon in 10 weeks topped sales of General Motors Co.'s Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid that was available all year. ...

New Medical Technology Gives Arm Movement Back To Stroke ...
By Alan Carter
Myomo is a new medical technology that gives stroke patients something they haven't had...often for up to two decades -- arm movement.
CBS Los Angeles

Athena Encounters the Technology of the Ancients – Whatever
By John Scalzi
I'm convinced that schools should be teaching the history of technology. There are some many devices / technologies that have revolutionized our society but very few young people understand how they work or that there was ever such a ...

Role of Technology in Education | Radio Times | WHYY
By Debbie Bilder
Role of Technology in Education. Thursday, January 19th, 2012. High Plains Elementary School teacher Jennifer Williford works with Colette Jackson and Skyler Matteson on a computer project in her fifth grade class in Englewood, Colo.
Radio Times

40 years of comparative research on technology for teaching: 'weak ...
By Tony Bates
(2011) What Forty Years of Research Says About the Impact of Technology on Learning: A Second-Order Meta-Analysis and Validation Study Review of Educational Research, Vol. 81, No. 1. This study found that looking at studies over 40 ...
Tony Bates

Extract Technology to captive audiences at Arab Health | Arab ...
One of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of aseptic and containment systems is heading to Dubai next week to exhibit at Arab Health, the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle...
ExcitingAds! AME Info Latest News

Ada Initiative To Help Women In Open Technology And Culture ...
By Jill Pantozzi
I'd like to think Ada Lovelace would be proud of these two women. Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner are the founders of the Ada Initiative, a non-profit organization created to support the participation and work of women in open technology.
The Mary Sue

DOT Testing New Technology Aimed At Making Parking Easier In ...
By skschust
Crews spent Wednesday morning sliding in yellow, hockey-puck sized sensors in a first-of-its kind effort to put the pleasure back into New York City parking.
CBS New York

Video: New SCBA technology gives firefighters 'bionic' vision
By FireRescue1 Staff
SAVANNAH, Ga. A new technology for SCBA masks gives firefighters bionic vision. Tanagram's Augmented Reality mask helps firefighters see even in dark, smoky conditions, according to a CNN Start Small,
Firerescue1 Daily News

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